Tashan-e-Ishq 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Surjeet says to Twinkle that you should leave house, Kunj says Twinkle wanted send Yuvi to mental asylum as he had put fire on our room, she got afraid that he can hurt anyone in house thats why she did it, Twinkle in surprise looks at him, Surjeet says to Kunj that you cant take side of Twinkle but its my final decision that Twinkle will have to leave house, Babee says give one chance to them, Twinkle says to Babee that i know you love me alot but i know you love this family much more, its your dream to see whole family together and i love this family alot, i never want to create problem in this family, if this is happiness of this family then i am ready to leave house, she starts leaving but Kunj holds her hand and says you will not go anywhere, Surjeet says to Kuinj that i know

you dont care for family, you are a liar, Kunj says i promise on Twinkle’s behalf that nothing of that sort will happen again, give one chance, dont tear this family, Babee says i take their responsibility, give them chance, Surjeet ok Babee i am giving them chance, Surjeet leaves, Babee comes to Twinkle and says i have kept this family together now its your responsibility to keepr it together with love, relations can be broken easily, you have to keep them tied, Twinkle nods, Babee hugs her.
Twinkle says to herself that how to make family understand that Yuvi is faking illness, how to expose him, i have to talk to Kunj, Kunj comes there. Twinkle thanks Kunj for taking her side infront of family again, thanks alot, Kunj holds her from shoulders and pins her to wall, she is confused and looks at him, Sajna ve plays, both share eyelock, Kunj leans into her and says Babee had tears because of you, there was fight in house because of you, my family was falling part because of you, i did that because you are my responsibility, why dont you understand that we have be with our family, today i supported you for last time, from now on if you create any problem then i will ask you to leave from this house myself, he leaves, Twinkle says i knew it, Kunj is miffed with me, our marriage is on shaky rock, i wont let Yuvi destroy my marriage and thats my promise to myself.
Its morning, Twinkle recalls how Kunj said that he will ask her to leave if she creates any problem from now on, Cherry comes from behind and puts shawl around her, she is stunned to see him, Cherry says its december, you should wear shawl else you will get cold, Twinkle says i dont need it, she takes it off, he says no you should wear it, he tries to make her wear it and tries to touch her, Twinkle moves back and starts leaving, Cherry says to Twinkle that i feel bad for you, Usha and Anita doesnt like you and Kunj doesnt take care of you, he doesnt love you, Twinkle says this is my personal matter, you dont have to discuss all this with me, she starts leaving but Cherry holds her hand, Twinkle angrily looks at him, cherry leaves her hand and says i just want to keep you happy, i mean i want to see you happy, dont think that i am your brother in law, i want to become your friend, if you have any problem then you can share it with me, i am always there for you, Twinkle leaves, Cherry says soon she will be in my arms.
Twinkle comes in room and says good morning to Kunj, she says i have noted everything, i will not do anything that will create problems in family, Kunj says great, he starts to leave but Twinkle holds his hand and says i dont like you silent, you can fight with me but dont be silent, Kunj says one side you say that i always fight with you and you are irritated with me but otherside you dont want me to be silent even, what you want? why are you so confused? Twinkle doesnt answer and says i am going to Leela’s house, if you want anything then tell me i will give it to you rightnow else if i am gone then you wont be able to find anything in room as you cant move around without me, Kunj says i am habituated to you? are you mad, i will find my things, i dont care where you are going, you can go wherever you want, Twinkle is hurt, Yuvi comes there and hugs Kunj, he says to Kunj that see i have become good boy, i slept in my room, not in your room, now Twinkle wont send me mental asylum? Kunj says Twinkle cant send you anywhere neither she will, Yuvi says yay, lets take selfie, he takes selfie with Twinkle and Kunj, Yuvi drags Twinkle and says make breakfast for me.
Yuvi and Twinkle comes in lounge, Babee says to Twinkle that i know whatever happened yesterday, it has hurt you but i trust you alot, i know only you can keep this family joined and happy, dont let my trust break, Twinkle says but.. Babee says no need to say anything, i understand everything but i know you will handle everything, i was thinking that we should go to Guradvarah to pray for peace of this family, Yuvi says i will go too, Babee says yeah you need to go most, she leaves, Yuvi says to Twinkle that he will eat breakfast from her hands, she says ok you go, i will make breakfast for you and will bring it, Yuvi leaves, Twinkle thinks that if i have to bring Yuvi’s truth out then i have to observe him when nobody is around him, i should hide in his room and then observe him when he will be alone there, only this is the way to find truth.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes in Yuvi’s room and thinks where to hide, she sees cupboards locked and thinks she cant hide there, she sees small cupbaord and thinks to hide in it, she hides in small cupboard, cherry sees her hiding in cupboard and comes in room, he thinks what Twinkle is doing in Yuvi’s room? she might be keeping eye on Yuvi thats why hiding in his room but its good for me, he comes near cupboard and smirks, he locks cupboard from outside and takes key, he says no one will find Twinkle here, i will send everyone outside then only Twinkle and i will be in house, i cant wait for it, Cherry leaves room. He comes to family and ask they didnt leave for Guradvarah? Babee says i will go after breakfast, Cherry says lets go to have breakfast outside, Babee says i am remembering village’s breakfast, whole family will go out together and have breakfast, Surjeet says this idea is good, Yuvi comes there and says Twinkle promised me to bring breakfast but she didnt come, Surjeet says she likes to miff my son, Kunj says no, she told me that she is going to her home to meet her cousin, Cherry thinks that he has done my work, Yuvi says no she promised me that she will bring my breakfast.
Twinkle thinks that Yuvi hasnt come till now, she tries to open cupboard but its locked, she is shocked.

PRECAP- Leela says to Pinni that i am feeling tensed like something wrong is going to happen. Twinkle faints in cupboard due to suffocation, Cherry is taking cupboard to farm house. Kunj is driving car and thinks that why i am feeling bad as something is wrong happening.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Me feeling sad vd today’s episode….not good

  2. Cherry very bad man…kunj plz save your twinkle from cherry

  3. Pehle kya kam problems thy Jo ab cherry bhi aa gya..

  4. Not a good twist in serial…like all other TV serials kunj will not trust upon twinkle and ask her to leave house …m feeling sad… I love twinj don’t wana see them apart ????

    1. Totally agree wiyh you…. this is all just because she us a woman…. so s*xist…..when will they realise that women are equally strong and should be given respect just like men……

  5. arreh yaaar! -_-
    yeh ho kya raha hai twinkle k sath? :/
    this is just too much to bear for that poor girl 🙁
    nobody supports her no matter how much she thinks for other people -_-
    i hated cherry from day one and he is becoming more disgusting day by day :/
    and leela! -_-
    if she is so much concerned about twinkle y doesn’t she just support her? -_-

  6. ohhhhhhh common writers yeh old walla numbers choodooo
    this is too boringgggggg
    give Twnj a break……….
    pata nahii yuvi ka drama kab tak chalegaa….uska sath voo wicked cheryy beeee
    aghar kahani mee nayii twist nahii milrahi he too pllllllzzzzzzzz ff padiyeee
    dimakhh kul gayengiii

  7. I think whatever happening to twinkle is right. I felt this is root of their love……!!!

    1. You know what i agree with you, when Kunj saves Twinkle it will make their love grow more and more for each other to the point where they’ll even realize the love they have for each other

  8. Nice episode love u all esp twinj

  9. Omg! Omg! Omg

  10. Feeling sad for twinkle and kunj.I like to see them together

  11. I think Kunj will save Twinkle, he will forget his anger towards her and concern for her.

  12. gulshangrover

    Twinkle should take Anita Aunty to the balcony in her bedroom and throw her over then She and Kunj will Live Happy, Loving and Peaceful Married Life… But then again, without Villain like Anita Aunty Tashan will be Boring

  13. Damn……Kunj pls save twinkle and your shaadi from Cherry and Yuvi before its too late… everytime i watch this drama i feel like something bad is about to happen and thats the end but the plots and twists always gives us a happy end to the episode but it would be better to see both twinj happily in love?????

  14. Nice episode

  15. Hope yuvis truth comes out seeing twinkle in that state

  16. rerally disgusting episode yaar

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