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Scene 1
Usha says to Twinkle that i want you to say for this relation too, Twinkle says how can you think like this maa? i am of Kunj only, i can never be of someone else than Kunj, Usha says its difficult to live life alone, Twinkle says i am not alone, you all are with me, and Yuvi is with me too as my friend but i can never be of someone else, nobody can separate me from Kunj, Kunj is my life, dont separate me from him, please, Usha says i understand your pain, its not easy to ask your daughter in law to marry someone else, i am doing this for my family, Yuvi ash changed, he is like our son now, he is always with us, always help us, sameway he will always stand by your side, i want you to start afresh, think about your baby, Yuvi will take care of you, he cares about you alot, say yes for

marriage, Babee says Usha is right, say yes for this marriage, Leela agrees, Babee says we will die one day too, Twinkle says how you people can think that i cant take care of my baby? i am not that weak, i can not think about anyone than Kunj, i can never marry anyone, my Kunj is always with me and till then not me neither my baby is alone, nobody can separate me from him, she cries and leaves, Yuvi goes to talk to her, Leela says to Usha that Twinkle will take time but you understood mother’s pain and accepted everything, i have to say that Twinkle is lucky to get mother in law like you, Usha is emotional.
Yuvi comes to Twinkle and says we have talked alot, we have fought alot but today i dont know what to say, i have destroyed everything, i tried to break every relation, i tried to kill every emotion but today for first time i have got chance to rectify all this, Usha came to me with so much possession, so much right she asked me about marriage, trust me it was difficult for me too but when i saw you in this situation then i remembered your and my mother’s situation, my mother and your mother have raised us alone but we always missed our dads, we used to discuss and miss our dads, you were lucky to get your dad back, i got on wrong path maybe because i didnt have dad, he would have beat me but would have never allowed me to go on wrong path, father become friends for kids, i dont want your baby to miss his dad, i will always be there on your side, you cannot give me position of your husband but can be my friend for life, please accept me, i can give your baby name, Twinkle says why you are adoing all this? all are saying that i will get support by marrying you but what will you get? Yuvi says you always say that i have some ulterior motive behind everything but this time i am doing this for someone else, i have become positive so i want to become hero completely, i have given much pain to Kunj so this is my way of saying sorry to him, please accept it. Babee, Leela and Usha comes there, Babee asks whats your decision Twinkle? Twinkle says if you all are happy with this then i am ready for this marriage, all get elated, Babee says i will talk to Pundit, Usha thanks Twinkle, Leela says to Yuvi that Thank you, i am really happy to say today that i am proud of you, Babee blesses Yuvi, they leave from there. Twinkle says i have taken this decision for my family’s happiness and for this baby, i wont be able to love anyone else than Kunj, i will remain of Kunj till death, dont have any hopes from my side, Yuvi says thats why i respect you so much, Twinkle says this is all because of my family and my baby, Yuvi thinks that fate has again brought us together, i know you are only Kunj’s and i just hope to keep you happy.
Kunj says to himself that tomorrow i will meet Twinkle, everything will become fine. Twinkle in room thinks that i never thought i would move on but you will remain in my heart forever. Yuvi in his room thinks that tomorrow my life is going to change but i will make sure to keep Twinkle and her family happy, i will fulfill my duties.
Its morning, Kunj comes out of hospital and prays that i know Twinkle might not recognize me but make everything fine. Pallavi sees him and thinks how to tell him that Yuvi and Twinkle are coming closer, Pallavi says i hope you get everything you prayed for but even if you dont get it then never lose hope, always be strong, Kunj nods, he sits in car and leaves.
Kunj is in car and going to his house. Otherside Twinkle and Yuvi are dressed as bride and groom, they exchange garlands and sits in mandap. Pundit starts mantras, all are happy except Twinkle, she is lifeless and sad. In car kunj smiles and thinks that i will meet my sayappa queen, i am dying to see happiness of your face. Kunj comes to Sarna house, he gets down from car and looks at his house from outside, he says see Twinkle, your Kunj has comeback, he sees gate locked and says where did everyone go? he sees Leela’s house all decorated and says there is some function in Leela maa’s house, Twinkle must be there.
Yuvi and Twinkle gets up for pheras, they start taking pheras, Kunj is coming there. Kunj comes in Leela’s house, one guest says Twinkle is looking nice, Kunj smiles listening this and comes forward to see Twinkle, he sees Twinkle taking pheras with Yuvi, he is shocked, Sajna ve’s sad version plays, Pundit says take last phera then you both will be married, Twinkle walks forward and takes phera, Kunj is stunned. Pundit asks Yuvi to put sindoor in her forehead, Twinkle recalls how Kunj had applied it to her on their marriage, Yuvi applies sindoor on Twinkle’s forehead, Twinkle closes her eyes, Kunj is hurt seeing all this. Yuvi makes Twinkle wear mangalsutra, Kunj is distort, Twinkle is sad too, Pundit says this marriage is done, you both can take elders blessing, Babee, Usha everyone smiles at Twinkle and Yuvi, Kunj cant believe this, he takes step backwards and goes out.

PRECAP- Yuvi says to Twinkle that lets take selfie, Twinkle pouts and takes selfie with him. Kunj comes in boxing ring, he is ready for street fight.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I want only twinj

  2. Me tooo geeta…
    I also want only twinj.
    Chalo koi toh abhi bhi twinj ka fan h..verna mujhe laga ki main akele hi bachi hoon…

    1. Jo bhi hai jaisa bhi I want twinj

  3. why you always have to separate the couple who are in love in such a terrible manner it’s not right man

  4. Naman shaw also good actor he done so many show

  5. Xavier

    I am a fan of Naman Shaw . He was great in Kasamh se as pushkar. But in this show . He is not suitable at all for Twinkle. They dont match at all. Arjun was would have been perfect for this role.

  6. Xavier

    I am a fan of Naman Shaw . He was great in Kasamh se as pushkar. But in this show . He is not suitable at all for Twinkle. They dont match at all. Arjun would have been perfect for this role.

  7. Sidhantian (isabella)

    I am happy with twinraj decision because twinkle only looks good with our sidhant not with new kunj.. so beta to prefer uv dan new kunj..
    But no one will replace our sid with twinkle ..

  8. i am not liking naman shaw as kunj….if sid is not there then twinkle and kunj pairing is at stake as jasmine looks good with sid only,,,,,,on contrary zain is looking good with jasmine…or twinkle and uv wl rock not that naman n jasmine

  9. I am also fan of twinj
    Love u sidhant plzz come back
    I love u sidhant

  10. Mayuri rajput

    Thanks jo yuvi and twinkle ki shaadi ho gayi I love them always hum sabko yuvi and twinkle ki Jodi pasand aa rahi hai……. I love yovle

  11. Sg fan (nikki)

    No SG so its better to hv twiraj by the way i think i shudnt give any opinion coz im not watching tei noww!!! Byeeeee

  12. I am happy that they got married
    twinki and yuvi are best

  13. Mujhe yuvi & twinkle ki jodi pasand hai but new kunj not suitble for this role. old kunj is better.

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