Tashan-e-Ishq 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle says to Kunj that Yuvi is winning their so called competition. Kunj says to Twinkle that i tried alot but now i give up, you won, i have lost and i am going away now, i wont bother you, i give up. Twinkle is hurt, Kunj and Twinkle turns away from each other and leaves bar.
Yuvi comes to Twinkle in parking lot and says i like that you are appreciating my efforts, i will drop you home, come. Twinkle sees Kunj sitting in his car and weeping silently, Dhal Jaun plays, Yuvi sees Twinkle looking at Kunj and asks her to sit in car, Twinkle sits, Yuvi drives away. Twinkle is sad.
Kunj is driving car, she stops and puts head on steering wheel and cries.
Twinkle gets Principal’s call, he says there is good news, minister has agreed to come to fest so we have to

finalize everything, Twinkle says but we have less time, Principal says thats why i am calling, you and Rocky has to perform well, she says okay, Twinkle ends call and thinks how will i dance with Kunj now? Yuvi thinks Twinkle gave me brownie points, i have to do something, he drops Twinkle home.
Yuvi meets Kunj in morning, Yuvi says to Kunj that why you are going to college? the one for whom you are doing so much, she doesnt wanna see you, i feel bad for you Kunj, you are so close to Twinkle and i am away from her yet i am winning her, today i won Kunj and you lost, Kunj says there is nothing like winning or losing in love, but never really loved thats why you dont know, Yuvi says good lines but this is no movie that you are saying dialogues, keep this hankie and i suggest you to accept Rocky’s life again. Kunj pushes him away, Yuvi is about to fall down, Kunj says think about yourself, i just pushed you and you couldnt take it, if you got Rocky’s punch then you wouldnt able to stand. A letter falls from Kunj’s hand mistakenly, Kunj doesnt see it and leaves from there. Yuvi sees letter and says wow Kunj you surrendered yourself?
Kunj gives resignation to Principal, Principal says i cant let you go, its about fest. Kunj says fine i will dance with Twinkle only for college’s reputation. Twinkle listens it and thinks that Kunj doesnt want to dance with me, now i know. Kunj says to Principal that i know Twinkle is not comfortable dancing with me, i dont want to make her feel odd, Principal says i understand.
Kunj and Twinkle are in studio and are practicing dance, Sun Sathiya plays. Kunj touches Twinkle’s waist, she gets tensed, Twinkle recalls how Kunj said that he doesnt want to dance with her. Yuvi comes there as Jassi and says i saw his resignation letter but why he is here now? everytime something comes in my way. Twinkle is dancing with Kunj but Kunj mistakenly drops her, she falls down. Twinkle says what is wrong with you, i asked you to give me space but you didnt give it and now you are behaving like a kid, you cant handle anything properly, just cause i denied you so you are doing things like these, i request you to please perform nicely in fest for college’s sake, she goes away. Yuvi thinks that this way Kunj will lose. Yuvi stops Twinkle and says i listened everything, i think Rocky Sir is doing this deliberately, he will not dance well and will make fun of you in fest, he will destroy your performance, Twinkle thinks about it.

Scene 2
Fest starts. Kunj recalls how Twinkle said that Yuvi is winning. Minister comes there. Host announces Twinkle and Kunj’s performance. Twinkle is getting ready, Yuvi comes there as Jassi, he looks at her and thinks that i love you so much, i will keep you so happy than Kunj, just give me one chance baby doll. He says Twinkle i will come after calling my mummy, he leaves.
Kunj is sitting in his room backstage, he is called on stage but Yuvi locks Kunj’s room’s door from outside. Kunj tries to open door but its locked, he asks if there is anyone? Yuvi says no one is going to help you Kunj Sarna. Kunj opens ventilation window of room and sees Jassi standing outside his room with key of his door, he says why Jassi locked me here?

Scene 3
Twinkle comes on stage and starts dancing. Yuvi thinks everything is perfect, Kunj’s entry is about to happen but he is locked and must be calling out for help. Kunj thinks that my entry is about to come, how to get out of here? he tries to break ventilation window. Twinkle is dancing, yuvi thinks Rocky is gone from Twinkle’s life. Kunj comes there and holds Twinkle, they dances on Sun Sathiya, Yuvi thinks what the hell, how did Kunj come out of room? Kunj closely dances with Twinkle, Twinkle looks at him sadly as dance ends. Everyone claps for them, Yuvi is miffed. Kunj says to Twinkle that every moment spent with you means alot to me, i try to bring them again but you keep pushing me away, Twinkle says why dont you leave me like you left me earlier, i have forgotten you, i am habituated to live without you, Kunj says no you are lying, you have only missed me all these years, Twinkle says no i never remembered you, truth is that you never missed me, never thought how i am living without you, you only thought about yourself, your love was selfish and lie, you are selfish, your promises were a lies, everything was a lie, Kunj cups Twinkle’s face with this hands and says i accept that i was wrong but my love for you was always true, look in my eyes and you will find yourself only, just give one chance to our love, to our relation. They share eyelock on stage.

PRECAP- Yuvi dressed as Jassi comes to back stage room. Kunj sees him going in room and follows him. Yuvi starts doing his make-up and makes fake beard on his face to look like Jassi. Kunj sees this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hey guys there is sad news sid got eliminated from jdj in 6th week :'( :'(

    1. Loveleen

      omg…i wish he cud cm back bt its nt possible….hope he gets a new serial…bt he got eliminated so soon…i cant belive…he ws a strong competitor

      1. I praying may be its fake news.Anyways he is in bottom 3 along with helly and shakti. I don’t think rangeela gonna eliminate shakti :@

    2. helly and sid are eliminated

  2. Baby

    ughh dis uvraj is jst hell i ll kill him oh god every episode of tei makes me cry

  3. Loveleen

    nw it seems its gonna b twinj.. cz once uv’s truth is out twinkle is gonna choose kunj….i wish sid cud hav cm back

  4. I don’t like naman.

  5. Woww todays episode was perfect…twinj forever ♡♡♡

  6. Yes.its unfair ,how can Sid get eliminated so easily,colors are only going to rock with their stars not stars of other channel
    .hope Sid come back with a blast in new serial or wild card entry.

  7. Ohh m g now sid eliminate ho gya may be uske chances ho skte hain show mein wapis aane ke ….plzz makers sid ko wapis le aayo show mein……..hope kunj ka dobara accident ho jaye…or fr uski plastic surgery ho jaye sid wapis aa jaye

  8. Scene kuchh aisa ho……kunj k samne jassi ki sachai aa jaye k wo uv hai….or fr kunj twinkle se sorry mange or car mein chla jaye….fr twinkle ko kunj ke pyar ka ehsaas ho or fr wo uske pichhe pichhe jaye nd kunj ka accident ho or twinkle use hospital mein le jaye fr uski plstic surgery ho nd apna sid waapis……..

    1. The plot seems good.. hope sid comes backk??.. the serial will gain it’s lost trps too.. if sid comes back all Sidhantians will start watching again including me..

  9. Wohhhh seriasly naman is a very good actor. I like his emotion.
    I hate that uv.

  10. dreamer..arundhati

    I guess tei is gaining its lost glory…hope side returns. ?.but naman is doing a fab job…

  11. Pls comeback sid we want sidmin…….old kunj sid

  12. This was my favorite serial now it’s pure crap it only works when twinkle is with uv everyone i know stop watching since the new guy came in there no chemistry between them the show started to go down hill so I’m behalf of the whole od trinidad wi thumbs down

  13. I mean yuvi should think about his life this time atleast instead of falling back tht stupid twinkle…..kunj also turned negative and tortured all family without trying to findout what happened….atleast yuvi have some reason….i like only yuvi role…

  14. Sayali Gorakshakar

    Tis is stupid yaar..Jz coz d makers wanna pair up twinkle n kunj together tey r again making yuvi villian.Obviously she is gonna choose kunj..the makers hv made yuvi villain coz tey wnt to pair up twinj nly soo that ppl vil agn strt luvin twinj.Bichara Yuvi i pity him.

    1. Sayali I think it’s not the way you thought I think yuvi is doing this for twinkle’s happiness in Monday’s episode he’ll not close the door while making jassi’s avarat and kunj will see him and will expose in front of twinkle anyways let’s see what there in the store

  15. THE LAST PART!!!!! ^.^
    My God! It was so surreal!
    Really gave me goosebumps…
    Naman and Jasmin, you two, just nailed it!
    Love you Twinj :*

  16. Chanpreet0815

    As i told kunj dose’nt do any planning or plotting like uv. Kunj’s love is pure for twinkle. Love needs sacrifice. If uv would really have been sacrificed for twinkle. I would had said that uv really loves twinkle Unconditionally. and i would have been told that unite twiraaj. But he don’t deserve twinkle. Only nd only kunj deserve her syappa queen.
    And as sid is eliminated i just wish that he should come back in kunj’s role. Really missing him a lot. And his lines. Syappa queen. Syaape krvaalo is ladki se bas. And whenever sid was talking with twinkle. He was saying Tu. I had noticed this new kunj sometimes says tum. Really missing sid plzz come back.

  17. Chanpreet0815

    Nd plzz us pallavi ko nikaalo Kunj ki life se. Bht parshaan krke rkha h usne

  18. now sid got eliminated so we want sid back in the show at any cost…so zee tv just stop your nonsense now and bring our hero back…

    1. I don’t think he gonna comeback. hoping for a miracle. fingers crossed

  19. OMG Sid got eliminated.It’s confirmed news that helly shah and sidhant will be elimimated from jhalak dikhlaa jaa.Sid had left TEI for jhalak dikhlaa jaa and he got eliminated.Stupid colors tv.Itne ache actor ko hata diya.

  20. Wat DA hell is wrong with the writers….. Why are they so unfair to zain/yuvi’s character n spoiling that superb character….. This serial is just full of shit…feel pity for yuvi ………… Twinkle and rocky just go to hell with the writers…..luv u lots zain???

  21. Can’t wait for Twinkle and Kunj to be together. Naman is such a great actor and love him.

  22. Yes fats,I also can’t wait for twinj reunion.And naina,where are you dear.You are not commenting from few days.Plz come back dear.

  23. Naman is a great actor. I can’t wait for twinj reunion

  24. Wats the hell is gng on in tei.?? I lv zain and Jasmin’s pair.. Twivi luks so cute..

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