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Scene 1
Kunj and Twinkle are tensed, Kunj ask her to speak up, Twinkle says you speak up first, Twinkle says Anita and Surjeet cant get engaged, we have to stop this engagement, we have to think some idea, Kunj brings flower pot and says you should get award for this thinking, he taunts that i know we have to stop this engagement, i thought you have some idea, you keep speaking useless words all the time, you keep murmuring in sleep too, Twinke asys i dont talk in sleep, Twinkle takes his wallet and brings out coin, she says whoever win this toss, his or her plan wil be followed, they do toss and coin goes inside sofa, both sit down to take it and bumps head into each other, both are close and look at each other, Sajna ve song plays, Twinkle says you are wasting time, i will thinks some idea,

Kunj ask why dont you leave my life and my bed, Twinkle says why didnt you marry your bed? you keep taunting me about your bed, Kunj says you snatched my bed.
Leela is sadly sitting, Anita brings gifts and says this is from Twinkle’s half mother in law, i have come to invite you for my engagement, you have to come, Leela ask why you are playing with Twinkle’s life? your animosity is with me so fight with me, Twinkle saved your life and you are hell bent to destroy her, why? i will do whatever you say but leave Tweinkle, Anita says you will have to do what i want only, i am not going to be like
Usha who will keep fighting with daughter in laws, i will be modern mother in law but i will keep an eye on Twinkle, i will see her smallest mistake, your daughter will be safe in my hands, she leaves, Leela is tensed for Twinke.
Surjeet comes to Cherry and says i have taken biggest decision of my life that i am going to marry Anita and i didnt ask you about it, do you have any problem wit this decision? Cherry says i am very happy with this decision, you have raised me all life, you have lived for me and now you are thinking about your happiness, i am very happy for that, if anyone tries to break this marriage then i will not leave that person.
Twinkle thinks that i didnt get any idea whole night, Kunj comes there and ask what idea you thought? Twinkle sys if he gets to know that i didnt get any idea then he will make fun of me, she says yes i made a plan but i will not tell you, Kunj ask her to drink juice, Twinkle ask why her is acting like good husband? Twinkle drinks it and says i dont have any plan, Kunj says i mixed truth medicine in your juice, by having this medicine, person utters truth, Twinkle says i didnt know about this medicine, we will make Anita have this medicine then she will herself tell truth in engagement, Twinkle says we cant let Surjeet get fooled by Anita, Kunj makes face at her and leaves.
Raman says to Leela that we will not go in engagement, Anita will think that she won if she sees us there and also Yuvi will be there, Leela says think about situation, i have to go there because of Twinkle, i dont wanna give Anita one more chance to taunt Twinkle, i will do what anita want and we dont have any choice, i will attend function with smile.

Scene 2
Engagement ceremony starts, Surjeet welcomes everyone, he says i have become CEO of Sarna industries means all property and business of Manohar is mine now, Manohar looks on tensed, Surjeet says beautiful, gorgeous Anita will celebrate this happiness with me, she is not only my business partner but going to my life partner too, please welcome Anita, Anit comes there, Surjeet says today is our engagement and soon we will get married, Twinkle says to Kunj that Anita has so much hatred and cheat feelings behind this smile, soon her real face will come out, Kunj says you are saying as if you know magic and when you will do magic on Anita, we will blurt out truth, Twinkle says i have already done magic, i have mixed truth medicine in her drink,k when she will drink that juice then she will herself tell truth, Twinkle says excuse me everyone, its special day for Anita and Surjeet today so i have ordered special drink for them, waiter gives drink to Anita and Surjeet, Raman says this is wrong Anita, guests are waiting for wine and you are drinking it, Anita gives drink to Raman, Raman drinks it, Twinkle and Kunj get tensed that truth medicine was mixed in wine, Raman gets drunk and says Anita you are getting married? you should see your age, he says to Surjeet that Anita is snake, she will make you dance on her tunes after marriage, Kunj says to Twinkle this is happening because of you, why did you mix whole bottle of medicine in one glass? what will we do now? Anita says to Surjeet that we should have some dance, she says i know great dancer here, she comes to Leela and says she is great dancer, she ask Leela to dance in her engagement, she ask will you not do this much for your in law? please do it, all are tensed, Twinkle holds Kunj’s hands and says what Leela is going to do? she cant dance infront of all, i have to stop her.

PRECAP- Leela starts dancing on some item number, Twinkle have tears in eyes seeing this, Yuvi comes there with gun and says stop all this, she says to Anita that i wont let this engagement happen, he pushes away Surjeet and fires bullet at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Lovely episode but not so hight its tme to that when twinkle cries kunj raises him voice for her and say something to anita

  2. whom does he fire bullet ?

  3. yes yes yes thank god that yiuvi had come otherwise this whole mess have gotten only worse

  4. I love yuvi. He is better looking than kunj. Get rid of this kunj and bring back a chocolate boy in his place. Because kunj is not good looking at all!!!

  5. is there any medicine called truth medicine???

  6. Anita must stop acting like a two faced thing and be a woman
    And its high time kunj and twinkle start to fall in love with each other

  7. Yeah yuvi is just so handsome than kunj#desi girl ur right kunj is doing nothing

  8. Yeah yuvi is just so handsome than kunj#desi girl ur right kunj is doing nothing na looks na wits

  9. nice twinj moment….kunj should handle al this…..twinj roks

  10. Yea, Desi Girl and Maryan yuvi is more handsome than kunj, but kunj too is handsome in his own way.

  11. I think Kunj is better than Yuvi. Yuvi had a better role in “Kaisi Yeh Yarriyan” and that is why carries good impression.

  12. Kunj ko hata yaar, whenever I see him I feel like slapping him! Acting nahi Ata hai usko. And in my opinion he is toooooo white for a Indian boy. Am I the only one who sees this or think so? No offence, but i love desi boys with a chocolate color….

  13. ??❤️?????my heart beat and love for zain imam????❤️??

    Yeah desi girl and Maryam I agree with you guys yuvi is soooooooooo cute and soooooooooo handsome. He is our superman.love you soooooooooo much yuvi ????❤️???????❤️??

  14. Its great that yuvi shot surjit maybe he will finally see the truth about Anita that witch

  15. Kunij is a sweet and a good boy and a perfect match for Twinkle

  16. I love twinkle and kunj!!! They rock. The show is all about Tashan n ishq. Pride on the outside but truly it s love. Yuvi is yuck!! Bad.

  17. hey guys i think shooting surjit is the plan of anita with kunj . didnt u notice the revenge she was talking about in the hospital.and here kunj and twinkle are just cracing jokes instead of doing something worth.

  18. Truth medicine
    N luv u kunj

  19. Hey obviously you girls go for looks and not to person for calibre and culture. . Yuvi will never respect woman -to him they are toys that you use and toss when done. No ways will I support such a perso far too many in the real world live abusesive lives with men like him – and no way out of their situations .

  20. truth medicine!!!!!!!!hahahahahahaha

  21. Kunji is most handsome guy and I love him his cuteness and most importantly he match with twinkle yuvi has nothing to give neither as positive nor negative

  22. Zain imam…yuvi you rock!!!!! I love ur acting!!!

  23. yuvi z d besttt.handsome…..wat ever role he do ..he do it wid perfection. ..nottt lik dat kunjj….I don’t lik dat kunjj….

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