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Scene 1
Yuvi asks Twinkle if there was no birth mark? she says no, he says lets have another plan, Twinkle says dont know how to say but when Rocky touched me,i could feel like Kunj touched me, I was Kunj’s wife so i cdan feelhis touch, when i lookeed in his eyes,i felt like Kunj’s was looking at me, it weas weird feeling,i know its difficult for you to listen but you are my best friend and i cantlieto you but there is ;only Kunj in my heart even today.
Kunj says to Pallavi that you did good acting of jealous girlfriend,Pallavi says yeah right, fake relation, fake fiance and we will have fake marriage too, Kunj says why you are acting like this? i cant handle your mood swings, Pallavi says yes because its all about you, your revenge,your family and your Twinkle, Kunj asks what

she is saying? she says you should go from here, he says fine whatever, he leaves.
Yuvi says to Twinkle that i know you wont lie to me and wont let me see fake dreams thats why i respect you so much, we will bring Rocky’s truth,dont worry Yuvi is really strong, Yuvi’s heart can bear all this, we will bring Rocky’s truth out and we will deal with this if he is Kunj.
Pallavi drinks wine, and says i wish Kunj you could see what i feel for you.
Yuvi is leaving Twinkle’s room when they listen someone coming there, Yuvi hides behind couch .Pallavi comes to Twinkle’s room and says what luck you have Twinkle, i never thought Twinkle Sarna will become important in life, everyone keep talking about you but no one cares about me,Twinkle says lets sit and talk, Pallavi says i dont wanna sit,you have destroyed my life, when he came to me, he was dead,i gave him life, i left everything for him but everything is about you, Twinkle asks whom you are talking about? Pallavi says he.. he.. Pallavi falls unconscious, Yuvi comes out, Twinkle says to Yuvi that am i right that Rocky is.. Twinkle recalls all incidents with Rocky and thinks that he is like Kunj, Yuvi says i think we should start search from Goa,i will go there.
Its morning, Yuvi comes to Goa. He asks a man about a man drowning in sea 5years back. Man says yes, i was the one who saw man drowning in water 5years back, i took him to hospital,his face was fully damaged, Yuvi asks if he remembers date? man says it was 20th may, Yuvi thinks that date is same too it means he is talking about Kunj only, he leaves.
Twinkle comes to Rocky’s room and says i will search here,he is not here, maybe i will find proof. she looks in his cupboard and luggage but doesnt find anything there, she says i should search internet. She searches it and says all information is about last 5years, there is nothing about childhood, or family or anything, nobody knows where he was before 5years back, strange.
Yuvi comes to hospital. Receptionist says yes we admitted patient 5years back, he was found from beach, Yuvi asks his name, receptionist says his identity couldnt be found, Yuvi asks which doctor treated him? she says Dr. Malhotra, Yuvi asks if he can meet that doctor,receptionist says doctor doesnt work here anymore, she resigned, Yuvi says can i get admission copy of patient, she says let me try, she gives to him.Yuvi reads it and gets shocked reading it, he leaves.

Scene 2
Yuvi shows file to Twinkle and says patient’s name is not registered but the doctor who treated him is Pallavi Malhotra, Twinkle is shocked and recalls Pallavi’s words, Twinkle says this patient was admitted the same day police told us that Kunj died, this means Rocky is kunj, my Kunj is alive, Yuvi says yes,Rocky has to tell truth now, he will tell truth to everyone,Twinkle says i couldnt recognize my Kunj, Pallavi has to tell truth, why Rocky is doing all this if he is kunj? he cant hurt me, he did so much against family too, he sent family to ice factory, he sent babee red light area, why he is doing this? Yuvi says dont stress yourself, everything will be fine, Twinkle says thank you, i dont know what i would do if you were not with me, Yuvi says our relation doesnt need formality,dont worry, she says you go and take care, dont come here, its dangerous here. Twinkle lies in bed, Yuvi puts comforter on her,switches off lights and comes out of room, he is shaken and sad.
Yuvi comes to his room and says i am dying, i am finding love for myself and dying for it, from the time i have learned what love is, i just loved Twinkle, we couldnt become one till now, will our story never complete? God answer me, i was bad boy but i changed and cant you see you it? you are cheating with me, he cries and says give my Twinkle to me, give her, he begs and cries for her.
Its morning, Pallavi wakes up, Twinkle comes to her, Pallavi says you here? i am sorry for last night, Twinkle says dont lie more, who is Rocky? Pallavi is stunned. Twinkle says dont be smart, why did you lie that you are doctor? what is truth? i know you did Rocky’s surgery 5years back, how strange i got to know Kunj died but his deadbody was never found, you found Rocky from Goa too, tell me what is connection between them, is Rocky my Kunj? he is Kunj? tell me, just answer me, Pallavi says yes Twinkle, i am doctor and i did Rocky’s surgery, he had accident but i dont know Kunj, Rocky and I are childhood friends, we have arguments but we love each other, Twinkle says why did you hide that you are doctor? Pallavi says i resigned from there to be with Rocky, Twinkle says you are hiding something, Pallavi shows her photo album and says these are pictures of me and Rocky when we used to go to college, Twinkle sees it and gets confused,Pallavi says Rocky is not your Kunj,

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Yuvi that i got more confused after talking to Pallavi, Yuvi says dont worry i will find out if Rocky is Kunj, Leela listens this and gets shocked, tea tray falls from her hands in shock.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SidMin

    Feeling really bad for UV he really Loves Twinkle but Lets see what these idiotic CV’s Have in store for us

  2. no….twinklee…don’t hurt UV’s feelings….can’t see him in pain…kung character is already spoiled den y these writers r trying to reunite kunj nd twinkle…love UV…love twiraj

  3. Filling sad 4 Yuvi.

  4. Pls dnt unite twinkle with kunj.

  5. Uv and twinkle should be together their chemistry is off the chain where as her and the new kunj has no chemistry at all

  6. I don’t know what’s going to happen,but one thing twinj aka sidmin will remain as a perfect couple forever in our hearts .but,the story must go on.

  7. Omg pallavi loves kunj….nooooo
    I just want a twinj yarrr plzzzzzzz.

  8. Goddddddd, yuvi made my heart melt for him. Writers please send yuvi the love of his life.not twinkle but someone else..don’t do this with him. But I just wish ppl would stop bad mouthing kunj..yea yea, he’s acting bad but he’s got a really good reason doesn’t he? Yuvi was once bad too ya kno? N tht was for no logical reason..yes, its a matter of opinions but gosh!! Give it a break already ?

  9. Please unite twinj quickly we are waiting for that.

  10. plzz twinkle and yuvi become one pizza pllzzzzz

  11. poor uv…but without sid this show is so boring…only sidmin can rockzzzz…guys if u want sid back in the show then plss send mails and feedbacks to the zee response team.u can also call them.plss do that..plss..

    1. k I will do it.can u give the mail id.are u sure is it gonna work

      1. Google pe search karna zee response team likh ke..and then jo option ayega feedbacks ka ekdam first pe woha click karna..woha pe he unka mail id,mobile no. and feedbacks vejneka links dia hain.and apne frnds ko v kehna ki vo v kare..humara groups hain.hum kosish kar rahe hain sid ko bapas laneka…zee walo se humne bat ki.unone kaha majority important.so plss..do it…plss

    2. k then I will definitely do it.r u there in India forum and please post it there also.there is huge sidmin fan

  12. hate dr pallavi

  13. wow today’s episode seems so sad and filled with lots of emotions. I rly feel sad for Yuvi :'( . Good thing i stopped watching this show,i can’t see yuvi being neg again.
    But plzzz Cv it’s a request plz dun make him neg again. I want him to be positive,at least as a twinj frd cuz i could care less about the person who is gonna end up with twinkle now.

  14. Twinj all the way no matter what kunj dose it’s not his fault all the thing uv has done twinkle forgive him and so did the family so why can’t they do the same for kunj I don’t blame him twinkle and kunj should reunite I don’t care who loves uv twinkle is made for kunj and if they don’t unite then the cv would be messing up a good show all the bullshit that they are showing right now I the end they need to unite them

  15. Wow….i think fill my twinj will unite soon….missing sid badly….bt i just hope ki mera twinj ka kahani adhoora tha nahi rahogi….nd aftr all i don’t want 2 see yuvle?

  16. Love you twinkle that you still loves kunj. Realy hate this pallavi she the only reason of separating twinkle and kunj. And now she continuously creating problms. Writer plz reunite twinj soon. Feeling sad for uv pr vo khate h na jasi karni vasi bharni . Pyar use kr jo tumhy pyar kre or jisy tum pyar kro dil se martey dum tak.

  17. Peewangmo

    Wow.. right track afta long time back ☺ thats what i want, at the vry end true lover alys wins.. & i want my twinj back togatha soon.. hoping for the best… no hard feeling to otha its onli my opinion ♥

  18. Yes you guys are right twinkle and the boxer have nothing to do with each other they won’t look good whereas twinkle and yuvraj are absolutely the best just outstanding in this episode yuvi had made me really cry felt sorry 4 him hope he doesn’t lose his love once again

  19. If rocky aka kunj really loves twinkle and his family I’m freaking sure he wouldn’t let his family to suffer for the past 5 years. He was alive and yet he was afraid to show his face to his family members. Only after the surgery he wants to meet twinkle and his family members and that was the moment he knew she got married to yuvi. All of sudden he plot some evil plan againts yuvi and twinkle. If he really loves her he would have taken some initiative to find out what had really happened instead of jumping into conclusion and planning revenge. Yuvi is much more better than him, at least he loves twinkle genuinely. Eventhough he is dying inside he still supports her. He deserves someone better than twinkle!! Loving Yuvi’s acting !

  20. What the hell Twinkle ?? Ughh….Poor Yuvi !!!! Was so sad to see him crying like that ? #yuvle

  21. Yes you guys are right I can’t even imagine twinkle and the boxer they don’t look good whereas twinkle and yuvraj are absolutely perfect just outstanding in this episode yuvi had made me really cry felt sorry 4 him hope he doesn’t lose his love again

  22. I am very happy that twinkle still loves kunj.And eagerly waiting for twinj to reunite.
    Love my twinj.

  23. I think in life that every one makes mistakes and also ,learn from them as well. But if a women loves her husband even after for 5 years she though he was dead, in away she deserves to get him back. For yuv on the other he was crazy in love with twinkle that lead to her finding love again and at the same time taking it away from her true love. So now that he has changed does not mean that he deserves to be with twinkle. Twinkle Kuij Sernia deserve to reunited with her beloved husband after 5 years of grieving that he was dead. But really he was in her soul, guiding her every set of the way through those years. You did great deed yuv but, let go of twinkle and find a women who will love until death because twinkle will not give you what you want.

    1. Clara Mitchell

      Of all those comments in this side that I just read, I absolutely agree with Asha Osman. She have a very good idea about what just happen and the way she pour her though is really brilliant!!! All girls in this site, think positively, if we really love someone and our parents let us married our ex, can we bear it ? Then come the truth that our love one come back to our life, can we just let go the one we really love and pretend that we can take all this burden, showing our parents how happy we with their choice ? Can we kept lying, all the way our life and rotten from the inside just to make others happy ? JUST THINK ABOUT THAT !!! YUVI DESERVED SOMEONE BETTER THAN TWINKLE !!! STOP PUT SALT ON HIS WOUND !!!

  24. I want twiraj should be reunite…….cuz first love cannot be forget…..as show it started with twiraj…….so it should be end with twiraj. I knw twinkle love kuij…bt she wl understand one…thn she wl cum 2 UV and thn twiraj wl reunite….

  25. i dont understnd why everyone is asking for twinj to unite this show was about yuvi and twinkle and it should end with them only this twinkle is disgusting always do bad with yuvi
    i really wish someone far better than her comes for yuvi she is absolutely not up to his good looks

    1. Actually the twinj love story was planned right from the beginning as well as the twist of kunj because sid was actually the first of the leads to be cast for the showand his entry came right in the second week of the show, which was already planned. Kunj never came between yuvle because it was twinkle’s own decision to separate from yuvi after she realised that yuvi isn’t the person she always thought him to be, and kunj was the unpredictable twist in the story that was pre-planned, which is why kunj’s casting was done before even twinkle and yuvi’s casting was done. It’s actually you who is in denial about the importance of kunj in this story as you seem to think kunj’s character was a last minute decision by the cv’s when in actual he was the first one to be cast, proving that his character is important to theshow.
      I found this from indiaforum.it is a good reply to those who say its about yuvle from the beginning

      1. hey you have u seen the promos of the show at starting ii the shiw actually twiraj were the love birds despite of families rivalry. this kunj made everything hell.
        the indian forum doesn’t matter what it states it matters tge initial story because of this kunj entry there made yuvi’s character bad.
        j hate ……. kunj…….

    2. we r not getting into an argument.I also like yuvraj but as negative. we can also argue because of uv and tw.kunj’s life become hell.

      1. those who argue for twinj should admit the fact that kunj is no more its only rocky left and ofcourse yuvi is far better than him even better than kunj himself i am not here for arguments but i truly wish yuvi should get the love of his life

  26. Yuvi u made me cry…y this only with yuvi everytime…we want yuvle together forever

    1. yes even i wish the same everytime yuvi got broken because of this kunj and twinkle (who intially said she can’t live without yuvi and now she shifted to kunj) lovely yuvi always you need to suffr all the troubles

  27. Here they r giving morals in the way the one will not get anything by hating others( since old yuvi hated but now he realized his mistake and changing his life style and loving and take care of every one so he got everything..
    But this new kunj though he is so good in olden days and he knows his mistake he has done a mistake though by knowing who has done mistake is not forgivable….
    Because how can he hate his family how can he change that much…
    And yea pallavi resigned and spoilt everything for Rocky and changed and always take care of him for 5years… I want pallavi should get rocky ( I know this rocky loved twinkle but pallavi take care of him for 5 years and made his life as boxing star and has changed her doctor life and resigned and take care of him oly oh rocky u should change ur stone heart on ur family and just move on and live these things and marry pallavi and leave this hatredness on twinkle) and twinkle should get yuvi since yuvi has been changed his life and made support for twinkle here pallavi also made support for Rocky so please unite rocky and pallavi,twinkle and yuvi…

  28. i hate kunj he always come between my yuvi and twinkle
    at the very start when twiraj were in love kunj entered and spoiled the show by making pair with twinkle
    and now again kunj entered when again twiraj going to patch up slowly
    stupid twinkle she initially hates rocky and knowing he is kunj she started her drama about her kunj what about my sweet yuvi
    i hate twinj and kunj
    i love you yuvi forever and ever though u r negative or positive just love u

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