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Scene 1
Twinkle is trying to jump from window, Kunj is leaving in car from house and finds her trying to go down from window through rope, Twinkle slips from rope and is about to fall down but Kunj holds her in arms, she is surprised to see him, Sajna ve plays, they share eyelock, Twinkle says why you are here? i always jump from window but i fell from window as you came here, why you are touching me? Kunj says you should thank me, i dont like to touch you, he puts her down, she ask what are you doing here? he says i am going to meet Alisha, Twinkle says because of you i couldnt get engaged to Yuvi, Kunj says i brought this Yuvi in teddy for you and other people have problems too, Alisha have got to know about our engagement, Twinkle says i also wanna go to Yuvi, she leaves, Kunj thinks

why gilrs fall in love of wrong guys.
Kunj comes to Alisha’s house, she smirks and thinks that i knew you must come here, Kunj says i am sorry, you dont need to leave this city, she says i am not leaving city and why should i? Kunj says i got engaged to Twinkle because of family pressure, it is fake engagement, she says i am okay with it, Kunj says i cant leave my family, Alisha says i know you love me and i love you too but you cant leave your family so there cant be anything between us, bye Kunj, Kunj leaves, Alisha says i dont need your joint family but your money only.
Yuvi calls Kunj and ask him to come to sunset point, Kunj ask why should i? Yuvi says if you dont come then i wil come to your house and you will be responsible for drama, Kunj says okay i am coming.
Twinkle calls Yuvi’s friend and ask about Yuvi, he says Yuvi has called us all at sunset point, she ends call and says Alisha’s flat is near sunset point too and Kunj has gone there, if Yuvi has some plan up sleeves? he can do mistake again, i should go there and check.

Scene 2
Kunj comes to Sunset point, Yuvi comes there with his gang, he ties iron chain in hand and stares Kunj, Kunj ask whats this? Yuvi punches him with iron chain, Kunj’s cheek bleeds, Yuvi says how dare you put ring in my Twinkle’s hands, you touched her, i will cut your hand, he tries to punch him again but Kunj stops him and recalls how Twinkle told him that Yuvi is her boyfriend and love is her weakness, Yuvi beats him more, Kunj says you know i dont have any feelings for Twinkle, this is all fake and i love Alisha but your anger doesnt let you think anything, i can beat you too but i am not doing that because of a reason, Yuvi beats him, Twinkle pushes away Yuvi, he falls down, Yuvi says Twinkle you saved him? Twinkle ask Kunj is he fine? he nods, Twinkle says to Yuvi that Kunj could have died, Yuvi says i feel you dont love me anymore, Twinkle says nothing will happen by beating Kunj, you are angry, we should sit and talk, Yuvi says its not time to talk, he is about to beat Kunj but Twinkle stops him, Yuvi pushes her away, Twinkle is about to fall from cliff but Kunj holds her hand, they share eyelock, Kunj ask are you fine? she nods, Kunj says to Yuvi that the reason for not beating you was that i respect Twinkle’s love, when girl’s boyfriend gets beaten up infront of his girlfriend then his respect is maligned thats why i was not beating you but you dont deserve respect, Twinkle tries to stop them, Yuvi pushes her away, Kunj says if you hurt her again then i will not leave you, Yuvi ask him to hit, Kunj beats Yuvi, Twinkle ask Kunj to leave you, both are fighting, Leela comes and ask them to stop, they are stunned to see her, Leela comes to Kunj, Twinkle ask her to listen, Leela says enough, she says to Kunj that i understand everything now, she turns and slaps Yuvi, she says to Yuvi that you showed that you are Anita’s son, only you can stoop this much low, what you thought that you wil hurt Kunj and Twinkle and i will not know about it? i will call police commissioner, Twinkle ask her to leave it, Leela says you wanna save this goon? i was going from here thats why i saw him, Twinkle points to Kunj, Kunj ask Leela to leave this matter, a drama will be created if you file complaint against him, leave it, Leela says to Yuvi this is difference between you and him, he has manners, she takes Yuvi from there and says i need to talk to your mom.
Anita calls Yuvi and ask him if he is fine? did he get Kunj? Leela comes from behind with Yuvi, she attends call and says yes he got Kunj, Anita is shocked, she turns to find Leela standing there with injured Yuvi, Leela stares Anita, Anita is tensed to see Yuvi injured, she pushes Yuvi to Anita, anita ask Yuvi if he is fine, Leela says to Anita that i never had hopes from you but i never thought you will stoop so low, a mother gives her son good manners but you have sent your son to wrong path, you sent him to beat Kunj, but God is always with right people, you wanted Yuvi to beat Kunj but see what Kunj has done to your son, i can send your son to jail but i will not do that as your son’s life will be destroyed and this is difference betweeen me and you, i forgive you and your son again, you have hurt my family alot because of thaty foolish revenge but remember Twinkle is my life, if Yuvi is seen near Twinkle or Kunj then i wil send police next time to your house, she leaves.
Leela is applying cream on Kunj’s wounds, Leela ask Twinkle why you are worried, Kunj is fine, Raman ask Leela why you didnt file complaint against Yuvi? Leela says let me ask Twinkle and Kunj what happened there exactly, she ask how you met Yuvi there? Kunj says i wanted to meet Twinkle as sunset point but Yuvi came there and started beating me, Leela says to Kunj that i am very happy, you gave answer to that Yuvi in his language only(by beating him), Usha comes there and ask who is responsible for Kunj’s this state? all look on.

PRECAP-Twinkle, Yuvi and Kunj are in restaurant, Yuvi says to Kunj that we should leave animosity and do friendship, he extend his hand, Twinkle ask Kunj to shake hands with Yuvi. Kunj leaves from there and forget his phone there, Yuvi messages from his phone to someone that i have htrown party tonight, you must come.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. shifa(shakira)

    yuvi u r fake.but i love zain

  2. nice episode

  3. Kwinkle pair was awesome

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    He looks so cute with twinkle but due to his character I won’t say him to be with twinkle
    Kumk and twinkle rock
    Twinkle r u blind can’t u see that u.v is just playing with u…he pushed u so hard but u r blind in love…what we say “blind trust and blind love

    1. not only blina as well as deaf, dumb and absent minded twinkel

  7. Please anyone tell me who is the hero of the show

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  9. I think kunj is d ryt guy 4 twinkle pls don’t enter yuvi btwn dem

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