Tashan-e-Ishq 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kunj and Yuvi are going, Anita ask yuvi where he is going? Yuvi says we are going to eat ice cream, anita says i will come too, Yuvi ask why are you stubborn, i wont take you with me, Kunj says to Anita that i am taking Yuvi on walk, dont worry, i will take care of him, Anita says you were with him when he had an accident, i dont trust you but fine, go take him on walk but remember i wont leave you if i find any bruise on Yuvi.
Leela is Jp, JP stops his car, he comes out and checks his car, Leela see this and says his car brokedown, should i go to talk to him? she is confused and thinks till when i will keep running from my past? she come out of her car and sees JP fixing his car, JP fixes it, he doesnt see Leela and starts leaving in his car, Leela finds him going and is tensed,

she ask driver to take car back.
Kunj brings Yuvi on terrace, Twinkle is there too, Kunj ask why are we here? Twinkle says see ou can look at whole Amritsar from here, she ask Yuvi to come forward, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi has phobia of heights, if he pretending to have memory loss and is acting then he will not come forward at any cost, today his truth will come out, Yuvi is tensed and says we can see whole Amritsar? who, he comes forward on terrace and says its a great view, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi didnt get afraid due to phobia, is he really ill? has her become kid for real? Yuvi moves along railing line of terrace, he falls from terrace roof but holds on to railing line, he ask Kunj to pull him back else he will fall down, Twinkle and Kunj helps him and pulls him back,Yuvi hugs Kunj being afraid, Kunj angrily look at Twinkle, yuvi looks at Twinkle too, Kunj and Yuvi leaves, Twinkle says i dont understand whats true and whats not.

Scene 2
Twinkle says to Kunj that i thought Yuvi wont come on terrace and his truth will come out, Kunj says because of your doubt, Yuvi would have lost his life, Twinkle says i know, i didnt know my idea will fireback but i still feel there is something which Yuvi is hiding, i can see it in his eyes, Kunj says enough, i know Yuvi is not trustworthy person, he has done alot to damage your life but he bearing punishment for his deeds so forgive me, i am requesting you to leave hi, if God is giving him punishment then who are we to punish him? cant you see his state? its all because me, Yuvi needs our help and sympathy, dont do anything which will hurt him, end your animosity with him and you if cant then its your problem but i wont listen to you from now on, you should be away from Yuvi. Yuvi is in that state because me and i cant let him get hurt more, if you try to some stupid stuff then remember now i am standing inbetween you and Yuvi, he leaves, Twinkle says i know its not easy for you to trust me but i know Yuvi is pretending all this, i will bring his truth out even if i have to put my Tashan-e-marriage on risk, i cant let our future get destroyed because of Yuvi, i wont our marriage fallout because of Yuvi.
Kunj is packing his bag, Twinkle comes and ask where are you going? why didnt you tell me? Kunj says dont ask questions like typical wives, pass me file, i have to take it, Twinkle says why are you ordering me like typical husbands? whats your problem, sometime you behave like typical husband and other time ask me to not behave like typical wives, where are you going? Kunj says i am going to Goa, i will meet Yuvi’s doctor there, Twinkle says okay, he ask now dont tell me that i am going to Goa for Yuvi, Twinkle says i wont tell them, thanks for telling me and trusting me, Kunj says why dont you say sorry and thanks to me in advance? as i know you can do any stupid stuff and i will have to comeback to rectify it, Twinkle says you can say thanks and sorry to me in advance as i am going to be right in end, Kunj says dont experiment anything on Yuvi, Yuvi who is sleeping on Twinkle’s bed wakes up and ask Kunj where is he going? Kunj says i am going for some work, i will comeback, Yuvi ties his hand with Twinkle’s hand and says i will become alone after you leave so Twinkle will have to be with me, she has to become my friend, Kunj says dont worry, Twinkle will be your friend, Yuvi says Twinkle has to be with me always, she has to become my friend, Kunj leaves from there, Twinkle angrily looks at Yuvi who is playing with her hand like a kid.
Leela is worried and says some past mistakes can never be erased, she recalls how she saw JP, she starts shouting and says no, this cant be true, Raman comes there and ask what happened? she says nothing and leaves, Raman says something is bothering her, i have to find out. Yuvi has his hand tied with Twinkle. Twinkle thinks that i cant stay with him, she ask Yuvi to leave her, Yuvi says i wont let you leave, Twinkle says stop your acting, you can fool Kunj but not me, leave my hand, Yuvi says you are my friend but why are you scolding me? Twinkle ask Yuvi to please leave her hand, Yuvi shows her magazine and says you have to make your hairstyle like model in magazine, if you promise me to have same haircut then i will leave your hand, Twinkle says i promise i will have this haircut, Yuvi says good and leaves her hand, Twinkle starts leaving, Yuvi stops her and says i will do your haircut now, he brings scissor and says i will cut your hairs now, i will do same haircut, Twinkle ask him to stop it, he doesnt, she takes scissor from him and says stop it, she ask him if he is mad or what to do her haircut, you keep irritating me whole day, be away from me, Anita comes there and sees scissor in Twinkle’s hands, Anita says how dare you make my son afraid showing him scissor, you husband and wife have made Yuvi like this and now you wanna kill him, Yuvi says witch anuty why are you scolding my friend’s wife? i will complain to Kunj about you, Twinkle says you are thinking, i wasnt making him afraid, i was asking him to no cut her hairs, Anita says he cant eat with his hands then how can he cut your hairs? she drags Yuvi from there, Yuvi stares Twinkle and leaves with Anita, Twinkle is tensed.

PRECAP- Twinkle says earlier once Yuvi told me that he will make me have that haircut means he remembers everything from past and is just acting to have memory loss, nothing has happened to him, i knew it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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