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Scene 1
Twinkle does Kunj’s bandage, he is in pain, Twinkle says its nice that we got another donor, you will become fine soon, i will call Leela here too. Anita meets nurse and says take my son’s blood calmly, he should not get urt, dont tell anyone about it, put blood camp banner outside Yuvi’s room, Yuvi comes to Anita and says i dont know why you are doing this, Twinkle wont agree to take my blood for Kunj, Anita says i am your mother and i plan everything fully, she shows him burqas, they greet each other like women in burqas and smirk, they both wear burqas and cover their faces with veils. Twinkle and Kunj comes to yuvi’s room thinking its donor Mahreen’s room. Anita greets Twinkle in shrill voice so she cant recognize her, Anita introduces Yuvi as her daughter

Ruqsana, she will give blood, Twinkle says she is nice, thank you Ruqsana, she is about to hug Yuvi but Anita stops her and says my daughter is very shy, hug me instead of her, Twinkle says to ruqsana/Yuvi that i cant hug you but what you are doing is great work and i am thankful for that, Twinkle asks Mehreen if Ruqsana doesnt speak too? Mehreen says she is shy, she asks Kunj to lie down for blood transfer, Twinkle is stunned to see that Mehree/Anita knows his name, Anita says actually nurse told me that the one who needs blood has name kunj, you are Kunj right? Twinkle says yes he is Kunj and i am Twinjle, his wife, Anita says lets start blood transfer. Kunj lies on bed, Yuvi lies on other bed, blood transfer starts, Yuvi takes off his veil and stares Twinkle, Twinkle turns to see him but Yuvi puts his veil back, blood transfer is completed, Kunj thanks Yuvi, Twinkle says to Kunj that you should go to your room, Anita says he is ill, nurse will take him to his room on wheelchair, Twinkle says she is right, you should rest, go to your room, i will come too, Kunj sits on wheelchair and leaves room. Yuvi stands behind Twinkle, Twinkle thanks Ruqsana/Yuvi and says you have done great deed for me, i cant thank you enough, Yuvi i will explain how to thank me, e takes off his veil, Twinkle is shocked to see its Yuvi, Anita takes her veil off too, Yuvi says baby i have done great work, i have given my precious blood to your loser husband so you have to return my favor, this will make story interesting, Twinkle says so this was your cheap plan? you again came in my life to destroy it? you have cheap mentality, Yuvi holdd her hand and says before saying anything to me, think that your husband’s life is in my hand now, let the party begin, i have given only one bottle blood now, he needs more blood otherwise he will remain on wheelchair, so sad, i have done great favor on you so you will do what i will say to you and you cant argue with me, right? Anita smirks, Twinkle is tensed, Leela comes there and slaps Yuvi hard, Anita is shocked, Leela says you are shameless to use Kunj’s illness, you gave blood to him but we dont need your favor, i have found donor for my Kunj, Anita and Yuvi are shocked, Leela says be away from me and my family, i will not take time to put Anita with you in jail again, Yuvi gets angry but controls himself, Leela takes Twinkle from there, Yuvi is furious.
Leela and Twinkle comes to lobby, Twinkle says maybe Yuvi was last hope, what if we dont get any donor, why did you say to Yuvi that we found another donor? atleast you should have listened his demand, why did you lie to him? Leela says you think that i lied? i can do anything for Kunj, i have found donor for Kunj, he is my old employee, his blood group is same as Kunj’s, are oyu happy now? Twinkle hugs her and says very happy, Anita and Yuvi shouldnt have used Kunj’s illness, i shouldnt have listened to them, Leela says you were tensed so you did mistake, we have donor now, problem is solved, we should take Kunj back home, Twinkle says i will talk to doctor.

Scene 2
Kunj comesback home with Twinkle and Leela, Babee asks Kunj to sit down, she says i will bring juice for you. Usha asks Kunj if he is fine now? Babee gives colddrink to Kunj and asks him to drink, Twinkle thinks that doctor said Kunj cant drink colddrink, it has high sugar, how to stop him? she takes glass from Kunj and throws it away, Usha says to Twinkle that why did you do it? what if Kunj got hurt? Kunj thinks that Twinkle is silent, it means she has done it for me, its time to tell truth to family, he says Twinkle threw colddrink as there is reason behind it, we have hided one thing from you people, what i will say, you people have to listen with strong heart and nobody will cry, usha asks him to speak up, he says i have illness, he tells them everything, he says good thing is that we have got donor, he says to Usha that you will not cry, i am Punjabi and your son, nothing will happen to me, he hugs babee and Usha and smiles at Twinkle. Babee says to Kunj that everything will be fine, Usha says to Twinkle that i am sorry, i scolded you, i didnt know you were doing everything for Kunj.
Yuvi says to Anita that your plan was foolish, you didnt have word with Leela from past days so you thought that she is weak now, she has comeback with a bang, she has destroyed your plan and slapped me too, Anita calls her manager and asks him to find whom Leela met in last 24hours, she ends call and says Twinkle was crying for donor in morning but now they have donor so Leela must have got donor few hours back only, if we find out who the donor is then we can make new plan. Doctor comes there and sees Yuvi standing, he says it seems like Yuvi is fine so i will call jailer, we are maming discharge papers then you can go back to jail, Yuvi says you will send me to jail? you couldnt convince a family to make me donor but you are useless, you should be nurse, Anita says i am sorry doctor, he is sad that he couldnt donate blood, doctor says control him, i will make his papers, he leaves. Yuvi says to Anita that i will not go back to jail, do something that Twinkle comes back to me and beg me for favor, she should accept my demands, find Leela’s donor.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Leela that confusion didnt happen, its being created, Anita comes there and says she is right, Leela what you were saying that you had donor? now Kunj doesnt have blood and must be feeling dizzy, Leela slaps Anita, Anita angrily looks at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice epi


    Dragging only….

  3. Writers y r u dragging the story line?? I mean like com on people can’t twinj be together with no stress even for a week?????why r u dragging this yuvi track??????????u r losing 1 fan..so goodbye tei???

  4. Nice episode and as usual hating uv and anita nd love u twinj and eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  5. Waiting fr twinj scenes

  6. Hey I read that twinj r going to divorce
    And twinkle is going to marry UV
    Is it true pls reply me


      It may happen ….


      As it is favorite work of zee tv writers to seperate leads…

  7. How can a normal nurse undergo a blood transfusion in a hospital without de knowledge of de doctor? Crab. And de blood wasn’t even tested to know if there’s any diseases. Again how come kunj only has sickle cell anemia now. Irrelevant storyline. Im fed up

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