Tashan-e-Ishq 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Vikram’s men throw their board outside sangeet venue, Kunj puts standie back, twinkle says i dont know how this happened, thanks for being with me, Kunj says what else i could have done? this is my father’s business, i am trying to revive it but you will destroy it before starting even, you go home now, already alot of insult has happened, he leaves, Twinkle says why this happens with me? whenever i try to do something, something wrong happens, i was there then how did this happen?
a Goon chaudary grabs on wedding planner and says you have to arrange my daughter’s wedding else we will kill you, they are in jeep, planner says let me go. Twinkle is walking on road, she prays to lord to give her one chance, Twinkle gets hit by Chaudary’s car, she falls down,

chaudary gets down and looks at her, he says are you mad? couldnt you see car coming? wedding planner runs from there, chaudary is angry, he says this all happened because of this girl(Twinkle), he says i grabbed wedding planner after so much difficulty, he ranaway because of her, Twinkle asks if they are searching fro wedding planner? Chaudary says its my daughter’s wedding, Twinkle says i am wedding planner, i will arrange your daughter’s wedding, i am best, Chaudary says i just need my daughter’s marriage to happen, if you are giving me words that you will arrange it then you have to arrange it now else i will cut your tongue, Twinkle gets tensed.
Twinkle comes home, she tells about Chaudary to Babee, Babee says they are very dangerous people, why did you get involved in all this? Twinkle says i was tensed because Kunj was angry so when they asked about wedding planner, i said yes to them, dont know how Kunj will react to this, only you can pacify Kunj for this. Kunj comes there, Babee says my relative is asking for wedding planner, can you arrange wedding? Kunj says you cant lie, tell me truth, Babee says its not Twinkle’s fault, Babee says to Kunj that Twinkle has taken contract of neighbor chaudary’s daughter, you know they are dangerous, Kunj says they are goons, he says to Twinkle that you like to put yourself in danger one after another, its enough, Twinkle gets call from Chaudary, he says to Twinkle that you know you have to come to my house, i hate people who lie, if you dont come then i wont spare you, he ends call, Twinkle is tensed, she looks at Kunj, he leaves angrily, Twinkle is tensed.
At night, Twinkle is taking care of Manohar, she says to Manohar that i know i have taken big challenge, if any mistake happens this time then i will be stuck big time but i wont move back, i will fulfill this challenge, if i do any mistake then it will be your insult too which i wont let happen, Kunj listens all this and thinks that Manohar never trusted me regarding business but Twinkle is really innocent thats why she gets into trouble so i wont let be alone, i will be with her as this is about my father’s respect, he leaves, Twinkle says i was trying to set things right but dont know how i got stuck between goons, i just hope Chaudary’s daughter’s marriage happens nicely.
Its morning, Twinkle wakes up and says i have work, she sees note, its from Kunj.. it reads that I am going to meet client, dont be late, come on time.. Twinkle says i know Kunj wont leave me alone, he will be with me, i should get ready and see if he is gone or waiting for me.
Twinkle comes out of house and says Kunj is gone? she sees Yuvi talking to some man, man says to Yuvi that i did as you said, i faked accident with RD’s car then i destroyed food in Vikram’s function, give me money, Yuvi says you will get money, spy on Twinkle, now go, man leaves, Twinkle listens all this and says so it was Yuvi behind all this? i will not leave him this time, he is spying on me? this time Babee is with me too, i wont spare you.
Twinkle is with Babee, she sees Yuvi passing-by, she says loudly to Babee that i am going to hagvare, i have event there, she thinks that i and Kunj will go to Hisar and Yuvi will go to Hagvare, Twinkle leaves, Yuvi says i have to go to hagvare too, Babee comes to Yuvi, Mahi comes to him and says i have kept fast for us today, can you come to pooja with me? Yuvi says no.. Babee says this is very wrong, you have to go in pooja, thats final, Yuvi angrily looks at Mahi and says okay.
Twinkle sits in car and sees Kunj’s wrist watch on dashboard, she recalls time spent with Kunj, she says i remembered all memories seeing this watch, we were so happy, every moment was special, we were getting so close, we were about to confess our love but because of my one mistake, we are separated, i promise i will return those moments, i will bring happiness back to us, soon i will listen i love you from you too, be ready.
Twinkle comes to some place, she gets down from car to ask address from a man, she imagines Kunj in him, Agar tum saath ho plays, she sees it was her imagination and gets sad.
Kunj is riding bike, he sees Twinkle waiting on road to take life, he goes to her and realizes it was his imagination.
Twinkle tries to open her car’s bonnet, Kunj comes and helps her opening it, Twinkle smiles at him and keep looking at him, she realizes it was someone else. Kunj is riding bike, he sees Twinkle sitting behind him, he looks back to see it was his imagination, he is distraught and recalls their moments, how Twinkle touched his feet, how they had dinner date as dhabba, a dupatta falls on Kunj’s head, he takes it off and sees a girl standing near well, he says girl is going to do suicide? he asks her to stop, girl turns and looks at him, Kunj says what are you doing? girl stands on well’s wall, Kunj runs to save girl, girl jumps in well and screams, Kunj comes there and holds her hand in time, girl looks at him in tears.

PRECAP- Girl is chaudary’s daughter, girl comes to chaudary’s house with Kunj, chaudary points gun at her and asks who is this guy? she says he is same guy whom i love, Kunj is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Now nonsense one more drama in kunj and twinkle life.. Backwas pls unite them and this show have already completed near 165 epi and the only show in zee TV which have sponsors in montage in all epi is ek tha raja ek thi rani only.. Kkb also lost its sponsors and only popularity of the show decide sponsors and this show holds some sponsors for some Time now. I hope this show does not loose it’s charm

  2. what the hell is this ?? the whole crew has gome mad . what will happen after their marrige ? the serial will be very emotional . i cant bear it .

    1. ummm Chandra I don’t think they will get married as it was mentioned somewhere that rajjos role is only for few episodes

      1. oh . thanks di . actually i got angry . but if this drama is for few days then it will be more interesting

      2. I don’t want few weeks also I only want some days episode of this Chaudhary drama

  3. Thanks Atiba for the very fast update.
    Keep it up.
    Yuvi was wonderful. Loved Twinj scenes a lot. They are the best.

  4. I think this track will have more humour ,initially I hated it that Kunj and some other girl but its gonna be fun to see how Kunj and Twinkle stop the marriage.
    They should have shown Twinkles face in the precap

  5. Hey guys..I got to know that there will be a new entry who will be kunj’s ex girlfriend..and will create again problems between twinj…..??….

  6. Guyz a new ff for our twinj named
    “Tashan-e-ishq Love for twinj”
    Here is the link:

  7. No no no please dont do this this serial will lose its all charm pls pls pls plz dontet kunj nd that girl …..:/

  8. I loved twinj imagining each other it was good but now a lot of drama will happen bcoz of new entry. Anyways thanks for the quick update Atiba.

  9. What the hell is going on with this writer. Why does she doesn’t love marriages and perfect relationship. She is always something up

  10. Bas!!!!! I don’t believe its the same tei which I used to watch at 2:00 am as I didn’t wanted to miss any of the episodes but today even though I was at home I didn’t watched it!

    1. Hahahahaha??? you are so funny….? Chills…, relax Ritzi. Believe me, it would be more Fun watching Kunj being nervous with this girl confession and Twinkle get upset but try to take Kunj back for their merriage. ?This would be more fun than watching same old tracks about Yuvi evilness, Am I Right ?? ?

      1. i agree with u carol ann it will be fun
        and its obvious they wont get married
        and this track is there only for 2 days according to the promo.

    2. lol..same here ritzi i also skipped few epis..bt for my exam..hahaha

  11. Meenat Abubakar


  12. ha ha ha i really loved this precap he had twinkle in heart what willhe do now ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  13. Oh god what a new drama now TWINJ were going to unite and one more drama . I cant bear it any more but i love TWINJ.

    1. I will kill this writter,why they are creating problems one after another in twinj life.why don’t they show twinj confession.Hope that twinj will unite soon.

  14. wth yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy this is torcher for twinj fans

  15. Uffff ek our naya carector bitwen twinj…

  16. This precap is making me crazy another problem in Twinj life Yeh twinkle ka bf kya kam tha ke Kunj ke bhi gf aa gaya

    1. Lollllllll Joyeeeee
      U made my day ?

  17. New problem for twinj please unite them

  18. one more antagonist!! Oh dear God, I was enjoying this show but enough with the negative characters………. This is how these amazing shows become nonsense and loose all charm and popularity as well.

  19. Omg what the hell is this? What happens now? Those writers they have most bizzar thoughts,

  20. Hi I m new can I join u gys

    1. Yeah… Sure? you can share and post as many as you can about your personal though and point of view about this drama ?

  21. sreya(luv n miss u ishveer)

    I think reading ff is better than watching d actual serial coz d twist n turns in ffs are more compatible.

  22. Why another problem?but I love sidhant very much

  23. Nooooo the serial was going so goood dont do it mahi is obsessed with yuvi

  24. Firstly please do a write up for tomorrow please i wouldn’t be able to watch the show tomorrow secondly Twinkle and Kunj will be visiting my country on March 27th but not gonna get the chance to meet them sadly 🙁

    1. Twinj going to visit your country. From where you are?

  25. hii..guy im new to this page can i join u??please reply…

    1. Yes, of course dear you are most welcome

    2. ya sure &haan….u are warmly welcomed yaar.. 😉 😉 🙂 😉 🙂

  26. speechless !!!!
    I guess I’ll go crazy soon with this new twist

  27. Yuvi your part is always wonderful. Seriously this villain kills me with his attitude. Luv u yuvi. But plz don’t do that to mahi and twinj.
    Guys u all know what, yuvi is the first villain whom i like. He is fab. I watch this serial only bcz of him.

  28. He bhagwan y kya siyapa ho gya……twinj ko reunite karwao na… Nhi mujhe tu mar hi jaana h agar kunj aur chaudery ki beti ki shaadi ho gyi tu

  29. Ya carol Ann I think you are right!

  30. Hii
    New one
    I wont coment regularly
    But i read it every day
    I am not really happy with the track going on in tei
    But hoping for the best
    I wish twinj reunite

  31. I don’t know what’s wrong my ff is not getting posted

  32. Sumthing like dis was a must for kunj 2 realize Twinki’s importance

  33. Ohhhhh god..diz seriel mde me madddddd..prblms or prblms..ab wo girl aagayee..twing ka thoda lveepisode dikhana chhahiyyaanna..plz zain ko highlight karo..zain superb..thoda dikhaooo..plz jaldi patchup karaoo..our love momnts..going to hell…

  34. We all twinj fans are waiting when twinj will reunite. Twinj i want to at your shooting site but i dont know the exact location of your site .so plz tell me.

  35. Khloe yes u r right yuvi is smart… He is not bad.. He got that negative role in Tashan E Ishq , so it’s not his fault .. Overall he is amazing.. His acting is superb…

  36. Khloe where do u live i want to know becoz kunj is visiting that place… Overall this episode was awesome every part of today’s episode was superb …. Especially TWINJ SCENES it was awesome yrr… :*:*:*:*:):):)):))

  37. Hey sony even i am also waiting to visit at shooting site.. Plse tell me also

    1. Recently from where you are.

  38. TWINKLE SHOULD ACT HARD TO GET.GUYS I WAS ALWAYS A SILENT READER.I LOVE TWINKLE BUT she needs to stop being sweet until junk starts being nice to her.I hate yuvi I want to hit him.Thanks Atiba for fast update.You are so sweet.You rock Atiba!!!????????????

  39. I am from south africa so I only know a few Hindu words and I am only 11.Where are you guys from and how old are you all???I meant to say junk not junk.Stupid tablet?☺?????????????⛲⛲⌛⏳

    1. wow south africa…interesting..and omg..u r 11..haha baby doll found a frnd..welcome to tei family..my self tara nd m from kolkata, india

  40. Hi and thanks sooooooooooooooooo much.Yes south Africa is awesome.Actually my grandma(nannie-ma) went to kolkta and said it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet Tara!!!You rock!!!

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