Tashan-e-Ishq 19th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sarna family is going out for breakfast, Cherry acts like his friend has called him, he says to Surjeet that i have to meet my friend urgently so you people go for breakfast, Surjeet says okay. Kunj is about to sit in car but feels something fishy, Usha ask him what happened? he says i am feeling weird, she says you havent eaten anything thats why, lets go, Kunj leaves with her, Twinkle is locked inside cupboard and calling out Kunj’s name. Cherry says everyone is gone, now i and Twinkle are alone but this is not right place to do anything, i should take her to farm house, he calls his friend and says i have to move one cupboard from my house to farm house but its important stuff so handle with care as there is someone inside it who is precious to me, he ends call and says now

i will be with my Twinkle.
Kunj is driving car, he is feeling uneasy, Babee says you must be missing Twinkle but dont worry, she has gone to her mother’s place, will comeback soon.
Twinkle feels suffocated inside cupboard and faints, Cherry comes there and says no noise is coming out means Twinkle has fainted, not to worry, i will bring her out soon and will give her everything which her husband couldnt give her.
Bubbly is calling Twinkle but she isnt picking up, Leela says to Bubbly that i am feeling very strange as if something wrong is going to happen, i am thinking about Twinkle, Bubbly says i am calling her but she isnt picking up, Leela ask her to call Kunj.
Kunj reaches restaurant, he ask Babee and Usha to go in while he will park car, they go, Bubbly calls Kunj and ask to give call to Twinkle, Kunj says but she was at your house only? Bubbly says she was going to come here but didnt reach till now, Kunj gets worried and says i will go home and check, he goes.
Cherry’s friends starts taking cupboard from house, Cherry ask them to handle it with care. Kunj comes there and sees cupboard in Cherry’s friends hands, Cherry says actually Surjeet ordered them to bring this cupboard to his shop so they are taking it, Kunj says okay, Kunj’s hands strike with Twinkle’s dupatta which is lying little outside cupboard but Kunj doesnt realize it, friends take cupboard from house infront of Kunj, friend’s card falls out of his pocket while leaving but Kunj doesnt take it, cherry ask Kunj why did he comeback? Kunj says Twinkle didnt go to Leela’s house so i have come to find her, Cherry says ok you find her i am going, Cherry thinks that Kunj will keep finding Twinkle here and i will have fun with Twinkle at farm house, dont worry Kunj, i will keep your wife happy, you stay here as you are good for nothing.
Kunj comes in his room and sees Twinkle’s phone there, he says if phone is here then where is Twinkle? he tries to search her.
Cherry brings cupboard at farm house, he gives money to his friend and says that dont tell anyone that i asked you to bring this cupboard here, there is girl inside it, if someone ask you then tell them that Surjeet asked you bring that cupboard to his shop, so everyone will doubt Anita but not me, friend leaves, Cherry opens cupboard and sees unconscious Twinkle, he says Twinkle looks so beautiful even when she is unconscious.
Kunj calls Leela and says Twinkle is not at home and she didnt reach your home too then where she must be? Leela says i am feeling weird, dont know where Twinkle is, i am sure Anita is behind all this, she is always behind Twinkle, Kunj says dont worry, i wont let anything happen to Twinkle, dont you trust me? Leela says i know you wont let anything happen to her, Kunj says till your blessings are with us, nothing bad can happen to us, he ends, Leela ask bubbly to call Raman and tell him that Twinkle is missing.
Kunj recalls how he saw Twinkle’s dupatta coming out of cupboard, he checks Selfie which Yuvi took in morning, he sees Twinkle wearing same dupatta, he says it means it was Twinkle inside cupboard, he says i will save you Twinkle, he takes card of friend lying there and says Anita must have hired those men.

Scene 2
Kunj comes to Cherry’s friend and ask about Twinkle, friend says i dont know anything, i was just asked to take cupboard from your house, Kunj beats him and ask where did you take that cupboard? he says we took it to farm house, Kunj thinks that its same farm house which Surjeet bought somedays back, it means Anita is behind all this and wants to malign Surjeet’s name, i wont let anything happen to Twinkle, i am coming Twinkle, i will create chaos in whole Amritsar but wont let anything happen to my wife, he leaves, friend calls Cherry to inform about Kunj inquiring but Cherry doesnt pick up.
Twinkle is lying on bed in farm house room, Cherry comes to her and says sorry Twinkle, we came here together for first time and i have to make you smell this chloroform so you dont wake up, he makes her smell chloroform, he says if you become conscious then you would have seen me and it would have become problem and also you would have become shy seeing me so you are better conscious, he caresses her face and says you are so beautiful, if you were my wife then i would have brought moon and stars for you but its daytime so i cant brings stars but i am with you, he takes off his waist coat and says i cant control, he takes off her dupatta and says Bhabhi ji(sister in law) you are so pretty. Kunj is driving car and prays to lord that nothing should happen to Twinkle else i wont be able to forgive myself. Cherry comes closer to Twinkle and is about to kiss her.

PRECAP- Leela is worried and thinks if something happened to Twinkle? Kunj is going towards farm house, he is driving fast and is tensed, otherside Cherry admires Twinkle’s beauty and comes closer to kiss her.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Shilpi

    Save her, plz plz plz….
    Twinkle is that super fool, why did she act so childish.
    What was the need to hide in cupboard, as if she would have exposed Yuvi…
    Anyway hero kunj drive fast

  2. kripa

    cherry is so disgusting!
    poor twinkle 🙁
    i have a feeling that yuvi will come there snd save her…because kunj is still driving and searching twinkle 🙁
    i don’t care who saves her…i just want her to be saved that’s it!
    I don’t understand how many negetive character has to be in the show? -_-
    anita,yuvi,cherry,surjeet they are always after twinkle…usha hates her,manohar is not seen nowadays and good for nothing leela is not supporting her -_-

    • Shilpi

      You may be right. If this happens then it will be interesting to watch, otherwise they will go on dragging the show with mental yuvi.

    • Agreed ….top priority is for Teinkle to be saved……cherry is so digusting…Twinkle is like a sister to him……..kunj pls save your wife and her respect ……even if Yuvi is abt to save teinkle i honestly wouldnt mind…becoz if anything bad happens….twinkle will be defamed for” seducing” Cheŕry…and noone will side her…..poor thing…

      • kripa

        that’s what I’m saying…..twinkle has to be saved….i don’t care whether yuvi saves her or kunj…..i just don’t want such a nasty thing to be happened with her

  3. I think kunj will not reach there in time….and may be chery will be succeeded in his evil plot.but I wish it should not happen …kunj must have to reach there to save his syapa queen

  4. Leela should stop accusing Anita all the time without any proof, it’s so stupid…… Cherry is so cheap and disgusting. Kunj save your wife from the devil…

  5. sonam

    I think when kunj will save twinkle she will think that kunj has kidnapped her and try to use her in this state

  6. Sne7

    The only thing that happens in Tashan e ishq is kidnaps. Every week somebody or the other is kidnapped or attempted to kill.

  7. Rakshita

    Plz kunj save twinkle from that cheapo…!! 🙁
    I don’t think that uvi will save her coz he is with other family members…!!

  8. Rakshita

    I think this kidnappings and atk(attempts to kill) twinj will bring them closer and they will realize each others importance…!! 🙂

  9. Right guys ….every week the same track.. Kunj’ s kidnap,attempt to murder and now twinkle ‘s kidnap..wts going on..I think the makers of the show really needs to read fan fiction to get some better ideas to make show interesting….hope for twinj love …..

  10. Princess roshni

    I don’t care who saves who .i hope twinkle is safe .and if she is saved by kunj plz I hope not lyk the first one misunderstanding. I hope there love increases

  11. Rakshita

    I too agree aid u shanaz Di …..don’t mind calling u Di as I don’t know who is the elder one…!! 🙂

  12. farida

    What nonsense is now happening . First the Psycho YUVI and now a love-lust crazy CHERRY .
    A whole bunch of weirdos they are.
    As for SURJEET with his devilish look – hope someone slaps him to reality so he can wake up.
    Anyway TWINKLE should leave from KUNJ’s HOUSE and not go to her heartless mother and rather go and make a life for herself. Ladies wake up were are living in different times. Don’t live by society norms

      • ruth

        Kunj saves Twinkle from cherry. Cherry decides to ill them but lears that they don’t know the truth.
        Kunj and twinkle bout her kidnapping.
        Kunj brings food food twinkle, she asks him to eat along, Kunj teases her.
        Yuvi acts normal and mad, he hurts her. later its revealed that Yuvi is acting to break twinkle’s marriage. twinkle goest babe
        precap(really interesting): Babee tells about Yuv tring to hurt twinkle to surjeet and decided to send him to a mental assylum

  13. Twinkle and kunj make a perfect made for each other jodi….loved tonight epi.m so happy that kunj saved his twinkle.
    But yuvi is not exposed in front of twinj…he must be exposed….

  14. Atiba aaj just tashn.e.ishq ki hi q written update nae do aap ne….u write so well yara and create the actual feeling …u are superb writer…plz write the tashn.e.ishq 21st dec episode plz plz plz….

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