Tashan-E- Ishq 19th March 2016 Analysis


Scene 1
Twinkle, Kunj and Rajjo are discussing. Chaudhry comes there and asks what they are doing there. Twinkle says that she is asking what she should decorate and what they like. He says- You can talk this in morning. I have arranged a room in the out house near the house. You can sleep there. Twinkle thinks- Me? Alone in the out house. Kunj thinks the same. Chaudhry says to Kunj- I will show you your room. Kunj thinks- Where I have stuck? He goes. Twinkle goes to the out house. Light goes off. She shouts and says- Babaji, I wanted to be the atmosphere romantic like Kuch Kuch hota hai but you have put me in horror movies. She steps on a glass and shouts- Ghost. She sees and says to herself- It’s a glass. There is no ghost. She becomes more scared. She sits on bed. The lamp light starts blinking. Twinkle shouts and becomes more scared. She sees someone’s shadow and becomes scared. She says- Brother Ghost, come please. She hides near window and picks a stick. She says- I will not leave you today Brother Ghost. I will hit you so much that you will remember your grandma. She tries to hit but Kunj stops it. Twinkle shouts- Ghost Ghost. Lights comes. She sees Kunj face and is relieved. Twinkle asks why he has come. He says- I knew you couldn’t sleep. Now you will sleep with peace. Twinkle says- I will sleep with peace only when Manohar gets fine. She also says- That Manohar pics with Purvi were leaked by Yuvi. Kunj is shocked and says – I knew you have not leaked the pictures. I must have understood that it was Yuvi. But I was miffed with you because you have hidden it from me. Chaudhry says- that network is not coming. He hears Rajjo talking to someone. He thinks that Kunj has come. He couldn’t waut. I must see. He enters and sees Rajjo talking to someone. He snatches the phone and hears- The voice comes- Everything will be fine Rajjo. Chaudhry becomes angry. Twinkle sees a Lizard and becomes scared. She hugs Kunj. Sangram comes and sees them. He ties them to a charpai and tries to kill them by burning. They both tru to explain him but he says- Your marriage was final with my sister and you. I will kill you. Rajjo comes there and holds Chaudhry’s feet and say- I will tell you the truth. They both are brother-sister. Twinkle’s husband was miffed with her and she threw her out of the house. So I told kunj and helped Twinkle. The one to whom I was talking was her husband only. Chaudhry orders to open the rope. He also tells Twinkle to do Teeka after Sangeet. They both are shocked and goes.

Scene 2

Twinkle is helping in decorating the house. Kunj comes. She takes her in corner and says- We should find out some way. I cannot do your teeka. Kunj says- It’s acting. Twinkle says- I respect our marriage relation Kunj. I cannot do your teeka. Kunj says- You are siyappa queen, drama queen and jugaad queen. So you will only find some way. Twinkle says- our marriage is equally important for both of us. Now you will find out some way. Twinkle leaves. Kunj says- Oh no. This teeks and now Twinkle is also miffed with me. Think. Kunj. Think.
Scene 3
Kunj comes to sit with Twinkle for Sangeet. A woman asks Chaudhry that everyone is from the bride’s side. Who is from Groom’s side. Chaudhry says- Why not? His sister is from his side. Kunj says to Rajjo- Where is Twinkle. Rajjo nods in I don’t know. Twinkle enters and dances on Drama queen. Kunj smiles seeing her. Twinkle becomes angry and sits. Kunj finds out Twinkle.
Precap- Kunj holds someone hand and says- Hey its me. Tje girl shouts and calls Chaudhry.

Credit to: Sareena

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  1. thanx sareena and please post what will happen next new episode and twinj an unuausal love story next part fast
    u have not post what will happen next from many days

    reply me
    i will be waiting for your reply today

    1. Fiona I will update it today… okkk

  2. Thanks so much I can’t wait for the next episode plez post it quickly eagerly awaiting the next post

  3. ♥twinj- forever♥

    thanks….yesterday I wasn’t able to see the episode but thank u fr analysis…. keep updating the analysis….. thank u ones again….

  4. Tysm for your efforts..funny episode..hate u rajjo..how can u say dat twinj r SIBLINGS

  5. Dam good bhot Dino baad itna funny n romantic episode dekne ko mila

  6. Yeh drama twnj ke zindagi me bahoth bada zyapa dega i’m sure that.yeh kunj ko mahan bane ka shock he?jiska madhath kartha he wahi usko fasatha he ithna dhin ho gaya yeh bath kyo understand nahi kartha he tu? Meri comment se aapko hurt hua to sorry

  7. Hey guyz rajo such me kisi se pyaar karthi he?raja isa character tasha e ishq me he?plz reply…varna mujhe padayi par dhyaan nahi ho ga.so plz speed up

  8. Hey guyz rajo such me kisi se pyaar karthi he?raja isa character tasha e ishq me he?plz reply…varna mujhe padayi par dhyaan nahi ho ga.so plz speed up

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