Tashan-e-Ishq 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kunj says to Twinkle that i am so happy today, i will not have to see Yuvi’s face, he talks like we dont know him, he talks sweetly then will backstab him, Twinkle says maybe he is changed for real, Kunj says are you mad, he cant change, there is some gameplan, Twiinkle says he sent his mother to jail for us, he cant hurt his mother, Kunj says he can do anything to plot against us, maybe its strategy of his and Anita together, Twinkle says if it is strategy then he wont be doing so much for us, Kunj says if he wanted to change then he could have changed earlier, he tried to kill us earlier, Twinkle says he knows that we hate him but still we saved his life, maybe this thing hit his mind and he changed seeing all this, we can give him chance, Kunj says you are really innocent, leave

it, Twinkle says before judging anyone we can give chnace to person for explanation, Kunj says you are taking side of that cheap man? you are trying to give him chance? Twinkle says i am not taking sides but if a person is trying to repent then we can atleast give him a chance, Kunj says lets sleep, he goes on his side of bed and lies to sleep, Twinkle wants to talk to him but Kunj turns away from her and acts like sleeping, Twinkle lies on her side of bed and turns away from Kunj, Kunj turns and looks at her sleeping on her side, he glares her.
Its morning, Leela meets Twinkle and Kunj and says i am nominated for best business women award, i want your help, can you please make presentation for me to show them what i have done in my field, Kunj says i will make such good presentation for you that all will be in awe of your work, Leela thanks him. Anita comes there and says people are fool, Leela you want award? why wait for conference, she offers award to Leela, Leela takes award and is confused, Anita says business women of year award will go to me, you take this fake award, Babee says talk to me, Anita you are cheap women, i told surjeet that you should come in this house but you are so shameless that you keep coming back here, Anita says this is my inlaws house so i keep coming here, i will win over anita in this award ceremony only then my and my son’s revenge will be completed, she leaves.
Cherry says i didnt get anything by being nice, Yuvi made me thief, till i dont get money from Anita, i will do robbery of small things and will get money. He finds showpiece on table and says i should steal it and will sell in market. Leela comes there and says you here? Cherry says thank you for giving me your laptop, Leela says you could have given me this laptop when i was at Sarna house, Cherry thinks that then my work wouldnt have been done, he says i didnt know you were there, he gives laptop and leaves.
Leela asks Twinkle where is Kunj? Twinkle says he has gone to college, he has some work there, Leela says you make presentation for me, Twinkle sees Leela’s laptop folder empty and says there is no detail in your laptop, Leela is stunned.
Cherry says to Anita that i deleted Leela’s data, Anita gives him, Yuvi sees all this and thinks that they seem to be plotting against Leela again, they are outside Leela’s house.
Leela says to Twinkle that i had data in my laptop, i dont know how it got deleted. Twinkle says i will call Kunj, she calls Kunj but he doesnt pick up.
Anita comes to conference and says my presentation is ready, she sees Leela not in conference and smirks.
Yuvi comes to Leela’s house, Leela says what are you doing here? this all must have been done by you, i know you are playing game and must have done somthing with my laptop data, Yuvi says your laptop was with Cherry? Leela says yes, Yuvi says i am sorry, my mom gave money to Cherry and he deleted all your data, can i help you? Leela says no need, Yuvi says please let me help you, Twinkle gives laptop to Yuvi.
Anita gives presentation in conference. Yuvi works on laptop, he recovers Leela’s data and makes presentation for her. Twinkle gets happy, Yuvi says i have made presentation, he asks Leela to go to conference, he wishes her luck, Leela leaves, Yuvi says to Twinkle that i must leave, he starts to leave, Kunj comes there and asks Twinkle what Yuvi is doing here? she says he helped me with presentation, Kunj says why did you entertain him? you could have called me, Twinkle says i tried to call you but you were not picking up, Kunj says i dont trust this man a bit, Yuvi says i was leaving only, dont be angry with Twinkle, Kunj says dont interfere in my matter with my wife, he says to Twinkle that we must go to conference, he leaves with Twinkle, Yuvi gets sad.
Anita gives presentation, jury says where is Leela? Anita says this is so unprofessional, this is prestigious award and she is not here on time, we should disqualify her, jury says if she doesnt come in 10minutes then we will disqualify her. Leela comes there and says it will not be needed, she asks Anita how is she? Anita thinks that she might have come here but she doesnt have presentation, Leela says before i start presentation, i want to thank person who helped me to make this presentation, its none other than Yuvraj Luthra, yes he is Anita’s son and he helped me with this presentation, Anita is shocked to listen this.

Scene 2
Jury sees presentation of Anita and Leela. Jury says there will be voting on who will get this award, this will be open voting. Twinkle, Babee, Kunj and Yuvi are there too. Babee says my vote is for Leela, Surjeet votes for Anita, Kunj says my vote is for Leela, Twinkle votes for Leela, Pinni and Raman votes for Leela, other jury members vote and at the end Leela has 5, Anita has 5votes too. Jury says that this is interesting, there is tie between Anita and Leela for award, only Yuvi is left for voting, his vote will decide who will get this award, they ask Yuvi to vote, all look on, Yuvi looks at Kunj, Anita smiles at Yuvi thinking that he will obviously vote for her, Kunj thinks that he will vote for his mom only, Yuvi looks at Twinkle. Yuvi gets up and says my vote goes to.. Leela Taneja, all are stunned, Yuvi smiles at Leela, Kunj is shocked.

PRECAP- Kunj embraces Twinkle from behind and dances romantically with Twinkle, Twinkle is wearing pink frock, they dance on Sab tera song. Yuvi is dressed as Sardar, he with Twinkle at some party, Twinkle is laughing and says i want to stay here with Kunj, Yuvi says lets go out from here, i cant even talk to you here because of laughing gas, Twinkle laughs being intoxicated, Yuvi takes her from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The precap was terrible…i was happy that now yuvi will support twinkle.but he has plotted this time also.very bad….i wish it is not true

  2. Truly nice episode.. nice precap.. bt god knows wat will happen nxt… waiting for tomorrowz epi.. another mahasangam… btw thnxxx ATIBA… for the super fast update….

  3. What is precap
    I didn’t understand it


    guys iam very scare about mahasangam uvi nd twinkle what if kunj misunderstood her and left him then I wii surely not watch it pray for best


    guys iam very scare about mahasangam uvi nd twinkle what if kunj misunderstood her and left him then I wii surely not watch it pray for best and then twinj romance

    1. Is twinkle playing game again with twinj

  6. Guys qubol hai(sorry if spelling is wrng) lead pair that is ahil n sanam is entering tei on mahasangam for dance performance n writers dis is a humble request plz dis time dont make tw forgive kunj easily as it is a matter of her self respect

  7. Omg a TV show got everyone going crazy ppl just chill it’s just for entertainment and I am sure what ever happen before or after the precap everyone will enjoy it I know I will

  8. hi today my birth day


  9. I didn’t understand the precap!!!

  10. The precap is gud. I m waiting gor the leap. It will be very interesting to watch.

  11. if twinkle and kunj separate for permanently then I did not watch tei I watching this serail from kunj entry that why I love twinkunj only

  12. i hav read smwhere tht kunj wl see twiraj on the same bed n wl b angry n decide to move to london n ask twinkle dat if she wants to go wid him then she must reach airport on tym…on hearing this leela will go to airport to stop him bt in d way she wl meet wid an accdnt n twinkle wl try to call kunj to inform him abt ths bt he wl nt pick her call n she wl b late to reach d airport n kunj disheartened wl leave fr london widout twinkle so the leap takes place….

  13. happy birthday simran god bless u and lots of love to birthday girl♡♡♡♡♥♥♡♡♡♡♡

  14. i came to hear that after the leap uv re unite twinj..because of anita mu will create between twinj.they will sepatate.at that tym uv support twinkle as a frnd and make twinj re unite.well that’s gonna be interesting to watch.uv always try to separate twinj and now he will re unite them and help them to clear all mu.that’s cool..i am eagerly waiting to watch the track.

  15. OMG!!!! Its just a misunderstanding kunj . Can’t u trust twinkle. Tis time also. U r wrong kunj. Mujhe first time tum pr itna gussa aara h. or ye baat toh mujhe bilkul bhi samaj me nhi aari that uv had been really changed or not.ye baat mujhe samaj me hi nhi aari h. Really. But eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  16. Happy birthday simran. Many many happy writtens of the day. God bless u. May ur all dreams comes true???

  17. I watched tei from the beginning till now n I never missed an episode! U know why bcuz I thought that the serial was interesting and fun but now when I read the leap!!!I jus don’t ever wanna watch this show ever again!!?????byebye for good!!and after I read some of the comment I sawtheat tis show is losing alot of fans.???

  18. Bye bye for good tashan e ishq!!!!

  19. Happy birthday simran
    I love yuvi.i thew to my self that one day yvi would have change form bad to good
    I am waiting eagerly for the reunion of twiraj
    Twiraj is twinkle and yuvraj.???❤️???????????

  20. Happy birthday simran & also jain Imam(uv). God bless u too gais

  21. Happy Birthday Yuvi……..

  22. happy birthday Yuvi (Zain Imam)

  23. Twiraj jabra fan

    Today on my uv’s i mean zain imam’s brthday im supr exictd finaly my twiraj are gtng bk togthr thnk u cvs thnks a lot hv been wtng 4 ds day o man whn she laughs in the precap it rmnds of those initial episodes when tashan e ishq strtd wowww no twinj cn eva tk plc twinki n yuvi’s chemstry they are sooo sizzling i lft wtchng tei aftr kunj’s entry ys nw agn dz z gona hpn my twiraj mmmuuuaaahhh world’s bst couple i use 2 read the writtn updates bt nw agn il strt wtchng it & my zainu let ur haters burn in hell bt i hv alws lovd u since kaisi yeh yaariyan days & will alws love & support u wish u a very very happy wala birthday my jaan my dream man the love of ma life zain imam :* :* :* lv u my uv <3 <3 <3.

  24. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n dehleez fan)

    Wow what a precap twinj dance awww Sab Tera love that song a lot

  25. I just hate this kunj and twinki pair…. I love yuvi and twinki more…. And if i’m not wrong dn it must be twraj n nt twnj ryt …guyz wat say…

  26. Guys, Bad news for Twinj fans!

    According to TellyChakkar, Kunj aka Sidhant Gupta, is planning to quit TEI. Differences with the makers it seems. He’s not quite happy with the post leap storyline. His contract is about to end and isn’t keen to continue. They’re trying to convince it seems.

    Frankly, seeing the spoilers, I was disappointed in it too. Why would you even build a beautiful romance and understanding between Twinkle n Kunj? If they wanted, TwiRaj pair from the beginning, why develop so much for Kunj? Kunj’s character is so beautiful. They make beautiful pair. I watched only for Twinj.

    Why couldn’t they develop Yuvi and Mahi story? At least they could’ve showed maturity. In life, not always you get your first love. Second chance at love is always possible. If they had showed this, it could’ve been beautiful…

    And why change Cherry’s character? He was good as a positive character!

    Overall, the makers have killed TEI and will not be watching the serial or reading these updates anymore. One more added serial added to the long list of serials that I quit watching/reading updates.

    Now, only interested in Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant, Silsila Pyar Ka, Kaala Teeka (a little), Parvarish 2 and Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi!

    Fair well TEI! For me, show ends with Twinj united by Yuvi. And in my imagination, Yuvi, arranges for Twinj marriage, Twinkle’s dad n Mahi come. Yuvi apologizes to Mahi and they start a life together. All mock Anita, who realize that Yuvi’s happiness matters. Best ending ever!

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