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Mahasangam of Tashan-e-Isha and Jamai Raja

Yuvi says my votes goes to Leela Taneja, all are stunned, all clap for Leela, Anits is angry, Twinkle thinks why did he vote for my mom? if he is trying to act like good then he wont let his mom lose, Kunj thinks that Yuvi is acting fake more than i thought, he can play any game but i wont let him hurt my Twinkle. Leela says to Anita that our duty is not only raise child but to teach them whats good and whats not only then they keep family together in future but you will not understand all this. Leela gets award, Leela says women can do anything, she can reach heights with her family together with her, i am happy that my family is with me, i have arranged party today for this win, you all are invited.
Anita says to Yuvi that

what is wrong with you? you made me lose, why you did it? this ward was so important for me, i work so hard to get position in this industry so that we have name and position in industry. Yuvi says you sent Cherry to destroy Leela’s data in laptop, i told you to play fair but why did you cheat? thats why i voted for Leela and made her win, Anita says from when you have started playing fair? i am not able to recognize you, planning, plotting is part of your nature, how can you change so much? you are my Yuvi, where is my Yuvi who used to do anything for me, i want my Yuvi back, Yuvi leaves from there, Twinkle have listened everything. Yuvi starts to leave but finds Twinkle standing there, Twinkle says actually i.. he says dont be formal, Twinkle says this award was important for your mom then why did you vote for my mom?> Yuvi says your mom deserve this award, i have realized whats right and whats wrong, its never too late right? Twinkle smiles and shake hands with Yuvi, she thanks Yuvi, Kunj comes there and sees them shaking hands, he gets angry.

Jamai Raja part:
Roshni is in office, it is attacked by goons. Sid is outside office, he tried to open door of office but its locked. Roshni calls for help, one goon says catch this girl. A goon is about to hit Roshni with wooden stick but Sid comes there and holds stick, he beats goon, he covers Roshni behind him and fight with goons, Roshni looks on tensed, police comes there so goons run from there, sid comes to Roshni, one goon attacks Sid on head and runs from there, Sid falls unconscious, Roshni gets tensed and says Sid please look at me, i wont be able to live if anything happens to you, i love you Sid, Sid opens his eyes and looks at Roshni, she gets conscious of what she said, Sid says you can hide it from your tongue but you cant hide it in your heart, he gets up, Roshni tries to leave but Sid holds her hand and says you said it finally, truth is that you love me, you cant live with me, truth is that you killed Roshini but you couldnt kill love for Sid, you love me right? Roshni says yes i love you but we cant live together and thats bigger truth, she leaves from there, Yeh jo yaadain plays, sid says she still loves me and thats enough for me, now i can climb volcano for her.

Tashan-e-Ishq part:
Twinkle says to Kunj that i thanked Yuvi for voting for Leela thats why i was talking to him. Leela says leave all this, think about party tonight, if you both remain angry like this what will happen to my party? Kunj says i am not angry, i cant accept fact that Yuvi voted for you, he is faking his goodness, he did this earlier too but Twinkle is not understanding this. Yuvi comes there and says i just wanted to congratulate Leela and say sorry about my mom’s deed, he congratulates Leela and says sorry. Kunj says what else are you planning? what will you plan for party? you like to do stunts, we will leave from here then you will talk to yourself saying that just see what i will do tonight, Yuvi says i should leave now, he leaves. Leela says i think we should cancel party, you both need to talk. Twinkle says no you dont need to cancel party, this party is for your win, right Kunj? Kunj says yes Maa dont cancel your party but i wont be able to come, he leaves. Twinkle says it will be boring without Kunj, Leela says you should call his friend Sid, he will make Kunj understand.
Anita sees Leela on Tv, she gets angry. Yuvi comes there and says why so mean? why you much anger? till when you will keep torturing them? this much negativity will affect you too, it will damage relations, come with me and say sorry to Leela for all that you have done, promise me that you will not do anything like this from now on, Anita says shut up, i am done with your lecture, you never listen to me, you think that i will say sorry to them? i can never bow to Leela, i hate them more as they have snatched my son from me, you are not with me right? its not a problem, i dont need anyone, just see how i destroy her party, i will destroy her.

Jamai Raja part:
Sid comes home, he looks at Roshni’s things, he says i have kept your memories with me, our story started this card and i will take our story forward. Roshni on otherside says that i will end this story, our story has ended and it will never start again. Sid says that our story is like film and i will take our story forward, you will be with me, he looks at her scarf. Roshini says we will never be together, we were never meant to be, our story is over. Neil comes there and says i got to know about what happened in office, i have tighten security, Roshni says thanks for coming, i liked that you came here. Neil gifts her scarf, she says why this? Neil says you are CEO and you should look good in party, she sees invitation of Leela Taneja’s success party, Neil says i wont be able to come, you go there, its professional commitment, Roshni says i will go there wearing this scarf.
Twinkle calls Sid and invites him for Leela’s party, he asys i already got invite, you know Roshini is alive, Twinkle says your love is true, i just want you both to be together, Sid says when i blessing of sister like you then i will be with Roshni, Twinkle asks him to come to party, she says i wanted to talk about Kunj, she tells everything to Sid.

Leela welcome guests in party. Twinkle comes in party and says where are you Kunj? why you are miffed with me? she comes to Leela, Leela says you are looking pretty, no evil eye should fall on you, Twinkle says Kunj hasnt come till now, dont know if he will come or not, dont know till when he will remain miffed, Leela says dont worry, everything will be fine. Ahil and Sanam comes there and dances on peppy song, all clap for them.
Kunj comes in party, he looks around and thinks to call Twinkle, he says but she is not understanding me, Sid comes there and says talk to me later but call Twinkle first, one man said to me that we should keep moments together, its like diamond and we should protect them, why are you torturing Twinkle and Leela? you love is weak that it will be destroyed by some cheap man? Kunj says you know Yuvi have always tried to separate us, this ia all hapening because of him today too, Sid says your anger is one side but think about Leela, she is like your mother, this is not solution to leave her, ask me whan you lose your mother in law, ask me what pain you go through, keep her happy.

Rest of the Update in Jamai Raja section

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. My fellow Twinj fans,

    According to TellyChakkar, Kunj aka Sidhant Gupta might be quitting TEI, thanks to creative differences over the leap. I agree with his choice. The post leap story is so absurd.
    The makers have officially destroyed the beautiful storyline and any hopes of seeing Twinj together is lost. Unless, they decide to change the storyline, I don’t see Sidhant Gupta continuing the role. I’ll miss him so much.

    Guess TwiRaj fans r happy now! I love Twinj and I am so sad :'( :'(

    Good bye TEI! For me the show has ended with Twinj united by Yuvi. May God give brains to the makers. And I pray Sidhant comes back with some other show which is better and has substance!

    Thank you Atiba for your patience to watch the show and update the story for us!

  2. Guyzzzz there is one big shocking news for all Sidhant Gupta’ aka Kunj’s fan …it is reported on telly chakkar that he is quitting tei bcoz of some disagreement with the producers and post leap he will quit the show..Till now it’s not confirmed it is believed to be rumor but as per me telly chakkar always report with a trusted source coz they were d one who confirmed about the leap and it’s true though production house didn’t gave any news related to it.
    If this happens I’m surely gona quit the show as I only watch it for SIDMIN.

    1. It ws jus an rumour yaar I jus saw it on Instagram

      1. Zikra I just hope ke aisa hi ho as I’m so tensed after d news came. Tumhare mooh mein ghee shakar..
        Thank u sooooo much for informing this

    2. O god please I hope that twinj will not be separated????or else I promise that I will not watch any zee TV serials!!!I’m done!!!!!!!!

    3. I shall quit with Sidhant! #NoTwinjNoTEI

  3. I liked kunj imitating uv but precap is scary wht ll kunj do after this n who is behind it

  4. the news is fake …i guess…

  5. Oh god guys is dis true i mean sid is quiting d show it would be better if they would have stopped the show bcuz.. if no sidmin then no tei plzz sid dont do dis

  6. Guys don’t worry. It’s just a rumour n before also they had reported that jasmine was going to quit the show. And even sid didn’t confirm the news.

  7. Rest of the update is not there in Jamai raja section

  8. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Firstly I m annoyed with this mahasangam in zee tv, mahasangam in zee tv and trishakti in colors are quite irritating. And now what’s going on okay fine I admit makers r planning to make it Twiraj from day 1 but if wanted to make it Twiraj fiannlu then why did they show Twinj I hate this kind of thing like they are literally deceiving fans firstly they were being unfair to Twiraj fans now they are unfair to Twinj fans pathetic

  9. what is precap pls anybody tell me and sidhanth quite news will be fake because they said before like this only twinkle is quiting the show i hope its not true if he quite i will stop watching the show atleast they can end the show with twinj happy ending we cant see twinj as the other couple ….

  10. Now kunj will leave for London and calls twinkle to the airport..leela tries to stop kunj but she meets with an accident..twinkle tries calling kunj telling about Leela’s condition but kunj is angry and does not pick up her fone..kunj waits for twinkle and she doesn’t come so he decides to sacrifice his love and leaves Amritsar heart broken…will twinkle be able to prove her innocence??

  11. Where is the full update there is no update in jamai raja section….

    Msg from Team: It will be updated.

  12. Oh god u made me breath by sayng that d news may be fake(about sid)

  13. No I can’t see sidhant quitting the show I pray that it should be a rumour nd if soi will quit tei nd not only two i will stop watching zee tv nd if no twinj then no zee tv for me I feel nd they a doing unfair to twinj fans nd pls dont do like this nd i would like to say that this tei is one of the show that adds star to zee tv and with huge fan followers nd i pray sid should not quit the show then tei would become lifeless without sidhant nd sry if I hurted anyone

    1. I agree with you???

  14. I like the idea of leap I like twinkle with zain

  15. I’m waiting for twiraj. now a day’s kunj everytime hurted uv.poor uv…..

  16. I don knw whethr the news z true or fake n if its true thn i knw its rly hurtng evn 4 us yuvle fans whn the makers betryd us by shwng yuvle in promos & initial episodes i literaly cried whn kunj ws introducd a shw shud hv jus one male and one female lead evn in swaragini the shw focuses on swara n ragini isnt gvn equal screen space makers are to b blamd 4 it why tei actors are tryng to mk it lyk rab se shona ishq ridiculous rly v hurtng

  17. i hope twinj will together after the leap by solving all mu.and sid ka show chorke jana ye bat rumor hain.i saw in the instagram.so chill.but they should not drag the track long.because everybody want twinj’s scenes.

  18. Guys I didn’t watch the show and I can’t find the jamai raja written episode so can someone help me plsssss……..

  19. If sidhant quits, I swear I will stop watching tei. I only watch it for SIDMIN!

  20. What is precap….it is not given in jamai raja section also

  21. guys I missed the episode…. plz anyone tell me the Precap for Tashan e ishq?

  22. I got msg from team…..????
    First time i got it……………..

    Which team it is???????????

  23. Hello everyone..guys y u all r takng so mch tension..its jst a show yaar v all had watchd twiknj scence now watch twiraj scence nd take a chil pil yaar..n enjy twiraj now…

  24. Guyz watch new drama Hamari Kahani on and TV . It’s very nice.must watch

    1. Sorry Kahani hamari….dil dosti dewaanapan.

  25. I read on instagram…..It’s confirm that sidhanth is quitting the show…..I really don’t want that yr……it’s better ki show end ho jaye bhale hi……with happy ending& twinj together…….:-(

  26. Y don’t junj get it that yuvi has changed for good.oh by the way it is a very excited news about sidhant leaving this show.well guyzz u need to admit that yuvi is d main actor not kunj.
    Love u yuvi.not forgetting twiraj.????❤️??????

  27. Hey guys I’m Nia actually new here … Anyways umm Sidhant sir aka kunj is not quitting the show becuz of the beautiful story will be very boring or not very interesting after the leap … The reason y is becuz he was offer a bigger project than this serial so he didn’t wanted to loose the opportunity by not accepting the project n guys it’s a humble request .. Plzz don’t stop watching TEI ???

  28. i came to hear that if sid will quit then they take a new lead instead of sid.it means jas will be with new hero,new kunj.if that happened then whoever want to see the show u are most welcome but i am done.so it’s tym to say goodbye to tei finally.i will miss it as it’s my most favourite show.no sid means no tei for me.so with broken heart goodbye tashan e ishq.going to miss u badly.?????

  29. Jagdaye Gharbaran

    y con’t on jamai

  30. Heard sidhant is quitting the show. He also confirmed the news..TOI have an article on it..but still hoping it to be fake.If he is leaving, I am done with tei..

  31. Hey guys where is the precap can anyone plzz tell me , its not there in jamai raja part can anyone plzz tell me the precap !!

    1. Dear Twinj fan it is as same as showed in promo that kunj enters the room and saw twinraj in compromising position and he gets shocked.

  32. Guyzzz it’s completely true that Sidhant sir is quitting the show now it’s too confirmed in TOI . Though im very happy that he got a good project to work on and I wish him ALL D VERY VERY BEST bt in any circumstances I cannot digest the fact the he will not be seen in TEI ;its better that the end TEI wid a happy ending rather than finding a new male lead and making the BEST SERIAL as THE WORST ONE.
    What u say guys that whether the show must go on wid new male lead or it should be sum up with happy ending?
    And yah Twiraj fans we Twinj fans never criticized ZAIN coz we all love him and never want him to leave d show but u guyzz r so happy wid Sidhant Sir quitting the show is not good enough …though u have problem wid kunj what why r u happy with his exit?
    Soorrryy I had hurt anyone’s feeling.

  33. Sidhanth gupta quit the tei…. plz end this serial…. i never see this serial ….seriasly muje bohat bura lagrahahai. Jab se a news milahai.

    Plz sidhanth. Is serial ko quit math kijiye plzzzzzz. Atlist apki fans ke li ye thoooi plzzzzz

  34. Yes I’m a TWIRAJ fan I just watch TEI because of ZAIN AND JASMIN. I hated Siddhant. Now no TWINJ SCENE ONLY TWIRAJ SCENES??? IF the report is true then only as TEI was based on TWIRAJ

  35. Noooo sidhant u cant quit the show…i liked your jodi with jasmin very much..And cant imagine tashan e ishq without you or someone else playing your role..I like your jodi very much…plzzzzzz dont quit..
    If he is really quitting then i will also stop watching TEI..

  36. What rubbhish is this twinj have the best jodi and now we will see twinkle and yuvi together in spite of them .Now its latest news that kunj is quitting the show .what rubbish I am not going to see this from now.

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