Tashan-e-Ishq 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kunj comes in room to find Yuvi and Twinkle sleeping on bed with Yuvi without shirt, he feels bad, he grabs Yuvi and throws him from bed, he makes him wear shirt and beats him, he says how dare you do this with my Twinkle, you tried to act all good, i told you to not hurt her but you didnt listen to me, how dare you touch my wife. He says to Twinkle that i told you to not trust this guy, how can you trust him? Twinkle says i am not understanding anything, he didnt do anything, Kunj says how can you trust Yuvi, see what he has done with you, he asks Twinkle if he gave her some intoxicating medicine? he asks Twinkle to come in senses, Yuvi says i didnt do anything with her, understand me, Kunj beats him. Twinkle says Yuvi didnt do anything, Kunj says i know you cant let him do anything with

you, see what this guy has done with you, he has taken your senses, he says to Yuvi that i wont leave you today, he beats Yuvi who is intoxicated and cant even stand, Leela asks if he kill him? Kunj says yes i will not leave him today. Cherry sees Kunj beating Yuvi and calls Anita, he says to Anita that you have great mind, just think that your work is done. Kunj is beating Yuvi when media comes there, media person says that in high society, one brother’s wife spends night with other brother, they were found in compromising position, lets find out whom Twinkle love, Yuvi who is her ex-lover or Kunj who is her husband now, Babee says who called them here? Cherry calls Anita and says your work is done. Media person asks Kunj if knows about Twinkle and Yuvi’s secret affair? they were found in compromising position, Kunj says dont you dare point fingers at my wife, her respect is my respect, this is all done by Yuvi to frame my wife, he is obsessed with her, he keep planning something or other to malign her respect, now he stooped so low to disrespect her, Yuvi says no, Twinkle is pure, she is pious, this is difficult to say but my mom Anita is behind all this, i promise you all that my mom will be brought by me, she will say sorry to Twinkle, Kunj please trust me, this is all lie. Kunj says first you made your mother go in jail and now you are trying to act good, you can do any drama but i will never trust you, you can do anything but you cant separate us, i love my wife alot and i trust her completely, he asks Media to not ask these cheap questions again, my wife’s respect is my respect, i know she is pure like before, i dont her character certificate from anyone, i have full faith on my wife, she will not do anything which will malign my respect, Twinkle is happy to listen all this, Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and leaves from there, Yuvi looks on.
Twinkle is in her room, she lies on bed and says to family that i dont know how i reached that hotel room, i dont know how Anita did all this, i dont remember anything. Kunj says i didnt ask you anything, i dont doubt you so why you are thinking so much? i am with you always, nothing will happen, Sajna ve plays, Twinkle smiles at him. Leela says sometimes i wonder how did i get son in law like you, i must have done great deeds in past life that you came to me in this life, i pray that you both live happily, i should not have arranged this party, Kunj says dont say this, that mother-son duo just need chance to torture us, Babee says why they are behind you both, Leela says i keep wondering when will Twinkle and Kunj get peace, from the time they got married, they have not gotten a single day which has peace, sometimes its Anita or Yuvi or they both are together, they have filled our lives with filth, Babee says dont worry, we will go to Guradvarah and pray tomorrow, Leela says you are right.

Scene 2
Its morning. Kunj and Twinkle comes to Guradvarah. Yuvi is praying there too. He prays that i know God i have done many wrong deeds but if i have done a single ood work then give its reward to Twinkle. Kunj thinks that God you know whats in my heart then why you are not listening to me? Yuvi prays that i have loved her alot but i have tortured her, give her happiness of world. Kunj prays that i want Twinkle to smile always, give me my old Twinkle back who used to fight with me, bicker with me and create Sayappa for me, he looks at Twinkle emotionally. Twinkle and Kunj gets up, they hold hand and starts leaving, Twinkle thinks that i am lucky that i got such loving, sweet life partner, God please bless us always, Yuvi sees them there and goes from there before they can see him. Kunj and Twinkle comes to tie sacred thread on wall. Kunj ties it for Twinkle, he asks Twinkle to give hand, she does, he ties sacred thread on her arm, she glares him with love, he says this is for you, i am always there to protect you but if by chance i am not around then this will protect you, agar tum sath ho plays. Kunj makes Twinkle eat parsad, she looks at him lovingly, he smiles at her and caresses her face, Twinkle makes him eat parsad with her hands and smiles at him, he is confused as why she is looking at him, they leave from there.
people gather outside sarna house. they chant against Twinkle and Sarna family. Kunj comes there with Twinkle and family. He asks family to not get down from car. He comes out of car and ask people to stop it and go from there. Twinkle get downs from car. One women says that she is not hiding her face after act, your high society cheap acts will not work here, leave your neighborhood, Leela says why you are calling her cheap? how can you do drama outside our house? Women says we saw that she married one brother and having affair with other brother, this can work in high society but not here, Babee says we are famous family, why you are behind my daughter in law? Women says we know your family but not your daughter in law, dont know what acts she has done in past, why was she exposed in media? she must have done something wrong. Kunj says you are saying so much wrong about her but Twinkle is not asnwering back, she can shut your mouths but still she is silent as she respects you all, Women says she doesnt have answer, how will she defend her character? thats why she is silent. Kunj says those who are at mistake give clarifications, Twinkle doesnt need to explain anything to anyone, i am her husband and i have faith on her more than me, you people blame girl easily, world is changed but you people are not, when you people will change? Kunj says how will you feel if someone talks like this with your daughter? one man says if it was daughter then i would have beaten her in middle of road, this girl should be beaten up by throwing stones at her, people say yes its right, they start throwing stones at Twinkle, it hits Twinkle’s head, Kunj is shocked and tries to protect her.

PRECAP- Kunj fights with society people. Someone is about to attack Twinkle but Yuvi comes there and pulls her behind him protecting her, Twinkle looks on. People try to attack Twinkle but Kunj and Yuvi both stand infront of Twinkle and hold wooden sticks before it can hit twinkle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hate Anita .love twinkle and kunj

  2. so two walls are there for twinkle…yuvi..such……..anways can i join u all guys??

    1. Yup u can welcome to tei TU….. N welcome to our ol bst buddys over here n all d amazing wrters jus lov thm for such osmm ffs ……????

  3. twinj scences were gud….bt as we knw abt d upcmng leap n twinj it alwys makes me feel sad…i wish i wud nt hav knwn dat….n sidhant has said in d recent segmnt tht he is still confused abt leaving d shw..he is trying to manage both his projects bt if circumstances dnt allow he may leave tei….i wish he doesnt leave….cz of him we r watching tei…once he leaves one of my fav shw wl b out of the list…i ll stop watchng tei…?????

  4. It was all twinj today. I can’t imagine my life without these two. I was literally crying when I was watching the serial. Love you twinj. Twinj forever. The trio is a treat fr our eyes. The best three. Love u sid, jas n zain . Love u all

  5. Ohh.. I missed the episode.. bt precap sounds good.. so I think tomorrows episode shld b seen.. n yesss I hope uv succeeds in proving himself innocent in such a cheap act of anita..

  6. I am so confused . kunj trust lot towards twinkle then what the reason behind separation of twinkle and kunj
    AND tell me anyone San tera song pe twinkunj ka dance dikhaya kya bcoz exam ke karan l am not watch serial only read updates please tell me anyone waiting for tomorrow episode updates

    1. Yes Pihu they danced very romantically on song San tera…it was amazing to watch them dance for the last time in TEI as Sid is quitting ….gonna miss them.

  7. How can UV love twinkle… first he was taking revenge then his craze n now he says he loves her in pious place…..
    He loves her or not ?????? He can’t lie to god…

    1. he loves her alot….to dat level dat his love turned into his obsession…obesession to get her….he was taking revenge before twinkle’s marraige…but wen twinkle got married to kunj den he realised his love for her and tried every possible way to get her back…

    2. Loved her what? Remember his plan was always with Anita to marry Twinkle and torture her to hurt Leela. He only started with his obsession drama when he realised that Twinkle was going to marry Kunj.

  8. I am so confused . kunj trust lot towards twinkle then what the reason behind separation of twinkle and kunj
    AND tell me anyone Sab tera song pe twinkunj ka dance dikhaya kya bcoz exam ke karan l am not watch serial only read updates please tell me anyone waiting for tomorrow episode updates

  9. Lovely precap…interesting…

  10. Love u yuvi…..
    From the episode 1 i really like and love ur character madly though it was odd
    I always used to love u and now u turned positive and wish everyone would believe u along with twinkle
    Love u yuvi……

  11. Good epi….n i feel like crying…plzzz sid don leave the show…n yeah pihu…twinj danced on sab tera…

  12. Did any one from here belong to AJMER,RAJASTHAN,INDIA…… Did anyone of u leave in ajmer…..plzzzz tell me naa I want know


    Tell me plzzz

  13. Twiraj jabra fan

    If sidhant z levng the shw thn no point in brngng new male lead jus unite twiraj & luk hw uv hs chngd so mch lv cn chng evn a murderer wowww uv sinc the promo days i lovd u til nw i lv u ju for u i’m wtchng tei

  14. I honestly think that anita is planning this and yuvi is good now.

  15. twiraj or twinj……………..gawdddd im confused!!!!!

  16. i have made myself clear.if sid quit tei i will also stop watching the show.if he will stay then i will see tei again.no sid means no tei for me.

    1. Same here I am waiting to see IF Sid is going to leave?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Sid if ur reading this!plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t go for all ur fans’ sake????

  17. Sid don’t leave the show. I feel like crying.

  18. Cant this Yuvi just leave Twinj alone! Sab kuch mein apna NAAK ghusana hain isko! Go die with your mom!

    1. Anisha ki maa

      O hallo kehena kya chahti ho u mean uv z pokng hs nose excuse me if u don’t remember pls wtch the 1st promo of tei only twiraj were shwn in the promo the story revolved round tanejas & luthras in wch both the mothers are enemies bt thr respectv daughtr (twinkle) & son (yuvi) wr in love so they wl try 2 end ths enemity btwn thr mothrs & families ths ws the actual theme of the shw bt suddnly the cv’s frm no where brought ths sarnas they r nt evn relatd to the storyline so thnk before sayng tht yuvi didnt cm in the middle its ur kunj hu came btwn twiraj got it? ? They jus spoild the whl story ohk

      1. Hey i know u are right but dont blame kunj for this as i love him a lot

      2. Hey anisha i know u are right but dont blame kunj for this as i love him a lot

  19. In The First Case She should have got married to yuvi only because that was the theme of the serial to get two warring mothers together again ,that was what which was shown in the beginning right but in the there just changed it and i stopped watching this serial.

  20. forever fan of twinj

    Hey guys can anybody tell me Kunj aka sid,’s address .I have an idea.no instance,fb,twitter or calling him.just letters.did u like my idea.let’s try it..:-) 🙂 🙂

    1. Ha offcourse this is a good idea

  21. This kunj I tell u.he soooooooooooooooo dam………..! By the way just forget about this kunj.yuvi look soooooooooooo hot when sleeping.twiraj is just de best of de best.just get kunj out of this show as early as possible.just let him get the hell out of here.????????????good bye in advance kunj aka sidhant??

  22. Same here if sid will quit the show then I will also stop watching TEI…
    Plzzz sid dont quit…dont hurt your fans.Plzzzzzzzzzz

  23. Plz sid dont leave show for ur fans. they will cry plzzzzzzzzzzzz i am feling like crying vry much. plz sid?????????plz s.g dont leave the show plzzz. If u will read this na plz for ur fans dont leave the show

  24. Urgghh…..i don’t undrstnd y sum pple r commentng dat dey wil stop watchng TEI if kunj quit ….??? K fyn juz don’t watch it …n no1 is forcing you guys to watch…. N juz stop gvng negative comments abt uv…coz in da first place uv was da main male lead….he should stay as the main male lead….n kunj is just a side part ……xo btr kick kunj out of TIE ……luv uv…..

  25. Guys kunj is going to leave the show I read n the news

  26. Writers i think tht u must bring new twist n ds serial …lyk sudden accident of kunj n his death in it….n if uv is really changed then u must reunite twinkle n uv …coz they are loooking too gud wd eachother…….n i love u soooo much uv…..

  27. Please Sid don’t quit and please never reunite twinkle and yuvi they look very bad with each other

  28. Ap sb sid bhaya k bare me kya anafshanaf bke jarhe h…sid bhai hmare hero the,h,nd hmesha rhenge…..nd sid bhai agr ap ne pda toh plz dont quit…hm ap k bina zinda nhi rehskte….luv U So much……ye show Sdbhai nd jsmn d ke vjeh se itna hit h… ow ye bekar h…. Samjhe ya samjawo(sid bhai k bre mei aisawsa bolne walo)bolne se pehle tentimes soch lena….hah bde aye sid bhai k bre mei bolne wale…agr acha bolne nai ata 2 bura mat kaho na..,

  29. Hi everyone,
    This for all those yuvle fans…
    first of all if the UV was supposed to be the hero,then the writers and production house would never have introduced kunj in 10th or 15th episode and had a track till yesterday with kunj as hero and UV as villain.
    Secondly if sidhant is leaving d show, it is not going to be yuvle coz ph will find a new male lead as kunj.
    People who are saying dat if Sid is leaving they will quit tei is coz Sid has done kunj that conviction that we can’t imagine in place of him.
    I know I am gonna get bashing from yuvle fans..but I cud not stop writing coz people are wishing kunj to be died to get yuvle track.
    Lastly I am not a UV hater. I love twinj as well as UV. Zain is a fab actor and he has portrayed UV perfectly. Tei is not about only twinj or yuvle.it is about the Tashan and ishq between the trio.. please try to understand..

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