Tashan-e-Ishq 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kunj is about to open Twinkle’s room but he gets call and turns away, Yuvi opens room’s door and sees Kunj standing outsie with this back towards him, he closes door again and hints Twinkle, Rocky ends call and knocks Twinkle’s door, Twinkle opens it, Kunj says i felt like i listened Yuvi’s voice from here, Yuvi is hiding behind door, Twinkle says no one is here, he says fine, he leaves. Twinkle closes door and says to Yuvi that he is weird, he checks rooms too, Yuvi says we need solid plan to find his truth, once we find his secret then we will handle it our way.
Its morning, Kunj comes to dining table, he smiles at Twinkle and says i was thinking about penalty case, i think i was harsh so i am taking case back, Twinkle says thank you, Kunj says i want you

to be my wedding planner, Twinkle says that would be great, Kunj thinks that my torture is not over, Twinkle you are on hit list now. Kunj says i think i should move out of house now, Twinkle thinks that my plan will fail if he moves out, she says no stay here, Babee says yes, stay here till marriage, Usha says what you did, only someone close can do this only, Twinkle gets Yuvi’s call, she excuses herself.
Twinkle takes Yuvi’s call, Yuvi says i am at Rocky’s house, i will find some clue, Twinkle says dont take any risk, Yuvi says your wish is my command, she ends call. Leela comes there and says what happened to you? i thought you will talk to Yuvi but you didnt meet him, why you are doubting him? Twinkle thinks that i have to hide truth, i cant Rocky know about our plan. Usha comes from behind, Leela says to Twinkle that Yuvi loves you so much, he too so much risk to save you, Usha says it was all drama, sorry to interrupt but it was my plan to get Twinkle married to Yuvi but now i realize i was wrong, Yuvi doesnt deserve Twinkle or our trust, Leela says he did so much for us, he did so many sacrifices for us, Usha says it was my mistake to bring devil in Twinkle’s life, i forgot that Yuvi is a snake who just wants to chance to spit venom, he is like his mother Anita, Leela says i dont agree, after Kunj only Yuvi can bring smile on Twinkle’s face, i trust him fully, Twinkle says you both dont worry, i have decided to stay here and i want your support Leela Maa.
Yuvi is searching Rocky’s house, he says there is nothing important here.
Twinkle comes to Kunj’s room and asks if he is going somewhere? Kunj says i am going to home, i have meeting. TWinkle says i think you should spend time with Pallav, take her to dinner or something, Kunj says i like your idea, why dont you arrange dinner as my house only? it will be good, Twinkle think how to tell Yuvi that we are coming there, she messages Yuvi that Rocky and I are coming thre, leave from here. Yuvi gets message, he sees key and says maybe i will find some clue with this key, he doesnt read message.
Twinkle is with Kunj in car, she thinks that i hope Yuvi read my message and left from there.
Yuvi comes to Kunj’s room and says i will find some clue. Twinkle and Kunj comes in hall area of house, Twinkle thinks that seems like Yuvi’s gone, she sees shadow in room and gets tensed, she thinks that it means Yuvi is inside, what if Rocky sees him? i have to distract Rocky. Twinkle says to Rocky that i have an idea, why dont you do something special for Pallavi? you should cook something for Pallavi, food cooked from heart reaches heart, even if its just noodles, Kunj recalls how he had cooked noodles for Twinkle earlier, he gets nervous and says no, Twinkle thinks seems like my talk is getting under his skin, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says i dont know cooking, Twinkle says no problem, you should gift her dress then, Kunj recalls how he had gifted dress to Twinkle, Kunj thinks that i have to stop her, i can blurt out anything Kunj says i think i will take Pallavi to restaurant, i will take file of contract from my room, he starts going to room, Twinkle says i have to stop him, Yuvi is there.
Yuvi is searching Rocky’s room and says there is no clue. He puts hand on wall and feels something on wall, he removes curtain from wall and sees whole wall covered with Twinkle and Kunj’s pictures, he is shocked and moves back, he says what is this? what relation he has with Kunj? he takes picture of wall, he listens Twinkle’s voice and says i have to leave. Twinkle shouts to Kunj that you dont do anything for Pallavi, Kunj says why you are shouting? he listens some noise from his room and opens room, he comes in room and leaves Twinkle’s outside, he looks around his room and doesnt see anyone there, he opens cupboard, takes file, he comes out, Twinkle thanks Lord for saving them. Kunj says lets go, they leave.

Scene 2
Yuvi shows pictures of Kunj and TWinkle to Twinkle, Twinkle says these are my personal pictures with Kunj, how Rocky got it? Yuvi says i think he is obsessed with you, Twinkle says either he knew Kunj very well or he is Kunj only, Yuvi gets tensed listening this and says Kunj.. i mean.. Rocky Kunj how? we were in Goa, when everyone told us that Kunj. Twinkle says i know this theory is not possible but think everything is related to Kunj, he is similar to Kunj, i dont want cheap person like Rocky to be my Kunj but we have to find out, Yuvi says what will you do? Twinkle says i was Kunj’s wife, i knew him well, Kunj had birth mark on his chest, if we find that out then we will know truth, Yuvi says what will you do? Twinkle thinks something.
Twinkle comes to Kunj’s room, he is wearing ganji, Twinkle deliberately slips and says i cant move, can you take me to my room? he says yes, Twinkle tries to get up and holds his ganji’s edge, she pushes it down to see birth mark on chest and sees its not there, she is shocked, Rocky lifts Twinkle in arms, they look at each other, Sajna ve music plays, Twinkle recalls how Kunj held her life this earlier, they share eyelock. Kunj is taking Twinkle to room, he slips and falls down, Twinkle lands on couch while Rocky is on top of her, he asks if she is fine? its all my fault, he touches her arm, they are lost in each other, Pallavi comes there and sees them close, she is stunned, she says i got tickets of match, she leaves from there, Rocky goes behind her, Twinkle thinks that when Rocky touched me why i felt it familiar like my Kunj touched me.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Pallavi that we will talk, sit here, Pallavi says i dont wanna sit, when he came to me, he was dead, i gave him life, Twinkle says tell me clearly, whom you are talking about? Pallavi says he..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. now even tw feels rocky is kunj. so there is no chance sid will be back in the show

    1. Carol_Clament

      Omg you me wanna cry… :- (
      Please bring back Sid to this show.. I’m dying from inside Rotten like tomato from outside.

  2. Wow fantastic episode love it plz reunite our twinj soon plz writer. Rayna yar kyu maja aagya na.

    1. Carol_Clament

      Yes yes yes yes YES!!! You’re right. Bring back our Twinkj

  3. Nice since in bitwen twinj. Our uske sath old pictures of sidmin.
    I wish jald se jald twinj ko ek kardo. I want twinj is back……..plzzzzzzz

  4. Didn’t seem like twinkle still loves kunj…uvle pls

  5. Wow after a long time sajna ve nice to hear and watch twinj pair.

  6. pata to mujhe pehle se hi tha that twinj will re unite but jas ki sath naman nooooo…we want sid…???as a twinj fan i am happy that they are going to re unite but we want sid…..sid a jata to kamal ho jata…only sidmin can rock the show…coz naman and jas ka jodi jamega nehi i am sure..we want sid….

  7. Awesome,atleast twinkle felt presence of kunj ,more romance between twinj

  8. You guys don’t just dream of twinj as now yule’s accepting by all I already believed that twinj is no more but yule is no less too they are so adorable don’t think the makers will it again I mean they will ruin yule and reunite twinj again impossible because mostly people want yule now I really don’t know what they find in yule can you guys tell me what you find in them that you can’t anything else. ? You’re saying everywhere yule yule and choose yule over twinj I guess it’s fair coz first these makers did unfair with yule’s fans by making twinj’s pair and now all twinj’s fans because yule’s

  9. so much flash back scenes of sid.loved it.miss u sid. please come back. yee stupid zee tvs bar bar sid ko dikha kar dil thod rahi hai.

  10. I’m a Yule fan and really love them. Together they make an awesome couple . Still makers are bringing twinj chapter when it was supposed to be closed. I just
    hate that idea though yuvi did lot of things that shows that he changed himself into a new leaf family members are still doubting him. He is the one who deserves twinkle not kunj who just want revenge. If his love was true and genuine like yuvi he would have trust in twinkle and her love for him. Please don’t separate Yule ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ their pair.

  11. Yes naina bohot maza aayega.
    Ab bas jald se jald twinj ko reunite kar do.bohot intezar karwaya hai cvs ne.

  12. Yup nrk you are right.jab baar baar sid ko dikhaya jata hai toh mujhe v acha nahi lagta hain.Main sid ko aur jyada miss karne lag jaati hoon.
    And twinj photos on wall proves that how much kunj still love twinkle a lot.
    And in one touch of her rocky,twinkle recognize her kunj.Twinj are made for each other.
    But I am wondering,that where the birthmark in chest,has gone from kunj’s body.I think that twinkle had not seen it carefully.

    1. I wish birthmark can’t be found because he is not our kunj at all.somewhere I felt rocky is forcefully trying to prove he is kunj.till these days he was not wearing bracelet gifted by tw.why suddenly he has that bracelet in his wrist.when tw told about making noodles I felt he was faking he was tensed.I don’t think he is not that dumb who can’t understand this will create doubt in the mind of tw.

  13. Naina0923

    Yippee!!! Twinj scenes
    I really miss Sidmin though
    But I am happy that atleast Twinj will reunite
    Sajna ve moment after such a long time?

  14. Yes . I also miss Siddhant when they showed his flashback.but,he’s not going to come

  15. Yuvle ki deewani

    Stupd cv’s u broke ma heart whn u unite twnj n kunj cm in btwn ma yuvle agn if u do ths thn ur shw vl end up !

    1. i told u na that twinj will re unite…u wouldn’t believe me then.tei is all about twinj…and jas,naman,vaishnavi mam all confirmed about twinj…in a sbs zain also said that about twinkle she will except me but just as a frnd ofcourse nothing else.i always say that things which is fact…and this is the truth and fact.but i don’t naman shaw at all..

  16. Peewangmo

    Missed you Sidhant ?
    No mata sid’s fan.. we gonna rock it on 31st of this month…

  17. I wish birthmark can’t be found because he is not our kunj at all.somewhere I felt rocky is forcefully trying to prove he is kunj.till these days he was not wearing bracelet gifted by tw.why suddenly he has that bracelet in his wrist.when tw told about making noodles I felt he was faking he was tensed.I don’t think he is not that dumb who can’t understand this will create doubt in the mind of tw.Atleast he should doubt tw when she is acting so sweet to him these days

    1. i really wish sid will come back.???

  18. Me too .?

  19. Hahaha….yuvle are so cute together…and don’t take tensn guys….They will unite Yuvi and twinkle oly for sure…Jasmin ne bhi Iv mein confirm ki thi…from now on Yuvi aur twinkle ko dhekoge!! Anyways I too wish yuvle coz naman aur twinkle won’t look good together…namanofcourse is a good actor..but it was previously!! Coz lastly naman was seen in Piya rangezz that too opposite a 50-60year old woman…and cvs are not fools to unite twinkle with naman..coz hez definitely not d lead..what do u guys want??? Naman who romanced an old lady in his previous project .u want him to be paired wd jass??? Ridiculous!! If it was sid I too agree twinj wdb cool…but now it’s yuvle!!!

  20. SidMin

    Please bring back Twinj or else I would be like you have played with our feeling for a year and now bringing Twiraj back THIS IS NOT DONE

    1. SidMin

      Though Twiraj make a good pair after Sid’s exit but how can a girl fall in love with the man who had tried to ruin her respect and almost killed her sister ,wanted to kill her husband It would be so bad to show a women who loved her husband just for his face coz Twinkle still loves her Kunj she just does not like the fact that Rocky is Kunj

  21. Yes jenny yule is the shining start of the show now they are very good looking couple if they make the twinkle and boxer’s pair the show will be pointless hope they don’t separate yule now

    1. Ha Aisha…it would be pointless…It all started with Yuvi and twinkle and I really hope it ends with them being one..Why aren’t they focussing much on yuvles romance I don understand!! It all started with The tanejas and the luthras.and it wuld end with them as one!!!
      Sid nahi hai show mein dat means twiraj or yuvle wuld make a great couple!!

  22. Hahaha…after all it’s a serial…agar pehle lead gaya tho doosre ko chance milna hi chaahiye Na….Sid nahi hai tho ab zain ki baari hai!!!

    Kyum ek ladki doosri shaadi nahi karna Sakti kya??? Why are ppl acting dis way??? Can’t she have a another !!! I MEAN TO SAY BACK TO FIRST LOVE…YUVI USKI PEHLA PYAAR THA…PHIR APNE PATHI YAANI KUNJ SE PYAAR HUA..PATI NAHI HAIN THO PEHLA WAALA PYAAR vaapas paane ka poora haq hai usse!!

    Also how many marriages do u guys wanna see..twinkle being wd Yuvi is oly fair.coz now shez married to Yuvi.iska kaaran bhi Kunj hi hai.wo twinkle ko agar bathaatha ki wo zindha hai tho ye sab nahi hota!!

  23. wow memories k b print out nikale ja skte h. kuki kunj sea me dooba tha to pic hona impossible h.it mns ki usne apni mmries se print out nikale. had h kuch b???

    1. muje bhi samach nai aa rahi hum ye sab pic kisne kicha hai.in rain romance tw was busy in crying and kunj was busy in consoling her.and who took photos at that time. what a joke.stupid cvs are making as ullu

  24. Pls make it twiraj

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