Tashan-e-Ishq 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle brings out dress, she says i should wear this, for first date, pink color is good, she finds another dress and note that if you wear this dress then it would look more good, Twinkle says Kunj brought this gift? i will wear this only.
Kunj is waiting for Twinkle in hall, Cherry comes to him and says when person goes on date for first time, he shines like you, tell me dont be shy, i could have good date too but girl had three brothers, they came there, i tried to fight but they beat me up, i still have pain in body. Twinkle comes down dressed in suit given as gift, Kunj says Twinkle Taneja you are looking gorgeous, Twinkle says i know that, Kunj says you are on time too, Cherry says why he i calling her Twinkle Taneja? why are they behaving like they have met for first time?

i think i am drunk, he leaves. Kunj and Twinkle are about to leave but Usha comes there and says your Mrs. Amritsar competition has ended so you should help me in kitchen, she asks if they were going out? she says Twinkle you should understand responsibilities of house, she asks Kunj to not say anything in her favor, Twinkle says i will help you in kitchen, she leaves looking at Kunj, he is disappointed.
Twinkle is working in kitchen, Kunj looks at her and asks her to come out, Tu chal main ayi song plays, Usha is in kitchen too, Twinkle points Kunj to leave. Twinkle gets free frm kitchen but Babee calls her so she leaves with her, Kunj is again disappointed.
Twinkle is massaging Babee’s shoulders, Kunj comes in room, he starts massaging Twinkle’s shoulders, she asks him to leave her.
Twinkle gets free, she sees Kunj sadly sitting in stairs, she comes to him, he gives her rose, she takes smilingly, he says shall we leave? they start to leave but Leela comes there so Twinkle hides rose and sadly looks at Kunj. Leela starts talking to Twinkle while Kunj waits for her, both are disappointed. Kunj breaks rose petals.
Kunj and Twinkle are in car, they leave house.
Yuvi comes to Purvi, Purvi says i tries my best, thank you for bailing me out of jail, Yuvi says my plan failed because of your stupidity, i have bailed you out of jail so that you can do my work, she asks which work? he says only i can ask questions not you, he asks for cd, she gives it to him.
Kunj brings Twinkle to restaurant, Twinkle says you have half an hour to impress me, Kunj says give me one hour, you havent eaten special dish of here, when you will eat then you will be impressed, he orders food and says you will like it, Twinkle says lets see, he asks her to tell about herself, Twinkle starts speaking about her continuously, she says people sang Twinkle Twinkle little star so i became Miss Amritsar, Kunj says food has come. They look at food, Twinkle says this food looks like for ill people, its so dry, Kunj says this is healty vegetable dish, dont go on face of it, he serves it to her, Twinkle says you also take, they both start eating, they dont like food.
Twinkle brings Kunj to Dhaba, she says today i will make you eat real punjabi dishes, she orders parathas, she says you have failed in first date only, you didnt impress me, Kunj says everyone should get second chance in life, person should have big heart, i dont know about you, Twinkle says we will see, he glances at her, Twinkle says dont look at me, eat, Kunj calls for fork, Twinkle says who eat parathas with fork? i will make you eat with hands, Twinkle feeds him parathas with her hands, Sajna ve plays, she teases him by offering bite to him but eat it herself. Yuvi is going by dhaba, he sees Twinkle feeding food to Kunj, he stops his car and gets angry seeing this.
At night, Yuvi comes in his room, Mahi brings food, she asks him to taste it, he is angry, Mahi makes him eat with her hands, he coughs and says whats this? this paratha has so much salt, cant you see how much salt you have put in it, if you dont know how to cook then dong cook, you will not cook from now on, he shouts on her and leaves, Mahi cries being afraid.
Kunj comes in room and says after first date, i can impress girl with chocolates or soft toy or roses, she eats chocolates whole day, she doesnt need soft toy as i am more cute than it so i should give her roses, he puts rose bouquet there and leaves, Yuvi comes there and breaks bouquet, he says how dare he take my Twinkle on date, they are getting to much closer, they can romance as much as they want but i wont spare them, he leaves after tearing roses in room. Twinkle comes in room and sees rose petals all around room, she gets happy and says Kunj did all this for me? nobody made me feel this much special, you are best Kunj, our first date was perfect, you got 100marks out of 10, she dances, Yuvi listens all this and is surprised, he angrily leaves. Twinkle looks around and says so romantic, Kunj is really the best.

Scene 2
its morning, Twinkle is working in kitchen and recalling last night’s date, she starts using Usha’s dupatta, Usha says what are you doing? Twinkle leaves it and says sorry, Usha says dont know where your concentration is, Kunj comes and says you are right Maa, she is not in senses, i asked her to give orange juice but she didnt give it, Twinkle says you didnt say it, Usha says dont talk like this with your husband, make orange juice for him, she leaves, Twinkle says i will not make any juice for you now, Kunj says i am sorry, whats your plan for today? will you go out with me? Twinkle says you bored me last night, do you even know that i am Twinkle Taneja? dont take me lightly, kunj sees flour spread on her cheeks, he starts coming close to her, twinkle moves back and says i am modern but not that fast so stay in your limits, she pushes him back, Kunj shows her flour on her cheeks in mirror, he says your new facepack is good, you can make rotis on cheeks as you are hot, he says let me wipe it, he comes closer and caresses her cheeks to wipe flour, he asks if she can give one more chance to him? she says okay, we will go out today to watch SRK’s movie, he says done, he comes closer to her, Subahanallah song plays, Kunj asks her to apply flour on her cheeks again, she says okay, she applies it on his face instead of hers, he sternly looks at her, Twinkle lovingly wipes flour off his cheeks with her dupatta then pushes him away, Yuvi sees all this angrily.
Yuvi comes to Mahi and asks her if she likes to go out with him? she says yes i wanna see SRK’s new movie, Yuvi says i am thinking to take whole family on movie, he asks Babee to come with them, Cherry says we should go, i like to eat samosas in theater, Babee says okay if you all are forcing then we will go, Yuvi says okay i will book tickets, Twinkle thinks what Yuvi is upto now? but atleast Mahi will not alone with him, Yuvi thinks that they were planning to go on date alone but now they cant go alone.

PRECAP- all get ready to go for movie. Babee says lets go for movie, Usha asks where is Kunj and Twinkle? Babee says they left before only on bike, Yuvi gets angry listening this.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Harshi

    Best episode of tashan e ishq
    just hope Yuvi doesnt show that cd in the theatre
    Thx atiba for fast update u r d best

  2. Oh wow Twinj scenes were so adorable and cute today just awesome and the usha thingy was funny hahah, and I hope Mahi gets to see that Yuvi’s real face soon

  3. Twinj were sooooooo cute today……..& yeah they have even changed the cover pic…….twinj look so cute together…….hope they confess their love soon…….waiting for it……:-*

  4. trishita

    The first part was the best especially when kunj was trying to get twinkle out of the house. ……just loved the epi love u twinj

  5. Ff reader

    Precap is bit wrong . Bcoz when everyone get ready for movie then Yui comes and says “lets go” just then usha asks ” where are twinkle and kunj” ?
    Bebe says “that they already went on the bike”-
    Hope everyone understood whats the precap…

  6. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys can you pls tell me did twinkle won on miss amristar contest or not?? Today twinj scene was nice. But how did they plan date?? I have many doubts pls clear me yaar

    • Ajivika

      No Mahi won the contest…. Kunj & Twinkle has decided to take a fresh start that’s why they are behaving as if they are new to each other n are going for dates n all.

  7. Rakshita

    I am falling in love with Twinj…..today’s episode was like awesome I think luck is on twinj’s side…..Nd attempt Uv made prove to b in favour of kunj….??? anybody saw new promo….I luv that promo……Nd I think ladoo dono ke dil mai foot rahein hai….!!! Hope all get husband like kunj and wife like twinkle…..Nd now I really became fan of arranged marriage……!!!!

  8. swetha

    Superb episode.loved it sooooo muchhhhh ?❤? twinj scenes are sooo cuteee. Hope they confess their love soon. Hope all uv plans fail and twinj forever

  9. Simi

    Dis is called an episode. It was funny ,cute,romantic, evilish also (yuvi). I love tei from d bottom of mah heart. Kunj is sooooo cute. One more episode is added to mah favorite list. Day by day m falling more n more in love aid dis serial . d best serial ever I have watched . m sure everyone who comments here feels dis only. Love twinj n obio tei .???????????????????????

  10. Devil

    The way kunj sat in stairs looked so cute. They both amazing. Have less words to express more thoughts. Really awesome ?

  11. kripa

    pagal yuvi! :pwants to separate twinj but always brings them closer :v
    love twinj !!
    love tashan-e-ishq !!!

  12. sree

    Oh what an episode just. Fantastic …. Awesome twinj scenes were just fabbbb
    Love u twinj …..u ppl jst rock

  13. Sanu

    Sooooooo cuteeeeee scenes of twinj awesome yrrr but precap …. So sad yr they both Won’t be able to go outside alone…:(:(:(:( O GOD this Uv is so irritating

  14. Aakanksha

    nice episode but why cant this yuvi leave my twinj alone yaar….nyways twinj moments were awesome

  15. Yr m madly in love with twinj super Dooper chem….both are so cute …..nzr na lge kisi ki…..cv’s thanks a lot for giving us such precious twinj moments……no words to explain that how much adorable and beautiful couple they are…..

  16. Uv plzz just stay away from twinj…..kabhi to unhen chaen se jeeny 2……ab purvi sath mil k fir twinj k drmyan misunderstanding create krna chahta hai……

  17. Ritzi

    Today I would like to comment my feelings through songs
    My feeling: it was the best episode ever (wid a little change in lines its actually it was the best song ever) now I would also like to comment about twinkle kunj and uv’s feelings through songs
    Twinkle for kunj: u lift my feet off the ground spin me around u make me crazier crazier (by Taylor swift)
    Kunj to twinkle: baby u light up my world like no body else the way that u flip ur hairs get me overwhelm ………. That what makes u beautiful. (By 1d)
    UV to kunj: everybody wanna steal my girl everybody wanna take her heart away couple billion in the whole wide world find some other one cause she belongs to me.(by 1d)
    And I eagerly waiting for the time when I will write
    Kunj to twinkle: I wanna be the last yeah baby let me be your let me be your last first kiss!!!(by 1d)
    I hope I haven’t bored anyone.

  18. Oh my God? Did you all have the same feeling as I am right now after reading today episode + Precap ? It was SUPER DUPER FANTASTIC EPISODE EVER !!!!! ? How romantic Kunj & Twinkle in every scene…..! Oh My GOD , Oh My GOD, Oh My GOD !!!! I can sleep happily Tonight after knowing Kunj finally react to Twinkle and ready to explore next Journey Together. If you all Agree with me, please support this Couple by leave many sweet comment in this blog!
    Till then, bye-bye guys & gurlz ????

  19. Ankita(twinj lover)

    Wow 😉 😉 😉 how romantic………bike ride…….w8ing 4 2morrow’s episode. love u twinj. 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 😉

  20. Wow! So romantic kunj and twinkle scence episode is also good….. But precap is so interesting yar….. Yuvi is angry seeing twinkle and kunj… I hope kunj is understand his love for twinkle……. This jodi is world best jodi and also the paviter rishta jodi arjun and purvi (ashanegi and rithvik dhanjanea) jodi is best.

  21. sam

    I loved today’s epi…..loved twinj seens….and thankyou uv for making twinj come closer to each other…..<3 <3 <3

  22. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode…. finally love is blossming in the air… finally kunj and twinkle ko ishq wala love ho gya… bus jaldi se unko bhi realise ho jaye…
    And now Mahi should realise how cheap yuvi is…

  23. Awanti Gupta

    Bestest episode…..twinj moment is too gud..nd whn uv gt jls..i feel vry hpy…wtng fr tmrw..

  24. tara

    Awesome episode…those two take cuteness to another level…you all exceed my expectations every time…can’t help but blush while watching today’s episode

  25. Meenat Abubakar

    OMG!!! I am now totally in luv wit twinj!!!. Hope 2 see next episode 2moro and dis uv is just disgusting.

  26. SMC

    Now this is what I call an episode it is just mind blowing especially when Kunj was staring at Twinkle when she was laughing….first step of realising his love….Twinkle realised first but Kunj should propose first..????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. twinj scenes are out of sight…..t new promo was really really awesome….twinj was looking very cute in t promo…..precap is really awesome…eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode….

  28. Fay Hosein

    Finally the writers got a clue. and gave viewers a break for the retarded Mahi and loser Yuvi. Refreshing Twinj episode…….. very entertaining! We need more episodes like this one!

  29. mona

    What a episode man!!! Loved it and love this couple and kunj omg u r too cute and handsome!!! Now a days this is the best serial!???

  30. Amy

    I can’t just stop watching yuvi…yuvi u destroy rose but you did make twinkle happy by those rose.twinkle think it is kunj that do that deco the room.ha…..

    • sudha

      few days ego i commented that one day yuvi has to decorate their room for their newly found relation i wonder it came true as it is

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