Tashan-e-Ishq 16th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 16th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yuvi looks around in godown and says its shady place that means Rocky must have kept Twinkle here. Rocky puts hand on his shoulder, Yuvi turns and says you? it means you have done all this? Rocky claps and says finally you understood, this was all my gameplan, i made you my puppet, i made you dance to my tunes and you trusted me like a friend, i knew you are an idiot but you are such a big idiot that you didnt know what i knew you were following me, Yuvi says i will bring you on line but first i have to find my wife, you tell me where is Twinkle? Rocky says do i have to tell you? you are smart as you got key so find her too yourself, Yuvi says i will kill you, he grabs him and starts beating Rocky and says you kidnapped my wife, you gave stress to my family, i dont know you still you

tortured me why? Rocky says you deserve this, the more bad with you the more less it is, Yuvi pushes him away and says if you try to harm my family then i will snatch your eyes, when you people will know that world famous boxer is kidnapper, people will spit on your face, Rocky says you think you can win over me? i can knock you out with my one punch, Yuvi says you cant win over me as truth always wins, and my love for my Twinkle is true, where is she? Rocky says so much true love? take this key and try it everywhere, wherever it fits, there is Twinkle there and you free her. Yuvi bends to pick up key from ground but Rocky points gun at him, Yuvi is shocked, Rocky angrily looks at him but someone fires bullet as Rocky’s leg, Rocky falls down and winces in pain. Police siren starts buzzing, Yuvi gets tensed, Rocky smirks, Yuvi sees Rocky’s leg bleeding, Rocky says now you know my game? i am dont lose, Rocky Singh is player, police will come here and will think that you are criminal and i am innocent, he throws gun at him and says what will you do now? will runaway? Yuvi is tensed, Rocky says run Yuvraj Luhtra, run, Yuvi starts running from there.
Police is coming down to godown. Yuvi is running away from there. Rocky gets up and says just see Yuvi how i break your image infront of world, you took my place in my family and wiped my identity in my house but now i will play same game with you, not only Sarna family but whole world will hate you like earlier, you tried to become hero but i will make you villain infront of all, i got hit by bullet but you will bear consequences.
Rocky has called media and tells them that i went to godown to help Yuvi but he fired bullet at me, i promise to find Twinkle and free her from Yuvi’s clutches. Yuvi sees his media talk and gets tensed. Leela sees everything on Tv and says what is happening? police must be behind Yuvi, dont know in which danger he is, she calls him but he doesnt pick up call.
Yuvi says what to do? where to go? police must be finding me everywhere, i cant even go to house.
Usha says see what Yuvi did, Manohar says Yuvi has crossed all limits this time.
Yuvi comes to some shop and hides inside, he sees police outside and gets tensed. He is injured and tired too. He says think like a kidnapper, if i had to kidnap someone then where would i keep that person? he gets idea to check in Rocky’s house.
Yuvi comes to Rocky’s room and unlocks it with key.

Scene 2
Rocky brings Twinkle home, she is unconscious, Babee says thank God Twinkle is back, she asks Manohar to call Leela. Babee says thank you Rocky, you should long live, thanks for this.
Yuvi comes in room and sees some lady sitting here, he goes to her and sees its just a mannequin, he gets shocked and angry, he kicks it away and says i am gonna kill you Rocky, i am gonna kill you.
Leela is beside Twinkle. Manohar thanks Rocky for doing this much for them, he says its okay, Babee sees his leg bleeding and says why you didnt call doctor? Manohar says i will call doctor, he goes to bring first aid box. Usha says Yuvi has gone off limits, he pretended to save Twinkle then we got to know that he kidnapped Twinkle and now he shot at Rocky, Rocky says i dont understand why he kidnapped his own wife? i was trying to stop him but he shot at me.
Yuvi says where to go? what to do? police must be finding me everywhere.
Rocky says to Leela that i know you dont trust my words but trust me i am saying truth. Manohar brings cream, Rocky says its okay, Usha says you did so much for me, cant we do this much for you? Yuvi comes there and sees Twinkle unconscious, he comes to Twinkle and asks if she fine? Leela is happy to see him. Yuvi sees Rocky and says you? he is about to hit him but Babee says enough, policeman comes there and says enough Yuvraj, you are under arrest, all are happy except Leela. inspector says come to police station, Yuvi says trust me, this is all Rocky’s plan, Babee says we dont want to see your face, Usha says go from our lives, we have had enough of you, Yuvi is hurt listening this, Yuvi says this is Rocky’s plan, he wants to grow apart, he did all this, he is real culprit, usha says Rocky did so much for us, he saved Twinkle by putting his life in danger and what you did? you shot at him? how must low will you stoop? Yuvi says this is Rocky’s twisted plan, you know me from 5years, you know how i am, that love and trust is gone in a blink? Babee says real face comes out in risky times, you are son of that witch, you are more bad than her, Leela says enough, why you people are blaming him? Yuvi is innocent, i know it, inspector says we will decide if he is innocent or not, we will arrest him, Rocky says dont arrest Yuvi, i think its better if family stays together and i dont want to file any case for him shooting me, let him go, i can do this for this family, inspector says if you dont have problem then we are fine, he leaves. Babee says see Yuvi, you were blaming him and he saved you, Yuvi shouts that this is all his drama, when i didnt shoot him then how will he get me punished? why dont you understand, he shot himself to frame me, he is pretending to be nice, Usha says enough, we dont want to listen to you anymore. Twinkle wakes up and says maa. everyone comes to her, Leela kisses her temple and says thank God you are fine, Yuvi says to Twinkle that i will take you to hospital, she starts getting up but Babee comes to Yuvi and says enough, i wont allow you to be near Twinkle anymore, we dont trust you anymore, just get lost from this house, Usha says dont come here again, Yuvi is sad seeing all this, Twinkle is confused as to what is happening, she looks at Yuvi tensely.

PRECAP- Leela says to Sarna family that i want to talk to you all. She says i know when you will listen what i am going to tell you, you will get worried listening that, Rocky listens it too, Twinkle says Yuvi kidnapped me only, all are stunned listening this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i think its twinkle plan to expose rocky!!!… Sad uv.. Hope he’l be out of this soon…

  2. What the hell. Stop spoiling kunj character . First of all people u all was praising kunj and now yuvi . wow people but we have to comment and say we want the real kunj back. Who are with me.

    1. I’m with u.but is it gonna have any effect.is anyone reading our comments I mean anyone related to serial who can take any action to bring back sid

      1. SidMin

        Me too want sid back They must rad Ridhima’s OS so that they can understand and brik Sid Back after JDJ

    2. ???Carol Ann ???

      I’m with you, Alisa. I don’t hate Yuvi. But honestly, I prefer Kunj more although many people out there Praised Twinkle been pairing back with Yuvi. Please stop killing Kunj character that he kept for many episodes by cheap acts just to fulfill his revenge. I can’t believe this production killing Kunj good boy character, just a blink of eyes !!!

  3. I am with you alisa.You are right.
    I only want twinj to reunite.

  4. Me,i don’t understand why they are doing this?

  5. ?I want the real Kunj. i’ll miss him so much.

  6. Peewangmo

    Wow nice epi.. now m sure that our hero can do anything to get his love twinkle.. he proved himslf… ya atlast truelove alys wins… ? Uv deserved more dan that… kunj game plan is nth compare to his past deeds.. no meta what m alys with my twinj ♥

    1. may be there is some big twist…coz naman told that twinj will unite very soon…let’s see what will happened

  7. ye show itna bakwas ban kese geya?oh god..cv’s just make the show hell…no morality and respect for true love..it’s too boring now…it’s totally disgusting now…

  8. I think so twinj will unite very soon.
    I want to ask one question to all of you.
    And that question is-if twinj will unite then how many of u will watch TEI?
    I think all of you will watch bcoz there is more twinj fan than twitaj fan.
    I hope that you all will support new kunj naman shaw.
    Plzzz tell me.

  9. Alisa,rayna,peewangmo,geeta guys i am with and also want our twinj back to rock on.as nuren said that twinj unite i hope its fully ture and happen soon coz kunj also has right to get all happiness back to his life.

    1. I also don’t agree with you guys alisa rayna and get I know iwinj was super charming couple but I think twinkle and rocky will never be as good as first twinj they just don’t exist whereas twiraj is even better than first twinj and now that they made all the people love them so I think twiraj rocking the show go on for better

      1. Exactly my point ryt now twiraj share a better bond than twinj and if twinkle forgives rocky it wud look like whatever ur love does ryt or wrong u should forgive them and this is not ryt..

  10. I know twinj was the best but that was with sidmin…I don’t think naman and twinkle Will luk good together… they can never create that magic of sidmin whereas twiraj can !!

  11. Yes,naina I also hope that twinj will reunite very soon as naman had said somewhere.But I dont remember where he had said.
    Ohh God that will be the best scene when kunj will reveal his identity to twinkle.Chalo acha h cvs ke paas thoda dimag toh h.Atleast they respect true love.
    Thanx naina for supporting me and love you and love all twinj fan.

    1. Anına təvəllüdlü

      Oh rayna sorry to break the bubbles but now twinj has no place to return because now yules love is spreading in these people’s hearts and I think it’s fair as now twinkle can’t be paired with that rocky no way they don’t exist that’s why I also accepted yule

  12. Anch's sister

    Oh no poor yuvi when will he get out of the problems ? He always has to be blamed please reunite yule now rocky is such a an irritating person don’t like

  13. bichaara UV…hope it’s all twinkle’s plan to expose dat rocky….

  14. Poor Yuvi !!! I just hope he gets out of this mess soon… It should be Twinkle’s plan to expose that idiot Rocky..Gosh I hate this new Kunj

    1. Same here samira I just hate rocky he gets on my nervous hope yuvi gets out of this mess as soon as possible yule is now my shining start to watch the show

  15. Wow..wat an acting yuvi..I always knew you were the best actor but this episode proved tat u were the best of the best…just love Ur acting …those unstable steps were so cool…yuvi’s makeup was also nice..I think the make up team deserves a great round of applause.. even kunj(naman) his acting as a villain,tat teasing look he gave to yuvi..ohh ..just loved it..
    And today I felt tat thank God kunj is changed.. cause Sid couldn’t have acted as good as naman, and because of naman”s acting and yuvi’s acting this episode was a visual treat..
    Now on-screen ..
    I would love to see more episodes as naman villain and Yuvi being blamed..but wish tat at least twinkle would take his side.. cause he is already broken because his family,for whom he had done alot,sent his loving mom to jail,etc is not believing him.. and now if twinkle too doesn’t believe him he will completely break down.. cause he had done all these ..all the 5yrs for her..he only needs twinkle at his side ..even if everyone is against him and twinkle is on his side he will be strong..
    Pls let twinkle go with the truth side…she always never wanted an innocent to be blamed ..

  16. if you blamming kunj it’s not right. because he love so much twinkle.but twinkle is not waiting for him.if she truly love him she can understand his presence. if that yuvi can be forgiven means then why not kunj…… any ways i want twinj to be paired………becoz i watch this show for that pair only..
    please unite twinj pair….

    1. Sorry sundari but doing bad things might be forgetten and forgiven but getting someone killed can never be forgiven or forgetent and rocky is messing with the wrong people hope twinkle sides with yuvi

  17. yuvi /zain ki fan

    aisha i too agree wit u..cz i neva lykd twinj i always wantd yuvle i found it vry unfair wen cvs turnd uv -ve n ruined uv’s charactr..i just quitd the shw post twinj mariage…n nw startd to watch again cz of yuvle…dey r just awesme..

  18. i alwayz suportd yuvle n stl i do..twinj fans sorry to say bt i thnk u forgot dt tei is always abt yuvle..n also title song n promo evrythng is of yuvle..n i m damn sure dt dy wl nt sep thm nw..dt kunj punj ws nly a twist in story..

  19. cvs hv made twinkl as a puppet…wenevr they want they pair her wid uv \or kunj…..it makes no sense….kabhi hero ko villian toh villian ko hero….ths is called kuch bhi man me aye kar jao….aur trp ghata te jaooo

  20. sidmin aka twinj

    how many times we told that kunj is the main lead and yuvi is the villan from the very beginning itself. u can check it in tellychakkar.in one of the interviews it is mentioned so many girls were given look test inorder to match with sid.Atlast jas got selected. this much confusion was created because sid quit the show and even cvs are confused.before he quit y no one was arguing uv is the lead.

  21. Hey,everyone who is saying that,twinj cant be a pair now.How can you say that twinj cant be a pair.
    Naman had said that twinj will unite very soon.
    Ok if ou will not believe me and naman shaw then leave it.
    Let’s wait and watch who will win
    True love-my twinj or
    First love-twiraj.

  22. Hey rayna my lovely what a comment.agr true love ka koi matlab h to hamare twinj hi jeety gy kyu ki kunj ne twinkle jo bhi kiya h vo kbhi bhi or koi nhi kr shakta agr sb log bool gay tu poorane episod dekh ly na.Ye matching ki kya bat h agr sid nhi h tu kya iska matlb kunj ka character kuch bhi nhi naman bhi tu kunj ka character play kr rha h and kunj loves twinkle a lot in his past and in present also but kuch galt fami ki vajh se vo thooda rood ho gaya thats natural and thats not a big deal.and one thing more that twinj will be the main lead pair for me and for all twinj fans.i love uv alot but as my best villian.

  23. If kunj loved her so truly he would hve trusted her …he just saw their marriage and left ..he dint even try knowing the reason behind their marriage !!

  24. Are yar ye useki galti h magr jb usne ye sb dekhatu to vo puri tharh se toot gaya koi jb vo aa rha tha tu bar bar twinkle k bare m soch rha tha ki twinkle use kitna miss kr rhi hugi pr ye sb dekh ne k bad vo chok gaya or sb ghar wale bhi kush dekh rhe the thats why he goes back without saying something to someone or us ki jagh or koi hota tu shayd vo bhi yhi kr ta yar.at that he goes on depression .

  25. What a comment yaar! Naina,love u a lot.You are the best supporter of twinj.
    And our wait will shortly live bcoz twinj will reunite very soon.
    Hope for the best.

  26. Naina I agree he goes in depression ….yaha tk Theek Hai …but revenge ki limit Hoti Hai ! Usne Sabke saamne twinkle ka video dikhaya he made PPL call her characterless Kya yahi Uska Pyaar tha ?

  27. Rayna i really hope what you said is true but on the other hand it seems impossible bcoz nw most of the people want yule and to speak frankly even I feel twinj can’t relive again even if sid himself come back in the show as there are a millions of yuvi and twinkle’s fans they love yuvraj so much even when his role was negative anyway let’s hope them the best

    1. Yup anaya u are right in your place.
      I am just expressing my feelings here and nothing else. I am a big twinj fan.jab se sid sir ne serial choda tab se main toot gayi thi.Par naman sir ke aane ke baad maine socha ki unhe v chance milna chahiye.then I start liking him.
      Par jab se twinj alag hue hai us misunderstanding ki wajah se tab se bas ek hi hope se TEI dekh rahi hoon ki twinj hi reunite honge.I cant see them seperated.Jasmine mam ne v phle kaha tha ki twinj lead h par baad mein usne kuch aur hi bola.Par jab naman sir ne bola toh bas kuch hope mile h ki twinj reunite honge.
      My motive is not to hurt anyone dear.I am just expressing my feelings here as a big twinj fan.
      Love twinj.
      Love yuvi as a villain.

    2. among these million fans of yuvle majority are sid fans.they changed to yuvle because compared to naman uv has better chemistry with tw.if sid come back then they will be back and support twinj.no need to bother about that.there r million who quit watching the show they will also be back with the reentry of sid.lets hope for a miracle

  28. yeah anaya u r ryt..evn wen uv ws -ve many of thm wantd him to b hero..n many of thm quitd d tei aftr kunj becme hero ..i too quitd..n i thnk no othr actor cn get soo much love bein a vilan he got more love thn hero of tei..n he baggd award also whic sid cudnt do..

  29. Thakyou rayna.Saira yaar i also agree with you kunj ne asa kr k bhut galt kiya pr yaar use lgta h ki twinkle use bool gi or asa use twinkle k baar baar uv ko support krne ki vajh se lg rha h.pr jb use pta chaly ga tu vo jarror mafy magey ga twinkle se hi nhi balki uv se bhi kyu ki yehi kunj ka real character h as we guys know right.or ye sb kunj unjaane m kr rha h jis k ly jo bhut pachthay ga.Or hum kunj ko uv se compare kese kr shkte h yar kyu ki uv ne ye sb jaanboojkr kiya tha.but i love uv also as he is changed and helped twinkle a lot.

  30. And dear saira kunj ka gussa hona bilkul jayaz tha kyunki,woh insaan jo apni biwi se itna pyaar karta h agar uski biwi uske samne kisi dusre ko apna pati bolegi toh kisi ko v gussa aayega hi.Agar kunj ke jagah koyi aur hota toh usko v gussa aata.Agar twiraj aaj jhoota pati patni banne ka natak nahi karte toh aaj yeh sab nahi hota aur kunj kabhi bhi twinkle se badla nahi leta.So it’s a fault of twinkle.
    And now also kunj loves twinkle a lot.Usne twinkle ko ek kharoch v nhi aane diya aur ek baar twinkle ki ungli kat gayi thi toh kunj v pareshan ho gaya tha.Woh twinkle se badla leta raha par twinkle ko usne nuksaan nahi pahunchaya.BCOZ AS LONG AS THERE WILL BE OPEN HATE,THERE WILL BE HIDDEN LOVE.

  31. Whoever is pairing whether it’s twiraj or twinj whatever happens I’ll continue watching the show coz I like the two couples now I know you’re mostly twiras fans but that doesn’t mean that you have to hurt these few of twinj fans who is still there I respect all the fans and their feelings so from now on I’ll neither be twiraj fan nor twinj fan I’ll be the show fan

  32. Twiraj is the best not twinj

  33. Whoever is pairing whether it’s twiraj or twinj whatever happens I’ll continue watching the show I know you’re mostly twiras fans now but that doesn’t mean that you have to hurt these few of twinj fans who isstill there I respect all the fans and their feelings so from now on I’ll neither be twiraj fan nor twinj fan I’ll be the show fan

  34. Everyone you know its Tei’s job to make daily soaps like this as it will always have ups and downs,…different partners e.t.c,..but as for now I wish that twinkle and yuvraj end off as a happy couple,……they make an amazing off and on screen couple,…

  35. tei without sid

    lagta hai yeha sab twiraj fans hog ghaya hai.its better not to comment. kaash sid tei mein hota twinj fans ko yeh sab dekhna nehi padatha.twiraj fans don’t be happy.once we enjoyed now its ur turn.

  36. By the way,…..its just a show,….so guys plz don’t get all taken up about the show , but yeah watching it we get to like our own couples and so….we get angry seeing changes on TEI, it cannot go freely without a villain interrupting lol

  37. tum sab log kuch v kehlo,ye show ab bakwas hain.without sid it’s actually nothing…uvle is against the morality and naman ke sath jas ka jodi jamne wala hain nehi.only sidmin can rock the show…otherwise it’s bakwas.is liye zee response team ko bar bar mail vejte raho take vo sid ko bapas le aye.call them guys…and also tweet them…we want sid back…

  38. What’s happening here.. They r spoiling kunch character.. Missing old kunch very badly

  39. What the hell is this why are u disturb yuvi sarna family as no shame at all kunj sarna i hate u plz leave this show nd yes kunj fans dont be happy yuvi will win this game inshallah

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