Tashan-e-Ishq 16th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle says I have to handle myself to expose yuvi. she says music, she danced. Kunj says what is twinkle doing. Everyone else is embarrassed. Twinkle dances on baby doll. Anita says you are dancing and i had to do this to you twinkle, in your own house.
Yuvi says stop all this. Twinkle says expose yuvi. The guy is dancing with Twinkle. Yuvi says get lost. He says she is hot. What problem you have?
Is she your wife? Yuvi starts acting like a child. Kunj starts hitting the guy and says she is my wife. Twinkle says please stop. He says how dare he touch you. I will kill him. Anita says kunj why are you getting mad? Its twinkle’s mistake. Are you seeing leela? See what your daughter is doing. I didn’t do anything. she did it herself. See babbe. This is what happens

when you give them leniency. She has no shame. She has defamed her family.

Kunj says she is my wife. I have no problem with he dress. No one better make issue of this. Anita says kunj you better not favor her. You dont know about our rituals. Kunj says if it was a guy no one would have any issue. You will decide her limits? She is a girl of today’s world. If she is married she doesn’t have to live in a jail. She has a life and i wont interfere in that. I know she wont cross any limits. She knows how to keep me and all of us happy. Anita says she drank like this in chinky’s engagement. Kunj says you all know she never drinks by her will. Anita says she should be punished. Babba says twinkle should live in her mother’s house from now. Babbe says twinkle will get punished. Twinkle wont live in her mom’s house. She will live in her house and i know what to punish her. She takes twinkle home.
Leela swipes her tears.

Twinkle says what is happening. I didn’t drink. I have to expose yuvi now.
She goes to yuvi’s room and says hi. He says i asked you to change. Dost would be mad. She says he wont be mad after today. Do you have chocolates? He says what you need it for? She says for kunj. Its between husband and wife. He will be so happy with me tonight. You live in your room and watch cartoons.

Twinkle lights all the candles. Yuvi is peeking in. Kunj comes in and says what is all this? Twinkle says shh. She comes closer to him and pretends like she has fallen. Twinkle says i knew you wont let me fall. She says you were looking too hot today. He says be in your senses. Sleep. She shoves him on bed and lies on him. She says this night is not for sleep. He says what are you doing? She hugs him from back and says today is my night. dont talk. Today is for love. Kunj sees yuvi on the door.
Twinkle says what you see in my eyes. Yuvi has burnt the bed. Twinkle says what you did yuvi. Twinkle screams babbe mummy yuvi has put our room on fire. Kunj brings fire extinguisher. Twinkle says yuvi did this.
twinkle says yuvi should go to mental asylum. Anita’s husband says if yuvi’s goes somewhere Twinkle will be out of this house as well.

Precap-Kunj and twinkle dance with Kajol and Shahrukh. Yuvi points a pistol at leela.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    I think atiba is in good mood today becoz she updated all the serials in super fast

  2. Poor twinkle! She’s trying so hard to expose yuvi…

  3. Achi thii epi….but UV ki schaii SB k samny ani chahye thii..

    M sure he is just acting like kid…he has evil plots behind his innocent child like face

  4. Precap is nice vd kajol and shahrukh

  5. Nice episode loved kunj today !!!!!!especially the last part ……. Wow☺

  6. Ab UV twinkle ko preshan krne k lye uski mother sath misbehave kr raha hai..he is pointing gun at leela taneja

  7. Thanks for updating… Kunj part was so nice..he is so caring husband

  8. nyc episode. ..

  9. OMG SRK n Kajol r coming tomorrow to Tashan-e-Ishq tomorrow. One of my fav hero-heroine coming to my one of my current fav show tomorrow 🙂
    Loved the part where Kunj says yeh meri Biwi hain 🙂 uff this uv will never mend his ways, he doesn’t need to act like a kid , harkatte bacche jaise hain izz uv ki :/


    1. U go the menu option right at top , there are two menu option(black n white), press the white one, and then press submit ur article ,and then u can start writing ur ff.
      But before that u must wait for ur ff to be verified and accepted. That’s all I know, I m not sure as I m also gonna write a ff tonight(some other show)

  11. wow nice episode. Thankx

  12. Omg.kunj n twinkle look so hot n s*xy in today episode ???????????❤?? just wish twinkle exposed yuvi as asap

  13. Wow I’m excited to watch TEI

  14. i think all that happenings in twinkle and kunj life are just to make them love each other and to make them realize that

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