Tashan-e-Ishq 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
RT says give me a chance to repent. Leela says stop it. Why you drink when you can’t handle yourself. I dont wanna listen anything. You are old enough you have to take care of yourself because there is no one else.

Twinkle says why is kunj’s phone not answering. She drops off on the couch. Kunj comes in and sees her. He says in heart how can I tell you that RT is your dad. I have to talk to maa and tell twinkle. He covers her. He says twinkle get you. Twinkle says Kunj.. He says sleep on the bed. She says i dont know how to apologize but what i did is unforgivable. Please forget what happened. He says its okay, it doesn’t matter. I wont let this get on my nerves. I thought i would give in to this wedding. But you showed me that you dont trust me. Twinkle says

i trust you, i shouldn’t have repeated it. He says you did this to hurt. SHe says i am stupid please forgive me. He says problem is with me, i am over sensitive. Twinkle says i am sorry. He covers her with a shawl and says dont apologize again and again. what had to happen has happened. Twinkle says i am really sorry. He leaves.

Next morning, Kunj says to leela we have to tell twinkle truth. What if she gets to know. leela says she shouldn’t know. Kunj says how long will you hide? You should tell her. Leela says you don’t know what you are saying. Kunj says try to understand please. Leela leaves. Kunj follows her. Anita was ovehearing. She says what is going in between them? I have to find out.

Twinkle prays in temple. She says you know everything. I try so hard to be a good wife. But I make mistakes. I and Kunj suffer because of that. Leela comes there too. Twinkle says i am sorry for last night. Leela says why are you crying. Twinkle says nothing. Leela says you will hide things from me now? She says i wish i had a dad too. You didnt have to face all this. he would have taken care of you. RT comes there. Kunj is there too. She says i feel his absence. If i had him i would have understood kunj better. I know i never said that but thank you so much that you chose kunj for me. He is really nice. He always takes care of me. He really understands me. I know whats the value of a good life partner. Leela says you have become mature. Twinkle says this is why i want you to think about marrying. You can’t live alone.
You should have someone to love you. Leela says this can’t happen. Twinkle say why? Kunj hides. Twinkle sees Rt. Sh says why are you stalking my mom? stay away from her. I am warning you last time. Stay away from her.

Anita is in the house. She checks closets and everything. Twinkle says my mom helped you as much as she could. Now stay away from her. Lets go maa. They leave.
Kunj and RT pray later.
Anita finds a photo but its unclear. She says who is this man? This must be important. She takes a snap of it.

Twinkle says are you going out? Kunj says who said that? He says for tomorrow. You don’t understand anything. Why you never listen to others? She says kunj please listen. He says pleae don’t push it. Some polish gets on his face from her hands. She says i can’t let you stay mad at me. He says what are you trying to do? SHe says i am saying sorry. She rubbs his face. She says you are so nice. Kunj says whats going on? Why are you touching me cheek? She says you are so sweet. He says let me go. She cleans his face.

Twinkle comes to leela and says this year i will manage all the arrangements of papa’s anniversary. Leela’s bp is low. Twinkle says rest, i will call you when its havan time. Leela says in heart i have to stop it.
Kunj gives lemonade to RT. Kunj says past recalling is useless. You have to win twinkle’s heart. She hates you. We cant tell you until she likes you a bit.
Leela calls kunj and tells him that twinkle wants to do havan for her dad. Kunj tells RT.

Precap-Twinkle welcomes everyone. The start the havan. Leela says in heart where is kunj? How will he stop this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ohhh…tshan.e.ishq is dragged …plzzz writers ,directors just finish this issue and make twinkle to know about his father….bcz due to this twinj relationship is facing problems..plzz make twinj confess their love for each other ….

  2. Looks like its the season of adoption and secrecy. Every darn drama has the same story line where the child’s biological parents are not whom he/she thinks they are Adopted or switched at birth.

  3. Ohhh gosh writers r draging d story
    Plzzzz dont drag it n start twinj lov story

  4. Kunj plzz twinkle se zyada naraaz mat raho…ab maan b jaao..

  5. Don’t like to see rift between kunj
    I don’t think,kunj loves twinkle
    Hope when she confesses he confesses,too

  6. Hmm… Same old tracks… Nothing nice… I hope the writer of this drama can come out with new/exciting ideas…

  7. Boring.the writer is dragging the story. I don’t want to see rift between kunj and twinkle.

  8. Y twinkle should not know about her father….pls don’t dragging this old story…we all need twinj scenes only

  9. don’t drag plz. we want more

  10. What’s the song that played in the background while kunj were covering twinkle.

  11. I think makers are more interested in seperating twinj….plzz unite twinj without creating misunderstandings bw them….

  12. Ya realy writer n directer plizzz dont drag the sceane

  13. Twinkle kunj ki again ldai hogi cz kunj twinke ko death anniversy manane se roke gaa……aurr mje to Maya bhi kch sahi nae lgti….I think she is trying to created misunderstandings btwen twinj…..plzz God save twinj from all evil people and unite them

  14. hey any new news?

  15. Twinkle twinkle big star

    You know what if the writers will not drag the show then it would be finished and a new serial will come and no twinkle no kunj no yuvi no drama no tashan no ishq……..and finally no twinj… So please don’t comment bullshit things ….. But there’s a doubt …we had seen that when Twinkie’s father had died she was nearly 8-9 years ( remember the episode where Twinkie said to him that I will not marry ) how come she don’t remember her fathers face and she had not even see ln his pics

  16. No fun in these episodes but ther are being intresting

  17. I HV a news guys….I read on filmybeats that kunj is going to divorce twinkle …this is the upcoming twist in TEI

  18. Hi there what was the title of the song when Twinkle was actually in the midst of saying sorry to kunj? i wanna know what is the title of the song

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