Tashan-e-Ishq 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Manohar i is coming back to his home, media is gather around there, they ask about Kunj found with Twinkle in compromising position.
Leela comes back to her house with Twinkle, Media is there too, Anita sees all this and says this is done by me, Leela shoudl thank me.
Leela brings Twinkle in home, Raman ask how media got to know about it? Pinii says when it is about girl’s disrespect then news spread like fire, there were so many guards, they would have informed everything, she ask Twinkle to tell clearly what was happening there? were you romancing Kunj there? Raman says how can you ask such questions to her, Pinni says all are thinking about it, Leela says enough, all are saying and you have started too, i trust Twinkle, she takes Twinkle from there.
In Manohar’s

home, Kunj says to all that trust me i have not done anything, Manohar says you are responsible for all this, you didnt want to marry Twinkle and you all this so that Leela will say no for marriage, Kunj says i cant stoop so low, how can i do this with Twinkle? i cant, Manohar says i dont know but for society you are criminal against Kunj, Usha says anyone can says anything but i
Leela says to Twinkle that i will handle everything, i will handle media and society, i will answer them all but you dont worry, Media gathers around Leela’s house.
Kunj says to Manohar that i dont care if you believe me or not but i have taken decision that i will not marry Twinkle, he starts leaving, Manohar points gun at him and loads, he calls Kunj, Usha is shocked and screams Kunj, Kunj turns to find Manohar pointing gun at him, Anand, Nikki and Usha ask Manohar to put gun down, Manohar points it at Kunj, Kunj says shoot me, you can kill me but i wont marry Twinkle, Manohar says if you dont marry Twinkle then i will shoot myself, he puts gun on his own head, he says be ready to marry Twinkle r be ready to give shoulder to my deadbody, Usha comes forward and says you know they have alleged Kunj wrongly, Manohar says i dont know anything, he ask Kunj do you agree for this marriage or not, he is about to press button of gun, Kunj looks on shocked.
Leela comes out and lets media come in, Media ask about issue, they say did you give Twinkle much freedom than needed? Leela says what you know about Twinkle that you are taking about character? i know she is modern but she has manners, i am single mother but i have instilled good values in her, my daughter is my pride, leave from here, Twinkle and Yuvi listens all this, Manohar is about to shoot himself, Usha faints, Kunj snatches gun from Manohar and says i will marry Twinkle, Manohar is happy and says i will meet Leela and sort out everything.

Scene 2
Media says to Leela that there are many allegations on Twinkle that she has many boyfriends, Twinkle comes forward and says i will answer you all but i wanna ask your first who all are you to ask me about my bfs? who are you to point fingers at my mother’s upbringing, we are responsible citizens and we have right to do anything, one media person says this means you are saying you had physical relation with Kunj? Twinkle says i didnt say that, one media person says that because of Kunj, Twinkle’s respect is maligned, she is going through all this because of him, Kunj and Manohar comes there too, Twinkle says my mother has not done any mistake by choosing Kunj for me, nothing happened between me and Kunj, my marriage will happen with Kunj only, Yuvi fumes with anger listening this, Manohar says to media that she is right, this marriage will happen on grand scale, media leaves, Twinkle and Kunj stares each other, Yuvi says to himself that Twinkle will not marry Kunj as she is mine only and she has to become mine forever.
Twinkle says to Kunj that you have stooped low, i was just trying to help you, Kunj says i came there to thank you, i cant do such cheap act, you think that i can take advantage of a girl like this? Twinkle says what i saw i am saying it, Kunj says i have agreed for this marriage because of my parents, i cant hurt them, marrying you is not my happiness but helplessness, Twinkle says i am also marrying you because of my mother, even after knowing what type of a girl you are, i am ready to marry you as i cant hurt my mother, Twinkle says i will not cry in home thinking about your cheap act, Twinkle says to Kunj that if you do anything then i will answer you back, you have seen my friendship now you will see my Tashan(ego), Kunj says you will see my Tashan too, he leaves.

PRECAP- Leela prays to Lord that i am worried if i am doing right or wrong, i thought Kunj was right guy but i am confused now, i am leaving everything on you. Twinkle gets hurt on hand, Kunj tries to wipe her wound with handkerchief, she says how dare you touch me? Kunj says i did that for humanity, anyone would do same but i am unfortunate that you are on otherside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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