Tashan-e-Ishq 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle lits a candle by Kunj’s picture. Yuvi comes in, they collide with each other. Yuvi says where are your spectacles? she says I don’t wear them. She says cant you see? He says you came in my way. Tiwnkle says what is all these? Books? He says they are baby catalogs. You can order any of these. Twinkle checks them. Twinkle says these are so cute. She says I will buy this toy this is so cute. He says are you buying for the baby or yourself. Twinkle says lets order this blanket in pink. He says blue. He says your name should be pinky. She says I am mom. He says I pity on him. My color choices are better than yours. Twinkle says pink.. She says blue is good. Yuvi says what happened? Twinkle says if Kunj was here, he would have chosen blue.
baabe says I am so worried

for twinkle God. Will she live alone all her life? Should we all think about her second marriage? Tell us God. Will it be right? Will she agree? Please find us a way.
Twinkle says see Kunj’s closet is so organized. His school books are there too. I wish our baby is like Kunj. Yuvi says yeah she should be like you. Twinkle says I am very organized too.
Leela comes in.He says remember your room? It was a like a big cake pink. Leela coughs. Leela says get ready twinkle. I have booked your appointemnt. Yuvi says if you dont mind can I drop you two? She says don’t mind, I know you are her well wisher but world doesn’t see this way. You should go. Twinkle says what is it? Leela says nothing. Leela says people need gossip. That is why i am saying. Yuvi says I understand.

Yuvi drops them. Leela gets an important call. Twinkle says we can take tomorrow’s appointment. Leela says no her appointment is not easy. Yuvi says let me get you an auto.
Babbe says to usha there are so many wedding websites. Marriage is so pure and important. What is your opinion? Should we think about twinkle’s second marriage? usha says what are you saying.. Never. She leaves.
Twinkle takes off her jewelry and asks yuvi to hold it. She says give me my file. He gives her the file.
Doctor says to twinkle your bp is low. You are not taking care of your health. Your husband is outside. She asks nurse to call him. Twinkle says listen.. Doctor says you should take care. Yuvi comes in and sits. He says what is this Mr. Sarna. your wife is not taking care of her health. You are an educated couple. Twinkle says listen.. Doctor says you have to take care of her. Twinkle says he is not my husband, doctor is dazed. Doctor says he is with you so he should know. You have to come for check up after two weeks.

Palavi stops her car outside sarna house. Kunj’s moments in the house flashback. palavi says before someone sees me.
Twinkle says why didn’t you tell the doctor you are not Mr. Sarna. He says I don’t want to be husband. She was discussing your health. We were there to discuss your reports. What should one do. Twinkle says you keep fighting all the time. Palavi sees them and says did they see me?
Twinkle and Yuvi arrive home. Twinkle says Kunj wanted to buy similar car. He says you go home Usha aunty won’t like me to come in. She says thank you.
babbe says whats the problem? We should think about her happiness and life. usha says I lost my son now I don’t wanna lose my grandson. I can’t bear this. Twinkle comes in. Usha says I understand how difficult it is to live alone and a second husband will get her son a father.
Twinkle says in heart am I a burden on them? I can’t do this.

Next morning, babbe says twinkle its your medicine time. She comes in room, twinkle is not there. Babbe checks in the washroom and says she is not here either? Where can she go?
Babbe asks sarna and usha if they have seen twinkle? They say no. Babbe says where can she go early in the morning? They look everywhere. They tell leela.
Babbe says its all my mistake. We were talking about her marriage. That is why she left us. Yuvi says did you try her phone? Did you call her friends? He says don’t worry. I am trying to find her. He calls her number.
Palavi gives ice cream. She says Kunj dr. Survi wants to do your operation and then you can go to your home to your twinkle. I just hope everything goes well.

Precap-Babbe says I shouldn’t have talked about her marriage. Palavi says to Kunj so this is the place where you used to come with twinkle? Twinkle comes there and says this is the place where I and your papa used to come a lot.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice epi…..plzzz reunite Twiraj…

  2. Callmenazu

    actually guyz dis is not d full epi update
    d pi starts with twinkle seeing kunjs pic with the garland and misses him. UV comes in d room and shows some babies pics she chooses the one which has kunjs fav colour twinkle tells him dat how organised kunj ws with his things and dey get into a cute fight leela comes and stops them. in d gurudwara bebe prays for twinkle. on the other side kashvi talks to kunj and sees twinkles pic. lella takes twinkle for d appointment and leela gets into an accident and asks UV to take twinkle for d appointment pallavi sees dem together and gets tensed for kunj twinkle asks UV dat cant dey go on another day
    {and den d continuation of dis update(d one written by atiba)}

  3. Sidhantian (isabella)

    I missed you sidhant sooooo….. much…..
    Tears rolling down from my eyes when i see their moment (twinj) Beta to stop watching tei..
    If i continue to watch i am sure i’ll suffer from heart attack..

  4. bring back sid

  5. arjun bijlani is the new kunj.he is doing jdj also now where is the so called rules of zee. he can two shows together then y cant sid.looks like color took sid now zee is taking arjun.

    1. mujhe ye khabar sunke itna gussa aya ki kya batao..arjun v to jhalak kar raha hain..sid v..then sid ki sath in logo ka kya prblm hain???bakwas…totally disgusting..

    2. Yuvle ki deewani

      No dear its nt arjun new kunj is naman shaw ok

      1. times of india me to arjun ka nam aya tha.or telly chakkar me naman..which is true yar??arjun to phir v popular hain..but ye naman kon hain..bakwas totally bakwas.jab se sid geya tab se sab bakwas ho geya.ab aur kuch v accha nehi hoga

  6. How’s everyone views about arjun bijlani as a new kunj.is it confirmed??

  7. so kunj is coming back very soon.it’s hear that arjun bijlani will play the role.kya bakwas hain??he is also going to do jhalak in this season just as sid..then what’s the prblm with sid?arjun will do tei and jhalak both then why not sid?that’s totally disgusting…go to hell ztv..to hell with this show…bakwas…

  8. Yuvi and Twinkle are the best couple.Yuvi is just too cool! Way to go:-*

  9. in the tellychakkar its not arjun its naman shaw.y they r creating so much confusion. y they can’t just reveal who is the new kunj.blo*dy cvs

    1. may be arjun bijlani coz wiki and times of india dono me uska nam hain.but hume to serf sid chaiye..???

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      From the face it resembles more like naman shaw than Arjun bijlani but I like Arjun more. Naman is also not bad I saw him in Piya rangrezz

  10. Yuvle ki deewani

    Guys evryone here there’s a confusion regarding new kunj he z nt arjun bijlani the actor to play new kunj aftr surgery z naman shw

  11. in Wikipedia it is arjun as new kunj.y this much confusion

  12. I don’t watch can anyone tell me in precap is there any leap or twinkle is talking to whom?

    1. Mahi

      Twinkel is talking to her baby and there is no chance of leap in precap

  13. In the precap there is not any leap and twinkle is talking with her unborn baby by placing the hands in her stomach.
    In wiki it’s mentioned arjun bijlani as a new kunj & in tellychakkar its mentioned naman shaw.Dont know who will be the new kunj.Ek toh dimaag pehle se hi kharan h sid k exit k baad aur upar se yeh media wale alag alag naam dekar aur deemag kharab karre h…..
    I think we have to wait and watch TEI.
    We want twinj as fast as possible and as a lead without their misunderstanding…

    1. if it’s arjun bijlani then why not sid??both are going to do jhalak in this season.i can’t understand this thing.but if it’s naman then i can’t say anything because i don’t know him.sab kuch bakwas ho raha hain.

  14. if it’s arjun bijlani who’s playing as kunj, den i vil definitely resume watching tei… bcoz i luvd him in meri ashiqui tumse hi, and in naagin as well in the role of rithik… And now if he’s nxt kunj, den tei vil definitely rock.. 😀

  15. RANdomfANCreationz

    I m a big fan of Arjun bijlani and also Siddhant Gupta n I m sure both will rock as Kunj and there is a buzz that both will be in jhalak wow cool love both of them but maybe as for Twinj Sidmin is better I don’t know about arjun-Jasmin have to watch but one thing is sure Arjun is 1000 times better than that Rafi

  16. Yuvle ki deewani

    Naman shaw z the new kunj it’s confirmed

  17. Hey guys its confirmed that naman shaw is d new kunj in TEI.He is replacing sid.And naman shaw is also handsome but cant forget sid.Just give naman shaw a chance and wish him all d best for his role as lead.Finally new kunj is coming…And they reunite twinj as fast as possible…

  18. well its said that new kunj is arjun bijlani

  19. Mahi

    Its going OK but writers r straching it too much

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