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Scene 1
Usha says to Kunj that i told you i will not accept Twinkle as my daughter in law, Kunj says dont do this, i cant live without Twinkle, infact i want to marry her rightnow, please give us your blessings, she says no i wont give you blessing. Kunj comes to Twinkle and says tell me Twinkle, will you marry me again? Twinkle smiles and holds his hand, she says whenever you say, Sajna ve plays, Yuvi is tensed listening this. Babee says this marriage will happen with all rituals, i will talk to Pundit, wait for some more time. Leela says they both have gone through a lot, but their love won, their marriage should be grand, special marriage for special for couple. Babee says to Usha that your son’s happiness is with her, God has made this couple, please accept it. Cherry requests her

too, Usha nods no and leaves. Babee says to Kunj that take Twinkle home, i will talk to Leela about wedding. Kunj nods, he lifts Twinkle in arms and takes her away, Pallavi angrily looks on.
Pallavi comes home, she says i dont believe this, i was about to get engaged. Yuvi says and you lost, Pallavi says you lost too, you didnt Twinkle too. Yuvi says Yuvi cant leave Twinkle like this, i have plan and by using it, Kunj and Twinkle will separate forever, but i need your help, she says anything for Kunj, tell mee.
Twinkle is sitting on bed. Kunj does her feet dressing, she lovingly stares him, Agar tum saath ho plays, Kunj says you are mad, if anything had happened to you then you know what will happen to me? Twinkle stops him and says dont say like this, Sajna ve plays. Kunj comes closer to kiss her, she stops him and says after wedding, he says but we are already married, she says but its not time for this, he says we can steal a kiss, he leans in and is about to kiss her but Leela comes and says Kunj your mother.. he says what happened to her? he runs from there.
Usha has locked herself in room. Everyone knocks her door and asks her to open it. Usha hands dupatta to fan to make noose for her suicide. Kunj comes there and tries to open door too. Manohar comes there. Kunj breaks door. Usha ties noose around her neck and is about to jump from stool but Kunj comes there and stops her. He says fine, you think solution to every problem is death? he goes and brings kerosene can, he says i thought my mother would understand me but you dont want to listen Twinkle’s name. He pours kerosene on himself and says if i have to lose one person to get another then its better that i die instead of losing anyone. He lights match stick, Babee asks Usha to say something, Usha says Kunj i am happy dont do it, Kunj says you are my strength, promise me that you wont become weak like this, Usha says i understood, please throw away match stick. Kunj hugs her and says i am sorry, i had to do it for you, please accept Twinkle, we love each other a lot, we need your blessings, Usha looks on.
Kunj and Babee promotes upcoming show on Zee Tv. Manohar comes and says i talked to Pundit, wedding date is after two days, Kunj you cant meet Twinkle before marriage, Kunj says you know i dont believe in these old rituals, Manohar says but priest said its good for your fate, Babee says its just two days, do it.
Kunj calls Twinkle, Twinkle put call on speaker so Leela can listen. Kunj says Maa agreed for our marriage, Twinkle is happy to hear it. Usha comes there with her luggage, Kunj says i will talk to you later. He asks Usha if she is going anywhere? She says i realized i was so wrong, i was against my son’s happiness and to rectify my mistakes, i want to go to Kull devi mandir, i will return before you wedding with Twinkle, he says but.. Babee stops him, he says okay Maa but i will call you daily, Babee says we will take care of preparations, you go, Manohar says i will drop you Usha.
Kunj calls Twinkle and says i thought i would spend time with you but Manohar stopped me after listening to Pundit, i am in house arrest now. Twinkle says its just two days, just control and relax. Kunj says it means that you can live without meeting me, it doesnt matter to you? she says i didnt mean it, he says leave it and ends call. Twinkle says he got miffed. She looks from her window. Kunj comes near his window too. Twinkle moths sorry to him. She calls him again, he cuts it and goes from window. Twinkle says how to pacify Saro Sarna.
Twinkle is hanging on Kunj’s balcony, Kunj comes there and says have you gone mad? Yuvi sees it too. Twinkle is about to slip but Kunj holds her hand and pulls her up. Yuvi thinks that Twinkle has gone to meet Kunj? Kunj pulls Twinkle on terrace and they both fall down on floor with Twinkle lying on top of Kunj. Wajah tum ho plays, they share eyelock, they both get up, Kunj says what was the need to do it? what if you had fallen, Twinkle says little wounds are worth it for you, i cant see your angry face.
Twinkle brings Kunj to their room and shows him cake piece, she says surprise. She lights candle on it, they both blow it, Twinkle makes Kunj eat it and wipes cake from his face, he caresses her lips too, Twinkle shoves away his hand playfully. They both run around in room and laugh together. Twinkle says we cant go on date but date can come to us. Kunj says ofcourse, he comes closer, she says its only two days then we wont have to meet discreetly, Twinkle says patience gives sweet result, Kunj says i want to eat sweets now only, Twinkle shoves him away and starts to leave, he says should i drop you? she says not, he pulls her closer and says just one kiss, she says just one kiss? he says yes, she pushes him away and leaves, Kunj is disappointed, Twinkle comes back and gives peck on his cheek, she runs away, Kunj smiles ear to ear.
Babee comes in kitchen and sees whole area on fire, she shouts fire. Kunj and family member comes there, they throw water in kitchen, fire dies down, all are relieved.
Its morning, Babee says to Manohar that there is wedding in our house after two days and kitchen is all destroyed by fire, this is bad omen. Twinkle and Leela comes there, Leela asks if they are fine? Manohar says yes, Leela sees fire and says Oh God, dont worry, you can live in my house, its your house only. Twinkle thinks that if Kunj and I did wrong yesterday night? i have to tell Manohar. Kunj says to Manohar that i respect your feelings but dont take it as bad omen, i know who has done it. Twinkle says Yuvi? Kunj says yes Yuvi. Pallavi comes there with police.

PRECAP- Policeman says to Kunj that Pallavi is saying you are her husband and you are doing second marriage leaving her. Kunj says what? Policeman says according to finger prints on ID Rocky is Revant only. Twinkle says Pallavi you should be ashamed, you used to call Kunj your friend and today you broke his trust. Pallavi says shut up Twinkle, i am saying truth, i am asking for my right, Kunj and Twinkle looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. sonia persaud

    what de hell.wnat a drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. first uv then anita then uv and this time pallavi.
    when de hell will kunj and twinkle be happy.this drama is getting weird.???????

  2. Babygirl

    End it already , yuvi gone back to his old ways total madness

  3. Jisha

    Wow.. it was awesome…loved twinj moments…

  4. Romaisha

    How in the world is Revant back??????

  5. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Precap is interesting but don’t know why the hell is this cvs showing such drama
    Know that there is no point of keeping hope as it is too late but still……jalle par namak chidhak rahe hain………….
    Anyways just wish to see my sidmin again …

  6. Sonali05

    Guys.. I think now the tei is on a right track .. …
    Its a right time for sid to return back to tei… How?
    Think over it…

  7. Fan

    Oh god this stupid pallavi..kunj’s face matches with revant but not his dna na?..so thr is no point in filing a case against kunj…im glad that usha finally realised her mistake..twinj scenes were awesome today..but i miss sid..i wish he comes back..

  8. Baby

    yes u no sonali i was thnking d same pls bring sid bck
    plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss begging infront of cvs plsssss n dont end dis show
    plssssssssssssss episde was intresting bt was imagining sid
    naman is cute gud actr bt sid se jyada koi nhi ho skta

  9. Oh my god these directors are really out of the mind they are doing so cheap things in order to unite kunj and twinkle they are changing yuvi’s character like the seasons of the weather I hope they get some useful thoughts and make the end of this show a memorable one

  10. Twinj scene dekh ke accha laga,but I miss u siddhant

  11. Kya tei sach me khatam ho jayega

  12. Waww I like Naman and twinkle. He’s so s*xy. Writer please don’t end this serial. I hate this usha and evil pallavi,She’s so ugly. Guys don’t talk about Sid anymore please he won’t come back.let us concentrate on Naman and twinkle. Miss ekta don’t end TEI

  13. Wow twinj scenes were awesome.But I hate the precap.Hate u pallavi and yuvi.Both of the villains are with same category and they are good for each other..lol..
    According to TOI spoiler, track is going on.Same things are happening in the track as per the spoiler.
    But I don’t want twinkle to have a physical relationship with yuvi.Twinkle will find difficulties to prove kunj’s innocence.Yuvi says to twinkle that he will help her but at first she should have a physical relationship with him.Then only he will help her.Anyways I have a feeling that twinkle will not accept his condition and she will find proves herself only.
    Where is usha maharani gone without seeing pallavi’s true face.
    And yuvi,he again started his cheap things.he burns kitchen of sarna mansion.God knows what yuvi will do now with his cheap and dirty plans.
    Love twinj.

    1. Yes yar Rayna u said right twinj were superb lovely but this pallavi hate this yar mujhe ye usha bhi kuch tik nhi lag rhi kahi ye bhi tu in sb m samil to nhi. Ek to m nhi chaah ti ki ye show end ho or dosra ki hamare twinj happy rhe hamesa.

      1. Yes naina,thanks for understanding.

  14. Uv charmer naman sadu end karo yr ye twinj ka sceene kunj ka koi kaam nahe tha fir bhe usse rakha jiska kam hai usse villan bana diya what a ….end karooo yr ye show bakwasss show ho gaya hai ye tab se jab se kunj ke entry hue hai ???

  15. Nice couple wow realy I like this serial

  16. Both twinkle & kunj die in the last episode they should leave their love incompletley

  17. Siddhant left the show to try his luck in jalak dikla ja but his bad luck he lost he should have tried to balance both the shows like drishti dami or helly shah did but he quitted!!!!! And Naman shah is doing an excellent job as kunj so we should appreciate it

    1. You are totally right jacqueline.Sidhant left the show for jhalak dikhla jaa but his luck was bad.It will be better,if he never quit the show for jdj.

    2. Yes Jacquline and Rayna u guys r right we should appreciate and naman is an superb actor and i love it and always respect his acting and other actor of show love them. Twinj to mujhe hamesa se aache lgte h or aaj bhi utne hi aache lgte h or bhi super lgta h kya acting krta h love it bs ye pallavi ka character hi aacha nhi lgta.

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