Tashan-e-Ishq 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Babee comes to Surjeet and ask whats this drama? will Leela dance on song? atleast think about her age, Surjeet says these fun do happen in marriages and dancing have nothing to do with age, and Punjabis dance to enjoy every function, Anita says as they say age doesnt matter when you have to enjoy, Leela’s daughter have got married in this house but Leela will dance here, she ask Leela to not be spoil sport and dance, she starts music. Leela starts dancing, Twinkle thinks Why Leela is doing all this, Anita glares Leela, Leela dances more on item song, all are tensed after marriage, Anita comes and says what a performance, i liked it, you can dance well in this age too, Kunj thinks that i have stop Anita’s drama, Kunj comes on dance floor and wipes Leela’s tears,

he acts on song Jeena yahan marna yahan song and dances with Leela, Twinkle thanks Kunj in heart, Kunj happily dances with Leela, Anita thinks that Leela’s drama was going on but this Kunj had to come inbetween and destroy the one, Kunj says to Leela that i will take revenge from Anita for insulting you, i know you are hiding something, what is it? Leela recalls how in flashback Anita asked Leela to dance in her engagement and if she doesnt do it then Twinkle wil have to bear consequences, what if i tell Babee that Twinkle had affair with my son Yuvi then Babee will throw her out, so you have listen to everything what i say, flashback ends, Kunj says i know you are doing all this for Twinkle, he ends dance, all clap for them, Twinkle says i wont let Anita’s succeed, i have to answer her back, she says i will remember this day as Surjeet and Anita are getting engaged, this day is special for Surjeet and Anita so Anita should do performance for Surjeet, he should know what a great dancer you are, Kunj thinks that i will have to accept Twinkle is clever, she turned Anita’s trick on Anita only, Leela ask what Twinkle is doing? Kunj says she is your daughter and will take revenge for you, Twinkle ask Anita to make Surjeet feel special by dancing for him, surjeet says yes Anita should dance, Twinkle turns on music, Anita thinks that Twinkle is acting very smart, Kunj says to Leela that your daughter is smart, she threw Anita’s trick on her only, Anita is about to start dance but someone fires bullet, its Yuvi, he comes in and says stop this drama, he has gun in his hands and is drinking wine, he fires in air, he comes to Anita, Anita ask him to put gun down, he says no, he says how can you do this to me? you are getting married and that to the relative of Kunj, you should be thinking about my marriage, my happiness but you are trying to fix your wedding, arent you ashamed of all this? i am very unlucky, whoever i loved in life, they cheated me only, he says to Anita if she has any respect for his emotions? i wont let this engagement happen, Anita says dont do this, Yuvi says why not? if you can cheat me then why cant i? Anita says i thought i will tell you after engagement, Yuvi says you thought i would take your palanquin to Sarna house, truth is you wanted to do marriage and then tell me, Babee ask what is all this? she says to Anita that you didnt tell about marriage to your son and this is your son? he seems like a brat, she ask how dare you come in my house with gun? did Anita raised you like this? Yuvi shouts shut up you old lady, why are you coming inbetween when i and my mom are talking, dont come inebetween else i will fire you, Kunj comes ibetween and says i dont know about you but elders are respected here, if your mother has hidden such big thing from you then its none of our business, do this drama in your house, if you try to misbehave with my Babee then i will cut your tongue, Surjeet says Kunj how dare you talk inbetween my family matters? he ask Yuvi to come aside, they will talk and settle things, Yuvi says dont speak inbetween, i have not come to talk but to finish you, he points gun at Surjeet, Anita tries to stop him but he pushes her away, Kunj says Yuvi stop it, Yuvi points gun at Kunj, all are shocked, he ask whats your problem Kunj, why you come in my matters? today i will kill you, Twinkle stands infront of Kunj and says to Yuvi that you have to kill me before killing Kunj, fire and kill me, Yuvi pushes her away and says dont come inbetween, he points gun at Surjeet and fires at him but Anita comes forward and bullet hits her hands, all are shocked, Anita falls down, Surjeet ask her open eyes, what you did? to save my life, you.. Twinkle comes to her too, Babee says i am sorry Surjeet, no one can love you more than this women, she is truly your life partner, she put her life in danger to protect you, i bless you both, Surjeet says i got your blessing so now no one can stop me, i will marry her rightnow, he cuts his tongue and fills Anita’s maang with his blood as sindoor, all are shocked, Surjeet says i accept Anita as my wife and will see who will be able to separate us, Leela thinks that past should not haunt my Twinkle, protect Twinkle from Yuvi and Anita.

Scene 2
Anita kicks Kalash, Babee does their aarti and tilak, Anita and Surjeet takes her blessing, Babee ask did you talk to Yuvi? anita says i have talked to him, he is miffed but will see me happy with Surjeet and will get happy too, she ask Babee will not give me Shagun? i have right to take it, Babee says why not? your marriage happened suddenly so i couldnt get anything, she shows Twinkle’s bangles to Anita and says this our traditional bangles, i will make same for you and will give it to you, Anita says i should get shagun today only, make me wear Twinkle’s bangles, Babee says how can i do that, Anita says these bangles are old fashioned and will suite me more so give it to me, Babee says Twinkle i will make new style bangles for you, give these to me, Twinkle stares Anita.

PRECAP- Babee comes in Kunj’s room and finds Twinkle sleeping on bed while Kunj sleeping on couch, she thinks they sleep separately?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yuvi’s drama to get Anita accepted

  2. wow awesome precap!!!!

  3. Interesting precap

  4. That was well planned for babee to accept Anita .f,. K the hell with yuvi good looks Anita get big house should take her in laws n son in law to live in her house and dance usha well

  5. Heeeee Bhagwannnn….. Please get rid of this kunj!!!! Everytime I see him I feel like slapping him. He cannot act. He looks ugly. Yuvi is better looking!!! And yuvi acts much better!!! Watching this serial for yuvi only!!!!

  6. oho desi girl
    kunj looks good okay !!!
    i respect ur opinions

  7. Non sense serial sud banned this all what kind of culture they r showing….

  8. in ystrdays comment some told dat yuvi came to stop the engagemnt….. bt its their plan to get accepted by the family…m plz don support the villan of the serial……. kunj is realy good luking…… n the best husband as evry girls wish….
    i nevr comment… i couldnt bear the abov comment and yestrdays comment sayin at last yuvi came to stop n allll…….
    stop all this n accpt the truth…. kunj s the main hero of the serial….

  9. Desi girl diz so very bad of you.. you are insulting an actor… kunj is very handsome.. n plzz don’t give such comments about anyone

  10. Do u even know a percent of acting as you are insulting hm.. It was OK if you would have said bad about him he was a villain in diz show as Dat wudnt have been a real comment on him off show.. n plzz before commenting on anyone jus look at yourself once and for all in d mirror..

  11. I am sorry If I was too rude BT it’s better u think twice before Wat u say.. as it may hurt anyone

  12. Kunj is far more handsome than Yuvi, no wonder and he acts well too. Indeed Twinkle, Kunj and Yuvi none of them are great actors but all of them look good. It’s always fun to see Kunj and Twinkle’s nok jhok, their chemistry is far better than Twinkle and Yuvi’s.

  13. I don’t like this act at all

  14. very nice ..twinj stand for each other. .twinj part was awesome. …sad for twinkle on last moment….kunj doing very welll…..

  15. ??❤️?????my heart beat and love for zain imam????❤️??

    Yeah desi girl yuvi is soooooo more good looking than kunj.kunj should story …de end, love yovi.?❤️??????

    1. hey! plz 1st learn english and then comment on kunj. By the u don’t need to he is far better than that blady the villan yuvi the irritative guy ihave ever seen

  16. No doubt that kunj is far more better actor than yovi……i just love twinj nok jhonk…but don’t like the current track of the show…..plz writers stop this Anita yuvi track and plzzz focus on the main storyline which is twinkle and kunj live story…..

  17. o hello u insulted kunj to koyi important nahii hai ya sril dakna because he is the hero and yuvi is villan ar ya sb jaan ta hai ki villan kabhi nahi jitta ar hero mar k b winner he hota hai yuvi is not important of the seril bt kunj is

  18. Guys kunj n twinkle will go on honeymoon

    1. what? is it true .then the show will be so exciting .to which place are they going?

      1. Yes they will be going to goa
        Bebe will send them

  19. Bakwas serial

  20. ??❤️?????my heart beat and love for zain imam????❤️??

    Shruti u first learn to mine your words.don’t you even think about insulting yuvi.that damn kunj is sooooooo girly.did you see my name “my heart beat and love for zain imam”which is yuvi so watch your mouth??????⚡️

  21. ??❤️?????my heart beat and love for zain imam????❤️??

    Ifa you better learn English and respect yuvi.and as for kunj …. De end?????⚡️

  22. Yuvi rocks….i love him tooooo……and kunj is acting very girly…get rid of him please;!!!

  23. twinkle and kunj r goin 4 honeymoon???!!!!!!!
    this is gonna b awesome

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