Tashan-e-Ishq 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle is sadly sitting in her room and recalls how she gifted band to Kunj,how he asked her to not go away, how he waved at her last time and passed flying kiss,Sajna ve plays. Usha comes there,Twinkle gives her juice and says you must be tired, Usha says i am sorry i should not have shouted at you but you are giving hope, i am mother and couldnt control my emotions,everything was going fine, you and Kunj were together, we were happy, dont know why life is taking our test, Twinkle says have hope, everything will be fine.
Yuvi recalls how Kunj got killed,how Anita bragged about it, how she ranaway from him,he says i gave many chances to mom to surrender but she i not listening,i have to do something, only i can do it. Yuvi calls Twinkle and says i wanna talk something important,

Twinkle says your mom have done what she wanted to do, what you want now? Yuvi says its important,Twinkle says i dont wanna talk,she ends call, Yuvi is tensed.
Manohar and inspector comes to beach site, Manohar asks if there is any hope? Inspector says we are searching for Kunj, Manohar asks about Yuvi, inspector says we are trying to locate him too.
Twinkle comes to Babee and Leela who are sad,she says to Babee that Kunj is so talented, he got best student award, he dedicated it to me, he always make me feel special, he has so many business plan, he wants to have future with all of us,he ;thinks about others first, he is really nice,he will comeback,he has to comeback for all of us, Babee smiles, Twinkle asks Babee to take care of herself.
Usha is crying looking at Kunj’s picture,Manohar comes there,Usha asks did he find anything? Manohar sadly sits down.Twinkle listens their conversation too. Manohar says time is weird thing, its in our hands but we choose to ignore it and then we lose time,i am most unfortunate father, i couldnt see how good my son was,i was always strict with him, i wish i had listened to him, i .wish i had more respect for him,i just want to meet and hug my Kunj once, he cries,Twinkle feels bad seeing all this.
Twinkle comes to her and plays Kunj’s video,Twinkle says i know you cant stay away from me like i cant without you,i know you will knock door and will say that i was teasing you my Sayappa queen, see you cant live without me. Door knocks, Twinkle says it must be Kunj. Twinkle opens door to see Yuvi standing there,Yuvi says listen to me,she says i dont want to listen anything,Manohar comes there and slaps Yuvi, he says you tried to kill my son and now attacking my daughter in law’s dignity? he slaps him again, yuvi says listen to me uncle,Manohar asks Leela to call police,police comes there and takes Yuvi from there, Twinkle thinks where are you Kunj? i need you.
Yuvi is brought to police station,Yuvi says to inspector that let me talk to Twinkle once. Inspector says i thought you are from good family and listened to you earlier but not now, he puts Yuvi in jail. Other policeman informs that we got news about Kunj, inspector leaves.
Twinkle looks at Kunj’s shirt and recalls their consummation night.Inspector comes there and says we got information about Kunj.
Yuvi says in jail that what information must be that? Surjeet comes comes there and says to Yuvi that Anita is tensed for you, Yuvi says then why dont she surrender? Surjeet says she cares about you, she is your mother and worries about you, she has done everything for you,she does mistakes in anger, Yuvi says if you have become her messenger then tell her that i am going to bear her punishment till she doesnt surrender.
Babee asks Inspector if Kunj is fine? inspector says we got some proofs from incident site,you will have to recognize them if they are of Kunj or not.
Surjeet says to Yuvi that why you are stubborn,i will your bail. Yuvi says situation is serious and you will know how serious i am. Yuvi shouts to policeman that yes i killed Kunj. he says to Surjeet that if Mom doesnt get punishment then i will bear that punishment, i will stay in jail, i have done bad with Kunj too and i will make sure that Kunj gets justice.
Inspector shows ;shirt to Twinkle,she says Kunj wore this shirt on convocation day,she recognizes ring as Kunj’s too,Usha starts crying, Twinkle says this doesnt prove anything, inspector says now these proofs are recognized so we have to declare Kunj as dead and we didnt find his deadbody too. Twinkle is shocked,she leaves from there,Leela goes behind her.
Twinkle runs and comes in her room, she locks door,its all dark in room, she sits in corner and hugs Kunj’s shirt, she weeps silently, sajna ve sad version plays. Leela knocks her door and asks her to open it, please control yourself,we all are with you,you are our lioness, open door please,Twinkle is in shock.

PRECAP- Kunj’s prayer meet is arranged by family. Twinkle comes there and sees garland on Kunj’s photo,she takes off garland from his picture and looks at it,Babee says stop this Twinkle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It ws such an sad epi yaar 🙁 🙁 🙁 ?????????

  2. now like other serial tei is also exaggerating the story. y they are not revealing where is kunj

  3. Sidhant♥Lover

    ? its been three night.. deeply crying for you sid.. i missed u so badly.. Cum back soon(onscreen) ♥ you

  4. Sad to see twinkle in this state…bt fed up of her overacting towards kunj.. N it’d b beter if she juz listen to yuvi…

  5. kab new kunj ka entry hoga?kab ye bakwas khatam hoga?actually ab sab kuch bakwas hone wala hain.kisi ko v interest nehi raha show me.sid ke jane ki bad sab kuch pura bakwas ho geya.trp v low ho geya.rip tei…

  6. I got a news that rafi malik is going to play role as kunj in tei…..that rafi malik is not even close to sidhant..Now i am not watching this show..no one can take place of sidhant in my heart, then doesn’t matter how good he is…

    1. what?rafi malik?so disgusting…uske bajase hi to tere sheher me serial bakwas hua tha.yuk..he is nothing to sid yar..kya bakwas hain?koyi accha hero nehi tha kya?ise accha hoga sid ko bapas lao aur show ko uske sath end karo.otherwise the show will be the most bakwas one.u read the post leap drama?kitna bakwas hain yar…trp already 0.8 ho chuka hain.it will be 0 very soon

  7. Really very sad .tears came in eyes

  8. Such a sad episode;tei feels void without twinj.missing sid

  9. Yuvle ki deewani

    Ths z sriusly so stupd if sid z quittng the shw thn y the hel they nid new kunj & rafi the mst dsgustng choic usse toh hamara yuvi btr h sriusly rafi malik z yakkk 3rd cls actor coz of hm tere sheher mein went off air i wnt my yuvle togethr i just hate tht blo*dy rafi !

  10. y they can’t approach parth samthaan as new kunj.Atleast he is far far better than rafi. but he is too young.what u guys say

    1. ye log accha koyi hero kabhi nehi lega.they can take ashish kapoor also.he was dekha hein ek khwab fame.he is handsome,tall and good actor.but show ko aur bakwas jo banana hein.is liye bakwas typ kisi ko hi lenge ye log..disgusting

  11. I decided to stop watching this serial I likes sid acting after loosing his ngt is remain in this serial

  12. plzz sid came back without u tei is like a lake without water😕

  13. Bad serial ho raha hai .

  14. Seriously serial bht bor kr rahe h. Is wajah se kitne logon ne ye serial dekhna band kr diya h yaar. Kuch toh acha twist laao kahani me. Ki sabko ue show fir se pasand aae aur sid ki jagah or koi nhi le sakta. Isse acha uv or twinkle ko ek krdo as serial aim was. Or kunj jiska role khatam ho gaya h toh uski jagah kisi or ko mat laao plzz. Sid ki jagah koi bhi nhi le sakta h. Agar aisa hj chala toh me bhi ye show dekhna band kr dungi. Bht logo ne ye show dekhna band kr diya h. Isse toh ye serial band ho jaae ga. So plzzz who ever is watching this show plzz keep commenting. Pehele toh sab itne comments krte The pr ab koi bhi nhi krta h.

  15. Who is dat rafi we want sid

  16. comment karne keliye bachahi kya hai.I stopped watching tei.no sid no tei

  17. Actually,nothing has left to watch the serial it has gone off the track.

  18. I totally agree. Too much unnecessary things in the show already.

  19. I’ve been crying badly nt for any body our SIDHANT GUPTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. y this channel is not understanding how much hurt we are.if the story was boring and sid quit the show we will have not feel be this much sad.but tei was nice and sid was too good.his xpressins are killing

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