Tashan-e-Ishq 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yuvi says i have checked all hotels, where are you Twinkle?
Twinkle comes to love nest lodge, she says baby you know why i have come here? me and papa used to come here together, now i want to live those memories with you, i wish papa was with us too.
Pallavi comes to Kunj and says so this is that special place where you and Twinkle used to come? thanks for making me come here, its great.
Twinkle comes to room and says baby see room and view is nice, me and papa used to come here.
Kashvi comes to Kunj and says you must be hungry, breakfast is nice here, you should fill your tummy before surgery, breakfast is most important meal of day, lets fill our tummy, Kunj looks at her.
Twinkle says i feel like Kunj is near, maybe because we are here, Kunj is always

on my mind and heart, he is always around me, she recalls how they used to dance, how they confessed love to each other, how they consummated marriage, mein rahun ya na rahun plays, she recalls their pool dance, Goa moments, she is in tears.
Manohar calls policeman and says she is missing, he ends call and says policeman is not filling case before 24hours, Babee says she must be miffed with me, i shouldnt have talked about second marriage, Usha says she should have thought about baby, Yuvi comes and asks if they got to know anything? Leela says no, Yuvi murmurs that she should have thought about her baby, dont know where you are Twinkle, i wish i was with you, i could have taken care of you, Usha eyes him suspiciously, Yuvi sees her and stops.
Twinkle comes in restaurant of hotel. Kunj is there too. Waiter says to Kunj that i have made coffee for you many times but you are not liking it, i dont know what kind of coffee you like, Kunj points him to leave, Waiter leaves. Twinkle stops waiter and sees Kunj from far, his face is covered with bandages, she says to waiter that can i help you? should i make coffee? he says yes, she makes coffee and asks waiter to give it to that person, maybe he will like it, waiter goes. Twinkle thinks that i have made Kunj’s style’s coffee after so much time, i wish you were with me here. Waiter gives coffee to Kunj, he drinks it and is stunned, it reminds him of Twinkle, waiter says a lady made it, Twinkle leaves from there before Kunj can see her, Pallavi comes to Kunj and says all preparations are done for surgery, lets go, she leaves with him.
Yuvi comes to Guradvarah and says babji you are always with Twinkle and cant let anything bad happen to her, i have come here to ask you to help me find Twinkle, whole family is stressed, please help me/
Babee recalls how she talked about Twinkle’s second marriage, she says Twinkle must have listened us talking about her marriage thats why she left. Babee feels pain in chest and falls unconscious, Leela brings water for her and calls doctor, Usha is tensed too.
Twinkle is in room, door knocks, Twinkle opens it to find Yuvi there. He says are you mad? i have been finding you, who leaves house like this? you didnt inform anyone, your phone is switched off too, what you think of yourself? i feel like.. he acts like punching her but stops, he says you know about your family ? Babee havent eaten anything, Manohar is finding you everywhere and you are hiding here in love nest? wow, Twinkle starts crying. Yuvi says you did mistake and now making me feel guilty? are you child that you left house? lets go back, you stupid girl, Twinkle says i will stay here, i want to share Kunj’s memories with my baby, he has right to know about his father, i will stay here and will not go anywhere, Yuvi gets call and says its from family, i will tell them about your speech. He takes call and says what?
Kunj lies in operation theater. Pallavi discusses with doctor. Twinkle and Yuvi comes to same hospital to see Babee. Doctor says to Pallavi that patient wants to talk to you, Pallavi leaves before Twinkle could see her.
Pallavi and Doctor gets ready for surgery.
Doctor is checking Babee. Doctor says to Usha that she is out of danger, give her medicine. Twinkle comes there and says what happened to Babee? Babee is unconscious, Leela says why you are asking now? go back where you wanted to go, you didnt even tell us once, see Babee, its all because of you, she kept thinking about you and got ill, i feel slapping you, she raises her hand but stops. Yuvi says scold her, she doesnt listen to anyone, maybe she will listen to you, i thought that she has become smart but now i doubt it again, you should have atleast thought about your baby, you didnt even eat anything, he gives her sandwich and says your baby needs it, just eat it and keep quiet, Yuvi says to Leela that scold her more, only then she will listen to us. Babee wakes up, Twinkle says i am sorry, i will not leave you again, Babee says to Twinkle that i am sorry, forgive me i have hurt you, i talked about your second marriage, i shouldnt have said it, you were of Kunj and will remain Kunj’s only.
Doctor says to Pallavi that congrats operation was successful. Pallavi says to Kunj that soon your bandages will be opened and you would be able to see your face again.
Babee says to Twinkle that promise me, dont leave me again, Twinkle says i promise you, i will never leave again.
Twinkle comes home, she says to Leela that i will take care of Babee, i will make food. Leela says you have become elder now, you take your decision, even if its about food or about your marriage, why dont you understand that its not easy to live alone and that too when you have baby in your hands, i have bear it, i know the pain, didnt you miss your father? you used to get sad in school when your father used to never come. You have taken decisions as daughter, daughter in law and wife but now you have to think about your child. Leela says to Twinkle that dont you think that this baby needs mother and father both, Twinkle says we have Kunj’s memories with us, thats enough, Leela says those memories are yours and Kunj’s, its not with baby, he needs father, your baby will never know Kunj, he will not have any memories of him, dont you think this baby deserves to make memories with his father? Twinkle ponders over it.

PRECAP- Twinkle is in park and sees kids playing around with their fathers or warning mothers to complain about them to fathers, she is sad seeing all this. Otherside Kunj’s face bandage is taken off.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. Shatakshi

      Hey Ritzi
      His name is Naman Shaw


    Now kunj is back but I have heard kunj will turn into negative character after seeing think enjoying life

  3. Nivika

    naman shaw wiil play the character of kunj after plastic surgery

  4. Who is new kunj ?????????????????

  5. so naman shaw is the new kunj…but he is not a fame.if they bring arjun bijlani then it will be better as he is a fame and win best actor award in gold awards.it will better for the trp.but he is also doing the jhalak.but they should take some one else.naman shaw is not a fame.most of us don’t know him.i am the biggest twinj fan.but ab mujhe v kehni paregi isse accha hota ye log uvle track hi start karta.uv is better than this naman.but all the best tei..hope new hero ki sath new safar accha ho.

    1. Shamz

      Hey Samaira it’s good that they brought someone who can’t gain TRP so easily….then won’t have any choice but to bring back our beloved Siddhant Gupta.. ..

      1. kash eysa ho jata…then i will be the most happiest person in the world.but it’s sid’s decision to quit.and he will busy in jhalak.then how could he come back?

  6. I think new kunj will be new villain and create problems in twinkle nd uv life

  7. I think new kunj will be villain nd create problems in uv nd twinkle life

  8. Risa

    Awesome episode. Love yuvle/twiraj. Kunj y r u coming back???

  9. Wtf nw naman Shaw is confirmed as kunj hw cud they yaar dis is nt fair bt had accept it anyways I had stopped watching these Indian serials urgg daily soaps n aur expect b toh kuch nai kar sakte hai ????????????

  10. His full name is Naman Shaw. He acted in Kairee – Rishta Khatta Meetha.. but i would rather watch yuvi twinkle pair than this kunj and twinkle

  11. Why is kunj coming back? Really?lol.such a rhetorical question. So bold, Oh my!
    Anyway, opinions right? No big deal.
    Yuvle scenes, twinj scenes.one time twinkle loves yuvi but yuvi does not love her then she loves kunj and kunj loves her back but then yuvi stops being a fool & falls for twinkle & then kunj gets in a horrible accident where hes mistsken to b dead and yuvi turns the good guy and gets too involve in whats not his business and then kunj comes back & everything gets destroyed because of nosey yuvi . & in d end a suspense is left between whether there is a twiraj or twinj. Which is causing ppl to say really mean things about the couple they are not in favour of.wow, hats off to the writers, what a way to confuse fans and cause drama even off screen.lol.great.If only sidhant, Jasmin & zain could read comments on TU page I’m sure they’ll burst out in laughter.

    1. Risa

      Actually it was kunj r u coming back? The y was typo. Dont get offended by mistake. Sorry riaA mendeZz.

  12. l hope that new kunj is a fraud sent by Anita to release from the jail and sid will be back after some time. what u guys think

  13. wth risa i thnk ur a twiraj fan i m sry bt wat 2 say leave dat i jst hate dis serial now i jst luv SIDMIN i dont want any kunj any twinkle i jst want SIDMIN 2 unite haha mayb im sounding funny bt dats true dats nly d truth dts wat i feel

    1. u r r8..sidmin was the best.no one can compare them.

    2. twinjfan-(tamanna)

      yaar u know I too have stop watching it n now I want only sidmin. ..sidmin..sidmin. …n our tu ffs…

  14. Anchali singhania

    Wow ur thinking is out of the box NRK.anyways let’s hope for the best.if it happens as u said then I’m sure twinj fans will be back watching tei

    1. yes it’s 100% sure everyone will be back including me

  15. this naman shaw is not handsome at all.he is nothing to sid.even zain is better than him.itna bakwas hero ye log choose kyun kiya??i really don’t get it.he is not popular also.at least koyi famous hero lena chaiye tha.kunj ki character ki insult he ye..jo v iske sath jas ko dekhna chahti ho apko bohot bohot Mubarak ho..but i am done.in logo ka jodi sab se worst hoga.hay kuch din pehle to twinj best couple tha..ab worst couple hoga.i feel so pity..itna accha show kese itna bakwas ban geya…so sad…

  16. Yuvle ki deewani

    Hahaha iss chomu se toh sid hi better tha naman wl eat up the trp of tei bt nw only yuvle trck cn save n increase tei trp guys evry1 support yuvle as our zain z much btr thn ds chomu naman

    1. yup agree.isse accha hoga ki uvle track hi start kare..twinj ka sab se bari fan ho kar v ye keh rahi hun.hay..tei is dead..rip..rip

  17. I won’t enquire about TEI at all. Naman Shaw won’t be as good as Sidhant Gupta. TEI won’t be good at all no.

  18. haha..abhi abhi ek sbs segment me dekha mene.it’s said that naman shaw jaldi tei me new kunj hoga.jas ki opposite me vo hoga.and naman shaw ko aksar tab hi dekha jata hain jab koyi quit karta hain.matlab kisi na kisi ka replacement ki rup me dekha jata hain use mainly.haha..matlab vo second category ka hero hain.hay…koyi to bachao tei ko.isse accha to rafi malik hi tha.o god…kunj ka character barbad ho geya..rip tei…

  19. now i want dis serial to be of twiraj…as i dont like new kunj wid twinkle

    1. but it won’t happened coz they already take naman shaw as kunj for twinkle.vase v mujhe lagta hain ki show bohot jald khatam ho jayega kyun ki kon dekhega is bakwas hero ke sath ye show?

  20. Hey guys I want to tell you that give the chance to naman shaw also.As a twinj fan we should support the new actors..And they should reunite twinj as per a story bcoz they are main lead.
    Dont stop watching TEI bcoz as a twinj fan we should make trp of TEI increase.Give him a chance and support bcoz he need our love and support….But we cant forget sid but what to do yaar sid has quit it and he cant come back.Hope that this new kunj will also take place in our heart as sid has taken…So support him and hope for the best….

  21. Seriously since sidhant left i stoped wathching this show and not to be mean but its a total mess and that naman shaw seriously he they couldnt find any one better sorry i know i am being mean but just too fusturated

    1. r8…i am also thinking the same.they should take someone better.rip tei..


  23. Naman Shaw new Kunj
    vaise toh nobody can replace sid in my heart I mean our hearts he was is n will always remain there
    but I guess naman will be good choice
    he looks gud
    I think they should have roped in rohan mehra aka Naksh from yrkkh wat say friends??
    regarding story I feel simple kunj will misunderstand yuvi n twinkle latter when he will make out abt baby he will develop soft corner for twinkle again
    n it wd be twinj again

  24. I read in Wikipedia that kunj will be an antagonist now.

  25. Kunj is changed we can’t accept this

  26. I hope Yuvle marriage happens. But i wonder why do i get the feeling that kunj will come and stop the marriage ? > .>
    🙁 . If that happens i at least rly hope uvi will stay as their friend .
    @Ami: Don’t trust wikipedia ,anyone can edit that. It’s not a reliable source.

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