Tashan-e-Ishq 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Usha comes to Kunj’s room and sees Twinkle hugging him, he pushes her away and says what are you doing? Twinkle doesnt see Usha there and says why are you pushing me away, do i give electric shocks and by the way i dont like to hug you either, i was senti thats why i did, i will not do this mistake again, Usha comes to Twinkle and says is this way to talk to husband? i try to not scold you but you always do something like this, we have to go to Leela’s house so come down, she leaves, Kunj starts looking away as Twinkle stares him angrily.
Twinkle comes to Leela and says i will prepare for your and papa’s marriage, they both smile.
Kunj says to RT that get ready for wedding, he gives him sherwani, RT goes to change. Twinkle makes Leela wear bangles, earrings,

Leela changes bridal dress. Rt changes sherwani and asks Kunj how is he looking? Kunj says groom is fully ready, RT thanks him for all the help, Kunj says i can do anything for Twinkle and Leela’s happiness. Twinkle says to Leela that you are looking more beautiful than me, Leela says no my daughter looks most beautiful, Leela hugs Twinkle, Twinkle thinks that on this festive occasion, i have so many questions in my mind, should i ask Maa about that person or wait? Leela thinks that before Twinkle gets to know from someone else, we will tell her everything after marriage.
Leela comes down in hall with Twinkle, Raman says today is my sister’s wedding, we will dance and drink lassi, Pinni says Leela is so beautiful that miss world will fail infront of her, Chinki says she is my bua afterall, Pinni says you take all credit. RT comes there with Kunj. Leela smiles to him and is shy. Babee says lets start. RT and everyone starts pooja, Twinkle goes and stands beside Kunj and looks at him. Pundit asks groom and bride to exchange garlands, they do, all clap for them. Kunj points to Twinkle and says you are so lucky to see your parent’s wedding, Twinkle thinks that my mom got my dad and i got my father because of you Kunj, thanks. Rt makes Leela wear mangalsutra. Twinkle brings Sindoor and says that day i stopped you but today i want you to fill her forehead with vermilion and marry my mother again papa. RT fills Leela’s forehead with vermilion, Pundit says wedding is completed. Everyone congratulates RT and Leela, Cherry comes there and says to Rt that forgive me, i did mistake, i didnt know about you so forgive me, Rt forgives him, Cherry thinks that this is just pretense, Anita comes and congratulates both, Kunj takes everyone from there for pictures, Rt’s mobile falls down from his pocket, he doesnt see it and leaves from there, Anita takes his phone and someone calling, she takes call, one girl says on call that papa i have taken biggest decision of my life and i have to talk to you, Anita thinks who is this girl calling RT father? she says i am not able to digest too much happiness Leela so i should give her shock, she puts phone on speaker, girl says on call that Papa i am Mahi talking, Anita ends call and asks RT who is this girl RT calling you papa? do you have illegitimate child too? which you left for Leela and Twinkle? you are smart to have two families, Kunj says atleast let him speak, this is misunderstanding, Anita says he is cheater, Leela says enough Anita, he is not cheater, you wanna know about this girl? all wanna know it? Leela looks at Twinkle, Twinkle comes to Leela and says tell everyone who is Mahi? Leela says this girl is Mahi, his and my daughter, Twinkle’s younger sister, we thought that she died with Rt but Mahi got saved alongwith him, our Mahi didnt die, she is alive, my Mahi is alive, she hugs Twinkle and cries, Twinkle moves back and looks at RT, she holds his hand and takes him from there, Babee asks Kunj to go with Twinkle, she needs you, Kunj leaves.

Scene 2
Twinkle brings RT in room and says i was thinking about this question, i was worried if you say that you got saved in accident but my sister.. but today i was so happy to listen my younger sister’s voice, why did you hide it? Leela comes there and says we were waiting for right time to tell you, like you even Mahi doesnt know about us, we were in confusion how to tell it, Twinkle says to RT that you shouldnt have hide it, Leela used to cry thinking about Mahi thats why i decided to not talk about Mahi, she shows him kid’s clothes and says its Mahi’s, Leela used to keep looking at them and cry everyday, RT hugs her and says i know i am your culprit but i did everything in helplessness, Mahi was saved but i had to keep her away from you people for same reason, Twinkle says Mahi must have grown up, she wouldnt know about us, Kunj says then how will she accept all this? Twinkle says i will talk to my sister once, Leela says no you should not talk to her, she doesnt know about you, Twinkle asks Rt to let her listen her voice once, RT calls Mahi but its switched off, RT says she decided to come to India maybe thats why she is not picking up call, Twinkle gets happy and says my younger sister is coming here.
At night, Twinkle says to Kunj that you know when Mahi was born, she was so cute, i used to make excuses to be at home with her, Kunj says thank God Mahi got saved from her, you would have dominated her, Twinkle says i am sweet and sweetly makes everyone agree to me, Kunj says nice joke, Twinkle says you are joker, she gets serious and says i missed everything like sharing my things with sister, talking about boys and all, Kunj says its not late even now, i mean you can both gossip about me as your childish behavior is still there, you are kiddo, but your younger sister is coming so try to act like elder sister, Twinkle says dont call me child, and dont call me child infront of Mahi, Kunj says you are a kid, Twinkle gets miffed with him.
Kunj, Twinkle, RT and Leela are looking at old photos, Kunj looks at Twinkle’s photo, Leela says she was poser from childhood, Kunj says she prepared for Miss amritsar from childhood, Twinkle says shut up, she asks RT what Mahi likes, she never came here so she must be western, RT says no its her quality, she is totally indian, she knows every tradition and custom of India, she is different from Twinkle, she is calm and used to spend time alone. Mahi arrives on airport, she is wearing clothes having colors of Indian flag, people make fun of her. RT says to Twinkle that she is more like Leela, she is very caring but she gets nervous very easily. Mahi is waiting for taxi on airport, people ask her to move aside, she gets tensed.

PRECAP- Twinkle says how would i know how she looks now? show me her photo, RT shows it, Kunj takes it before Twinkle and says i am her brother in law so i should see it first, Twinkle tries to take phone but it falls down, Twinkle says you broke his phone, now how will i see Mahi’s photo? Mahi comes to Sarna house, Cherry comes out and sees her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Twin scenes were so cute n luckily Mani n twinkle r not step-sisters

  2. Hii gays aaj ka episod tho theek tha but u know what mahira was right kunj and twinkle juda ho jayenge yaar aaj hi maine dekha its so sad because we love very much twinj

  3. Will this mahi girl try to separate my twinkle from kunj?I hope not… Let yuvi cum bj n they can b together..but leave twinkle n kunj..
    I don’t want this show to b like;Pavitra Rista where pari came and spoil anika happy.
    Satrangi sasural where vibha came n spoil Aarushi happiness.
    Jamai raja where every obstacle spoils roshini and sid happiness.
    Qubool hai khan begum spoil sanam happiness…no I don’t want non of this for twinkle n kunj..don’t interfere with a great show , dnt add more negativity.. Anita is already bad enough. I do not want to see mahi scheme against twinkle for the sake of revenge becz twinkle had everything she didn’t…

    1. lolol @ Jamai Raja and every obstacle….so true lolol

    2. Yuvi is coming back too and yuvi and mahi re gonna be shown in a relationship, they meet in London…

    3. They have paired Mahi with Yuvraj, Twinj is safe.

      1. I hope so. What if Mahi is not happy with the ‘new family’ and try to destroy it with Yuvi?

  4. A litrle bit boring epi as there is no twinj romantic scene…

  5. Yaar plzz tell me how and why twinkle and kunj will be seprated …….. and plzzz tell me from where u got this news

    1. Hi akanshika i also want to know the same thing

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    Now show is getting boring…
    Mujge lga ki mahi yuvi se shadi kr k wapas aayegi, but nhi… and i think mahi jo dikhti hai vo hai nhi, i mean to say jo uska chacter describe kiya gya hai usse ulta hi hoga, some evil type eg. Pyscho ya kuch aisa hi…
    But twinkle and kunj kb realise krnge apna love???

  7. I don’t know why but my sense says that this new girl, I mean Mahi of course, will cause trouble between Twinkle and Kunj. But, let hope and pray that this serial is different from the other drama where new character try to separate hero&heroin. AND OH MY GOD!! I hope that this girl doesn’t take Kunj from twinkle and Yuvi would come back to show his innocent and try to win back Twinkle heart…! Oh my God, oh my God, Oh my God !!!!

    1. I think she will with the help of Yuvi.

      1. Oh God….. ?? No,no, no..!!!!!

  8. Pooja yar tere muh me neem k patte… Subh Subh Bola Kar… Twinj ko kucchh nahi hoga…

  9. This mahi gives negative vibes. Dont tell me she will fall for kunj or something like that. I have a feeling she will be a negative character

    1. she will fall for either cherry or yuvi
      hope that uv returns

  10. According to a source she will come as a girlfriend of yuvraj..

  11. Oh the writers don’t have any other track except srpetating twinj…??? I mean there is no proper love relation and no confession then what is this darrar and all??!!!really disappointed of this track

  12. No yr twinj not twiraj

  13. Usually every week among all the shows in zee tv Tashan-e-Ishq is my fav but due to dragging from last 2 weeks Yeh Vaada Raha my fav zee show now

  14. Guys I read in spoiler posted by telly updates theyy said that kunj will be moving away from twinkle and she will sense something bad in her dreams. Y writers make all these stuff they can unite twinj naa

  15. i miss twinj scenes..hope to see them togthr soon..cant take this rt drama anymore..!!

  16. If Mahi falls for uv then it will be gd as she will stop uv from seperate twinj cuz if twinj separate then uv will get twinkle and she won’t let this happen as she loves uv. But I think uv will fool her and will say her to creat misunderstanding between twinj, plz writers don’t separate twinj

  17. Mahi said that she made a big decision I guess the decision is that she decided to marry Yuvi and end of the day Anita will have reason to ruin Leela’s life or else Yuvi’s charactor will turn out in positive….

  18. it is clearly given in spoilers that mahi already in love with yuvi and so she will be the reason for that twinj cant do anything regarding yv s returns and off course he will defenitely create misunderstandings btw twinj and iss bar thodisi jaada may be it takes more than months to sort out them but it doesnt mean that they will get separated for ever this is only from telly update spoilers and my heart felt but not from any news articles

  19. nahi nahi pooja ke muh mein karela, i love twinj so much and if they will be separated i will curse all the writters and the one who want twinj 2 be separated.>:-[ >:-( >:-( >:-[ >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-(

  20. if we dont have news of twinj seperation then the present track seems to be interesting isnt it then forget about the news and enjoy i think mahi her self does not cause any harm and she is shown as heroin and hope she will be heroin of yuvi and yuvi turn positive offcourse it takes time be positive it will defenitely give positive results

  21. Can anyone tell me the repeat telecast timings of TEI in India?

  22. as once up on a time my physics teacher asked me to get 60/60 in finals and i promised the same but when i rechecked my answers one of my answer is wrong so i cant get 60/60 but when he asked me i said 60/60 with ful confidence and to my surprise i really got 60/60 i just told this to say that some times our hope brings gud results so friends hope for the best and be with positive spirit

  23. 11.30.pm ,9.30am,2.00pm ,5.00pm

  24. 2pm joyee..

  25. guys relax today’s sbs segment that maahi for yuvi . and they confirmed that. and yuvi is also come with new plans. and shows active sequence of kunz

  26. guys relax today’s sbs segment that maahi for yuvi . and they confirmed that. and yuvi is also come with new plans. and shows action sequence of kunz bt that was not clearly listened guys. in upcoming episodes jaroor dhamaka honewala hey.

  27. repeated time is 2 pm & 5 pm

  28. Kya yaar tum log mujhe kya villan samjhte ho main bhi chahti hoo kunj n twinkl saath me hi rhe pr kya tum logo ne new promo nhi dekha kya

  29. And i am also love twinj

  30. I hp twinj will have an endless luv stop and wont cause any harm on their relatationship.amen

  31. I hp twinj will have an endless luv story and MAHI wont cause any harm on their relatationship.amen

  32. Amen ameen..Allah kre twinj kbi b juda na hn…

  33. Y so late update???

  34. Yuvi is mahis hubby nd he’s gonna try and separate twinj i guess he’s gonna plan to kill kunj but i don’t think twinj will be seperated so jus chill nd i guess twinj r gona realize their luv for each other soon as per d new promo

  35. kunj plans a date for twinkle..she gets surprise. he gives her a rose and confess his love. but its a dream of twinkle. in reality kunj is away from twinkle and there r more twists. moreover twinkle ll be afraid abt kunj’s life as she dreams bad about him..
    i donno how much true is it..bt i read it.

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