Tashan-e-Ishq 21st August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Leela says to Twinkle that you are getting hooked to Kunj sarna, i will not leave this chance, Twinkle says i told you many times that i dont want to get married, Chinki comes there and says twinkle was not picking call so i came to check, now i know reason for her bad mood, Leela says you are her friend so will take herr side but tell me will she get good relation then Manohar’s son? Chinki looks at Twinkle, Leela says i wanna take her to their party, her dress will come, make her get ready, she leaves, Chinki ask what happened to your and Yuvi’s plans? Twinkel says i ditched him at last minute and we broke up, Chinki laughs and ask what you are wearing in party? Twinkle ask her to react, Chinki says you guys break up four times in a day, Twinkle says this time its serious

break up, she calls Yuvi and ask where is he? he tells he is on farm house with friends, she ends call and says tells Twinkle to go to his farm house and pacify him, i will be in party with you so we will handle everything, Twinkle says you are right.
Manohar’s wife is handling decorations of party, Manohar comes and says i wanna talk.
Twinkle thinks dont know if Yuvi have even eaten anything, he called his friends for support, she enters Farm house to see wild party going on and Yuvi dancing with girls and enjoying party, Yuvi sees Twinkle and call everyone’s attention, he says this day is important, you must be thinking reason for this party, i called you all as Twinkle and Yuvi broke up, i want all to enjoy, lets dance and have fun, friend ask what you are saying? are you joking? Yuvi is drunk and says i have become joke but now i am free and thats why i have given party, i am happy, Twinkle is in tears, Yuvi says there is no more Twinkle and Yuvi, we are on separate paths, finally we did something right, Twinkle is shocked and hurt, Yuvi opens champaign bottle, all friends leave, Twinkle breaks bottle and says i was thiking about you whole night and you are partying here? Yuvi says you want me to become devdas and sing sad songs for you? you wanted to break up, it was your decision but now will you also decide that how i should behave after break up, Twinkle says i just said no to elope, i edidnt ask for break up, you did it, Yuvi says i asked you to choose between me and your mom and you chose your mom, now i will take my decisions, Twinkle says so you are happy now? Yuvi says yes i am enjoying my life, Twinkle ask is this final break up, will you live without me? Yuvi says yes, Twinkle says ok fine, its end for evrything, nothing matters to you, she leaves.

Scene 2
Manohar brings his wife in room and locks it, she gets afraid and moves back, Manohar says its been years with me but you are still same, illiterate, you cant do anything right, you dont know my taste even now, you used to be foolish and still same, she cries, he says this party is very important for me, all will see my status, media will come and you want to destroy this day? he shows her genda flowers and says you chose these down market flowers? i want orchids and white lilies only and be thankful that i am just throwing flowers not, i have become great Manohar Sarna but you have no class, you cant compete with high class people and you have make your son Kunj like you, where is he? she says he is sleeping, he will come in party, Manohar says remember Leela is coming to see him, if anything happens then you and your son will bear consequences, he eaves, wife thinks that i have to do decorations from start again and i will not give him chance to complain now.
Twinkle is going back home, she recalls her time with Yuvi, Khoo gya ghum ho gya song plays.
All are waiting for Twinkle, Leela says dont know where is she, Pinni says we should leave for party, Twinkle comes and says i am ready for marriage, Leela is surprised, she ask are you saying truth? is this new drama? Twinkle hugs her and says i mean it, i am not doing any drama, you all leave, i will come after getting ready, i promise, Leela thanks God.
Media talks to Manohar, she says your elder son Anand Sarna is on holiday with his family but your younger son Kunj is here, he is eligible bachelor, can we meet him> Manohar says he will here in minute, he goes to his wife, brings her in corner and ask where is Kunj? didnt he get up? she says he went to do charity, Manohar says he doesnt know whats happening in house and went to do charity, call him and ask him to come rightnow. A guy shown stealing something and running, people runs behind him, its asthma pump he had, people catches him and starts beating him, an old lady comes and tries to stop people, Kunj sees her getting jittery for asthma pump, Kunj fights with people.

PRECAP- Kunj Sarna enters party in tuxedo, Leela says he is very nice for my daughter, Twinkle falls in Kunj’s arms, Yuvi is also there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. shifa(shakira)

    twinkle and yuvi breakup !!

  2. Now it seems very interesting

  3. now yuvi will get jealous

  4. Oh no..wat’ll hapen to twinkraj now..but precap seems interesting

  5. As a recent serial i’ve been looking at it off an on. I was reluctant i found Twinkle to a bit over dramatic & the both mothers were more like a comedy with their wealth. But now it seems a story is beginning to develop.

  6. shifa(shakira)

    more intresting to see yuvi jealous

  7. OMG :O TWINKLE and YUVI broken up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nw this is worth watching I can’t wait 4 Yuvraj 2 get jealous well we will just have 2 wait and see hw the drama unfolds 🙂 :d

  8. copy of ishqjayde movie….some parts..wow..

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