Tashan-e-Ishq 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 20th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kunj beat gyes who talk ill about Twinkle, they run from there.
At night, Twinkle comes to Kunj, he is angrily sitting on couch, Twinkle asks who beat him? Kunj says why should i tell you, Twinkle says i am your wife, i should know it, Kunj says i beat them not they beat me, thanks for bringing medicine i will apply it myself, Twinkle says i will apply it, you think you are Mohammad Ali after winning boxing competition. She comes closer to him and applies ointment on his wounds and blows air on his face, Nazdikiyan plays, they both look in each others eyes, both are lost, Twinkle says i am so excited for Mrs. Amritsar competition, Kunj says whats the need to take part in it? Twinkle says i know i am best, i won Miss Amristsar so i can win this too, Kunj says buts its not needed,

Twinkle says i want to take part in it, Kunj says there will be so many people there and there is round in where you have to wear swimsuit, wont you feel odd in it? Twinkle says when everyone will wear it then it wont be odd for me, Kunj says you are not understanding it, Twinkle says oh you are thinking that people will click my pictures in swimsuit, you are feeling possessive? Kunj says why would i, you can do anything you want, Twinkle thinks that Kunj doesnt want me to take part in it, he doesnt know that there is no swimsuit round in it, Kunj says our marriage isnt real one so you can do anything you want, he leaves.
Yuvi comes in his room and sees it decorated and Mahi sitting there as bride, he says whats all this? Mahi closes door and holds his hand, she says you have given me all happiness, our relation has got new life, i want to start afresh, Yuvi is irritated but doesnt show it, she says i want to become yours tonight, Yuvi thinks that this girl is behind me, what should i do, he says to Mahi that i have waited for this moment alot but this is not right time, you have gone through surgery so we will celebrate marriage night later, Pundit also said that our relation need stability, he hugs her and says i want you to be happy like always, he wipes her tears and says can you make one promise to me? she says what?
Kunj is sleeping, Twinkle recalls how Kunj said that about swimsuit round, she looks at Kunj sleeping and says you didnt say anything to me but i understood your point, you are not liking that i am taking part in competition, i wont do anything which you dont like it, if you are not comfortable then i wont be happy even if i become Mrs. Universe too, she tears invitation letter of compeition.
Its morning, Twinkle is making food, Babee comes and says so much food? Twinkle says i have made Kunj’s favorite dishes, Babee gives her parsad and says why you didnt go to give form for competition? Twinkle says Kunj wont like me wearing swuimsuit and also i wont feel comfortable, also someone else should get chance too, Babee says i know everything, the way you and Kunj take care of each others likes and dislikes, its clear that you both love each other alo, Twinkle says nothing like that, Babee leaves. Yuvi listens all this and says what happened to Twinkle? if she was Twinkle like earlier then she would have taken part in competition at all cost even by fighting with everyone but now Kunj said her to not take part and she agreed, they dont fight at all, but i will stretch this competition matter.
Babee comes to Kunj and asks if he saw Twinkle? Kunj says she must have gone to fill form of competition, Babee says but she cooking dishes for in kitchen, she said that you wont like her taking part in competition so she wont do it, Kunj gets happy listening it, Babee says Twinkle cares about you alot, i pray that you both stay together, she leaves, Kunj smiles.

Scene 2
Someone messages Twinkle, she is shocked to read message(not shown), it is wirtten that if you want to know more about it then come to Mrs. Amritsar’s venue, Twinkle leaves. Kunj comes in kitchen and doesnt find Twinkle there, he says she is mad, she ddidnt even turn off stove, he calls Twinkle, Twinkle takes call and says i am going to Mrs.s Amritsar’s venue, i cant tell you anything rightnow, she ends call. Twinkle says i am sorry i cant tell you anything.
Twinkle comes to Mrs. Amristsar’s venue, she finds Mahi and Yuvi there, she asks Mahi what she is doing here? Yuvi says she is taking part in this competition, Twinkle says how can she take part in it? Yuvi says you are talking about her face? they have no problem about it, Twinkle says i know you want to insult her as people will make fun of her, Twinkle says to Mahi that youa re beautiful and you dont have to prove it to anyone, she asks Mahi to come with her, Mahi says i want to take part in it, Yuvi says now you wait and watch hwo she wins this competition over you, Twinkle stops Mahi and tries to convince her but Mahi holds Yuvi’s hand, Yuvi smirks and recalls how he asked Mahi to take part in Mrs. Amritsar competition, she says but my face.. Yuvi says they see person’s personality too, i want to show to people that its not about face only, will you take part in it? promise me, Mahi says i will take part in it for you and your love only, he thanks her, flashback ends, Mahi leaves with Yuvi.
kunj comes to venue, he asks Twinkle what she is doing here? Twinkle says i will take part in competition now, Yuvi trapped Mahi to take part in competition so that he can insult her so that i have to be with Mahi, Kunj says but you dont have to take part in it for that, you can still be with her. Kunj says we will protect her, lets go, Twinkle says i have to attend party which organizers have arranged for contestants, Mahi will be there too, i have to be with her, Kunj says to Twinkle that you think you can do everything, you think i cant handle anything, you dont trust me, you want to save your sister and want to do everything for her alone too so do it now alone without me, he turns away from her, Twinkle is sad and turn back too, he turns to talk to her but sees her leaving, he is stunned, Do pal ki Kahani plays, Kunj sits in car, Twinkle turns to look at him but he leaves. Yuvi sees all this and says finally my plan is working, space is coming between Kunj and Twinkle and i am succeeding, he smirks.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Kunj that i got late, i am sorry, Kunj says i dont want to listen to anything, Twinkle says i messaged you that i will be late, Kunj says i am telling you i dont need any explanation, Twinkle thinks that i know Kunj you are hurt but i wish i can tell you everything, i am doing all this for our family only.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Aakanksha

    twinkle hav u lost it u are hurting ur lovely hubby for that bit*h mahi…..I feel like killing yuvi yaar…. twinj were so close to confession and now this shittt again

  2. kripa

    how can someone be so dumb?this mahi is such an idiot -_-
    and devil yuvi thinks he can separate twinj by such silly plans…their relation is very strong because they trust each other…
    and I’m sure twinkle will win the competetion and kunj will be proud of her πŸ™‚

  3. tara

    i hate u mahi…i just hate u..just because of u twinj had to fight…ur so dumb that every time ur sister had to fight for u..idiot!! yaar..aj jab twinj alag alag ja rehe the mujhe bahut bura laga…kitna khush tha kunj subah…aur aj twinkle pe bhi gussa aya..apni supporting pati ko chhor ke us idiot mahi k peeche chal pari…yaar kaha hum twinj k confession ka wait kar reh hain aur kaha yeh sab ho raha hain..m tired now…

    • sudha

      feeling sad for twinj but hope at the end of mrs amrithsir there will be more romantic twinj scenes just like maya track kunj should also go through that pain once twinki faced dont feel bad yaar since kunj is loving twinki so he was hurt and he cant be annoyed for long time …………….hope for best but have to wait for some time

      • tara

        hey..i never thought that..actually..twinkle felt so bad at that time..time for kunj…bt i think its gonna be interesting..and i hope this ends up with the love confession..i really can,’t w8 4 that…and as per the new promo..this should happen by next week..

  4. Stupid Mahi. She’s so naive. Yuvi try as much as you can to separate twinkle and kunj because you are only bringing them close to each other so they can realize they love each other.

  5. Ritzi

    Wow good episode!!!! But this uv !!!! Why is he separating twinj by the way twinkle’s reason behind taking part in the competition was damn foolish !!! Why didn’t she thought that if she will take part and win then thee will be more conflicts between twinkle and mahi as mahi is also taking part….

    • wth

      exactly what i was thinkin…..but if thats how cvs playin it then that ll be the dumbest concept in existence on a indian serial….she ll jus make mahi hate her more….cuz competing against mahi is not helpin her jus belittling her wit her scar face

  6. priyansh

    love u atiba maaam
    dad at home so cant watch
    so reading is better
    I wish yuvi goes and twinj have a better life together

  7. Twinj scene was just superb….but then uv ne kyaa kr dia????he is much annoying and this mahi is so dumb…twinj are gettimg seperayed….i can’t she this…..

  8. Baisali

    Mad Mahi! Not listening to her own sister. Not thought Kunj will say like this to Twinkle. I think Twinkle should say to Kunj about that MMS at least there will be no misunderstanding between Twinj. Uvi as usual tiring n boring. Oof….

  9. Upper se new negative entry …phle villains km hain kyaaa Jo ek aurr…love confession ka tou ab hum log sochna bhi chod dain…..ptaa nae kyaa e ho raha show mein

  10. pragati

    Wow…they care for each other….so cute πŸ™‚ but this mahi is irritating stupid …how she can participate on this competition after a big surgery…no logical one…I hope twinj will not go far…I’ll so sad -_-

  11. Devil

    The more misunderstandings the more love will bloom in their hearts after clearance of those things. Nice going. Keep it up. I know kunj can handle everything ❀?

  12. loveleen

    now i hav started feeling that lyk other serials twinj will not be able to confess their love so soon there will be many difficulties for even if they realise their luv…i think the stupid cv’s hav decided to make uv win all the tym…If twinkle wins this competition mahi will still b angry and will go against her more..

  13. sachu

    U blo*dy idiot good for nothing Maaahhiiii….. I am gonna kill u if u dare create any miss understanding b/w twinj… arey tumhe dikhayi nahi detha kya ki tumhare liye tumhare jiju aur di kya kya nahi karthe… plz I dont want twinj 2 get seperated.they were abt 2 confess their luv…this uv spoiled everything…

  14. ?Carol Ann β›΅β›΅

    Oh Noooo??? please stop this from happen. I dont Want more misunderstanding between Twinkle and Kunj.
    Oh no, not again…..??

  15. Bubbly

    Mahi is such an idiot and she is mad also Y in these serials they’ll show so much mad characters
    Plz don’t make misunderstandings between twinj……

  16. Preety sid bieber

    Plz twikle cncntrte on ur hsbnd who can do anything 4 u n ur smile…not mahi…plz misundrstanding create mat karo… me kunj ko emotionl n sad nahi dekh sakti.. i can’t see…??

    • hi kritika,first of all welcome to TEI….n the mms is the msg twinkle got by the mid of the epi when she was in the kitchen…its not revealed what or whose mms it is..but lets hope to c that in the upcoming episodes..

  17. Simi

    I mean wat is mahi n uvs problem yaar….. Again misunderstanding. I don’t like these typ of misunderstanding between twinj. Jus now they were so close n ek jhatke mein he etna kuj badal gya ………but kunj also should go through dis jealousy thing which twinkle faced before ……d only thing m worried BT is tat dis misunderstanding thing will be for a long tym …….jus hate dis mahiiiiiii??????

  18. LiFna NaVaz

    uviiiiiiiiiiiiii…… uviiiiiii ……. uviiiiiiiiiii…….
    i willl kill uuuuuu……….
    oh my sweet twinkle and kunjjj again…. missudrstng…..

  19. sudha

    what every one taunting twinkle she her self withdrawn for sake of kunj but if she is doing it for maahi then kunj should understand it na he spoke a lot and too much possessive about her hope he will realise his love and now i amsure that the rumours of twiraj at the end r only rumours not at all real

  20. sweety

    hi all just joining this page to tell u all that if any of u liked ek mutthi aasmaan then there’s a ff being written by me plz read n give ur valuable comments

  21. zarmeen

    tashan e ishq-intense love pls publish your episode iam eagarly waiting ian silent reader but i request you because u are a good writer

  22. tara

    Twinkle and kunj have so much love for each other that this quarrel won’t last. Such a cute couple…I really enjoy watching them and can’t wait for some more passionate scenes…I know they would heat up the screens!!!

  23. sudha

    excited to see next few episodes i think that couple dance episode will be at the end of week ha ha ha ha yuvi u cant separate our twinj yaar better stop trying no no no u continue since your trials bring them close and i am sure one day u have to decarate thier room for their new relation (please no offense from any one)

  24. Ria

    Hi guys I’m new here …. Ammm there is nothing to worry abt cuz I saw a segment showing tht there will be a dance competition n twinkle didn’t had a partner so kunj came n dance with her ….. I don’t if u guys see it

  25. sudha

    guys i am so much confused about the promo they showed when yuvi returnd (kunj got burnt and said that that is twinki s dream………. is it going to happen or not) ,i hope it does not happen

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