Tashan-e-Ishq 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle comes on stage, everyone claps. Light man positions spot light right abocve Twinkle’s head, Yuvi is standing back stage. Light man leaves spot light, it is about to fall on Twinkle but Kunj comes and pushes Twinkle away from it, they both fall down on stage away from spotlight, Twinkle looks at Kunj tensely, Principal praises Kunj for bravery.
Pallavi gets call from goon and says how did she get saved? you cant do anything properly.
Twinkle sees Kunj injured, she says thanks. Kunj says if you really mean it then please go on date with me, i want to talk to you, please, Twinkle says fine but i will decide place and time, he says fine, Yuvi is tensed listening this.
Twinkle sees Yuvi sitting on chair, she comes to him, Yuvi says i am sorry, i spoiled everything,

i am zero, Twinkle says it was not your fault, Yuvi says what if light fell on you? Twinkle says but it didnt, Yuvi says boxer Sir saved you and you are going on date with him, how can you go on date with him? he looks scary, what if he hurts you? arent you afraid? Twinkle says Rocky Sir cant hurt me, Yuvi asks why? Twinkle says its a long story and i think i should tell you, she tells him how she and Kunj got married, how they fell in love, how Kunj drowned in sea and Twinkle got married with Yuvi then how how Kunj retruned after plastic surgery as Rocky and how Kunj asked for a chance again, how Yuvi asked for it too, how Twinke rejected both of them. She says i have decided to forget my past and complete my studies, Yuvi says hats off to you, after so much happening, you are still and make people around you happy, i feel that Yuvi is better than Rocky, he left everything for your happiness, he let you do what you want, Rocky tries to be with you like magnet, what is this date and all? i feel like Rocky Sir is behind light incident, he may have done it to gain your sympathy, he wanted to be hero, Twinkle says no he didnt do it Jassi, dont think too much, lets go my cute best friend, Yuvi i will always be your best friend.
Pallavi is looking at her and Revant’s pictures, flashback shows Pallavi saying to Revant that dont go, Revant says i will comeback soon, bye, fb ends. Pallavi says i let you go last time but not this time, if i have to make Twinkle loose then i have to take steps carefully, my favorite pawn Usha is with me in this game, she smirks.

Scene 2
Kunj comes to Guradvarah and thinks that i should have understood that Twinkle will call me here to meet, this place is important in our story. Twinkle comes there and talks with one woman, Kunj looks at her and smiles, Tujhe main Rab dikhta hai plays. He recalls how met Twinkle first time here. Twinkle comes to Kunj, Kunj says thanks for coming, i wanted to talk to you, Twinkle says lets pray first. Twinkle and Kunj starts serving food to poor, Kunj keeps looking at her. They clean Guradvarah and looks at each other. Twinkle and Kunj keeps shoes in rack and their hands touch. Yuvi is there as Jassi, he says this loser is going for sixers, i have to do something otherwise my Twinkle will make her house again and you will be left alone. Twinkle is working there. She shirt’s back zip is opening, Yuvi and Kunj sees it, they both run to cover her, Yuvi strikes with one man so Kunj reaches to Twinkle first. He hugs her from behind and closes her zip, Sajna ve plays. Usha and Pallavi comes there and sees them like that. Yuvi is jealous seeing that. Usha says Kunj and Twinkle here? Twinkle turns and looks at Kunj, they share eyelock. Usha leaves, Pallavi asks her to stop, Usha says this Twinkle is making Kunj dance to her tunes, Pallavi says you cant stop Twinkle but you can try to stop Kunj, Usha says you are right, i will talk to him, Pallavi says you know he wont listen against Twinkle, he will ignore you, you have to do something indirectly, if you need my help to separate them then i am available, Usha thanks her and thinks. Pallavi thinks helping Usha is helping myself only, she smirks.

Scene 3
Kunj is in college and asks Jassi to do boxing, he asks Jassi to fight back when other student beats him, Kunj asks Jassi to fight back, Yuvi thinks that this student is nothing, dont know what Kunj is teaching him, one hit by me and he will be gone, Yuvi acts like trying to save himself from student, Kunj asjs Jassi to hit back, Yuvi acts fighting back but doesnt hit student, Student punches him on eye, Kunj asks if he is fine? Twinkle comes there and asks if you are fine Jassi? he cries, Twinkle stares Kunj, Yuvi thinks that Kunj get ready for Twinkle’s attack now, Twinkle doesnt say anything to Kunj, she says Jassi lets go, i will apply bandaid to you, she takes him from there.
Yuvi says to Twinkle that Rocky Sir is forcing me to do fighting, that student beat me so much, Twinkle says you will be fine. Yuvi says Rocky Sir is possessive about you, he doesnt like that i am your friend, he is jealous, Twinkle says nothing like that, you sit, she gives him water to drink, he says i think your second hero, Twinkle says Yuvi? he says yes, Yuvi is good boy, he doesnt pressurize you, Twinkle says you are right, i thought Yuvi wont leave me alone, he will pressurize me but he did opposite and gave me space, Yuvi says yes, he didnt ask anything fromt you for 5years, he vene back out when you asked, if someone does all that for you then he loves you in real, you are stupid to not see it, Kunj listens all this. Twinkle says i have class, she leaves. Yuvi says we will meet but this i will meet you as Yuvi not as Jassi.

PRECAP- Some goons tries to eve-tease Twinkle on road. Twinkle beats them with shoe. Kunj comes there and sees Twinkle, he tries to go and save her but Yuvi comes there and holds his hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Maar dala after so many days they again showed flashback of sid aka kunj. That too so many fb.
    Stupid cvs are playing with our emotions.baar baar sid ko dika kar dil thod rahi hum.Whenever I see sid miss him sooooooo much.with so much difficult I’m trying to convince myself that sid will not be back.but these stupid cvs is not allowing that and giving a hope that he will be back

  2. QueenB

    I am forever a Twinj fan
    I want this story to be over soon and twinj are united
    Yuvi can go back to Mahi
    he had already married her

    kunj is back to his normal character in a different body, he is honest, he is infront of twinkle and not deceiving her like yuvi who is forever deceiving her

  3. QueenB

    I am forever a Twinj fan
    I want this story to be over soon and twinj are united
    Yuvi can go back to Mahi
    he had already married her
    kunj is back to his normal character in a different body, he is honest, he is infront of twinkle and not deceiving her like yuvi who is forever deceiving her

  4. QueenB

    And Atiba is it possible for you to change the picture for tei? like put twinkle standing by herself with these two men by her side?

  5. I hate TEI current track.Too…boring.I lose MY JAANU YUVIE CHARM.He became villain again and our YUVLE DAY dream gone far.I can’t see it.So took a decision after watching today’s eps.I want to say a goodbye to TEI.If YUVLE came back I’ll watch and comment. So a big goodbye for all.Meri Saasu Maa was going to end bcz of low TRP.The current TEI led to an end.I can’t see the end of TEI like this.So bye guys.Thanks ALLISHA JHA for supporting me.Good bye.All the best TASHN E ISHQ. Thanks for giving the ever best combination pairs SIDMINAIN/ TWIRAJNJ & TWIRAJ/YUVLE/ ZAMIN & TWINJ/SIDMIN.

  6. I think twinkle will pick Kunj/rocky in the end. I really want her to pick Yuvi but the truth will come out and she will be more furious at Yuvi for betraying her as jassi. Everyone can see she still has feelings for Kunj and they shared so much in their marriage even a baby with him. But Yuvi is left on the side even though Yuvi is her first love she never shared those special things with him. No matter how much everyone tries to separate them they’ll keep getting closer.

  7. I thing it is better if kunj&Pallavi and yuvi&twinkle unite . Bcoz kunj and twinkle were not together even for one year . But Yuvi and Pallavi sacrificed everything for twinkle and kunj both supported then without any returns . So it is better if kunj chooses Pallavi and twinkle choose Yuvi . Then it will be Happy ending?.

  8. Love Twinj and Naman is dping a great job…so happy to see Twinj 🙂

  9. Baby

    uff oh god dis stupid uvraj i new it he ll trn negative bcz haeeheheh as said sm ppl nevr change

    1. Joonakanksha

      Yeah u are rite baby .. i had stopped watching this serial long back

  10. Yuvi already married twinkle’s sister mahi na…
    Also where’s twinkle’s father, he even didnt come when kunj was assumed to be dead…
    Leela never talks of mahi.. When she saw mahi,Leela was crying like she lost mahi as child and got her back all…
    Now she doent even care of mahi..
    I was wondering when twinkle was married to yuvi..i thought how is twinkle marrying her younger sister’s husband ,that too when mahi is alive..
    Oh this writers..
    But happy that i got to see my Rocking Sid today

  11. Forever Twinj fan..
    No mata what the result truns out to be i m alys with them ?

  12. Oh dear barbie you really made emotional your comment was so heart touchin and thank you for remembering me at last time when you wanted to goodbye to this page but I want you to not leave us like this. You know I’m still having a hope of getting my yule I don’t want to losee heart actually it’s not just a hope I’m sure because these cv’s are not that dumb and if they wanted to unite twinj they shouldn’t have got yule married and they shouldn’t have kept yuvi a good guy all these years so my dears it’s all about time and we’ll get the real answer until then keep rocking enjoying and thinking positive

    1. it will be twinj…

  13. Yuvi ko ye villan hi banayenge bechara yuvi

  14. people keep saying that Yuvi sacrificed so much for Twinkle but the truth to be said twinkle was clear with Yuvi from the beginning that she don’t love him, he said ok he only wants to be there for the baby. Yuvi is not honest with Twinkle like Kunj Yuvi is deceiving Twinkle and back to his old game hiring goose to tease Twinkle. Yuvi, yuvi you never change cheating, deceiving and conning Twinkle will not get you Twinkle. Yuvi you were pretending to change because you knew there won’t be any competition as Kunj was declare died and Twinkle had no choice but to marry you because her child needed a name. Now Kunj is back you are showing your true colour

    1. exactly u r r8…

  15. uhhh..rula dia sid ko dekhakar…aj usko bohotbar dekhaya…???i just miss my baby so much…?at least twinj ho raha hain and i am satisfied.but without sid it’s too much painful to watch…????

  16. Yup samia and nrk,I too miss him so much when they show so much flashback of sid.Ek toh hum sid ko bhula nahi sakte aur toh aur cvs baar baar sid ko dikhake dil tod rahi hain.
    Plz comeback sid.Pata hain mera dil kabhi manta hi nahi hain ki sid serial chod chuka hain.Mukhe lagta hain ki woh phir se wapas aayega.Plz director bring our sid back.Have you seen many lead of other serials like nia sharma(roshni) of jamai raja,pearl v puri(sattu) of meri saasu maa quit the show.And simran pareenja(kaali) of kaala teeka will also quit the show soon.
    Today’s episode was wonderful.Twinkle still loves kunj.I have a very strong feeling that twinj will only reunite…

    1. yes rayna u r right. I’m still watching tei with a hope that our bunny will be back..
      and y all the leads of zee quit the show.I think they torture the actors so much. and they suddenly change the storyline hero to villian villian to hero.so its good to quit.I think sid has taken a right decision. Yeh stupid Chee vale

  17. Yes nrk.
    I also hope that our sid will be back.
    Let’s see.we can only hope and send emails to zee tv to bring back sid.

  18. Is tashan e ishq going to be end?
    Sanyukt is replacing meri saasu maa.
    Then mehak is going to replace which serial? I think it will replace kaala teeka or vishkanya or kumkum bhagya.
    I dont want tashan e ishq to end so soon.Becoz I want to see more nok-jhok and romance between twinj.
    Dont take it seriously guys.I am just asking about it.Let’s see which serial will be replace by mehak.

  19. Again madr uv a villan. True love never fails thn y uv’s love always fails. I dont like new entry kunj. I am the viewer of tei from its episode 1. Now I decided to stop watching it. Good bye

  20. Yuvi ke liye mAHI ko bapash lao

  21. Hadibah ahmad

    Yuvi n his old habit, cheating n cheating. He can never b honest. Kunj got his old charachter back. He look awesome n handsome, suitable to twinkle. They shd b together despite of what happen in d future. Kunj is honest, decent looking n sincere in loving twinkle.

  22. What the hell was going on tum log UV ko koi khilona soch rahe ho ??? ki use jab cahe twinkle ki bana do aur jab chahe use twinkle she alag kar do so bad

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