Tashan-e-Ishq 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Surjeet throws money at Kunj and Twinkle and ask them to take more if they want but take complaint back, Kunj picks up money, puts it on table and says to Surjeet that respect your wealth as you know it can be lost easily, Surjeet leave, Manohar ask Kunj why he is not listening to Surjeet? he ask Twinkle what she is doing? she is helping that Anita who tried to destroy your life, her son tried to kill Kunj and you want to this house’s son for that Anita? Kunj says whatever we are doing, we are doing for betterment of this house only, he leaves with Kunj.
Raman says to Leela that i am proud of Twinkle, our Twinkle is following truth path as you wanted, he leave, Leela says i am proud of Twinkle too but she will have to face problems in that way, she sent her relative in

jail, i have to talk to her, she calls Twinkle, Twinkle gets happy and picks call, she ask Leela to talk to her, Leela ask who are you? i am sorry, i called you by mistake, sorry, she ends call and cries, she wipes her tears and says i cant become weak as Twinkle will become weak too then, i have to keep myself away from her, thats better for her. Twinkle says i know she didnt call me by mistake, she says to Kunj that Leela called me but didnt talk to me, dont know why she is doing this with me, she cries, Kunj feels bad for her.
Kunj comes to Leela’s house, Leela is happy to see him, Kunj says its not fair that you made your son in law, your son but you moved away from your daughter, i go related to this house because of Twinkle only, if she has no relation with this house then how can i be related to her? Leela says i dont have any relation with that girl, Kunj says i know yor relation is not that weak with her, you get pained when she is in pain, this space will remove with time but i cant wait for that, i cant see you both sad so i will remove that space between you and Twinkle and thats a promise of a son, he leaves, Leela gets tensed.
Manohar meets Leela and Raman and says Twinkle registered case against Cherry, who is Surjeet’s son, this is not good, Raman says FIR is already launched, Manohar says to Leela that i want you to talk to her and ask her to withdraw this case, they listen some music playing and comes out to see Cherry coming back in house, everyone comes there, Cherry is dancing, he looks at Twinkle and says i am back, what you thought that you will be free from me? its not easy, the secret that no jail can tie down Cherry Sarna, Surjeet comes there, Babee ask Surjeet why this music and all? Surjeet says first Cherry has comeback and secondly i have taken decision, Surjeet says i have decided to get married again, i will show you my would be bride, he comes to Anita and ask her to meet your new family and from today this family and this house is yours, Anita comes in and holds Surjeet’s hand, they smirk, Leela is shocked, Anita ask Leela will you not welcome your daughter’s half mother in law? i am your in-law now, she comes to Babee and says you are elder of house so i want to take your blessing to become part of this family so bless me with your heart, she touches her feet, Surjeet says i will do engagement with her tomorrow and it will be great affair, Anita comes to Manohar and Usha and says i am your bhabhi now, you can touch my feet to get blessing from me too, she ask Usha how she is feeling to meet her Jeethani? Usha is tensed.

Scene 2
Twinkle says to herself that i cant let Surjeet marry Anita as Anita want to destroy this house, she gets call from Roshni(from Jamai Raja), Roshni ask how is she? Twinkle says yes, Twinkle tells her how Anita wants to become her half mother in law to destroy her family, Roshni says you have to stop this marriage for everyone’s good, Twinkle says i am trying to prove myself as good daughter in law but if Anita comes here then she will try to put me down in everyone’s eyes, Roshni ask her to be strong, she is today’s women, Twinkle says you are my inspiration, your problems are much greater than me but you are fighting greatly, Roshni says we both wil fight our problems and have to come out of it, Twinkle says i promise that i wont let Anita come in this house and destroy it, Roshni says i will fight my problems too, take care, bye Twinkle.
Kunj calls Raghu/Sid(from Jamai Raja), Kunj says you dont know me but i know you, Sid is my friend and you are his lookalike, if you try to misbehave with Roshni then i wont leave you, Raghu says dont warn me, i know how t respect girls and i dont eye women in inapproperiate way, Kunj ask if he is sid? as Sid used to talk like this, Raghu says i know you are protective about Roshni but dont worry, Raghu will solve all problems, its time for this Jamai to solve problems, Kunj smiles and says you are Sid only, i have understood why you are doing all this, Shabnam had filed case of molestation so you are avoiding getting caught by police, tell me Sid what you are upto? Raghu says i dont wanna say anything, he ends call, Kunj says i am sure you are Sid only, i am in problem else i would have come to Mumbai and helped you myself but i am sure Sid will solve all problems by becoming Raghu.
Babee ask Surjeet if he has gone mad to marry at this age? Surjeet says i went to Anita’s house to talk about Cherry’s case but i fell in love with her in one moment, Babee ask him to have some shame, she says to Anita that you should atleast think about your age, i got to know that your son’s age is of marriage and you are getting married at this age? Anita says i know you are worrying how society will react to us but i am in love with Surjeet, Leela ask her to stop her drama, i know you are coming in this house only to destroy my daughter’s life, Anita says you are doubting my feelings for Surjeet? i thought that we will make new relation by forgeting old animosity, if i had to destroy Twinkle’s life then would i stoop this low of faking my love for Surjeet? she says to Surjeet that i am sorry to love, i shouldnt have done that, i am leaving, she starts to leave but Surjeet stops her and says to Leela that who are you to speak in our family matters? i am telling you with respect to not get involed in your daughter in law’s family, if you dont want to see us happy then you can leave, Twinkle says i may sound rude but i wanna say that Leela can come in this house and can voice her opinion if she wants, she has given her daughter in this house so she has right to speak here, Cherry says this is not Manohar’s house anymore, it is my father’s house so just shut up else i will throw you and your mother out of house rightnow, Kunj gets angry.

PRECAP- Surjeet says that tomorrow is my engagement with Anita and it will happe at any cost, Manohar ask him that he should stop all this now, Surjeet ask him to shut up, Manohar says i wont, what will you do? Surjeet is about to slap him but Kunj holds his hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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