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Scene 1
Rocky comes in press conference with Pallavi. Media starts asking questions, Kunj says i know you all have many questions regarding my engagement but i want to show you AV, after seeing video, you all will be happy, my wedding planner is not here, seems like she is still getting ready. Twinkle and Yuvi comes there. Yuvi asks Pallavi to give DVD, she gives it to him. Yuvi puts in DVD player and starts playing video, it has pictures of Twinkle and Kunj close, when twinkle went to Pallavi’s room and how he hugged from behind, Yuvi sees media capturing it, Twinkle is tensed, Yuvi turns off Tv, Twinkle says how did this recording came here. Media comes to Twinkle and asks what were you doing with Rocky? you are married and still flirting with Rocky? you are same Twinkle Sarna whose MMS

was leaked too, Yuvi says stop it, my wife has nothing in all this, dont harass her, my wife is innocent, leave her alone, media person that you are Yuvraj Luthra, who made her MMS, he is involved in Kunj Sarna murder too, why did you marry your husband’s killer Twinkle? Yuvi says shut up, dont say rubbish, first check facts, this is my wife and she doesnt have to give character certificate, media person that it was you who made her MMS and now you telling us about her character? Yuvi says lets go from here Twinkle, Kunj asks him to calm down, Yuvi says i dont care, she is my wife and i wont stay here anymore, he leaves with Twinkle. Kunj asks media to leave, media says they didnt even answer our questions, they leave, Kunj smirks and is happy to see all that.
Pallavi comes to Yuvi and offers him water, he says no. Pallavi gives water to Twinkle, Kunj is staring Twinkle. Yuvi comes and sit beside Twinkle, he says forget everything Twinkle, we cant control what people think about us, people are here to say rubbish, but dont let it affect you, you are my tigress, Kunj says he is right, people just need gossip but not everytime media is wrong, they must have got some tip, i dont care about your personal life but if media remembers such old thing then it must big controversy, Yuvi did you really made that dirty MMS? i must say Twinkle, you have guts, even after knowing all this, you married person like Yuvi, i just failed to understand how can a girl like you marry criminal, media person was also saying that Yuvi murdered your husband, he got arrested too even after you married him how? Yuvi is angry listening all this? Kunj says was it that you were involved in all this plan with Yuvi? Yuvi holds Rocky from collar and says shut up, how dare you.. what game plan is all this? you arr doing drama from the time you have met us, you are targeting my wife Twinkle, who are you to judge us? Twinkle says leave it Yuvi, they have habit of judging, we will do our work, lets just be professional, Yuvi says tell them to not talk about my personal life, you are my wife and if anyone tries to point finger at you then i will cut that person’s hand, i feel you both are involved in all this, Pallavi how did Twinkle and Rocky’s pictures came in that DVD? it was with you Pallavi, Pallavi says so you are blaming us? Yuvi says yes, Kunj says enough, just because your wife was insulted today doesnt mean that you can blame my fiance. Servant comes there and gives DVD to Yuvi, Yuvi says its real DVD, Pallavi says now i understand i left DVD at table, someone must have exchanged it, Yuvi says why would anyone do it? Twinkle says why would someone target us? Pallavi says maybe you have some business rivalry, Kunj says maybe you both have hurt someone, you both have done wrong with someone and now he is paying back to you, its said that what you sow shall you reap, lets forget it and Twinkle is right, lets keep it professional, you both have got enough attention, we have to prepare for engagement so lets move on, Yuvi says Twinkle lets go, he stares Rocky and leaves with Twinkle.

Scene 2
Twinkle and Yuvi comes to their room. Twinkle is tensed, Yuvi looks at her, he sits on his knees infront of her and says i am sorry, Twinkle says why you are saying sorry? Yuvi says i feel Rocky is right, we get payback of our deeds, you are very nice but i have done alot of mistakes in life and you are getting payback of all that, Twinkle says you have gone mad, you were bad in past but you have changed totally, you are my best friend, you have kept my family united, dont feel guilty, Yuvi smiles, Twinkle says we need to find out who is doing all this, Yuvi says once i find out who has done it then i wont spare that person, but seriously Twinkle i am sorry for everything, Twinkle says dont be crazy. Yuvi gets call from Babee, Babee asys come home fast, there are some goons in Sarna house, Leela says i will call police, goon says i will kill you, goons are checking papers in Sarna house, goon says if anyone of you try to speak then i will kill you. Babee says to Yuvi on call that goons have come in office and are destroying things, Yuvi says dont worry i will come, she ends call. Yuvi tells Twinkle that there are some goons in house, we have to leave, Twinkle says you bring out car, i will inform Pallavi that we have to leave as its family emergency. Goons take safe from Sarna house and leaves, Usha, Babee and Leela are tensed.
Pallavi says Twinkle you cant go, Rocky have arranged dinner, i want you to be here, Twinkle says i understand but my family has been attacked so i have to go there, Pallavi says i know you but you remain here then i will have strength, i need you, stay here, Yuvi comes there, Pallavi says to Yuvi that let Twinkle stay here, Yuvi says let me talk to Twinkle alone. He takes Twinkle from there. Twinkle says to Yuvi that i know you will say to stay here, Yuvi says Pallavi is tensed and that Rocky is mad man, she is tensed and needs you, Twinkle says my family needs me too, Yuvi says we are a team so i will go there and you stay here, dont worry, Twinkle says fine you go and i will stay here, Yuvi holds her hand and says if Rocky makes you uncomfortable or you have any other problem then just call me and i will leave every work and will comeback to you, promise me that you will call, Twinkle says i will, you go now, Yuvi looks at her and leaves, Pallavi have listened all this and smirks seeing Twinkle alone, She calls Rocky, he asks what? Pallavi says our goons have done work in Sarna mansion and i have done your work, Yuvi has gone to Amritsar and Twinkle is alone here, Kunj says great, he ends call. Kunj says the maze in which i have made you get lost in, you will just now become more confused in it, you will remember Kunj the more you get lost in all this, your past will be infront of you all the time, i will complicate things for you so much that you wont be able to understand what is happening with you, today Yuvi saved you in press conference here but who will save you from me now?

PRECAP- Twinkle is in dinner party, she is drunk and says to Kunj that you called this troop right? she is too drunk and falls on floor unconscious, Kunj says to guests that she is my wedding planner, she has drunk alot, he lifts her in arms and takes her from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SidMin

    I am hating the show they are destroying Kunj’s character a lot can’t bear it they must change the track soon want SidMin back

    1. ???Carol Ann ???

      Yes, you were totally right here, Sidmin. If anyone watch this serial from the very first episodes, you all will remember that when twinkle mom and Kunj parent arrange a wise man ( the person who can see if twinkle and Kunj are made 4 each other ) to see their children can be paired, the wise man was saying that YES, KUNJ AND TWINKLE ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER AND YOUR SON-IN-LAW WILL BRING HAPINESS TO YOUR HOUSE !! And that showing and telling us that this serial wanna tell us that Kunj and Twinkle will be lead characters in this drama, right?

      But why this serial writer made this episodes nowadays looks like Yuvi is the right soulmate for Twinkle? Is this serial writer has a MENTAL PROBLEM disorders ??? Does this mean now its time for Kunj to be BAD ASS, and does not have sympathy on Twinkle everytime he do bad things towards her? OH COME ON!!! What Going On With This ” MOST FAVOURITE ” Drama nowadays ?!!!!

      I didn’t hate Zain Iman, nor Yuvi characters that already changed for good reason, but the think that made me mad is how easily Twinkle Forget someone who always stand strong besides her every time she fall !! This is all happend because of the STUPID SCREEN WRITER !!!!!!!!!

  2. twinj forever

    congratulations cvs itni achi story ko karab karne ke liye.after so many days I was watching tei after seeing kunj insulting his wife in front of media I switched off the tv.how a good mannered boy can change like this who respect women alot.Aaj ki episode dekar eisa leg rahi hum its not kunj someone else

  3. Hate this kunj…. And what’s the name of this new kunj

    1. rocky

  4. Yuvi I liked u when u was negative but now I love u

  5. Marie Taylor

    Congratulations to the directors and writers. They destroy the most beautiful show it had, and all Sid work gone down in vain, for the life he put into the character of Kunj…

    1. ???Carol Ann ???

      Yes, Yes, and YES !! You are right!!! Please bring back our good boy Kunj characters back… Stupid idiot Dumb serial writer !!!!

  6. why does cvs ruin KUNJ’ s character????????????

  7. Sayeeda

    Hate this serial now ….they killed the soul of TEI ….destroyed the Kunj’s character so badly ….

  8. Naina0923

    What happened to the loving Kunj who used to do anything and everything even to save a stranger, now he is harming the love of his life
    Ek insaan itna Badal kaise sakta hai??

  9. boring ya…………I like yuvi now

  10. can’t see kunj lyk ds….foollsss….they r losing trp
    still showing arrogance…??

  11. This kunj is getting on my nerves…such a retard ..It’s good to see twinkle with yuvi rather than with this new kunj..hate him

  12. Guys why all of you are angry at Kunj. I like his act. He is paying yuvi for what he did.let yuvi feel how Kunj felt.twinkle don’t deserve yuvi.

    1. ???Carol Ann ???

      Yes, you have your point here but the more New Kunj doing bad thing towards Yuvi, the less he get chances to win Twinkle back… Can’t you see that? And as a DIE-HARD fan for this serial, I can’t stand to see that….. It’s so sad to see our loving good boy hero DYING everyday slowly because of Retarded SERIAL WRITER !!!
      Lets us provoke this serial to bring Old Kunj Characters BACK !!!

    2. Ur right… even I like naman Shaw’s acting.. honestly even Sid couldn’t have done tis negative role of kunj as good as naman Shaw.. and as I commented in the previous episode the writer is not spoiling the story.. kunj fans Ur not liking twiraj pair r8?? U want twinj to reunite… but I hope Ur Sidmin fan and not naman Shaw and Jasmin fan..look twinkle(Jasmin) makes a good pair with Sid and zain (yuvi).. she doesn’t suit naman Shaw… so reuniting them will be… aahh..(I am not using any bad words… but u know their pair won’t look nice… twiraj is 1000times better than this twinj pair… and geeta u r absolutely r8.he is just paying back yuvi for his deeds,he deserves this,but twinkle is also loved to bare this because she is his legally wedded wife and kunj thinks that she has ditched him.. and all because of tis palavi …she miss understood their relationship and it was HER prejudice tat caused the mis-understanding between twinkle and kunj… and moreover guys kunj character is not changed completely since the entry of tis new kunj.. look when yuvi changed and tried to prove himself good to kunj and twinkle (during tis time kunj was Sid )kunj humiliated yuvi for Anita’s faults … so kunj has not completely changed al of a sudden after tat accident… he has changed harsh to protect his wife at tat time and now tat she ditched him he is torturing her..(one who could break his back for his loved ones, won’t hesitate to break their back, if they ditched him ..)

  13. Dreamer...arundhati

    What the hell yaar. . Like seriously. .
    Arrgh… I just can’t believe this.
    It was heart breaking to see this kunj.
    This writers have just spoiled… Barbad kardiya.. Sid ke mehnat and kunj sarna, the epitome of perfection ke image ko barbad kar diya. .. Im hating it. . the way show is heading… But aadat hogayi hai na dekhne ki… Just lets hope 4 the best. . Tei sudhar jayo varna puri apki mehnet paani me mene wale hai.. Isn’t it?

  14. Idiot writers serial ko itna ghatiya banane me kyu lge h.phale tu twinj ke beech m itna pyar dekhaya romance dekhaya or ab kunj ko mar hi dala.jb kunj se ye sb krvana tha tu kyu zingda rakha is se tu aacha ose mardalte.kunj ko uv or uv ko kunj banane m lge h.pyar naam ki cheez h bhi ya nhi serial m kyu kr rhe ho ye sb bakwas cheez people realy hate u.plz dont make our kunj so bad.my loving twinj feeling bad for u .reunite twinj plz .

  15. Risa

    Yuvle r back! M so happy! N kunj is now geeling how yuvi felt when twinkle was separated from him……yaar guys just chill n enjoy the drama….kaun kunj ya yuvi…..mein toh sirf drama dekti hoon….

  16. Geeta im totaly agree with u.

  17. Yr pls thoda uvl ki story to badhao i want to see uvl love more story more

  18. Like seriously they are showing waste,they have destroyed kunj ‘s character.its irritating . missing sidmin.

  19. What the hell is going on.
    Uv ko 4 din m mahan banane m lge hua h or kunj jo itna aacha or pyara tha use 4din m kharab bnane m lge h.realy hate this mujhe lg ta h ki writer ko pata hi ni h ki vo kya krna chahta h.idiot writer totaly gone mad aagra ly jaao koi ishe .

  20. Ye hi kya raha hai faltu Ki drame baazi yaar. Had h. I mean seriously kunj ko itne ache se kharab kar dia wht is ths yrrr.. But I must say sidhant’s lines comes true .. Ek interview me bola tha bunny ne “kunj tu bigadne Ki koshish Kr bht acha h yrr tu” ..

    1. please tell me in detail what was sidhant’s line

  21. Love uvl

  22. I m upset, pehle jb uvi viln tha to aap serals writer kitna focus krtey they twinj ki nok jhok pr ab jb ye new kunj aya to ap uski hate story pr hi focuss kr rhey ho dis nt fair yr uvl ka scean bhi to aagey bdhao. Kya br br kisi bi chkr se uvi ko twinkl se dur hona pdta h

    1. Yuvi and twinkle are now pairing right so what are you talking about ? It’s all about twiraj now so just focus on them and you guys stop being silly I mean twiraj and twinj’s fans please don’t fight over pretty things just give a try and let’s enjoy just how we enjoyed when twinj was there l feel like that twinraj will give us more cherimty andmore romantic what do you say?

      1. Totally agree with u…i have waited so long for twiraj to pair

      2. ???Carol Ann ???

        I respect your personal comments and though, dear miss Aliya. But honestly, I can’t understand how come this serial writer put Such a good man character like Kunj can be such a bad nasty jealouscy man in just a blink of eyes. I mean we been serve for Several episode with a good Kunj who easily forgave twinkle even though how big Twinkle mistake are and he always search for positive reason behind every twinkle acts, like remember when Yuvi pay a man to rape twinkle in a room and Kunj come to rescue. Although he mad like crazy, but he can’t stand for few days without talking to her and he forgave twinkle. See, how good Kunj is but now…, they totally going insane with putting such a drastic changed in Kunj attitude. And remember when Kunj still wrapped his face with band age, twinkle can feels his existence because of their true love but now, where does those feeling go?!!
        I can’t accept this drastic changes.

  23. No one can take sidhant gupta’s place… He was the real heart of the serial for me. I have stopped watching the serial bt for a change decided to know wht r the writters doing without sid bhai n i was right they ruined the serial i just hate the character of new kunj… This character is just the opposite of old kunj… i dont think so the serial would work long… ek mahine meh toh kalyan kar diya ab toh samaj ke serial bamdh karvado… bring happy ending ke yeh fake kunj ho n then sid bhai ki grand re-entry ho n then they lived happily ever after.. uv aur mahi ko bi end tak ek kardo.. serial khatam… love u sid bro n missing u….

  24. Please makers concentrate on uvle story, show some uv-t cozy moments. . Why so much focus on rocky/pallavi hate drama.

    I wonder how come UV not understanding rocky/pallavi plans..

    Please cv’s make UV gray sheded nt so bechara types…

  25. somdatta rudra

    Wow what a beautiful destruction of kunj’s character by the makers.. Hope not to see the show again. RIP THE DIRECTORS

  26. I am remembering Kunj and twinkle’s date where they were both home alone making dinner and sharing noodles…you will never be able to destroy the romantic guy kunj was from our memories…

  27. IM just wondering, what will happen to pallavi when kunj gets to know that twinkle’s heart still beats for him? The CV’s are just irritating me with this story line

  28. This is awful.. we want sidhant gupta back on the show..and please stop showing kunj so negative.. this is very unrealistic.. a person can’t change so much in just 5 years.. Horrible!

  29. What the hell is going on this serial.Cvs have totally destroyed kunj’s character.But jasmine has told that twinj will be only lead pair then why they are showing kunj in negative.Cvs just go to the hell and burn yourself.
    Kya yeh wahi kunj hai jo twinkle se itna pyaar karta tha aur uske liye kuch v kar sakta tha.Cant believe this.Koi insaan mein itna drastic change kaise aa sakta hai.Lagta h yuvi ka blood abhi kaam kar raha hai kunj ke body mein.
    Plz yaar cvs change the track and make twinj reunite.

  30. And one of twiraj fans was saying that enjoy the pair of yuvle now.But it’s very difficult for me to focus on yuvle bcoz i love twinj very much and cant tolerate this yuvle.
    I will remain twinj fan forever.

  31. What’s wrong with you

    Kitna stupid sa hai
    Pls change it
    It’s highly boring

  32. Guys i think, in every serial , after leap , someone hates anyone….for ex— in TEI , kunj hates twinkle , in YVR , kartik hates survi , in ETRETR , raja hates rani , in YRKKH , naira hates akshra , in SNS , meera hates vidya , in SSEL , yuvraj hates suhani , in YHM , ruhi hates ishita etc etc etc etc…….. WHAT SAY GUYS ?

    1. even though they hate each other they love each other care for each other. but in tei kunj ko twinkle ki Parva hi nahi hai.

      1. Agree with u nrk….but in every serial , writers have allmost same story line to show after leap…right????

    2. yes u r right,stuti. leap means separation

  33. I like yuvraj with twinkle more than than twinkle with the new kunj. Kunj has changed too much to get back with twinkle. And yuvraj has changed for good.

  34. I miss Sid

  35. How can kunj change so much?their love was so strong and deep.i know yuvi has changed for good but twinkle sees him as a friend.. I think at last twinj will reunite as twinkle will forgive kunj like she has forgiven yuvi.

  36. Guys u really wnt twinj.reunit i mean really guys aise kese soch sakte ho tm log jst think wons u like twinj bcoz of sid bt he is not the part of anymore. Guys ye sid ka dcson tha show quit krne ka no one frce him for that to writer ke paas koi choive bachi thi kya. Mtlb tm log ab bi chtey ho twimj ki reunit how.twinj mean sidminfr me nt naman jas do pls ab jb uvle couples h to i wnt there pair not with the new one entry

  37. yuvi ne twinkle ka kya mms or kab bnaya tha??/

    1. Twinkle ki bahen ka banaya tha na

  38. All the characters involved are doing their best. The story is kinda dragging by the 5 years leap. People are hating Yuvi and Twinkle pair but I think they look good together. Twinkle and kunj may have stolen the show but now the story has changed. Yuvi become good and he is taking care of twinkle and her family very well. Kunj’s character was nice but ever since the accident it changed. The reason he is taking revenge is so unacceptable. I wonder does he mean that even if he dies twinkle must be waiting for him? She don’t deserve to lead her life? C’mon people this is so ridiculous. Both twinkle and yuvi got married but they are living as friends. If kunj/rocky really loves her,he would have tried to find out what happened instead of taking revenge and so on. Anyways the guy playing rocky character is doing a great job. It’s not easy to make people hate him because when a negative character gets so much of hatred it simply means he is on the right track. I wish in the end it will be yuvi and twinkle not kunj and twinkle.

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