Tashan-e-Ishq 18th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Anita arrives in social club, she meet other women, one women says that trophy is voting for you, some women gossips that every year, in rumi card game, Anita Luthra wins as Leela never play it, Leela comes there and says i have here to make Anita lose today, she sit infront of Anita and says be ready to lose.
Yuvi comes to meet Twinkle, she says i will not leave you today, she beats him and says you know how much insult we had to bear just to fulfill your challenge, he falls on ground, she beats him, he faints, she ask him to get up and not act, he doesnt move, she gets worried and ask him to get yuvi, he gets up and says when your breath will mix in my breath then i will get up, what you thought, i died? she says shut up, she says till when we will keep meeting secretly, we

should tell our families that we love each other and wanna spend whole life together, they will get angry on us but then will accept us, will you come with me? he says yes and hugs her, Twinkle gets call and says what?
Announcer says that Leela is playing card game with Anita for first time, Twinkle comes there and says to Leela that you dont like all this, i know you wanna take revenge but you will feel guilty for all this, this is not your place, lets go, Leela says sometime to teach lesson to people, we have to stoop to their level, Yuvi comes there, Twinkle points him, he nods, Anita says good you came Yuvi, just see how i win, she taunts Leela, Leela says you have so much confidence that you will win so lets play big, if i lose today then me and my members will not enter this club ever, i will leave everything which i built here but if i win then you will leave this club and will not show face here, Anita says i accept this deal, they starts playing game, Yuvi and Twinkle are tensed, leela says life is like card game, you win with help of your enemies, you threw card which was my need, she wins and says next time dont be egoistic, you played cheap game tomorrow but i took revenge in respectful way, i have given you answer of my insult, i have removed your name from this club, dont show face again, Yuvi gets angry and leaves.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes out of club and waits for Yuvi, Yuvi comes and says what your mom thinks of herself? she insulted my mother, now my mom cant enter here, Twinkle says she accepted challenge and lost, whats my mom’s fault, i will talk to my mother, she will allow her here, Yuvi says we dont need your beg, Twinkle says dont show attitude, i am favoring you, your mom always hurt my mother, yuvi says what about my mother? Twinkle says i think we are you going nowhere, we should take decision, he says we should end this love, she says this bracelet is proof of our love, i will break it, he says you really wanna break it, break it, she tries but cant break it, he says you cant do it as you love me alot, Twinkle says but you are daring so break it, he doesnt, she ask what happened? even you cant do it as you love me too, Yuvi says yes i love you like crazy, both share eyelock, Twinkle starts leaving, Yuvi stops her and says i will keep loving you till last breath, Twinkle says dont say like this again, i cant imagine my life without you, both hug each other, Twinkle says there is only one logical step, we should tell everything to our families, we will talk to them, Yuvi says you are right. Leela comes out of club and waits for Twinkle, her brother comes and you gave right answer to Anita, we will have party, lets go, Leela says let twinkle come, they find Twinkle with Yuvi, Twinkle starts acting and says to Yuvi how dare you touch me, she slaps him, Yuvi sees her mother coming and says i will never flirt with you, Leela’s brother Raman comes and punches you, Twinkle says dont involve in all this, lets leave, he says no i will not leave him, she starts beating Yuvi but then yuvi over powers and beats Raman, Anita comes and stops Yuvi, she says how dare you Raman, Leela says Yuvi started it, how dare he flirt with my daughter, this is your upbringing, Anita says dont say anything about my son, his standard is higher, he cant do anything wrong, your daughter must be playing dirty games, all know that her marriage doesnt get fixed anywhere, if this keep happening then she will not marry anyone, Leela says stop it, dont say anything about my daughter’s character, Anita says your daughter is characterless, no boy is ready to marry her, she will remain unmarried, Leela says ok i will clear this misunderstanding, i dont think that if girls are not getting married then they have bad character, you have challenged me and i will answer you, just cause she is not married, she is characterless? i will give you marriage certificate, i give you challenge that in 5 days i will fix her marriage and if i am not able to do it then i am not Leela, Twinkle is shocked and looks at Yuvi who is tensed.

PRECAP- Manohar calls Leela and says we are organizing house warming party, please come and please do bring Twinkle, he ends call, Leela says now i will fix Twinkle’s marriage. Twinkle is crying, Yuvi says this may not be right decision but we have only one solution that we runaway from our homes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thank god I was scared it was acting…huff…..what they are going to do?how ther are going to say?

  2. what will happen now?

  3. thanks god… thankyou soooo much…

  4. Nice episode..luv u twinkraj

  5. Getting to like the show very much ,want to see what will play out at the end.

  6. If they run away,it will turn out to be big problem. How will they do that though in disguise.
    Whatever,but they have to marry,even if it is in a temple.

  7. I think twinkle will marry someone else nt yuvi :-/

    1. May be You’re right…. becuz yestrday i read some spoilers which says that yuvi is just taking revenge from twinkle’s family and also twinkle… and the second male lead name is kunj sarna… whose entry we have seen in promos… GODD!! I’m very curios to knw whats gonna happen nxt???

  8. But,she has to marry Yuvi,Or perhaps she will marry someone else for her mother’s sake and divorce later

  9. i love this serial so much. its my favorite to watch. These mothers are so competitive that they not even aware how much they hurting their children. if they run away it will put both the mothers in their place. full on, go for it. #TwinkRaj

  10. OMG Asra, this cant be right, Twinkle has to marry Yuvraj only!!! :(.. hope those Spoilers are wrong.. but thank you for the information.

    1. I too want them TOGETHER.. as a great perfet couple… . becuz dey both look adorable… i was just saying what i read… nd i’m very unhappy… wanna kick writer’s A**… ?

  11. No no..twinkle can’t marry som1 else

  12. shifa(shakira)

    super serial i like it

  13. Siddhartha Gupta is trump card n the male lead
    And zain iman will be the negative lead in this show

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