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Scene 1
Anita says that vote made leela win. You will all think why my son did that? My son is so generous. He thought that he should donate them some happiness. So he made them win and leela’s life full of stress. Actually her daughters are going through hard times. Her younger one is in London seeking a psychiatrist. Kunj has a disease. He was once so sick that doctors said sorry. My son saved his life by giving blood. If my son didn’t help him he would have died. Leela slaps her and says I never invited you. Why you came here? You can’t insult my son in law here among my guests. Who are you to say all this? Tell the media what you and your son has done to my family. I will tell them. They will flash your face on TV. Go from here before i kick you out. ANita says enough. i

will answer this slap. She leaves.

Leela cuts the cake. Twinkle says in heart I know kunj is upset because of me. I have to talk to him.
Kunj says to sid where there is love, there are issues. when there are troubles you don’t leave hands you hold them. Only roshni can bring light in your life. Sid says if you are that wise then why are you hurting twinkle? Why are you punishing her for a mistake? Kunj says thank you for ringing my bell. Sid says I have to leave. Say goodbye to twinkle.

yuvi says I should call twinkle. yug calls twinkle. he says mom is nowhere. She will try to hurt you two. Be careful. Inform me if you get to know anything at all. Kunj comes in the party. Twinkle says he looks better i should talk to him. Kunj says maa I am so sorry I am late. Are you bugged? Leela says no. How is your mood? He says better. My tunning is done. Forgive your son. Leela says I forgot it. Enjoy the party.
Two clowns come in the party they look at twinkle. Babbe says leela you called clowns? They say we are surprise. We are sent the one who loves you. Jerry says I will prick the balloons. There is a laughing gas inside the balloon. Everyone starts laughing. Leela says what is happening babbe. Twinkle says please don’t be mad at me Kunj. I can never hurt you. yuvi is helping you. Kunj laughs and says I can’t understand anything. He keeps laughing. Kunj says i am talking to my wife. What is it called. My mood is off. They all keep laughing. Twinkle says kunj trust me. I can never hurt you. I wanted to tell you about yuvi. Kunj says hurt.. Raman comes and hugs Kunj. Yuvi looks from the balcony at the clowns. He sees everyone laughing. He says why is juggler looking at twinkle? Its laughing gas. i have to take twinkle from here.Her life is in danger. Twinkle asks yuvi did you get to know about anit? He says please come out with me. She says I wanna stay with kunj. Juggler takes out a knife. Yuvi says lets go. Kunj says why is twinkle going out with this sardar ji?

Leela gets a call from anita. Leela says one slap wasn’t enough? Anita says I called to answer for you slap. You will see whats gonna happen. Just wait and watch.
Yuvi says to twinkle someone wants to kill you. I saw him coming here. Twinkle says but why would someone want to kill me.
The juggler comes there. Yuvi says lets run twinkle.
The party starts. A girl dances. Everyone is busy celebrating. Twinkle says there is no way. The jugglers faint them and take them.
Kunj says where have they gone? he sees the jacket. Kunj says this means..they are there. Twinkle is with him. I have to save her.
The jugglers put twinkle on bed and yug next to her shirtless. He messes their hair. Kunj looks for twinkle.
He comes in the room and is dazed.

Scene 2
Roshni hears the bell and says not again. SHe says who is seiding all this? Don’t deliver again and again. She takes the cake and throws it away. Roshni takes her phone and says 37 missed calls from sid. Has he gone mad? I don’t wanna talk to anyone. Bell rings again. Roshni says take these bouquet from here I will get you fired. Its sid. he comes in. Roshni says you should go from here. He says you want me to go? She says I said everything. He says but you didn’t hear me. Sid says please don’t wear this net gown, it blows my mind. i am not aliya’s husband. She was killing herself. I took her home and they thought I am her bf. That is where this confusion started from. She says I will talk to aliya. He says you don’t trust me? She says in hearts sid can never lie to me but maybe he is doing this to score me back.
Roshni calls aliya and says I want to meet you. Come to office its urgent. Sid’s mom take the phone from aliya she sees roshni’s picture and says who is this? Aliya says she is ragini desai. Aliya leaves. Sid’s mom says she is back. Roshni..

Roshni asks aliya you can share everything me? She says yes. When you met sid? Aliya says in his office. I was an intern there. She says why didn’t you tell me back then? you married him? Aliya says what are you trying to prove. I know what is better for me.I and sid are married. Accept it.Roshni says you are getting me wrong.Aliya says we are married accept it.

Next part in jamai raja’s update.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What the hell is all this shit? Anya is annoying me and tht Anita is such a damn cheap woman… N twinkle, I know yuvi must’ve changed but why the hell is tht ur business? Ur husband does not trust him so automatically u should do the same.becz kunj is ur husband for godsake..now your friendliness will cz a stupid misunderstanding and you’ll loose the love of ur life…untop of tht, ur self respect has just been tarnished… Oh wow…..writers I admire the way u make woman look cheap(sarcasm).
    I’m honestly disgusted with this episode.. Woman are degraded the most in these serials…ughhhhhh…my good god..

  2. So guys sid is leaving the show. I totally agree wid his decision. I was n will always be wid him. He is best actor I have ever seen n best of luck fr his future. Bye bye TEI . I only watch this serial because of sidhant gupta. If sid isn’t there so no use of watching the serial. So byebye guys. I will miss TEI badly.

    1. Kunj is leaving?!
      Wth i watch the show for him&twinkle urggg everything going so wrong :/

  3. so its true that sid quit tei.and new male lead will come as kunj.so i am done.so thanks tei for entertaining us for a long tym.i am going to miss that show badly as it was my most favourite.but no sid means no tei for me.whoever want to see twinkle with new kunj u are most welcome.but i am done.so goodbye tei forever.?????

    1. So he really quit ? Well I’ll be done too

  4. I like twinkle with yuvi. kunj is insecure.. he didn’t have trust on his love and his wife. yuvi is better

  5. kunj is the best i would like to mark that now also kunj was worried for twinkle it doesnt mean tha he dont trust her he loves her to the core that he cant see his twinkles tears he want to protect her and love her forever this absolutely shows pure love nd abt sid being replaced in short if no sidhant aka kunj then no twinkle then no twinj then finally no tei for me nd sid is the soul of tei if no sid tei it is lifeless pls bring back sidhant i request cvs plssssssss

  6. ya guys even i m done with tei as it is nothing without sidhant as kunj…. i m crying yaar… nd i m not only done with tei but also with TU nd ny own ff…. bcus if he leaves the show i will be in no mood to write my ff or read any of yrs….. but ya tei was my first love nd will remain the same…. WILL MISS U GUYS

    1. They created a great story with Kunj…. at first when it was just yuvi and twinkle i weren’t really into the show then when Kunj was introduced i was watching everyday the story that was base on him and twinkle was going really good now I’m sad cause I can’t see anyone else in his place nor twinkle and yuvi together…I started to cry a bit too I am also done with Tei and will miss ff but it really won’t be the same

    2. Yrr Ritzi I know ur very very hurt as same as all Twinj fans r . I was literally crying after d news came and till now I’m feeling so sad that I cannot even express the grief but plzzzzzzzzzzzz yrr don’t leave ur ff plzzzzz I request u plzzz . After quitting TEI ur people’s ff r only way to bring smile on our face u people only can lessen our pain . I know u won’t feel happy while writing but remember our smiles u will surely get a reason to write ur ff. Don’t leave us in between I don’t want to miss u guys u all became a family to me plz don’t do so . For all of us TWINJ MEANS TEI ND TEI FF.

      1. Hey ritzi. I agree with sayeeda. After sidhant leaving the show we all will see a new lead but that does mean we stop writing ffs. It’s the only way to create smiles on many faces. N yes even if sidhant as kunj is not in the show but he has made places in our hearts so when we write then we can imagine him being kunj. I respect his decision but if he is not there then I’m done with tei. N I wanted to say to all the writers plzz don’t stop writing in between if u then it means that u have no feelings for the show. Writers, write ffs on tei which will make all the fans of the show happy even if we don’t see the show. Again it is a request to all the writers not to end there ff in between if u r a true tei fan and sidhantian. But ya after the exit of sidhant I’m not going to see tei but will be active on TU. Bye bye tei (serial no ffs). Guys plzz think on this. Your one decision (continuing the ffs even after sidhant quits) will make the tei family on TU happy. But Byee byee tei. I will miss the show and the chemistry of sidhant and jasmin.

    3. I love u Mitali for understanding me
      …thanks yrr u r not quitting from ur ff ….all FF WRITERS IT’S A REQUEST THAT PLZZZZZZ DON’T LEAVE US GUYZZZ WE CAN’T IMAGINE A DAY WITHOUT U PEOPLE ; u people make our day lively ; our day begin with a big smile on our faces just coz of u people.

  7. I think now kunjs character would come to end n it will be twiraj now its really sad

  8. Finally it’s the time to say good bye to TEI . I respect the decision of Sidhant Sir ; we all love him r always support him In any circumstances . We all fans want him to reach the zenith of success and see him achieving the lots of lurels.
    But without him no ” TWINJ” ; no ” TEI” we can’t imagine any other person taking his place; he has affirmed his position in our hearts and we can’t replace it with anyone else.
    A big big big appreciation and THANK U TEI for giving us such a good show and TWINJ ….we will always miss TEI now only dependent on FF to satiate our needs ..

  9. Twiraj jabra fan

    See guys we should respect hs dcision bt i dont undztnd why a new male lead i mn our yuvi z thr if thr z no sidhant thn thr z no kunj so pls end hs chrctr n let twiraj unite finish

  10. Is Kunj quitting the show guys?????. I don’t believe that. If is so than I will say bye bye tei

  11. Sid bhai plz come back…agr sid quit krege tb to jasmin k rehna ka koi mtlb nai h…imn NO TWINJ ND NO SIDMIN…koi to batao sidb ka kya project h jo hme chod kr jarhe h…..bye bye tei…

  12. Why a new male lead. We’ve already a awesome actor uv and TEI was about twiraj. Now its high time to flowing it.I wanted see twiraj not twinj. ?

  13. Exactly sathy.enough of this twinj thing we need twiraj now.love you yuvi???????❤️????

  14. Where is precap it is not in jamai raja section I. Want precap…..plzzzz
    Plzzzzz. Plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz

  15. Yup..where is the precap…plz do write that..

  16. OMG this is very shocking Sid is quitting the show seriously I feel TEI makers have gone crazy they are just spoiling the show with their own hands why don’t they listen to Sid like what he wants. And really nonsense track wanna see Sidmin in a new show pathetic m so disappointed 🙁

  17. Precap-kunj is bitting yuvi very badly. And leela,bebe and twinkle was trying to stop him.

    1. Thanx ryna 4 updating the precap.

    2. Thanx rayna 4 updating the precap.

  18. Nooo sid u cant quit like this.I like your jodi with jasmine very much.And cant accept yuvle.I want twinj.If there will be no twinj then there will be no TEI.
    Plzzzzz dont quit kunj.Cant imagine anyone else playing your role and dont like yuvle.I was twinj fan,i am twinj fan and i will be twinj fan forever…..

    1. WhO is coming instead of kunj and what do u mean by tei plz say me

  19. Nomatter if siddhant is leaving the show but the writers should bring a good kunj , however i love siddhant very much but i cant stop reading this show because i love jasmine also.

  20. You most welcome..
    But I love sidhant very much and even cant think about TEI without him.twinj jodi is world best jodi for me.I cant control my tears when I got the news.Plzzzzzzzzz dont leave sidhant.WE ALL LOVE YOU VERY MUCH……….

  21. forever fan of twinj

    Hey Frnds even I m sad about d news but I have an idea let’s call him and make him realise wat he means to us.I mean let’s convince him indirectly by praising him in tei.I think it will work.I know its a bit childish and will look childish if just one or two calls but if ten or eleven calls he might reconsider his decision.wat say.:-)
    Sorry if any body gets hurt

    1. Really good idea yrr ….but there’s no need bcz in any circumstances the decision won’t be change now it’s confirmed and might he also stopped shooting for the serial. We all fans has no option rather than bearing the pain nd sorrows but we all fans wish him BEST OF LUCK N LOADS OF LOVE .

  22. forever fan of twinj

    Hey Frnds let’s try it na yaar even if he doesn’t change his decision we can talk to him and who knows we may succeed in it.let’s try it.it will be fun.trust me.actually from past 2 days I m just thinking ways to prevent him from quitting d show.and u guys remember in kyy s2 even parth was not there he had left d show but after dat he came .so let’s don’t loose hope and try it.so fr being childish but I won’t back out before trying.pls pls pls.:-) 🙂 🙂
    Afterall we love sidmin and twinj both rite…

  23. U r saying right we should try it , but from where will get the number, Because if there is no Kunj then no tei

    1. U get the no. from ff writer Bhavika (twinju) ; the one who writes ff DILON KI DASSTAN) she has his number according to her it’s Sidhant Sir number she told the she messaged him in Watsapp and he replied back that he is same one from TEI and she also shared his number in one of his ff to all

  24. forever fan of twinj

    Ishveeran u want to do It…??

    1. Im also with u … Cuz I dunno why I really feel attached to twinj a lot.. Lets do it

  25. Check out I’m sending u d link to the episode where she wrote his number. Go at last of her ff and read the comment she wrote to one of her reader Zarmeen u will get in that. But guyzzzz plz be careful before contacting .I’m just concerned about ur security so without any proof don’t contact him might be it can be any imposter who is deceiving all of us .So be careful.

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