Tashan-e-Ishq 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kunj comes to surgeon’s house, he says i have come here to talk about Mahi’s surgery, doctor says you people denied earlier and now i have flight which i have to catch so i cant help you now, Kunj says please help us, its important, doctor says i am sorry, Kunj cuts his hand with knife, doctor gets worried and does bandage, Kunj says you are worried about my small wound and not thinking about flight then think about Mahi’s surgery, doctor says you are emotional person, admit Mahi in hospital, i will do her surgery, Kunj thanks him.
Leela says to Twinkle that i am making mask for Mahi, it will be good for her scar, Twinkle says Yuvi and Anita keep taunting her about scar but she is too innocent, Pinni comes and says Mahi has scar and she doesnt look good now,

infact Twinkle’s reputation is not good now as people think she did that with Mahi, Twinkle says you dont have to worry, she gets Kunj’s call and goes from there.
Family brings Mahi to hospital, Twinkle says i am so happy for Mahi, today her surgery will happen and her scar will go away, she will look like earlier, Yuvi comes and says this surgery cant happen, Twinkle says you dont want this scar to go away from her face right? Yuvi says Mahi come with me, he takes Mahi with him in room and closes door, Twinkle says dont know what game he is playing now. Mahi and Yuvi comes out of room, Mahi says i am sorry i will not go for this surgery, Twinkle says why not? Kunj stopped doctor with so much difficulty, its important for you, Mahi says you did that with me and now you want to sound good so asking me for surgery, you stay shut, she says to RT that i will not do this surgery till Yuvi dont earn money for it, i cant take money from you, i am married and this is against my husband’s respect, Kunj says this scar has to go away now, its important, you can go for surgery now with RT’s money then Yuvi can pay it later, think it as loan, Twinkle says this is all Yuvi’s plan, Mahi says please shut up, Leela says i understand that you respect your husband but this surgery is important, Yuvi says i promise i will earn money for this surgery, Kunj says do you even know that surgery’s money is 50lacs, how can you earn it so fast? Twinkle says Mahi he doesnt love you, he is doing drama, Yuvi holds Mahi’s hand and says i love Mahi alot and i will earn money for her then we will do plastic surgery, doctor comes and asks if Mahi is ready? Yuvi says we dont want Mahi’s surgery, Doctor says whats all this? he calls Kunj in room, yuvi smirks.
In cabin, doctor says to Kunj and Twinkle that i cancelled my conference to do this surgery and now you are denying it, Twinkle says patient is little afraid but we have to do this surgery, i will make her agree till tonight, we will admit her soon, doctor says i have time till tomorrow so make her agree soon, Twinkle agrees.
Pinni taunts Mahi that now her scar will not go away, Leela says to Mahi that what RT and i have is yours only then why you are not taking it? Mahi says i know you both love me alot but my husband’s respect is foremost for me, i will go for surgery with Yuvi’s money only.
Yuvi is in room, he says i have to work hard to earn money for Mahi, he plays game and says see mahi how much hard work i am doing.
Mahi says to Leela that i am sure Yuvi will earn money for me.
Yuvi says to himself that Mahi will have this scar for life so Twinkle will learn lesson to not mess with her.
Kunj says to Twinkle that if Mahi was his sister then he would have slapped her, he says that your sister is mad, Twinkle says she is innocent, she doesnt realize that Yuvi trapped her, Kunj says your sister is like you, she is crazy and stubborn, will you fight with me now? Twinkle says you are right, i was crazy that i loved person like Yuvi, he is doing all this with my sister because me, i feel helpless when i see Yuvi with Mahi, Kunj holds her hand to support her, she says what we will do now? Twinkle sees a pamphlet, she gets idea and says now Mahi’s surgery will happen on time and Yuvi will earn money for it, Twinkle asks how? she says through boxing.
Twinkle comes near Yuvi’s room and says on call to Chinki that i cant come to boxing, Yuvi listens her, Twinkle says to Chinki that i cant come to boxing match, i would have loved seeing someone breaking Yuvi’s record but i cant come. Yuvi thinks that there is boxing match in Amritsar and nobody told me?
Yuvi comes in his room and says to himself that Twinkle is happy that someone is going to break my record but there is only one champion in Punjab and that is me, i will break my record now. Twinkle listens all this and says Yuvi’s biggest problem is that he cant see his ego breaking, now he will go to boxing match to save his record and will earn money with which we will do Mahi’s surgery.

Scene 2
Boxing match starts. Kunj asks Twinkle if she is sure that Yuvi will come? she says he will come for sure. referee asks if there is someone who can challenge boxer? Yuvi comes and says i will fight, Kunj smiles and says welldone Twinkle Sarna. Yuvi comes there in boxing attire. Yuvi comes in boxing ring, Kunj asks Twinkle if he will be able to do it? Twinkle says he maybe bad person in real life but he boxing king, he wont let his record break. Yuvi looks at Twinkle and smirks. All chant for Yuvi, Yuvi comes out of boxing ring. He comes to Twinkle. Yuvi says to Twinkle that what you thought that i will be in your trap? i am gamer not loser, Yuvi says to Twinkle that when i listened about boxing match, i got excited as boxing is my first love, oh its my second love as you are my first love actually, Kunj gets angry, Yuvi laughs. He says then i got to know about prize money and understood your plan, it has exactly same money 50lacs which you needed for Mahi’s surgery, Yuvi says to Twinkle that your plan was superb but Yuvi is little more smart than you, its already afternoon, you have to admit Mahi by tonight, what will you do now? can you earn money for me? i have to my wife’s surgery, he says i will go to meet my friends, Referee asks Yuvi if he is not interested in fight? Yuvi says no time for it, he leaves, referee says so fight ends, Kunj says stop, Kunj says i will fight with boxer, he comes in ring, Twinkle is tensed.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Kunj that you will not go for fight, Kunj says you dont trust me that i can win this? that boxer is fighting for fame but i am going to fight for wife’s smile. Twinkle says to Kunj that i am proud and lucky that you are my husband, now go and beat that boxer rocky. Kunj comes in ring, Rocky beats him, Kunj falls down, Twinkle screams Kunj.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope that twinj understand their love for each other after the match against Rocky

  2. kunj please be safe….and no one can be a better husband then u….Idk why always yuvi is always a step ahead of twinkle…..I just hate that stupid mahi is her husbands pride more important then her treatment…bullshit….I so agree to kunj I wud hav slapped her and got the surgery done any how

  3. Awesome episode….lovely precap….thanks for really quick update….

  4. Sooooo fast update thanks a lot atiba. Wow the episode was good but less twinj scenes but the precap is interesting

  5. Wow precap seems interesting it will make twinj bond I guess

  6. ha ha ha finally kunj making yuvi down by his love for twinkle and now he is better than uv in which uv used to be best ha ha ha ha ha

  7. Guys there is a news that scares me a bit that a new zee TV show is going to be aired on zee TV hope that it doesn’t replace our tashan e ishq!!! Fingers crossed …… What do u guys think which serial will it replace?

    1. I don’t think any show would be off-air as the late 10.30pm slot is empty the time where lajwanti was aired. And if any show is going off air then should be most probably satrangi sasural this show should have been off air long time back
      I don’t mind it replacing any show besides Tashan-e-Ishq, Yeh Vaada Raha, Meri Sasu Maa and Kaala Teeka

    2. tei will not end now sooo dont be scared and if it ends also then it will end as twinj confession and their happy life ever after and we will be very happy for that though it is short but awesome

      1. I totally agree sudha….I will miss twinj though if it ends

  8. C’mon Kunj win this match for your Twinkle , Twinj too cute

  9. Awesome vry nice twinj scenes …… And this mahi is so irritating i hate her yrr

  10. awesome epi,finally less yuhi drama.,nd love u twinj..

  11. Very nice episode!!!!””day by day ur looking cute and care husband twinkle is very lucky, and UV pls go away from twinj precap is excited we know kunj win this game only for our twnkle smile ……

  12. Hmmm.precap is interesting…..but kunj ko daikh kr mera dil ro Raha hai…he will be beaten harshly by rocky…but m sure our kunj will win the fight for his syapa queen….hope for some sweet twinj scenes……ppzzz writers give twinj scenes….

  13. Preety sid bieber

    Kunj rely won da fight…ya pehle wah thora sa mar toh khayega bt end me toh jit hamesha hero ki hi hoti haiii…our kunj is alwys herooo???????????
    He is da bst…..he can do anything 4 his love….
    Lovvv u kunj…..

    1. I soo agree with u preety

  14. Jaldi kiya kar …you understand atibaa

  15. I totally agree with u mahira

  16. First of all thankx a lot dude, atiba thank you so much… Nice episode precap is also nice….. Don’t end tei plz.

  17. Hey guys finally I got to know that satrangi sasural is going off air and not tei ….,, thank god!

  18. Jaldi update kiya kar.. You understand atiba

  19. it replace of lajwanti searial at 10:30 it has finished and it will take that time so pls dont be afraid tashan e ishq is not going to be end soooo sooooon guys so chillllll…..

  20. Obio kunjs gonna win d fyt n after tat there should be twinj scenes . tats wat I wish for . fingers crossed. Love twinj…….?????

  21. I am sorry atiba please forgave me atiba plz I am veryyyyy veryyyy sorry for my behaviour I am sorry I am sorry atiba plz don’t take to heart I sorry

  22. Nice episode and precap as well as we know that kunj can do anything for his twinkle.Luv u both.

  23. Wow aaj kunj ne mere mnn ki baat kahi ki meri bahan hoti tho 1 thappd lgata but i hope fight ke darmiyaan kunj ko jyada chot na aaye and ab tho mahi ko kuch samajh aa jayee ki uv is good for nothing and twinj hi hai jinhe mahi ki fikr hai love u twinj best of luck

  24. Wow! Great episode. Twinj is clever but Uvi is little smarter than Twinkle. Hope so Kunj will win. Love you Twinj. Come on kunj rock on and throw away Rocky.

  25. Idnt lyk it mahi’s cheractr….
    stupid mahii she is tresting only uvi …..
    my sweet twinkle and kunjjjjj…
    alwayzzz awzmeee
    lOve u kunjjjjj

  26. I am still not sure why Twinkle and Kunj don’y just leave the punjab and see how quickly UV leaves Mahi and goes after Twinkle. Revenge against Twinkle is his only reason for him being there….

  27. Go kunj I love you and twinkle I love this twist of boxing haha yuvi you are not smart but cunning dumb and fool

  28. guys i just now read a news where there is going to be a new entry in tei….in negative role..oh god!!

    1. some one called himani singh!!

  29. Can someone tell me trp of tei??????pls pls pls!

  30. what is trp of full form

  31. Update today’s episode

  32. Where is 19th February 2015 written update?

  33. please update Feb. 19th episode


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