Tashan-e-Ishq 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

(Maha-sangam of Jamai Raja and Tashan-e-Ishq)
Scene 1
Twinkle says to Kunj that try t understand, put myself in your shoes, if you knew something that would hurt me then you would have protected me from it, i knew you would broke down listening Papa’s truth, i know i did wrong, like you said lie to save someone else sameway i lied to you, give me one last chance, she puts hand on his shoulder, Rajjo’s brother comes and says what are you doing with my brother in law? Twinkle says i am taking measurements for tailoring, brother says get lost from here, Twinkle sadly looks at Kunj and leaves, Kunj thinks.
Yuvi calls his man and asks him to search for Kunj and Twinkle, find out how many weddings are happening at hagvare, he ends call and says that idiot Mahi wasted my whole

time, i have to get rid of her somehow.
Rajjo says to Twinkle that my Raja used to keep sitting outside my class to see me, she shows her gifts given by Raja, she shows her chocolate wrappers and says we ate them in park, my Raja loves me alot, Twinkle says its cute, Rajjo says i know you and Kunj loves each other too, Twinkle says we love each other alot, now you get ready soon else you will be late, she leaves.
Twinkle is walking in corridor, she strikes with Kunj, she asks where are you going? Kunj says i am going for Roka, Twinkle says why are you wearing sherwani? i cant see you doing Roka like this, i know this is a lie but i cant see all this, Kunj says they are dangerous, Twinkle says i know but i am your wife, i cant let you do this, i know this is lie but these rituals are important, they make you get tied in marriage relation and you are already in relation of marriage, you cant do this, Kunj says if i dont sit in Roka then they will start firing, Chaudary comes and asks what is happening here? Kunj says i was praising her for doing decorations nicely, Chaudary says Twinkle have done work nicely and getting praised too, he says to Kunj that i have to make you meet my guests, he takes Kunj from there, Twinkle turns and sees Rajjo standing there, both sadly look at each other.
Twinkle is walking and says how we will get out of this problem? i cant inform Babee or Maa, they will get worried, whom should i call to get advise? she calls Sid(From Jamai Raja), she says i hope i am not disturbing you, Sid says i am your brother, you can call me anytime, Twinkle tells him everything, Sid says life bring challenges, we have to face them, time comes when we lose hope and lose faith in relations, even i am fighting with many problems but i know Roshni’s love is with me, make Kunj believe that you are with him, the situation is difficult and what Kunj have done, i would have done same, just be with Kunj, Twinkle says thank you for advise, i will now be with Kunj, i will stand beside and i hope problem gets solved too, she ends call.
Roka ceremony starts, bride comes there in veil, Chaudary says Rajjo will show her face after ceremony is done, bride is made to sit with Kunj, Pundit puts her hand on Kunj’s hand, bride pinches Kunj, bride is actually Twinkele, Kunj thinks what Rajjo is doing? is she thinking that i am her raja? i am stuck in problem, Twinkle puts foot on his foot, he moves away and thinks Rajjo is going out of control, what can i do? Twinkle says Kunj Sarna why you are so tensed? i told you i wont let you do this, you are my husband and i wont allow you to do Roka with anyone else, Kunj says you have gone mad, what if anyone sees you? Twinkle says i cant let you do Roka with anyone, Kunj says fake Roka it is, Twinkle says why you are sweating seeing me? Kunj says cant you see men with guns here? Twinkle says dont worry, nobody will see me, also i was not happy in our original Roka but today i am happy, God has given me another chance to do Roka with you so i cant leave this chance, this time i am doing Roka with all my heart, Kunj says you are mad, Pundit does rituals of Roka, he says to Kunj that you will be protected from evil eye, he gives them sweets and says you may fight with each other but your life will be sweet together, he gives them chunri and says God’s blessing with you, Roka is done, now you both are tied together for life, your life will be full happiness and you will have strong relation, he says Roka is done, Rajjo sees Roka ceremony going on from far. Chaudary blesses couple, Aunty says that Roka ceremony is done, now we will have fun, she asks Rajjo to take off her veil, we have to take your picture with Raja, Chaudary says i have permission, he asks her to take off Veil, Kunj thinks that i knew it, now if they take off her veil then we will be gone, Twinkle thinks what if they take off veil?

Scene 2
Yuvi shouts on his man that where is Kunj and Twinkle? you couldnt find them, you are useless, i gave you whole day to find them but you couldnt, you have to find them at any cost, he says maybe Twinkle fooled me and she went with Kunj somewhere else, he shouts Twinkle.
Aunty asks Twinkle to take off veil. Rajjo sees this and says if they see Twinkle’s face then they will shoot them both, what to do? Aunty says i will remove her veil, she moves closer to take off her veil, she is about to remove her veil but lights are switched off, Twinkle thanks God for this, Chaudary shouts to start generator, Rajjo comes to Twinkle and asks her to leave, Twinkle leaves, Rajjo sits in Twinkle’s place, lights comeback, aunty asks her to take off her veil, Rajjo takes off her veil, all say she is looking nice with him, Kunj is surprised to see her, he sees Twinkle hiding behind curtain, Twinkle smiles at him, Kunj thinks that thank God we got saved else Rajjo’s father would have killed us today, they all click pictures.

PRECAP- Twinkle sees someone in her room, lights are switched off, she doesnt see Kunj’s face and is about to hit him with rod but Kunj opens lights, she says you? and gets happy seeing Kunj there, Chaudary comes there and opens door.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. very short episode atiba di

    1. Payal she has nt yet updated fully

      1. actually i didnt see the update inn progress

  2. Atibha u r so fast ….i was nt able 2 see 2 days epi bt u hv updsted it soo fast thanx & the epi ws very nice

  3. I hate these mahasangams. They are stupid.

  4. just like always a quick update just luv u atiba

  5. waiting for tommorw

  6. Awesome episode thx Atiba for fast update
    I hate mahasangams its only like 16 to 17 mins of TEI and rest of the time JR not fair.

  7. i knew it this is going to happen….. ☺☺☺

    1. Tats wat m telling tat all d things going as we all predicted , actually u were d first one to comment such a thing yesterday in Tara’s episodic analysis. Tooo gud yaar loveleen .

      1. good to see..u r not assuming wrong anymore lol!!

    2. lol…… i jus wished this n it became true……

  8. An ye kaunsi bakwaas is happening in the serial now

  9. Bomb episode. D way we predicted d story its going on tat way only . loved dis episode. N d precap . oooooo kunj n twinkle n one room n danger daddy coming . scary in a funny way . love twinj .?????

  10. Uff I hop this track gets over soon

  11. I hate mahasangams.. they show more of Jamai Raja nd less of tashan e ishq! :/ urghhhhhhh???

    1. I thought only me think that there is more jamai raja scene than TEI in Mahasangams but now its clear that someone was thin king The same as I am ?

  12. ♥twinj- forever♥

    ohhh precap is really interesting. … cant wait for tomorrow’s episode… thanks fr the fast update athiba…

  13. I love this show!
    I love kunj!
    I love twinkle!
    I even love zain imam!
    Superb episode!!! 😀


    1. YES, YES, YES !!!!!!!!!!
      You are 1,000,000 % RIGHT !!! IF Jamai Raja really that famous, then they shouldn’t combine this Two serial because we don’t need it! Although Jamai Raja TRP Is higher than TEI, but we, as TEI supporter will always put this serial close enough to our heart!!!!

      Go,Go,Go For Tashan-e-Ishq ??????

  15. hate mahasangams….only more Jamai Raja and less Tashan e ishq……LOVE TASHAN E ISHQ but HATE JAMAI RAJA…….

  16. So irritated on this mahasangam episods..:-) Twinj since very cute… precap is super….

  17. Hey i don’t think this is full episode but is awesome atiba u r too fast Dear

  18. I hate mahasangam plzzz stop doing this tashne ishq should happen at 11 : 30 pm plzzz repeat at this time

  19. Foolish!! They say chodarys are their neighbours and still doesn’t know kunj is married to twinkle !!! Weird ¡!!

    1. YUP!!! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ASH…!!!! If Chaundry is their neighbor, then they will automatically knows about Sarna’s new Daughter-in-law right…? What a stupid storyline! And who is Rajjo lover actually? Can’t wait to see the actor. I hope it’s not STUPID YUVRAJ LUTRA again..!!!!?

      1. me too dont want yuvi as rajjo’s lover… then it will be irritating.. hope for the good

  20. Ufff hate this mahasangam

  21. Seriously, without seeing d epi also I can feel it.. Gr8 epi.. Can’t see mahasangams coz dey take a lot of tym.. Update was gr8.. Crisp and perfect.. Thanks Atiba.. And luv u Twinkle and Kunj.. I hope this seriels trip goes up soon…

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    w8nG…. tomarrow…

  23. OH NO!!!SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scared what if chaudry sees twinkle???They will be over!!!

  24. Meenat Abubakar

    Superb episode, luv it yaar

  25. Nice episode. I don’t understand why the tpr is higher by jamai raja.TEi very popular than jamai raja.

  26. Yes tei is more popular than Jamai raja but dont know why trp of Jamai raja is more than tei

  27. i just loved the roka part…

  28. Loved today’s episode.
    Hope that twinj will reunite soon.

  29. Amazing

  30. I think twinkle is going to remarry with kunj
    This will end all their misunderstandings
    Just waiting to see them united and hoping for some more interesting episodes of tashan e ishq *_*

  31. Thanks for the update♡.

  32. thanx atiba

    awesome episode

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