Tashan-e-Ishq 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Anita says that Leela have destroyed my home, she tried to snatch my husband, Yuvi says that its time for Twinkle to bear same pain as my mother had to, I dont love you Twinkle.
Leela says to Lord that when happiness comes in life then fear comes too that it will go away, i am afraid of Anita and her hatred, i had no link with her husband, i never had any affair with him, i had arranged marriage but i had no connection with Mr. Luhtra, Anita destroyed her married life due to her doubting nature, i love my Twinkle alot, i want to give her all happiness, be with her always, Pinni comes there and says Twinkle is not in house, i am afraid that her extra freedom will cost us, Leela says enough, i have faith in Twinkle, she cant do anything, she will get married soon so must be enjoying

with friends and i have no problem with that.
Twinkle calls Yuvi, Twinkle says i am sorry that Kunj came to help me, Yuvi says i am not miffed with you, my mother came in Guradvarah so i had to leave from there, Twinkle says i am feeling weird that our engagement didnt happen, Yuvi says you know i love you alot, we will get engaged now, Twinkle says no i want to get engaged in Guradvarah only with you but there are many people here this time, Yuvi says dont worry, we will get engaged at night, he ends call and says to Anita that i will get engaged to Twinkle and then we will will take revenge from them.
Twinkle is in home, Leela ask where you went? Twinkle says i went to Guradvarah, Leela ask her to sleep, she leaves, twinkle says when all will sleep, i will leave from house, i have to give ring back to Kunj too, she comes out of her room and sees darkness in house, she starts leaving house but someone rings bell, she gets afraid and says who must have come at this time? she opens door to find Manohar with his family, Kunj is with them too, she angrily looks at them, Leela comes there too, she says everything fine? Manohar says i had something important to tell so had to come at this time, Manohar says Guruji said that Twinkle’s life is not good so it can affect her engagement too, he said that if both families live together then danger can be neglected but engagement will happen in our house, Leela says if thats case then you are more than welcome, she takes them in house, Kunj ask Twinkle to not be angry on him, its not his fault.
Manohar says to Leela that Guruji has said that Kunj and Twinkle should not talk to each till engagement is done, Leela ask Twinkle to go to her room, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi must be waiting for me. Usha says to Kunj that i couldnt find your engagement ring in cupboard, if your father knows about it then he will be angry, Kunj thinks its my fault as i gave ring to Twinkle, i have to take it from her, he says to Usha that dont worry, i will bring it
Twinkle calls Yuvi and says Kunj’s family has come to our house so i cant come to you, Yuvi says from the time this Kunj has entered our life, everything is going wrong, dont worry, we will do engagement soon, Twinkle says you are right this is happening because of Kunj, she ends call, Yuvi says i will not fight with you Twinkle as you have to get destroyed by my hands only.
Kunj comes to Twinkle’s room, Twinkle says your Guruji is mad, he asked you all to come here and you came, this is all problem for me, Kunj says its not my fault, i didnt even talk to Alisha from morning, Twinkle says she is out of town, she told me in Guradvarah, Kunj says you should told me, your lover ranaway before doing engagement, Twinkle says please he has saved our love as his mother came in Guradvarah so he had to leave from there, Kunj ask to give his ring back, Twinkle gives it back and says this is unlucky ring for me, Kunj says you are thankless, i helped you and you are saying this, Twinkle says i am also trying to do your patchup with Alisha, i am helping you too, Kunj says dont show it off, Twinkle says you never helped me instead you have created problems for me, if you wanna really help me then bring Yuvi here, i was going to do engagement with him but you brought your family, can you bring Yuvi here? can you fix my engagement? no right, Kunj says fine i will fulfill this wish of yours too, he leaves.

Scene 2
Its morning, Leela ask Pinni to bring Manohar’s family for breakfast, Manohar comes there with his family, Leela says i was sending Pinni to call you all, Kunj comes back home, Leela ask him where he went in morning? Kunj says i went to bring gift for Twinkle, two people bring in the big teddy bear, Yuvi is hiding in it, all are surprised to see gift brought by Kunj for Twinkle, Bubbly(Twinkle’s cousin) is excited to see it, Usha thinks what has happened to Kunj, he brought gift for Twinkle, Manohar scolds Kunj that you are not kid that you brought it, you could have brought a jewelry, Leela says no Twinkle likes all these, Manohar ask Kunj to send this gift to Twinkle and remember you cant talk to her as Guruji has said, Kunj sends bear to Twinkle’s room, all leaves from there, Usha ask Kunj what has happened to you, if you dont wanna marry Twinkle then why these gifts and all? Kunj says i have to do it so dad cant doubt me.
Twinkle is missing Yuvi, Bubbly comes there with Kunj’s gift, Bubbly says Kunj has sent this for you, Twinkle thinks that Kunj has gone mad, he is sending gift for me infront of all, Bubbly says this is very romantic, she leaves, Twinkle starts beating bear, Kunj comes there and says have you gone mad, Twinkle says you are mad, have you forgotten that we have only deal, why you are sending me gifts, i love Yuvi, Kunj puts hand on her mouth, Sajna ve plays, he says you always keep bickering, Kunj says to Twinkle that i have won challenge by bringing Yuvi here, Twinkle ask what you mean? Kunj points at teddy bear, Twinkle gets happy, she says to bear i am sorry baby, did i kick you? Yuvi thinks to bring me out from here, Kunj says to Twinkle that your baby have brought ring for you, engage to him now, Twinkle ask him to help her to bring Yuvi out of bear, Leela knocks door, Kunj leaves from window, Leela comes in and says to Twinkle that Kunj have sent such cute gift for you, he is very nice boy, you come with me, we have to do rituals before engagement, Twinkle ask her to give one minute to her but Leela says we dont ahve time, she drags Twinkle from there.

PRECAP- Kunj makes Twinkle wear engagement ring, she is sad, Yuvi angrily looks at them with his ring in his hands.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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