Tashan-e-Ishq 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Yuvi says to pinni please apologize me for my past mistakes. You will never see that old yuvi in me again. Leela says what is this now. Twinkle says how can he change this much. Leela says strange.
Cherry comes out with sindur box. He says mummy ji asked meto place it here for the mioney. He places in the arti plate.

Kunj checks his sherwani. Yuvi says nice. let me help you select. This one suits you.Kunj says no twinkle likes that one. He says okay then for that. Yuvi says is this your fottwear? I will clean it. Kunj says I will yuvi says it won’t take time. he cleans kunj’s footwear. Kunj calls Twinkle and says hi mrs how are you? I miss you. Come here.Secret romance is fun. I want to kiss you. Come or i will abduct you. Kunj says in heart I know this is all

drama. Twinkle comes in and hugs kunj. Yuvi says hello guys there is a thing called privacy. What if someone comes. He leaves. Twinkle says has he changed? Kunj says no he can’t. I dont know what he is upto. Twinkle says he can’t control this much. He says we will know.

Kunj comes downstairs as groom. Babbe says he looks so handsome. Leela brings in twinkle. Yuvi gets a text I will not let twinkle and kunj to be one. I have sent something that will ruin everything. Yuvi says what are you doing mom.What is your new plan. I am sure she has placed something here. He keeps looking but can’t find anything. He says has mom fixed a bomb?
Jerry drops cash yuvi says where you got this money from? Jerry says go ask your mom.Dont annoy me.
Yuvi looks for anita. He sees a bottle with sindur around.
Twinkle and kunj take the rounds around fire.
yuvi says what is this?He checks that there is acid in the bottle.
kunj makes her wear the mangalsutra. Pandit ji asks kunj to fill her hairline. He opens the pot. Yuvi runs toward the hall. He throws away the sindur. Everyone is dazed. Yuvi’s hand gets burned. kunj says you showed your reality again. You couldn’t see me filling her hairline?Yuvi says listen to me. Kunj slaps him and says I have had enough. Yuvi says try to understand. Pandit says there was chemical in sindur that is why fire blew.Your wife could die. He saved her life. Jerry says this is what mummy ji wanted me to do? Yuvi says I had no other option my mom did this and someone helped her. Will confess or should I insult you.He looks at jerry. Babbe says you? Jerry says sorry i didn’t what her intentions were. She asked me to place it here. Kunj says one more drama what you think you can fool us all?Yuvi says why would I burn my own hand?Kunj says you have done more. Yuvi says okay fine. He calls police and complains them about anita. He says arrest her. Yuvi says I really want you to stay happy with twinkle. He brings sindur and says fill her hairline from your home’s sindur.Kunj says I will but not the way you want. Yug cuts him thumb and fills her hairline from blood.He says she is my wife. Mrs. Twinkle Kunj.

Kunj says maa everything is packed. call me when you reach london. She says i don’t wanna go but your papa is asking me. Babbe says go and take care of him. Usha leaves. Twinkle says take care mummy ji.
Babee says go you two and rest and start living with each other. Leela says God bless you.
Yuvi says I am really guilty. I know you don’t trust me Kunj but I have changed. trust me, I want you two to be one. Please forgive me. He leaves.

Kunj says Mrs. Kunj. He caresses her face and hugs her.

Precap-Kunj says I am so happy. I wish I had not seen his face. Twinkle says he might have changed. Kunj says the man you hated and now you are taking his side. She says no but.. Kunj says he can never change.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Uffo!! I guess this will create a misunderstanding between twinj leading to the leap..and uvi will try his best to unite twinj after the leap..very excited for this track but can’t see twinj in pain..as it is said true love always wins let’s see how twinkle will try to prove her innocence.

  2. kunj pagal hai kya

  3. blo*dy stupid kunj

    1. Just put yourself in his position and think about it. Yuvi did soo much to make their lives hell. And, now all of a sudden twinkle starts believing him and that too he was his ex-bf. Misunderstandings are bound to take place and if misunderstandings don’t take place kunj will never be able to believe that yuvi changed.

  4. awesome episode………. love u twinj……..live long……..

    I m d first one commenting ………..very happy……..

    n very glad
    dat UV has turned positive……..
    but I liked UV more as d villain…….. And guys
    wats ur take on d leap????? do u like it…….. and
    if twinj is separated I m gonna stop was
    watching d show……. I really love twinj n UV n
    kunj n their tashan……. but if there is a leap n d
    cause of twinj separation is not good ……. then
    bye bye tashan e ishq from now itself…….
    Fatarajo u r Joyee , right ?

  5. Well I read the spoilers according 2 which as in the promo Kunj will see twiraj together (Anita’s plan).he will ask twinkle to reach airport to depart for London or he ‘all break their relationship. Cause of leela’s accident twinkle will not b able to reach on time and Kunj will b left heartbroken and then the leap track will take place….
    For today’s epi…it was OK for me..

  6. i think d reason of their seperation will b yuvi….in promo it shows dat kunj spotted yuvi n twinkle sleeping together by hugging each…i think dis will be d reason of their seperation….
    i think yuvi is playing a big game…i think its his masterplan…or else its anita…hope so…this tym it wont be yuvi…

    1. Nooo anita or anyone else has made both unconscious. He is not the one who is doing it

  7. nice episode but it is not to easy to trust on uvi of kunj twinkunj look together very nice please don’t separate them

  8. Nice epi

  9. hey hey hey guys MAY I HV UR ATTENTION PLSS
    kunj will see twinkle nd uv slping in one bed nd here the cinfusion will take pls he will strt thinking tht twinkle loves uv so he will tell twinkle tht they r going to london nd if she will reach the airport then he will understand tht twinkle only loves kunj.. leela tries to stop kunj but she will meet an accident…. twinkle will try to call kunj (who will be seen in the airport) to tell abt her mom’s condition but an angry kunj will not pick up her phone… later kunj will feel tht twinkle never loved him nd will leave for london twinkle will try her best to reach airport but it will be too late for her

    nd then 2 yrs leap will cm

    1. Yes ..Ritzi I read the spoilers.
      I felt very sad I don’t why evertime twinkle has to prove herself and her love to Kunj ; why is Kunj always doubting on her.In d case of Bebe he slapped her very hard then in the Manhor’s case he didn’t supported her and again d history repeat this time also.
      I know it’s difficult for him to trust UV bt doubting twinkle isn’t worthful. Now it’s high time twinkle should not forgive him so easily ..though he is a good hubby but d strength of a relation is judged during hard times .

  10. Don’t tell me that Kunj is still doubt twinkle what wrong with him

    1. She created that whole mess herself! Ok Yuvi changed for the better, that doesn’t mean he is your friend and you are supposed to ignore that he tried to kill your family, turned your sister against you and forcefully marry you! Any woman would have kept your distance from him, but no…..I am sorry Twinkle, you made your bed now lie in it! Twinkle has only brought headache into Kunj’s and his family lives…..if he moves on kudos on him

  11. I think kunj has gone mad how can he think that tw ll betray him how stupid

  12. I don’t understand why but I’ve always wanted twinkle to be with UV ,so if that is going to happen I’ll be glad

  13. callmeprincess

    Omg I wanted this to happen……just thinking about upcoming season…..twinkle in new avtar mordern fashionable glamorous hold her parents business and owner of a company…..phir toh kunj bhi kuch kar chuka hoga …..jab dono ki tashan e mulakaat hogi…..wowwwww….fab yaar….

    1. I am sure that u r watching jamai raja!!!???

  14. leap ke baad naya track acha hoga

  15. i know after the leap twinj will re unite.because they are now married couple.kunj will leave twinkle as his wife.then the leap will take place.and at the same tym uv support twinkle on her hard tym without kunj.after leap kunj will find that all were anita’s fault to separate them.then all mu will clear between twinj.uv will help them.but i want someone for uv.where is mahi??like twinj i want to see mahi and uv’s love also…?

  16. precap is bit not written so i decided to share with u frnds…..
    precap:twinkle tells kunj even a worst person can allso change next day kunj sees twinkle&uv r smiling and hand shaking kunj gets shocked….

  17. Eagerly waiting for the next………

  18. pata nahin ki leap ke baad naya track kaisa hoga??? but I didn’t like it dat kumj doesn’t trust twinkle……..is baar agar separation twinkle ke wajah she hota toh acha hota kyun ki kunj ne bebe wale matter mein thappad mara tha or manohar ke matter mein usne kaha that dat he trusts twinkle n she won’t leak d photographs……. toh phir ab woh trust kahan gaya?????

  19. Why kunj always doubting on her..I felt very sad for twinkle and kunj repaeting his mistake. ..twinkle always proved herself. In the case of bebe nd manoher u misbehave with her nd now again. ..I felt uv n twinkle tashan are much better. They’re caught each other ..if one did anything. ….I’m wanna to see twiraj. ….?

  20. Yuvle ki deewani

    Finally have been waiting for this day since the promo days i ws a dieheart yuvle fan thn altogether i stoppd wtchn tei aftr tht sarna’s entry though twinj ar agn marrid m much mr hpy thn being sad coz my yuvle are gttng bk together wowww its lyk a dream cm true the precap ws mind blowng i hv alws wntd 2 see yuvle together hpy thnk u cv’s we yuvle fans knw tht the end game wl b twinj bt stil our heart beats for yuvle n thnks agn 4 listening 2 our requests

  21. Yuvi had betrayed Kunj and Twinkle’s trust many times so its very hard to believe him.

  22. Guys I just read serialgossip and they say twinkle and kunj will not separate infact they show will take a six months leap and it will then focus on kunj life but twinkle and kunj will face some difficult time but will still be together. I just hope that the news is true

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