Tashan-e-Ishq 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Mrs. Sarna says that Leela’s daughter is so shameless, she insulted me so much and said sorry in drunk state, Manohar comes and says i hope you have started working on house warming party, she says yes and i have ordered invitation cards, he looks at cards and throws them away, he says i told you that cards should be light pink and they are dark pink, she says there is not much difference, he says do what i say not more than that, he checks guest list and ask why Taneja’s name is not in it? she says i thought what happened there, they dont deserve to be here, Manohar says you will decide who will come in party? they have to come in party.
Twinkle puts cream on Raman’s wounds and says sorry, Pinni says you should not do all this that Raman have to fight for you,

Raman says cant you see how much guilty she is, he ask twinkle to go and rest.
Manohar says to his wife that Twinkle is very lucky for me, Guru ji said that i will meet laxmi and the time she welcomed me and put garland in my neck, my deal got finalized, she has to come here.
Pinni says to Leela that for you all that matter is twinkle, what happened today was Twinkle’s mistake, Leela says it was not twinkle’s mistake, Yuvi was misbehaving with her and Raman did right and you all are same for me, after my husband died, i worked and bubbly is same for me as Twinkle, i have given you all everything, Raman is my younger brother and i can do anything for him, Raman says we know how you are, Dada sys we know you can give life for us, Pinni says i am sorry too, i said rubbish things, she hugs Leela, Leela smiles.

Scene 2
Yuvi gets call from Twinkle, she says i wanna meet you rightnow, come to point where we meet everytime, he says ok i am coming. Yuvi comes, Twinkle hugs him and cries, he ask what happened? he says i am alive, everything is fine, she says because of me you are Raman mama are in this state, why our families hate each other so much, why i am not able to do anything, my mom challenged that she will fix my marriage in 5 days, she will fulfill her challenge, everything will end, our love story will end, she hugs him, she says my mom will not understand, i cant live without you, do something, i also dont want to hurt our families, Yuvi says you are right, we have to do something before your mother takes action, i have only one solution in my mind, we should runaway from home, i know this is big step but we have only this solution, our family’s animosity will not end in 5 days, we have only 5 days, we have to run from house, Twinkle says you are right, we dont have other way, both share eyelock, she rest her head on his shoulder.
Twinkle is packing her stuff, she says to lord that i always prayed to you but you didnt leave any chance for me, now i have to hurt my family and run with Yuvi, i think i have only this way to solve things, i dont want to hurt anyone, make everything fine and be with me.

Scene 3
Leela says to Raman that most of families ranaway because of Twinkle, we dont have any family whom we didnt ask for proposal, we had only Sarna’s family but so much happened in party, Raman says you are jumping to conclusion, first call Manohar Sarna and then see what they are upto, Leela says you are right i can take chance, Pinni says whom you are listening too, this is sensitive matter, they have seen Twinkle in worst condition so we cant talk about proposal to them, you think about it, she leaves, Leela says she is right.
Twinkle gets Yuvi’s message that today your prince charming will take you away from world, she gets excited.
Leela gets Manohar’s call, she greets him, you surprised me after party scene, Manohar says dont be awkward, i have seen world and not always truth is shown, your daughter’s innocence can be proved by seeing your personality, we are arranging house warming party, i am inviting your family and please do bring Twinkle, she sys why not, he ends call, she tells Raman, Raman says now just relax, we will talk about proposal in party, Leela says now i will fulfill my challenge and get best proposal for my daughter.
Leela comes to Manohar’s house with many gifts, Manohar greets her, he says it was not needed, Leela says i am coming first time here so had to bring things, i have brought sweets for you too, Manohar’s wife sys we dont eat much sweets, Manohar sys its good you brought it, Leela says i dont know this is right time or not but i am afraid so i wanna talk something, i dont know how to start, he ask her to be relax, Leela says i want good groom for my daughter.
Twinkle calls Chinki and says Yuvi will take me to his world, Chinki says you are lucky that you got Yuvi who can leave his family for you, your lovestory is unlimited, you are running from world for your love, Twinkle sas you are making me excited, Chinki says now your life will be great, you will live with person whom you love, she ends call, Twinkle says my prince, i am also dying to meet you.
Leela says to Manohar that if you feel right then i want proposal of your son Kunj for my daughter Twinkle, wife is shocked? Manohar stops her and says i like Twinkle alot, we have no problem with this propsal, manager comes and says Manohar you got award for best businessman in Asia, he gets happy, Leela says its double happiness, Manohar says i want this relation to happen fast, send her kundli, we will check it and in party, my son will come she will meet Kunj. Twinkle runs from house with bag.

PRECAP- Leela says everything is going fine, hope kundlies meet and then this relation will be fixed. Twinkle meets Yuvi, he ask her to sit in car, they have to run, she says stop, this is big day of our life so one selfie is must, she takes selfie with him.strong>

Update Credit to: Atiba

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