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Scene 1
Leela comes to Twinkle and says i couldnt talk to you from the time you have come from Mumbai, she asks Twinkle why she seems tensed? did you fight with Kunj? husband and wife do have fights, talk to him and pacify him, Twinkle hugs her and cries, Leela gets worried and asks what happened? Twinkle says Kunj is ill, he has blood illness, if he gets injured then it will be dangerous for his health, Leela says dont worry, God will make everything fine, even if he gets injured, i will make sure that we arrange blood for him, Twinkle says Kunj’s blood group is also rare, i have asked doctor Baseem to collect it from all blood banks so that we can have bank for emergency, Leela says dont worry, nothing will happen to Kunj, did you tell this to Kunj? Twinkle says i tried but couldnt get

chance, Leela says you should tell him so that he can take care of himself, also you should tell this to family Usha and Babee have gone to Guradvarah, when they comeback, do tell them. Kunj comes there and asks Leela how is she? Leela says i am fine, how are you? he says i am fine, he stares Twinkle and leaves, Leela asks Twinkle to go, she leaves.
Twinkle comes to Kunj, he looks away and is miffed with her, Twinkle says i need to talk to you, Kunj says dont disturb me, Twinkle shows him gift, he says what is it? Twinkle says this is book which you wanted, you lost race because of me, your wish is my wish, Kunj is surprised and pulls her beside him to sit, he says my sweet wife, sometimes you do things which touch my heart directly, tell me your health is fine? she says yes why? Kunj says why so serious, did someone die? Twinkle stops him and says why are talking about death? Kunj says i have to say these dialogues for my fans, Twinkle says i need to talk to you something really important, Kunj gets call and says i have to attend this, he leaves. Twinkle gets call from doctor Baseem, he says to Twinkle that you should go to city hospital, you may find Kunj’s blood group there, Twinkle says okay.
Twinkle comes to Leela and tells her that she is going to blood bank to find Kunj’s blood group, if Kunj asks anything about me then say something, i will comeback soon.
Yuvi is in jail, he recalls how Twinkle said that she has answered him in his language only. Yuvi says to a Anita that why are you silent? i used to wear designer’s clothes and now i am wearing these cheap jail clothes, Anita says i am.. Yuvi says i am not even getting food here, i told you that bring some food for me but you didnt bring it, Anita says they are strict, they take everything from me, Yuvi says you are crying to me? you keep enjoying your kitty parties and here i eat pulse and rice, he looks at her and says just look at your designer clothes, you have come here as you will go to party after here, you should get award for best modern mom without emotions, Yuvi is frustrated, Anita tries to pacify him, she says i love you so much, i can do anything to bring you out of here, she says you remember when you used to be ill in childhood, i used to take you to hospital, go and eat rice given to you, act like you are choking, all should feel that you are not able to breath, do it and then i will do my work, Yuvi smirks at her.
Kunj is with his friends, friend says i am sorry to call you here, Kunj says blood donation is very nice work, we dont know who will need blood and when, they go in blood donation camp for donation.
Twinkle comes to city hospital and asks about Bombay blood group, receptionist asks her to wait till she checks it. Anita brings Yuvi to hospital with police, Yuvi is acting like choking, Anita acts too. Yuvi is brought to city hospital, police asks nurse to take him for treatment, Yuvi is taken. Anita says finally my Yuvi came out of that jail, he will live here easily, will get good food, clothes, AC and TV. Kunj and Twinkle can enjoy these small moments as my yuvi will return soon to poison their lives, i promise. Twinkle is waiting in reception area, Yuvi is taken from there, they dont see each other.
Kunj comes to give his blood, he says to doctor that i am punjabi, you can take my blood as much as you want. Doctor says first we have to do your test, only then we will know how much blood you can donate, Kunj says sure.
Yuvi is acting like choking, doctor checks him and says i have to call doctor Baseem. Receptionist says to Twinkle that we dont have Bombay blood group, we will inform you if we get it, Twinkle gets sad. Doctor calls Doctor baseem and says we have admitted a patient whose blood group is bombay, he can donate blood, Baseem thanks him. Baseem thinks to tell this to Twinkle.
Kunj’s test is done, doctor is tensed, he says to Kunj that did any doctor tell you about your immune system or your blood condition? Kunj says no, is there any issue? he says yes.
Baseem calls Twinkle and tells her there is patient in city hospital, he can donate blood to Kunj, Twinkle says i am really happy, who is that patient? Baseem says he is in room 209, you can meet him, Twinkle thanks him.

Scene 2
Twinkle is finding room 209, Yuvi is in that room. She searches for it. Yuvi is playing with apple in room. Twinkle finds room, she is about to go in when she gets call from Kunj, she picks it up and leaves. Twinkle asks Kunj what happened? are you fine? did you get hurt? you fine? Kunj says i am not fine, Twinkle gets worried and says where are you? i wanna meet you right now.
Twinkle comes to blood donation camp, she sees Kunj fine, he looks at her, Twinkle runs and hugs him tightly, Kunj caresses her face and says i am an idiot, you kept trying to tell me about this illness but i didnt listen to it, Twinkle says idiot is this illness, i feel like shooting and killing this illness, Kunj says i gave so much stress, you kept getting worried that i should not get hurt and i was racing in college, i came here to donate blood when i have to be careful, i am sorry Twinkle, its good to feel that someone is there who cares about me so much. Twinkle says our relation is not just namesake, your breaths are mine, if you get hurt then i feel pain, i am with you and will remain with you, i wont leave you in this difficult situation, Kunj says your love will give me strength to fight with all this, Twinkle gets emotional and hugs him, Sajna ve plays, Kunj hugs her back, both are tensed.

PRECAP- Twinkle comes to mandir and meets Pundit, Pundit says you have to chant mahamrityunjay for 108 times without stopping in middle, Twinkle says okay and starts it for Kunj. Babee and Manohar comes to mandir, they listen chants on mantras, Manohar says seems like someone’s life is in danger, they come in mandir to find no one there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Thnx for the update mam

  2. first kunj will be happy then uvi will spil it .till now i didnt comment but this is first i had to comment pls everyone this dhow is boring. seriosly the directors and writers are simply g on and onnn….

  3. OMG….. muje darr lagrahahai. .. lagtahai twincal & kunj ko uv alag karnevalahai… plz aisa math kijiye plzzzzzz. Agar aisa hogayana…….. koyi is show nahi dekega………

  4. Why can’t the makers let us fans enjoy Twinj scenes peacefully for at least a week, it has not been a day or two and they are already showing problems . This Yuvi drama is too much , I wonder when this Yuvi drama will end without any doubt Zain is a fab actor, that’s why fan love to hate his character, but this is too much, now it’s time for Yuvi to be a positive character at least he deserves this

  5. Why there always new trouble for this couple and this troublemaker Yuvi is always included in it like there is no other thing this serial writer can think other than include Yuvi in all matters….!!!
    So LAME THIS storyline!!! This serial writer should start to dig new ideas for next chapter !!!

  6. Thanks atiba for the update.

  7. Thanks atiba thnk u so mch fr d update i was eagerly w8ing fr dis nyc episode bt dis uv oh shit now wat 2 do

  8. i wish that kunj will fine & this track will end very soon


    I hope twinkle ko uss yuvi k pass na jaana pade for saving kunj…. and she completes her pooja…
    Main yeh episode dekh nhi paayi due to power cut but after reading i am feeling very emotional, eyes are filled with water… ????????
    I hope writers will not seperate twinkle and kunj….

  10. How sad is kunj illness . twinkle and kunj is so stressed out and that fool yuvi get out of jail ……

  11. Is yuvi the only villain for TEI ???? (Kunj and twinkle ).it’s so boring. Always the same thing. Yuvi is always the trouble maker for Kunj and twinkle.BORING

  12. They never drag any track so chill guyz.

    1. That’s the only thing I love about this show that they don’t drag. Other shows keeps dragging every track for months and months. I like these short lived (a few weeks at a time) tracks. But enough of Yuvi now please. Is it this easy to get out of jail?

  13. Seriously guys are tiger no other villains am tired of uvi one and thesam thing makes the show boring it’s like watch ektretr

  14. I have come to know that there will be a new entry in the show..and maybe he would have the same blood grp….but i am not sure

  15. Well although it is is till the same person causing the trouble, atleast the situation keeps changing and the culprit getting called out…. Unlike kkb |(

  16. Omg, this is sooooooooooooo amazing.yuvi is back.just the best.????

  17. wat kind of game z anitha playing… foolish woman

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