Tashan-e-Ishq 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle looks at Pallavi and Rocky’s college pictures, Pallavi says see Rocky is not your Kunj, Twinkle leaves dejected, Pallavi have sigh of relief. She sees Rocky and her intimate and cute pictures sadly and says i love you, i love you so much, i wish you were here with me, Revant.. she cries looking at pictures.
Yuvi says to Leela that i am going, she says i am making breakfast then leave, he says okay. Twinkle comes there and says where is Maa? he points at kitchen, Twinkle says i am more confused after talking to Pallavi, Yuvi says dont worry i will find out if Rocky is Kunj, Leela comes there and listens this, she drops breakfast tray, Yuvi and Twinkle looks on, Leela says what Rocky is Kunj? how is this possible?
Pallavi looks at Rocky’s pictures and says

why did you leave me Revant? i miss you much that when Kunj Sarna came to me as patient, i gave him your face so that i can see you again, she recalls how she did surgery, she says i am sorry Kunj but it was my last chance to see my Revant and i didnt want to lose it thats why i gave you Revant’s face but you know what? i really love you Kunj.. she looks at their pictures and hugs it.
Leela says why you both didnt tell me? Twinkle says we didnt know completely thats why didnt tell you, Leela says i am your mother, i understand everything you say or not say, tell me everything in detail, Twinkle tells her everything.
Pallavi says if my truth comes out then i will lose Rocky, i cant lose him again.
Leela is with Yuvi and says till when you will keep hiding truth? its clear that you love her alot then why you are letting her go? why you are sacrificing your love? why you are doing this? Yuvi says i am doing this for Twinkle only, if Rocky is Kunj then it will be great, mother will son back and Twinkle will get her Kunj back, Leela says i dont understand anything, one side is Twinkle’s happiness and otherside is you, i cant see anyone of you in pain, Yuvi says Twinkle has taught me love, love is about sacrifice not about gaining, if Twinkle’s happiness lies with Kunj then i will make her reunite with Kunj, Twinkle will be happy and i will be happy too, Leela says you both dont understand what you both are doing, if Kunj has comeback in our lives then there is going to be alot of trouble, why he is doing all this to get Twinkle back? Yuvi says dont worry, God is with us, everything will be fine, now smile, he gets Twinkle’s call and leaves. Leela says i need to talk to Twinkle about Kunj, dont know what she is thinking, if Rocky is Kunj then storm is about come, many lives will be destroyed and many relations will will break, i will talk to Twinkle.

Scene 2
Twinkle calls Yuvi and says i have made plan to bring Rocky’s truth out, meet me later, she ends call.
Twinkle says to Pallavi that i got info from Goa and i said things to you, i am sorry, Pallavi says its okay, you thought what you could thin of. This date arrangement is nice, Rocky comes there, Rocky says this date arrangement is good, Twinkle says you both enjoy date, i wont interrupt you both, she leaves.
Usha says to Babee that i have to go to Guradvarah, thank God Twinkle is away from Yuvi, i will just pray to Lord to keep Yuvi away from Twinkle.
Twinkle is checking date setup, she gets call from someone and says what fire broke out? i am coming, Rocky asks what happened? Twinkle says fire broke out in house, Usha is alone, i have to leave, she leaves, Rocky gets tensed.
Rocky comes to Sarna house and looks around, he sees fire there and says Maa i have come, he looks around for Usha but Twinkle comes there and calls him Kunj.. Kunj is shocked, Yuvi comes there too, Yuvi says game over Rocky or should i say Kunj? stop drama and accept that you are Kunj, why you are torturing Twinkle? Twinkle just stares at him and says why Kunj? why you did this with me? you didnt miss me once? you didnt try to reach out to me? you thought i wont recognize you? from the time you have come, i am feeling your presence, that chess room, locking your family in ice factory, remember how we got locked in chiller? you have made me feel your presence, i lived ever moment again because of you, accept that you are Kunj, your silence cant save you, i knew that you will come to save Usha Maa thats why i did that drama, Kunj looks on tensed, Twinkle says just accept that you are my Kunj, she grabs him from collar and says why didnt you come to me earlier? do you even know what i went through without you? just accept that you are Kunj, answer me, Kunj just looks at her, he jerks her hands away and says enough, have you gone mad? you are saying anything, what kind of husband are you Yuvi? your wife is looking for her deceased husband in some other man and you are taking her side? you guys need marriage counseling, yes i came here as Usha has called me her son but that doesnt mean i am your deceased husband, you both are weird husband and wife, Yuvraj try to handle your wife, it will be embarrassing for you one day if she keep doing drama, i gotta go, good night, Twinkle says stop.. Twinkle says Kunj if you are stubborn then you know Twinkle is way more stubborn than you, i challenge you that in tomorrow’s party you will yourself that you are Kunj, understood Kunj Sarna? she leaves from with Yuvi behind her.

PRECAP- In party, Twinkle says to people in party that Rocky is Kunj Sarna, she asks Kunj to tell everyone that he is her Kunj else she will drink poison and will die there only, she opens poison bottle while Kunj seems not phased.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nishaanth Nishu

    Wow wow wow whatta nice episode really simply superb todays episode very much enjoyed watching it ?
    Onsagain twinj going to bcom together
    But really sad fo yuvi,i cant see yuvis pain ?

  2. OMG !! My heard beat like a Thunder! At one side I’m scared Leela gonna destroy Kunj-Twinkle love but on the other side I’m mad like crazy…, why does Rocky doesn’t want to admit that he is Kunj. The more he try to show off he is way more stubborn than Twinkle, the more Twinkle will feel plain and start a new leaf ! Is that What he want? I mean, OH COME ON…!!! Give me a break !!! Just show your wife your madness love!!!

    1. Anch's sister

      You’re absolutely right EVEY carol even I have so many questions about what rocky did and doing too what was the need of keeping quiet when he saw yule getting married. ? And why didn’t he ask them why they did so? And the last one why isn’t he letting twinkle live her life and be happy if he really love ? ? He can’t be her true love I think yuvi’s love true and pure twinkle is really a naive girl the true lover is around her and she’s looking for the fake one twinkle you should see his yuvraj’slove can’t you fed up seeing him sacrificing sufferingand and breaking down all the time please keep yule together I saw the show prt is increasing and it’s because of yule

  3. ithne dino ke bhad ek aachi episode dekhi.simply super

  4. Risa

    My yuvle 🙁 oh i want yuvle so badly! Kunj doesnt even care about twinkle! He doesnt deserve her. And y is twinkle wasting her time over a person who doesnt trust her? And one more thing if she unites with kunj….she is a big cheater! Yuvi to kunj to yuvi n now again kunj! No! Yuvle forever! The story started with them end with them!

    1. How twinkle became cheater did she said anything like I love u to uv or did she creatd any false hopes even after 5 years on Karwachot she took kunj as her husband not uv uv promised her to be as her friend not as husband

  5. Naina0923

    Omgs! The truth is gonna come out
    Now this is getting interesting

  6. God plz reunite them. Love twinj . Good job twinkle.

  7. Jisha

    Wow… a nice episode after a long time… enjoyed it…but y is rocky denying it? come on…be our kunj…get back to tei with twinj… sad 4 uv…BT Twinkle still feels 4 kunj..hope uv get a new co star.

  8. Wohhhhhh realywaiting for next episod.,:-) …….. i think jaldi twinj ek hoga… i hope.. is bar uv twinj ki bich me na aye.. uskeliye na koi naya hiroin lavo. Atlist mahi ko vapas lavo……….

    What ever i just want twinj twinj twinj…….. omg agar is bar leela twinj ko alag na kare

  9. Such a stupidity ..here writers are opposite to widow marriage so bad what rubbish.. the girl who loves husband alot if her husband died if her family tried that girl and married an other man then she should live happily with him.. what rubbish is this here twinkle is so selfish if she don’t want anybody in her life she should not agree for marriage since she could take just as friend but she married yuvi and I will not say if kunj came back once his discharge got or if he lost his memory then it’s ok could be acceptable but he dint come back to her life by knowingly for 5 years .. show should some morals yea not this I never saw such idiotic story..if any people see this serial that will not agree for widow marriage( twinkle thought her husband got died and kunj also dint tell the truth) since if her first died husband mistakenly came means what will happen to those who marries to that girl..( Yea the girl loves her husband alot if he died she married to another guy means she should love him and move on her life those who loves them they should change and should love her husband)1st love is the best love the girl will love alot and married to another guy means she will adjust to that life starts life with and loves him alot and live happily with them .please don’t make scene of twinkle taking poison for her 1st husband this may be bad impression….

    1. Or atleast make twinkle truly die but not by this posion drama some anitha’s trick because if twinkle marry again rocky means there will be no moral for the show ? marriage is not a drama yar.. since in serial this may happen but rubbish not in real life .
      if they loved so much somebody and married to other then What she should love with old guy or that married guy those who cared so much though it is difficult she should start loving the married guy oly otherwise she should wait for her whole life for that loved guy and should not marry other guy)I hope this will be dream of leela..

  10. Sayeeda

    After soooooo many days I felt so happy reading the updates …
    Though twinj means Sidmin only but still I’m happy that again the serial is back to track ….finally twinj will be one …but if again CV’s r planning to hurt our emotions…then to the hell wid this serial …

    But today the way Leela reacted was something unacceptable…..She was thinking that Kunj’s entry is not good it will bring storm in their life …the way she was supporting Yuvi’s love …I’m shocked to know that ….this proves that no one need kunj back in their life…

  11. Hell with leela, the way she requested yuvi to be with twinkle…cheiiii.
    Did she ever forget that yuvi married mahi ,her other daughter..Now she wants him to be with twinkle..

  12. I completely agree with Sonu…pls show uvle !! If kunj doesn’t care tomorrow also then twinj is completely ruined And pls show uvle !! Uvle Rox now

  13. Kunj is just too annoying .. And twinkle is gettn on my nerves .. I mean kunj cud have stopped yuvle/twirajs marraige and proved he is kunj but he never and twinkle got married … Anyways yuvi is way better for twinkle .. Always loved twiraj/yuvle pair … Twinkle need to realise yuvi’s love and accept him .. He was there for her when nobody was with her … My heart cried for him when he cried that he will lose twinkle again … Plz writerd need to just pair twiraj/yuvle and let pallavi have rocky

  14. twinkle kitna pyar karti hain kunj se..ohhh…so touchy..but leela..what’s wrong with her?isn’t kunj her son too?how could she said like that?that was really disgusting….may be kunj ki recent harkat se vo naraj hain isliye aysa boli…but once jab sab galatfemi khatam hoga tab sab thik hoga…but hume sid chaiye…naman nehi…sid only sid…???

  15. Oh noo my yuvi :'( this aint fair at all

  16. Guys, Leeela, nor Twinkle, nor UV, nor Kunj, isn’t to be blamed, its Pallavi to be blamed because five years back she came to Twinkle and didn’t inform the family that Kunj is alive.. She is the reason for this mess, plus now she loves Kunj, so a storm is coming., she could have fix Kunj face back, but no she didn’t she give him her husband face. She is the big cheat.. Twinkle just love her Husband and married UV for the baby she lost.

  17. Hahaha….LOL….ROFL….Roflmao!!! What an episode I say!!! Hands up to the CVS…They seriously need to learn how to b creative!!! They have compltly lost it!! If twinkle cunt forget kunj or if she already knew noone could replace kunj…why d hell did she marry yuvi…such a selfish woman…And what are d writers trying to convey us…that u shud sit In a closed room and die crying over d death of a person and to torture ppl around us with such dumbheaded attitude??? It makes me laugh!!! Hahahaha….Our dramas can Neva show us something cool with good stuff!!
    Go on writers!! Its obvious It wuldb yuvle now….waiting for some positiveness in twinkle yuvis romance!!!

  18. By watching today’s episode its obvious it would’ve yuvraj and twinkle!! Pallavi would be paired with kunj is what I feel!!

    Same things are happening like Kunj also helped twinkle in d beginning to get back WD yuvi coz twinkle and yuvi were lovers…then he supported her and so on…Now too d same is going on except that Yuvi is positive doing those things!!

    Writers are definitely planning to unite yuvi and twinkle!! That’s y they are showing yuvis good nature and leela ma’s support to yuvi!!! And we all already know the one whom leela ma supports wuldb perfect match for twinkle and this time its yuvraj and not kunj!!

    So guys don’t worry…its definitely yuvraj and twinkle..not kunj!!!!

    1. Anch's sister

      SWARA İ hope what would be true because now yule really or twiraj is a good couple and rocky the boxer doesn’t suit twinkle at all I hope twinkle realises how much yuvi loves her eagerly awaiting for the day they reunite and confess love to each other

  19. I feel leela understands exactly the situation and on the other hand pallavi, she just is too depressed and hurt that she lost revant but in that situation she became selfish

  20. Sonu I completely agree wid u.but u r at one point mistaken -Anitha is die hard enemy of Leena and Twinkle but she loves her son Yuvi alot .LOVE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN REVENGE.so for the sake of her son ,she won’t harm Twinkle.for she knew that his happiness lies in Twinkle’s well being… Anita has killed kunj because she felt he was a barrier between twinkle and Yuvi.. she did it for yuvi only,but by time he was actually changed for the good.I liked today’s episode,and I feel it was good because kunj shouted at twinkle,and I too feel tat if kunj is gonna tell the truth than he could have told on their wedding itself, cause when he came there he was not too late in fact only after he came yuvi kept the kumkum and they were officially/religiously declared husband and wife… But now since kunj has been away frm twinkle for 5yrs.. by now he should only have hatred towards her..pls stop such eyelocks and background music..he has felt so much betrayal tat his revenge has overpowered his love.. so don’t let him down by breaking down and confessing tat he is kunj.. you can just use rocky to bring twiraj closer and make twinkle feel yuvi’s love for her and in returned she will love him .. make her realize and remember the past love story of twiraj..the moments they had together and how romantic his dates were..and how close they were..

    Waiting for such episodes..

  21. Guys I am not blaming kunj.. or yuvi or twinkle or the family..frm their side they have done the r8
    Kunj- he felt betrayed so much tat his hatred overpowered his love..
    Twinkle-married yuvi as a Frnd for family. .and still loves kunj..
    Yuvi-married twinkle as a Frnd ,for family..to support her ..
    Family – wanted twiraj to get married for her own goodness..
    Pallavi-she went to sarna mansion as instructed by kunj ,but when she saw twiraj together she mistook them and misinformed kunj and ignited the fire of revenge in kunj’s heart.she felt pity for him at tat situation and started loving him to support him..
    GUYS ITS A STORY OF PREJUDICE.. and no one can be blamed.. everyone was right a one point..
    but the story would become yuck if kunj exposes him and forget his revenge for twinkle and reunites with her again..

    1. I completely hate this twinkle drama since he has been changed yea pallavi first allowed link to go home quickly when he got cured completely an dint do anything after that she felt in love with him…wav what rubbish it is I know twinkle loves kunj but u she married yuvi??now kunj come back in the sense she leave yuvi and marry kunj again what is the point of view… Yea we know not only love marriage arrange marriage will also be there they first may like the guy then after marriage oly they truly start love each other ( anyway the husband became best friend in the sense he is the best husband too it requires time to love but I support both arrange and love marriage ) but here what nonsense kunj mistakened and hatred twinkle if he comes and tell the truth in marriage day means nice and I agree but I saw twinkle’s marriage and went off mistakenly and started revenge for him but I don’t tell pallavi is at fault since anyway if she has with the guy who cares for her for 5 years in the sense she may fall in love that too her husband face to whom she love the most…
      but now such low type drama.. anyway leela is there n.a.??she lived alone for twinkle she could do the same …why she could marry yuvi that too for 5 years …ah
      And yea she could live alone u marriage drama and all??for her support everyone are there at that time such a best samurai mom and all.. y marriage drama? she could accept just as her friend anyway.. anyway yuvi can stay there just to say( though at that time of revenge anitha lived with her family (made fake marriage with sarna’s relative) with so no problem so she could take only as friend and all the family has the right to say as son as yuvi) but no u husband and wife drama though marriage should not fake if the serial show like this then that will be no trust in marriage and yea..once twinkle agreed only then marriage happened with yuvi.but now yea I can’t agree if she died serial will be immoral show..

  22. Rocky wont accept he’s kunj instead he’l make all believe twinkle is mentaly unstable n she need psychiatrist…rocky doesnt deserve twinkle…it shd be twiraj/yuvle

  23. What the heck!!! Leela always regarded kunj as her son and now that he has returned she thinks dangers are coming. Why!!! Please guys your show is fully spoiled. Please bring Sid back. Only he can save your boat from drowning. Please. ???

  24. Yes
    want twinj together
    since the beginning,uv was so disgusting, a real vamp,a murderer, kidnapper,a cheater…But m surprised that some of us wants Twinkle uv together..Rubbish
    and Kunj died for twinkle…on a misunderstanding he did a mistake n u guys r making him bad …..r u mad or what…??
    nobody thought twinkle uv together whn twinj were together.. n now some fools r dying for twin-uv…Lol??
    i know it’s abt personal thought.. but i was just surprised wid dat thought..
    m going to watch it again???

  25. Hahaha….Yuvi and twinkle the best!! It was twinkle and yuvu first…they re lovers…yuvi was shown bad and ppl supported twinj and now kunj is shown to be bad so we obv support twiraj!! Fools are those who yhink twinj is back!!

    1. Manny

      Even I want twiraj but I saw in FB someone posted that both jasmine and naman confirmed that twinj will be the endgame.? i doubt twiraj will happen but still I have a lil hope on them so I’ll watch until it’s proved.

  26. I still prefer Twinkle & Kunj-everybody forgot the dispicable things Yuvi did. i like Yuvi he is so handsome but the show should encourage what is right I find Pallavi should be forced to redo surgery 7 perhaps when kunj has completed his new show he will return as Sidhant Guptar really missed the first Kunj

  27. I also want twinj back. Luv u TWINJ 🙂 🙂 🙂 . But sad for uv.
    I miss old uv please siddhant come back.


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