Tashan-e-Ishq 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yuvi make Twinkle eat pani puris which have bhaang in it, Twinkle gets dizzy, Yuvi too eats them. Manohar insults his wife about a deal and says i know how to crack business deals. Twinkle starts playing Dhol in function, she dances with Pi bua on Mei thori bawali hogyi song, she recalls how Yuvi made her eat in function, Leela says to Manohar that she is my daughter, she brings life to every function, she introduces Mr. and Mrs. Sarna to Twinkle, twinkle is inebrieted and makes them wear garland to welcome them, she whispers to Mrs. Sarna that i am sorry i had misunderstanding so i misbehaved with you, Mrs. Sarna can smell rum from her mouth, Manohar gets call from manager, he informs that they got deal, Manohar recalls how Guruji said that he can see Lakxmi today, he gets happy, Twinkle

leaves, Leela says to them that my Twinkle is very nice, she has never done anything which can embarress her, Twinkle does announcement and says i am happy and want to share info with you all which i could not if i had not eaten drunk laddos, Leela and all are other are stunned, Twinkle comes to Leela and says what you want, i want that too, i want to marry too and i have chosen a guy too who is world best boy and his name is.. she falls on Yuvi who is standing behind her, ,they both fall on floor and faints, Yuvi’s beard falls off, Pi says Oh my God he is Yuvraj Luthra, that means he was here from much time and we couldnt catch him, people starts gossiping that guys do such things but look at this girl, she got drunk with guy and lying with him now, she is shameless, Leela listens this and says this is all drama of Yuvi, he is son of my enemy Anita Luthra, he wants to malign her respect in public thats why he made her intoxicated, my daughter isnt like this, she never drinks, Manohar says we should leave, he leaves with his wife, Leela is tensed.

Scene 2
Twinkle is sleeping in bed, Pi says i never thought this day would come, it was huge gathering and we got disrespected in it, we have given her so much freedom, it is happening because of that, Pi’s husband says that it is happening all because of that Yuvraj, Leela says yes i have given her freedom but she never abused it, she is my daughter and i know she cant do anything wrong, she will cross her limits, Pi says this is mother speaking, her husband ask her to stop it, she says you all people stop me but i say truth always, she leaves, Dada says to Leela that she was right, people point to girls in every case, even if she is not wrong, people will blame her, he leaves, Leela comes in blacony. Yuvi and Anita are in their balcony too, Yuvi says to Anita that today i made that witch Twinkle intoxicated in party, Anita says you ,made fun of her infornt of all people, great, Leela listens all this standing her her balcony which is adjacent to Anita’s balcony, she gets angry and says enough, i was right, Anita sent her son to disrespect my daughter, now Manohar will not ask my daughter’s hand. i will teach them lesson.
Twinkle wakes up late night, she gets tensed and says those pani puris would have made me do alot of things, she recalls Yuvi and she fainted, she says if they got to know about my affair? she calls Chinki, Chinki says thank God you got up, nobody got to know about you and Yuvi but your mother had to listen alot from people, Twinkle ends call, she comes to Leela’s room, who is sleeping, she says i am sorry mom, people would have pointed on my character, i did mistake and they would have taunted you, i am not good daughter, whenever i lie to you about my affair, i feel very bad, when everything will become fine, i will tell you everything, i will be best daughter, she kisses her, Leela gets up, Twinkle says i am sorry, you had to listen alot because of me, Leela says no, you didnt do anything, it was all Yuvi’s plan to disrespect you, Leeela says to Twinkle that i have full faith in you, you can never do anything which will put my head down, you can never do anything which will embarrass me, Twinkle looks down listening all this, forget everything and go to sleep, Twinkle ask can i sleep here? Leela says why not, Leela thinks that Anita have crossed all limits to disrespect my daughter, i will not leave you, Twinkle thinks that mom is against Yuvi more now, what will happen to us.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Yuvi that we are going nowhere, we shoud decide, Yuvi says we should end this love, Leela sees them from far, twinkle slaps Yuvi. Leela challenges Anita that she will fix Twinkle’s wedding in a week.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wtf???? why would uv and twinkle end there love??? :'(

  2. Plss..yuvi dn’t lyk dat..dn’t turn into a -ve one plsssss

  3. Dn’t say lyk dat Yuvi..pls

  4. Angel kapadia

    Nce story
    lve u yuvi &twinkle

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