Tashan-e-Ishq 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kunj gets ready for fight, Twinkle asks him to not go for fight, Kunj says to Twinkle that you think that i cant win fight? Twinkle says i didnt say that but did you see fighter against you? he is Rocky but you are not Mohammad Ali, dont go for fight, Kunj says he must be fighting for fame but i am fighting to bring smile on your face, you want Mahi to become fine so make me wear gloves, Twinkle looks in his eyes, she makes him wear gloves, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says i will fight for you and i will win for you, i promise, lets leave, he leaves with her.
Kunj and Twinkle comes to fight club, Twinkle thanks Kunj, dont stop me from talking today, i am saying that i am proud of you, i am proud of fact that you are my husband, beat this Rocky alot, Kunj caresses her face, she smiles

at him. Kunj comes in ring, fight starts, Kunj defense Rocky’s attacks, Rocky beats him, Kunj tries to fight but Rocky beats him hard, Twinkle is stunned, she asks Kunj to wake up, he recalls how Twinkle said that she proud that he is her husband, he gets up and gets beaten by Rocky again, Twinkle asks Kunj to wake up, you cant lose, you have to win for me, Kunj gets up, Twinkle says you have to win for me, she cries. Kunj thinks that i have to win it, Twinkle chants for Kunj. Kunj dodges Rocky, he starts beating Rocky, Rocky falls down and loses fight, Twinkle comes in ring and hugs Kunj, she says you did it, we won, you won, Kunj says i told you i will win it for you, they share eyelock, referee says kunj is winner, Kunj and Twinkle touches their forehead, Sajna ve plays.
Kunj says to one guy that you have to do it, he gives him trophy, man leaves.
Babee says to Mahi that think about this surgery again, you should go for it. Same man comes to Mahi and gives her cheque of 50lacs and trophy, he says Yuvi have sent it for you, Mahi gets happy, man leaves. Mahi says to Babee that see this. Kunj comes there and says Yuvi won boxing match? he said that he will arrange money but i didnt know he will do it so soon, Mahi says i knew Yuvi will do this for me. Yuvi comes there and sees trophy in Mahi’s hands, he is confused, Mahi hugs him and says i knew you will never break your promise, you finally arranged money for my surgery, thanks for taking part in boxing competition, she says to Twinkle that see this is my Yuvi, he can do anything for me and what you were saying that he is a fraud? Twinkle says yes you are right, Yuvi did it, Yuvi angrily looks at Twinkle and Kunj. Mahi says to RT that my husband have earned money now i will go for operation, RT gets happy, Mahi says we should go to hospital.
In hospital, Leela says to Mahi that dont take tension, everything will be fine, Mahi is taken for operation, all leave. Twinkle says to Yuvi that your plan failed, you can make evil plans but till Kunj is with me, we cant lose, she holds Kunj’s hand and says we have more strength than you, Yuvi leaves. Twinkle looks at Kunj emotionally, Sajna ve plays.
Doctor says to RT that surgery was successful, she will be fine soon, he leaves. Twinkle sees this from far, she thanks Kunj for everything, she says it all happened because of you, she gives peck on his cheek, he is surprised and looks at her, she gets shy, she smiles at him awkwardly, Tum mile plays, Twinkle runs from there, Kunj smiles. Yuvi sees this and says the much i try to separate them, the more they get closer, i dont like this, his hand bleeds as he hurts himself.
Leela says to Twinkle and Kunj that i am proud of you both, i pray for you both, you both handled Mahi so well, she was angry with you but Twinkle fulfilled duties of elder sister, Twinkle says i will always be with Mahi, she sill soon understand that i did everything for her good, Kunj says soon she will understand all this, dont know i am bearing one like this, when they will join then dont know what will happen to me, Twinkle asks if he is afraid? Kunj says me? Leela says you both started again, they smile

Scene 2
Babee says its good that Mahi returned home, she will soon be fine, Cherry says Yuvi is nice person, he won boxing match and got money so mahi had to become fine, Babee says its nice day, she says to Twinkle that there is good news for you, she gives her invitation card and says its invitation card of Mrs. Amritsar, you were Miss Amritsar so you can take part in it, Twinkle thanks her, Cherry says ladies have to wear small swimsuits in these competitions right? i am just clearing my doubts, Babee says Twinkle will see everything, dont blabber rubbish. Babee asks Yuvi to take Mahi to her room, he leaves with Mahi.
Anita calls her friend and says i am sorry i couldnt invite anyone for wedding of Yuvi, my Yuvi is so nice, Mahi’s face is burnt but still Yuvi married her, she ends call. Anita says to Yuvi that Kunj and Twinkle did Mahi’s srugery, till they are together they will give us tough time, we have to do something, Yuvi says when you were young.. Anita says i am still young, Yuvi says you used to be centre of attraction in parties? Anita says all women used to look at me, Yuvi asks how would father react to it? Anita says any man would get jealous when other men eye his wife, Yuvi calls his friends and tell them to execute plan.
Kunj comes out of house and finds some guys there(Yuvi’s friends), he asks who are they? guy says Miss Amritsar lives here? Kunj says she is my wife, guy says she was so hot, is she participating this time? she would look hot in short dresses this time too, Kunj gets angry.

PRECAP- Kunj says to Twinkle that i know you are excited and i dont want to deny you for anything but.. Twinkle says you are thinking that when i will walk in swimsuit then people will click my pictures? are you feeling possessive? Kunj says you can do anything, its your life after all, Twinkle thinks that he isnt liking the fact that i am participating in competition.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So sweet, specially when kunj wins the competition

  2. Wow blossom of love ❤ .. Twinj great. If twinkle cancels the competition then it will be awesome… Kunj will fall in love with her… So cute… Happy to see them together.

  3. Nice epi….superb twinj scenes……but I think ab uv ka plan work kre ga twinj ko separate krne mein….cz kunj will be passessive for twinkle and this Mrs Amritsar competition and all will lead to major misundratanding and fight between twinj….God plzzz twinj ko UV k gandy plans se bchao….

    1. Yup..i too agree..i hope she will not participate in this competition.

  4. Ppl wat do u think ? Twinkle will go for mrs Amritsar competition or no…………. According to me she won’t take part in d competition……. N tat only will be a good decision…….. Wat r ur views guys a?

  5. Oww…so sweet chemistry between twinj..i luv both of them…so cute couple…yuvi will fail for sure…love this show madly…

  6. I think twinkle will go for the competition but kunj wil b angry but won’t say anything that’s why he said it’s your life ‘ wch means he does not want twinkle to participate and might realise that he has started to feel for twinkle . And I don’t know why but I think yuvi next plan is to separate twinj wch he will.

  7. Wow nice episode especially kunj and twinkle scene.

  8. I think twinkle will take part somehow & surely kunj will b jealous…. now this can result in 2 ways,,1st one is that there can b fights b/w ’em & 2nd one is d luv can increase & may lead 2 confession…..let’s hope 4 d Best….

  9. oh god..the epi was too good..twinj were fab today..guys did u notice kunj xprssn when twinkle kissed him?? he actually liked it! nd precap is so exiciting can’t w8 to see it…i just hope nw our twinj comes closer! aww they look so cute!

  10. So sweet guys whenkunj. Feels4 twinkle. I am very excitedLol

  11. kunj is already in love with twinkle since he won the copetition for her and he also said that she dont know what she mean to him(kiss wali epi)and she is very imp to him and i think though kunj doesnt like it but he supports twinkle and this time too yuvi s plan fails i am sure of it and about twinj kiss wali scene it is just awesome and very cute expressions of twinki and kunj very excited tosee todays epi

  12. and do you people remember when twinki wore short dress on raman s anniversary then kunj supported her stood on her side he also complemented her and this time too they will come close off course though they are close they dont share a hubby wife relation and nothing to loose btw them and they dont break their tashan e shaadi sooooooo easily for sillly reasons and their relation is not such weak that they separate on small issue since twinki too wont like to participate when kunj doesnt like it but as he will not admit it and dont let her feel sad bcos of him so she will participate and i am damn sure that it will bring them more close who knows it may lead kunj to confess his love to twinki and hope the same at last writer please dont make a worst twist so that we will be dissapointed……………………as it is in his hands

    1. i absolutely agree wid u di..twinj’s relation shouldn’t break for such silly reason..in fact they should confess their love..oh can’t wait to see that..

    2. I really have a feeling tat twinkle won’t participate in the competition. Then UV will get jacked again……… N only then kunj also will be happy hearing tat . sudha u r ryt they won’t simply break their relation……. I jus hope twinkle doesn’t participate…… Or if she does then kunj should support her ……..??????

  13. wOoow Suppperb…. kunj and Twinkle…

  14. I wonder what will happen when Twinkle will participate in the Miss Amritsar competition?
    If something similar happens like the first episode where Twinkle gives her title to a gir l and the. This time like Twinkle taking stand for a girl or something maybe that time Kunj may realize his love for Twinkle .
    Or like when Twinkle wins like her name is announced Kunj may jump in joy haha would love that to happen 🙂 😛

  15. Confession is really really near!

  16. in my opinion twinkle will take part n the competition n kunj will feel possesive bt he will not express n support twinkle….this may give uv a new chance to separate them as he was planning something in his mind when he talked to anita today…

  17. Episode was nice twinj love is awesome
    Want some romantic scenes between them.

  18. :-)pragati:-)

    Wow…its awsome,..when kunj falls and think about twinkle’s word..I think twinkle will participate this competition and not wear a swimming suit but bcoz now she is Mrs.Kunj Sarna so she participate like a homely nd beautiful daugther in law…I hope so

  19. :-)pragati:-)

    Waiting for today episode

  20. Wooow!!! Aweasome today episode but precap is confusion……. Twinkle is participate in mrs. Amrith sir or not.

  21. Kunj was too much cute..he cant tell his love for twinkle..so sweet

  22. Its good tht uv s getting hateed feelong the twings wow cool epic ….. uv twinkle willl uts always bt dear plzzz do smthing other thing sooo tht twinkle willl gt to on tht u still love hr by heaart…. rok uv nd twinkle

  23. nice episode especially when kunj get possessive for twinkle and their moments awesome

  24. Very nice episode and precape also and i know jaise aaj uv ka mahi ki surgery na krane wala plan fail kiya h twinj ne aage bhi wo aisa hi karenge so best of luck twinj and u r awosum ????

  25. The episode was awesome especially when twinkle kissed kunj wowwwwwwww! But why the trp has decreased???????

    1. I think trp decreased due to dragging

  26. Yrr awesome how romantic twinj scenes especially boxing match fabulous

  27. Todays episode was epic
    Kunj and twinkle are made for each orther

  28. Twin will take part in compitition. Hope this will sttenhtn love betwn tnjn.
    Story is good but y trp is decrssing
    I guess ty should give thm prime slot like 9.30 or 10 cozzz on youtube also viewrs r more

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