Tashan-e-Ishq 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yuvi says to Mahi that i have loved your heart not your face, Leela is shocked, Rt says to Yuvi that i am proud of you, i am sorry on bahlf of my family, Yuvi says i am not that bad which your family thinks i am, i love Mahi alot and want to spend my life with her, RT hugs him happily and says see Leela he is so good boy, bless him that he and Yuvi remain together, Yuvi touches Leela’s feet, Leela blesses him forcefully, Yuvi says i will keep Mahi happy and wont allow you people to complain, he hugs Mahi and says i love her alot and will keep loving her, she smirks at Twinkle, Twinkle cries. Twinkle says everything is finished, Kunj comes to Twinkle, she leaves.
Twinkle comes on road and cries, she recalls how Yuvi said that he will win this time, how Mahi alleged Twinkle

for everything, how Yuvi burned Mahi’s hand, how he married, she cries, Kunj comes to Twinkle, she is crying incoherently, Kunj puts his hand on her shoulder, she says everything is finished, my sister’s life is destroyed and i couldnt do anything, its all my mistake and mahi is bearing punishment, how do i make Mahi believe that Yuvi doesnt love her, he is taking advantage from me, you are right, i am sayappa queen, i am responsible, Kunj hugs her and says you did everything for your sister, everything will become fine, Twinkle cries in his arms.
Yuvi has decorated Mahi’s ward with roses and heart shaped balloons, Mahi wakes up, Yuvi presents her rose, she smiles looking at decorated room, Yuvi says happy valentines day, she wishes him too and hugs him, Mahi sees her face in mirror while hugging Yuvi, she gets afraid and tries to break mirror, Yuvi stops her and says promise me that you will see yourself from my eyes from now on, you are beautiful and it lies in your heart thats why i love you, Mahi says but my face? Yuvi says people can thinks anything but you are my Mahi for me, Mahi says will you leave me ever? Yuvi says i can never live without you, he hugs her, Mahi thinks that i am happy to get you, i will live whole life with him, Yuvi thinks that thank God i met Mahi, i will destroy Twinkle by using Mahi.
Twinkle is crying in Kunj’s arms, they see fireworks, Twinkle cries, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says today i promise you that i will bring Mahi back in your life, i will reunite you both, for the last time you were, you are and you will remain my sayappa queen, i like you when you smile so dont cry, Twinkle smiles and hugs him tightly.

Scene 2
Its morning, Leela says to Babee that doctors are saying that they will do plastic surgery, we can take her room for now, Babee says its good that we can take her, she is part of Sarna family now, RT says she will not go to Sarna house as where Twinkle lives, Mahi cant live there, Twinkle is shocked listening this, Yuvi thinks that i told you Twinkle, i will start taking Twinkle’s family from her, first it was her sister then her father and now who? Babee says she will go to Sarna house only, she is daughter in law of that house and will live with love there, RT says Twinkle wont let her remain happy, Kunj says to RT that if you knew Twinkle then you wont be saying this, RT says what Twinkle did.. Leela says enough, stop blaming Twinkle, she didnt do anything wrong, i know her, she kept trying to save her sister, i believe her, Anita says you find Yuvi wrong always, you dont trust him, Leela says shut up, Babee says this is not time to fight, we should think about future of our kids, Mahi is our younger daughter in law so she will live in our house and our elder daughter in law that is Twinkle will welcome her and thats final.
At house, Twinkle takes aarti plate, it is about to fall from her hands but Kunj holds it, Twinkle says i dont know what Yuvi will do with Mahi, Kunj says i accept that Yuvi has won first stage but truth wins eventually, you cant lose hope, we will win, Anita records it in her mobile and says how boring, it is looking like scene from daily soap, let me tell you, you both have already lost, its impossible to win over Yuvi, what i couldnt do in years, yuvi did in days, i didnt like Mahi at first but then i realized that i can use Mahi to torture Leela and her family, now we are playing and you all are silent, Twinkle saves aarti diya from blowing off, Anita says i wont let this diya blow off till i dont destroy your whole family, fire has already started, she laughs and leaves.
Mahi arrives home. Anita sends Twinkle and Kunj’s video to Yuvi, Yuvi says husband and wife are challenging Yuvraj Luthra? i accept it, in 24hours i will shake them up, Mahi calls him, yuvi gets irritated and says i have to act like loving her and now she is irritating me, dont know till when i will have to do it. Yuvi comes to Mahi and says why you look nervous? this is your house too, dont be afraid of it, let go, he holds her hand and takes her, he thinks that now this is my next step, with Mahi coming in house, Twinkle’s stress level will increase and i will have more fun.
Surjeet says to Babee that i am happy, i am father in law now, my daughter in law is coming today, we wil have party. Cherry taunts Anita that you accepted Leela’s daughter as family finally. Manohar comes and greets Twinkle. Mahi and Yuvi comes in house, Babee says to Twinkle that do her aarti and welcome her. Twinkl comes to Mahi, she does her aarti and thinks that i couldnt stop your marriage but i wont let Yuvi spoil your life and i will do anything for that. Twinkle does Mahi and Yuvi’s tilak, she makes Mahi eat sweets, Yuvi holds her hand and takes sweet from her, Babee says to Mahi that kick kalash and come in house, Mahi kicks Kalash, Yuvi lifts Mahi in arms, Yuvi says to Babee that my Mahi’s first step in our house will be in my arms, he says to Mahi that i will be always with you and whenever you wll be about to fall, i will lift you in my arms, he brings her in house and takes her from there, Twinkle thinks that Mahi doesnt understand that Yuvi is using her against me.
(Thank you Aakanksha for lending helping hand by writing update that day, much appreciated).

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Kunj that i will do anything to win my sister’s trust, Kunj says promise me that you will not do anything stupid, she says i will, he says you wont else i.. she says you what? he says i will kiss you, she is stunned and says no, he says yes i will kiss you today.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Sheena

    Episode okie dokie…..but precap was hilarious..haha??
    I just love the way kunj supports twinkle and makes her smile in tensed moments

  2. Sheena

    Thanx atiba for the fast update..
    Episode was okie dokie …but precap was hilarious …haha??
    N I just love the way kunj supports twinkle n makes her smile in tensed situations

  3. prachi

    hey how can somebody be so dumb??? maahi is seriously not required in the plot… n pls get this yuvi out here as an antagonist from the plot.
    first thing the promo showed something like yuvi wants to kill kunj but plot is really different. if plot goes on so slow then I think yuvi will be exposed only after some 100 episode or something ….

  4. sachu

    Oooo luv this episode of twinj….
    Director plz bas karo yeh mahi ki bakwaazzz . I just hate her. Don’t she have any commonsense?Whatever.. I luv the twinj part….

  5. Rakshita

    Precap is awesome???…..btw this rt is just needs to b punched with his stupid daughter mahi…how could he discriminate b/w his daughters…. Stupid father Nd idiot daughter….but Twinj scenes were too good???…..precap is spr awesome!!!

    • komal

      i do agree wid u i wanna kill rt at once if he come in front of me he is gonna die of my hand wel leaving it at a side twinj scenes were awesome nd den comes d precap my babies are so cute love them

  6. M.Praveena

    Nice episode mahi can’t understand twinkle and kunj will do what he said in today precap to will I love this episode especially twinj scene.

  7. Fatarajo

    precao stole my heart twinj so cute and someone please give this mahi a piece of mind :Pn Rt nothing to say about him

  8. faizan raza

    wow…..I love the precap….And this time …It^s kunj plan bcoz..Uvi will be burnt when know&seee this…KISS Drama.


  9. Prrcap is awsome …..in today’s epi only twinj scene was nice …uvi ne bola k WO twinj ki team tode gaa next 24 hours mein…..plzzz aisa naa ho…..

  10. A Voice

    o wow..precap is awesome..can’t wait to see that..btw twinkle i think this time u should not listen to kunj so that he can do what he said… 😉 😉

  11. ?Carol Ann ⛵⛵

    I love all about Twinkle&Kunj scenes, they always make me blushing watching their romantic scene in TV everytime. I love to know how they will win each other hearts and honestly I can’t wait for that to happen. But sadly, to be honest here……., if Yuvraj Lutra always win in his dirty games and its look like Twinkle who always bear this burden, I can say that this serial will drop its rating because people will start to feel bored. I’m not trying to make you all mad at my comments because I believe everybody love this serial,but think twice and you will noticed I’m not lying. So, I hope in the next episode, this serial writer can make changes because I care for this serial and I hope this serial is not gonna make the same mistakes like previous serial that force to end their serial due to low rating. If someone out there read my comment, please reply and leave your though about what I’m just sayin’.

    Love ‘ya’ all,
    ?? Carol Ann??

  12. im soooo xxxcccitdd 2 watch tmrw’s episode….I know kunj will just threaten twinkle because he knows that she gets emotional influence easily….but that scene would be too cute…..specially when their eyes speak their words…..

  13. Preety sid bieber

    Precap is oxxm jst like ? ??????????????
    Love u twinkj u r de bst…
    Offff hooo uv how could u?????????
    Nd rt wht r u doing man u r too iritating..jst go 4rm tei…get lost..

  14. nonsense what wrong with is she thinking that yuvi is a change person if is that then she must be mad yuvi cant never be a change man evilness run in his blood…..and twinkle need to stop that blo*dy crying it so damn irritating i know she have to cry to express how she feel but not every time it like she only want an excuse to cry that need to stop immediately or else yuvi will take advantage on her if he see her breaking down like this where is her brave strong n fearless self is we need to see that from her to defend yuvi in his own games.how can this ungrateful man rt think like that what he want twinkle to do to leave her in laws house just to let her stubborn n handicap sister to live there then he shld think back twinkle live there before she n will always be there if he don’t his stupid mahi to stay why he don’t go n buy a house for his daughter n so called son in law and Idk why babee is insist him to let mahi n yuvi to stay under one roof with kunj n twinke for when she very well know how yuvi is how he kidnapped twinkle ruin her n kunj honeymoon n try to kill kunj by pretending to loss his memory….??? how can them just overcome this crime he shld be behind bars for doing all of that to twinkle n knuj????

  15. safia meera

    Precap is the sweetest Rt and mahi must get sounded up so hard and yuvraj that haraamzaade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Suvarna

    Hi twinj lovers,am from andhra pradesh..i watch many hindi serials bt kunj is the best…i js c the coments u peopl post.now i cant resist frm postng coment frm 11th feb epi..waiting fr precap:-)

  17. Ritzi

    Hope twinkle doesn’t listen to kunj this time and so kunj could kiss her and this scene should be seen by UV then it will be a grt funnnnnn! Super xcited for today’s episode?

  18. Simi

    Ppl see d SBB segment on fb mahi tells twinkle to prove her love by burning her hand on the gas stove but kunj comes n stops her. Tat is the promo about kunj telling her not do such things otherwise he will kiss her……….. Jus waiting for today’s episode……??????

  19. sonam

    Where is today’s episode plss plzzz update update I can’t wait plz update yrr please atiba atiba plz where is atibaaaa I am crying plz update pz update I can’t waittttttt……….uhhhhh uhhhhhhhh plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz atiba where are you plzzzzzzz

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