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Scene 1
Yuvi says to Twinkle that i will take you to hospital, she starts getting up but Babee comes to Yuvi and says enough, i wont allow you to be near Twinkle anymore, we dont trust you anymore, just get lost from this house, Usha says dont come here again, Yuvi is sad seeing all this, Twinkle is confused as to what is happening, she looks at Yuvi tensely, Babee pushes Yuvi away, Twinkle says what is all this happening? why you are all fighting? Leela says nothing, we all love you alot thats why we are nervous, come with me home, dont worry. Leela says to family that alot has happened here, Twinkle is my daughter, i want to take her to my home for somedays, you all are tensed and Twinkle needs rest thats why.. she asks Yuvi to come too. Leela and Yuvi supports Twinkle and leaves from there,

all are angry, Kunj thinks that i thought Yuvi and Twinkle will separate but no.
Pallavi says to Kunj that you got shot and you are roaming around with this wound? Kunj says doctor is coming, she says i am doctor too, she checks his wound and says dont hurt yourself to take revenge, if i can keep secret that you are Kunj then i can keep secret that you kidnapped Twinkle, you dont trust that you didnt tell me? Kunj says my plans and secrets are mine, if you are helping me then its you choice, i never forced for it so dont force me for anything to tell you, Pallavi is hurt listening this, Manohar calls out Kunj to see doctor.
Yuvi is sitting by Twinkle’s side and holding her hand, she is sleeping on bed, Leela comes and says Yuvi you take rest too, he says i will later, Leela says why Babee and Usha cant see that you have only love for Twinkle, Yuvi says its okay, they are stressed but i am happy that you took my side otherwise i would have broken down, thank you, Leela says if you can do this much for my Twinkle then cant i do this for you? i am your mother too, i am sad that the one who loves and cares about Twinkle so much that he has put his life in danger for her, people think that he is criminal, dont know when Rocky’s real face will come to fore, Yuvi says it will come to everyone, i will bring his truth out, i am gonna destroy him, wait and watch.
Its morning, Twinkle comes to Sarna house. She calls family and says i want to talk to you all. She says what i am going to say, i know you will be tensed to listen it but you all need to know truth. Kunj listens it too, Twinkle says you all have right doubt, Yuvi kidnapped me only, Manohar says what?
Leela says to Yuvi that you saw Twinkle going Sarna house? he says yes, they go there. Twinkle says when i connected things to today, i got to know that Yuvi kidnapped me, he cant change, he has done this. Leela and Yuvi are shocked to hear this. Yuvi says Twinkle.. Manohar says you> Yuvi says what are you saying? how can you even think that i kidnapped you? i am sorry for any mistake but dont blame me, you know i have changed for good, why will i trouble you? have some faith in me, Twinkle says enough, i know truth and dont act innocent, i forgot that how kidnapped Kunj, i forgot how you made my life hell and how you tortured Kunj, you kidnapped me this time too, you cant see my family happy, Babee says i guessed it earlier, Leela says no infact Yuvi.. Yuvi says let it be Leela maa, the one who matters most to me in this world if that person doesnt trust me then no need to say anything, Twinkle if you think i am crappy person then we will forget everything and will finish everything, you can do anything you like and think, i wont force you, he leaves, Kunj smirks seeing all this, Leela is miffed with Twinkle and leaves. Kunj comes to Twinkle and asks how is she? she says i am fine, how is your wound? he says fine, Twinkle says that thank you for helping and saving my life, for helping my family, Kunj says i can be arrogant person but i will always be your family’s side, he smirks and leaves.

Scene 2
Twinkle is working in kitchen, Pallavi comes there, Twinkle says i wanted to thank you and Rocky, you both helped my family, thank you so much, Pallavi coughs and says no need. Twinkle says i was thinking to make Rocky’s favorite dish, what should i do? Pallavi says he eats everything, Twinkle says should i make cake for him as sweet gesture? she says yes chocolate cake, Twinkle says i will make it. She asks if Rocky as allergy from any nut? Pallavi thinks and says no. Twinkle puts nuts in cake and makes it, Pallavi smirks.
Rocky comes in hall, Pallavi says Twinkle have made cake for you to thank you, he says how nice. Twinkle gives him cake, he eats it and starts coughing, Pallavi asks are you okay? he asks Twinkle what did you put in it? Twinkle says main ingredients and nuts, Kunj says why you didnt Pallavi to Twinkle that i am allergic to it? Pallavi says i dont know it, Twinkle says i am sorry, i didnt know, Kunj says when my fiance doesnt know that i am allergic to it then what can you do Twinkle? its her mistake, he leaves.
Kunj is coughing in his room. Twinkle comes with lemonade and says drink it, he drinks, she says take rest, you will feel better, he lies on bed, she says call jme if you need anything, she bends towards and him does something(which isnt clear).
Twinkle is sitting in her room, she gets up, someone comes from behind and grabs her, she pushes him away and switches on lights, its Yuvi, they both stare each other and starts laughing, Twinkle asks why you are so late? he asks if you are fine? she nods, he asks if you found anything about Rocky? she says yes, he glances at her, she asks why you are staring? Yuvi says i cant keep my eyes off you, Twinkle says you started drama too, Yuvi says thank you for trusting me. Flashback shows Twinkle saying to Yuvi that Rocky is weird, i always had weird vibes from him, he is creepy, he has connection with you, me and Kunj, he knows about my past, Yuvi says you are right, when he kidnapped you, he made me do things which i used to do in my mad days,. Twinkle says i feel creepy to say this but maybe he is Kunj, his mannerism, everything is like Kunj, he cant be Kunj but he has something weird to him, we need to find his truth, Yuvi says you are right and we need to have big plan for that, Twinkle asks which plan? Yuvi tells her plan to act like they dont trust each other, flashback ends. Twinkle shows Yuvi bracelet which she took from Rocky’s hand, she says i gave this to Kunj in Goa, Kunj had allergy from nuts too, Yuvi says but this is not enough, we have to find some solid proofs. Yuvi says to Twinkle that i will meet you later. Rocky is passingby Twinkle’s room and listens her talking with someone, he says whom Twinkle is talking at this hour?

PRECAP- Yuvi is leaving Twinkle’s room. Rocky is outside room, both are about to open door of room from their side.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hate this rocky/kunj to the core….feeling pity for yuvi….

  2. Naina0923

    Honestly I expected a different reaction from Twinkle when she slowly starts realising that it’s Kunj. If it was the old Twinkle she would have gone and questioned Rocky right away. She wouldn’t think twinks and do whatever comes in her mind n that’s what I used to love about her.

    I am not liking the current track. Honestly the CVs could have done better

  3. Thank God Twinkle trusts Yuvi !!!! ? Nice episode …

  4. Bst episode of tei love it…..

  5. SidMin

    Thank god Twinkle trusts UV when I saw the pecan on Sat I thought that the CV’s have gone mad but now atlas Twinkle has a clue that Rocky is Kunj
    But miss Sid …….

    1. SidMin

      sorry precap

  6. If Twinkle, Yuvi, and everybody know that this Rocky is really Kunj, then what will Twinkle do next ?? She will be surprise and confuse at the same time ? Will She divorce Yuvi and return back at Kunj or will she stay together with Yuvi as her wife ? Then how about Kunj feeling ? Will everybody accept Yuvi and force Kunj to do the same thing ? Will Yuvi let twinkle go easily from him after they married for 5 years ? Will twinkle accept this as their fate and start to forget Kunj ? And then Twinkle will blame Kunj for making she hate at him by doing so many bad things when he is still Rocky ? But how about Rocky ? He get hit by bullet just to save Twinkle, he waited for perfect time after surgery to reunited back with Twinkle but shockingly regret to see twinkle doesn’t wait for him but merried Yuvi who is his enemy. Is this is Kunj/Rocky faults to be so mean towards everybody? Will we blame Kunj/Rocky although he do this because he live every single day in pain knowing Twinkle moved on with her life and doesn’t looking back to search for him. When Mahi been pushed from Cliff by Yuvi, I still remembered Kunj search for her in -law without giving up to find her body if she really death, every single day! He believed Mahi still alive because he can’t find her body. THEN WHY DOES TWINKLE DOESN’T DO THE SAME ?!!!! WHY SHE MUST GIVE UP AND ASSUMED KUNJ IS DEAD EVENTHOUGH THERE IS NO SIGN PF KUNJ DEATH ?? Why must she act such a B*t$h ? THIS IS NOT THE SAME TWINKLE I USED TO ADORE !!!!!

    #StupidStoryLine !!!!!!

    1. Dear, if Kunj is sooo perfect then why he 5 years hanged around with some girl instead of going to his wife. Kunj didn’t believe in Twinkle’s love otherwise he would think about her feelings and broken heart because of his death… did he thought about his familie’s and Twinkle’s suferrings and pain??
      Even Yuvi. He realised himself as Kunj’s friend and suffered a lot and felt pain and sorrow for his mother.
      Why Kunj has growing his anger during 5 years and didn’t try to understand what is really happened???
      I hate Rokky(not Kunj)
      What I really want about this seriaĺ is to Yuvi staying good no matter will Twinkl with him or not
      Now I’m empathize Yuvi a lot

  7. Carol_Clament

    Stupid Twinkle can’t recognize her true love!! Where is the Mighty Twinkle who loved Kunj to the core ?

  8. I just hope that twinkle will choose yuvi even if she gets to know that rocky is kunj. I was de old kunj fan but not anymore with the new kunj

    1. I agree with you Mel now twinj make no sense I really loved them earlier but not now I think now # twiraj # yule # twivi # can really make a good charming couple they are just dashing wow I should choose twivi now I guess to see their tashan or ishq I have to support yule I guess keep watching the show I must love twiRaj I guess all the best yaar you’ve won all the hearts even mine

      1. Oh Neha you’re really funny there were two names of twinkle and yuvraj but you added another one twinkle + yuvi twivi not bad anyway even I want them now because I don’t like the boxer any more

    2. Exactly Neha, i love the new names for twinkle and yuraj that u combined

  9. Carol_Clament

    I’m pity on Yuvi, he been used by Leela! First of all, Leela love Kunj been paired with her daughter and says she just make a biggest and best decision marrying Twinkle into good family and I remember She used to says She can’t accept Lutra’s; Anita nor Yuvraj. But after her fav. Son-in-low missing not more than 3 months, she can waited any longer and “catch” Yuvi who she used to cursed and force him to be the next “Daddy” for twinkle unborn child. What kind of Stupid low minded Typical mom she is ? Where does her “highest value” go when She asking for Yuvi permission to be the “New-force-Daddy” ?????

    Hey mister/Miss/Mrs. writers, please think 10x thousand times everytime you making next episode. Don’t you just add another stupid storyline and Serve us with this rubbish !

  10. wow thanks that twinkle trusts yuvi thank his live this show Rocky tu to gaya

  11. Peewangmo

    Now from today onwards twinkle is jst death for me… She doesn’t deserve kunj love… what she deserve is only usha’s hard slap.. what so eva i m still with kunj side.. Missed you sidhant ? TEI is nothing without you..

  12. This is the best episode yule keep rockin up

  13. Guys, may be Twinkle with Yuvi will recognize Kunj and will try to cool his anger and turn good again?
    Haha, it’s my dream)))
    Let’s watch and see))

  14. Carol clament i fully agree with your all comment yar you all said right how can twinkle can’t feel kunjs presence kha gaya twinkle ka true love kunj k ly.yar ye stupid writer pata nhi kya krne wala h. i just hope that it will be the twinj. Yar kunj ne bhi tu 5 sal aklay kitna dokh saha h tu kunj ko bhi tu us ka pyar milna chahiye . Love my twinj and to twinj fans.

  15. Superb and thank god I thought even twinkle was going against yuvi but now it clearly shows that they trust each other keep rockin up

  16. guys I have a doubt till these days means after the leap rocky was not wearing that bracelet gifted by tw and y suddenly he was wearing bracelet. I think he come to know about the plan of yuvle and I guess rocky is trying to prove infront of them he is kunj actually he is not

  17. in tonight’s episode °yule’s cooking some plans to expose the boxer but what will happen when the truth about kunj comes out I guess twinkle will keep saying you’re not kunj and avoiding him while yuvi will keep trying to bring them together saying I’ll be happy if I make you happy you’re my better half oh that’s my imagination what is yours

  18. I just knew it that yuvle were acting..anyways I’m new here and a verrry bigggg fan of tei

  19. Guys I’m new here soo could u please tell me how to change dp and make a ff and how to be a registered member and in return I will give comments 4 ur ff’s😝

  20. I love kunj jus need twinkle to leave yuvi n go bk to him jus b cuz another person is acting as kunj suddenly everyone hate him and love yuvi .yuvi is getin a taste of his own medicine love how kunj HV him

  21. Wow superb episode finally twinkle realizes dat rocky is her kunj…hope that twinj will reunite soon..missing our old kunj but twinkle should be paired up with kunj wether its our oldkunj or new…

  22. Absolute nonsense. I am shocked that the twinkle would react in that manner about Kunj. Yuk

  23. I am happy that twinkle realize kunj’s presence but she really don’t deserve kunj’s love.twinkle had got so much loving husband(old kunj).And before kunj’s death she was saying to kunj that how can I live without you.And this is how she is living without kunj so happily with yuvi,even his dead body was also not found.
    Stupid twinkle.
    But I want my twinj to reunite.

  24. bakwas banake rakh di show ko.stupid and totally disgusting…no respect for true love and morality…it’s just hell…???let’s see age kya hota hain.

  25. Yuvi and twinkle should stay together!!! Kunj aka rocky is a jerk!!! He never trusted twinkle and their love!!! If he stayed 5 years away from twinkle and now he’s troubling her??? Hell, twinkle shud be smart not to go back to him!!! He has changed for the worst!!! Yuvi loves her. She should stay with him.

  26. i hate that twinkle how can she change so much…..she keep on blabbering that she can only love kunj…when she having doubt may be rocky is kunj , her reaction was disgusting. kunj can hate twinkle from externally.but not from is heart…he still love twinkle only.but what about twinkle.first she love yuvi,then kunj and now yuvi……………………………… she deserve a tight slap………
    i want to ask everyone hate kunj character because it is acted by naman shaw instead of sid…….. if yuvi character is changed means you will like naman..we are all liking the face only not about character…………
    if yuvi can forgivens when he did lot of crime for attempt to murder to kunj , mahi and soon then why not kunj.i agree he doing crime only ….but he didn’t murder anybody..and why not that murder is done by pallavi or may be it’s a drama..
    but any way i watched this serial twinj pair…i hope that cv may pair twinj instead of twinkle and yuvaraj…………..

  27. Thank god Twinkle trusts Yuvi !!! #twiraj ?

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