Tashan-e-Ishq 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Yuvi says to Anita to please stay away from me till i dont get Twinkle back, i will handle everything myself, please dont interfere, Anita puts his glasses back and says as you wish, i miss you, she cries and caresses his face, she asks him to take care, she leaves, Yuvi is sad.
People are talking to Kunj in college. He sees Twinkle working and stares her. Twinkle cheers for guys who is about to show stunt. One guy is about to jump in air but twists his ankle, Kunj says his ankle is twisted, he can perform now. They take him away, one student says his performance with Mala was final for fest too, who will perform now?, Mala says i cant perform with anyone else, she leaves, everyone asks Twinkle to perform as she was Miss Amritsar too, Twinkle says even i cant perform alone, i

need partner, she looks at Kunj but he looks away. One student says i know one guy, people call him Micheal Jackson, he will perform, Twinkle asks if he will come on short notice? Student says let me call him and ask. He calls him. After sometime, Student says see he is here. Its none other than Yuvi dressed as himself not as Jassi. Bodyguard plays, Kunj thinks he must be planning something. Twinkle asks Yuvi where he was? if he is fine? Yuvi says i am fine, i was fulfilling my promise to you. He asks Student who called him about dance, student says Twinkle is your partner, Yuvi says i cant dance with her, its my promise to someone, i cant, Twinkle looks at him, everyone asks Yuvi to perform, he says i cant. Yuvi says no, he starts leaving, Yuvi thinks Twinkle cant say no understanding partner like me, you will call me yourself, call me out Twinkle, stop me, he is leaving, Twinkle is looking at him, he sits down acting like tying his shoe laces. he turns to see Kunj coming to Twinkle and says Twinkle if you dont mind, can i be your partner? Sajna ve plays, Kunj says nothing personal, just for this institute’s respect, Yuvi looks at them, Kunj extends his hand, everyone asks Twinkle to accept, Twinkle holds Kunj’s hand and accepts to dance with him. Yuvi thinks that i cant believe this loser took the chance and won, he got Twinkle without doing anything actually. Twinkle and Yuvi dances on pyar ki yeh Kahani suno plays. They do Salsa dance closely, Yuvi angrily looks at them, Twinkle is about to fall down but Kunj catches her, they share eyelock, Sajna ve plays, confetti falls over them. Twinkle gets up, everyone claps and congratulates them, Twinkle steal glances with Kunj. yuvi thinks that my plan failed but i have Jassi as backup, Twinkle will dance with me only.
Anita comes to her room, she sadly looks at Yuvi’s picture and says you loved Twinkle like crazy, you did so much for her happiness, you changed yourself completely, you spaced yourself from me but still you didnt get Twinkle, i have to help you Yuvi to get Twinkle so that my son gets his love and i get my son back, Twinkle has to become Yuvi’s even if i have to do anything for it.
Pallavi shows Usha pictures of Kunj when he became Rocky. Twinkle comes there and asks Usha how she is? Usha says what you are doing here? Twinkle says i bring medicine for Babee, i used to bring it every month, Usha says why you are showing off? one side you dont want to accept Kunj and otherside you show right on his family? what is the need to leave house and family to go to college? Twinkle says i am not showing off anything, i just brought medicines, Pallavi says i saw prescription and brought medicines myself, no need for you now, Twinkle leaves, Usha says its good you answered her well, Pallavi says i dont understand why she pretends everything. Anita comes there and says Usha..Usha gets angry seeing her, Anita says i know you dont like me but i know you are miffed with Twinkle and i have come to give you idea to get rid of Twinkle.
Leela asks Twinkle why she is upset? Twinkle says i went to Sarna house but Usha maa scolded me, Leela says Usha is blinded by her love for her son, she has forgotten your sacrifice, your love and care, Twinkle says you also think i took wrong decision? Leela says no but you will have to soon take action.
Anita says to Usha that i can give you idea to separate Kunj and Twinkle, Usha says i dont need your ideas, leave, Anita says you will need my help, Twinkle and Kunj are getting really close in college, did Twinkle tell you that Kunj and Twinkle are taking part in college fest together? Usha gets angry listening this, Anita leaves.
Fest starts, everyone praises Twinkle and Kunj for arrangements. Yuvi is dressed as Jassi and thinks that Twinkle is looking so pretty, i cant let Kunj dance with her at any cost. Twinkle is wearing white sleeveless dress. She comes to Jassi, he says you are looking really nice, she smiles. Dance performances start. manager says to Twinkle and Kunj that everyone is waiting for your dance performance. Jassi brings Twinkle aside and says you are sweet, dont you remember what Rocky Sir did in college room that day? still you are dancing with him? Twinkle says i am doing this for college and i can handle him, she leaves. Yuvi thinks that i have to think something. Dance performance ends and Kunj and Twinkle goes back-stage to get ready for their performance, Yuvi goes behind too. He comes to them and says Twinkle my mom says you should eat something sweet before doing any work, he makes her eat sweetdish, Kunj smiles, Yuvi says Rocky Sir you eat too, he offers him but deliberately, puts it on his shirt, he says sorry, my hand shook, i am so sorry, Twinkle says our performance is next, what will happen now? Kunj says i will come after changing soon, he leaves. Yuvi says dont worry, you taught me Salsa, we will dance as partners, Twinkle is tensed.
Twinkle comes on stage, everyone cheers for her.
Pallavi gives money to goon and tells him that light should fall on Twinkle in today’s party, it should look like accident, nobody should doubt, he nods and says your work will be done, he leaves. She says sorry Twinkle, i dont have other option to get rid of your and Kunj’s daily college sessions, you are gone today, she smirks.

PRECAP- Twinkle is standing on center stage. Light man positions spot light right above her head and pulls it down, light is about to fall over Twinkle’s head, Yuvi sees it and tries to move from his place to save her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Baby

    oh god wt d hell y is dis uvraj behind twinj i ll srsly kill him if psbl ugggggghhhhhh i hpe sid cm bcks

  2. Baby

    oh god wt d hell y is dis uvraj behind twinj i ll srsly kill him if psbl ugggggghhhhhh i hpe sid cm bcks yr wt d hell itna smaj nhi aata dat jassi is uvraj itni si cmnsense toh show krhi skti hai cvs n twinkle ko bta skti hai dat its uvraj pls ohk use sm cmnsense ppl its hete now

    1. Oh dear baby calm down and don’t dare to kill my yuvi . Actually I’m impressed by this episode especially the precap and really hope that this rocky kunj to give a break and let yuvraj and twinkle get united becoz they are the shining stars of this crapy show sorry dears if anyone got hurt you know me guys my motive is not to hurt you

  3. Fan

    This show is getting boring day by day..now toh i seriously dont want twinkle to choose yuvi..i mean isn’t he supposed to give her some space like kunj?? Y is he trying so hard to convince her to choose him??..on the other hand kunj is back to his original character mode n he is also giving twinke some time n space..so i want twinkle to choose him instead…n about usha y is she turning negative???.isn’t she the one who wanted twinj to get abck together?? Then y is she having a problem with them coming close to eo??..frankly speaking this show lost its charm after sid left the show..its not like iam against yuvi but i just want him to respect twinkle’s decision like kunj..

    1. u r r8.

  4. Yuvi don’t turn negative. I like you and Twinkle. Kunj go to hell with pallavi. ????

  5. Wow superb i just hate usha and this anita and pallavi . Love it twinj love u guys.

  6. I will alway support UV but please UV you don’t go in nagetive character againnnnnnn…pleaseeee

  7. Day by day d show z becoming more n more boring…..cant understand d twinkle.. ..juzt think 1 girl loved a boy married to other boy….started hating 1st boy…started lovimg 2nd boy….then again 2…3 times displacement in marraiges….pir vo ladki phele vale se shaadi kr leti h…n 2nd vale ko bhav tak nhi deti h.. ..AMAZING ….kya story bana rahe h tei vale…..isse better toh unke fans tei ke ff banate h…..disgustting yrr….1 limit hoti h….kissi bhi chiz ke liye….ye log batana kya chahte h…..ladikiyo ka koi character nhi h kya….bakwass story h….ase bakwass chizz dikhane se aacha show he band kr do

  8. I m srry agar me ne kissi ko hurt kiya toh….bt d truth x truth…really show has lost its charm …..

  9. boring show

  10. What the hell it is!
    I totally hate this show.Just watching it for twinj.And why yuvi,anita,pallavi is trying to add fuel in twinj life.
    And why yuvi is trying to make twinkle against kunj and this stupid twinkle always take seriously to jaasi’s words.Plz cvs reunite our twinj yaar.
    Ab toh clearly pata chal raha hain ki kunj hi twinkle ka hero hai kyunki twinkle ne kunj ke saath dance karne se mana nahi kiya.Aur kunj twinkle ko uske upar light girne se bachayega.Hate this stupid anita,how she is making usha against twinkle.She is very much selfish.God knows what will this anita do for breaking the love of twinj and usha will take what decision after that poison words of anita.And cant anyone recognise that jassi is yuvi except that anita.All are blind.
    But I read on spoiler that kunj will take twinkle to gurudwara, disco and lunch date.And kunj will recognize that jassi is yuvi bcoz he sees jassi talking in phone with someone in his own tone.
    Let’s see what will happend next.how kunj will reveal jassi’s true face infront of twinkle.
    Plz cvs reunite twinj yaar.And dont drag the story so much.If you will drag,and dont reunite twinj then seriously I will quit watching this show.
    Leap ke baad se twinj fan ko wait karwa rahe ho sirf.
    Bohot wait kar liya ab aur nahi.
    And plz guys dont take it in your heart.

  11. Common sense will tell you that Yuvi should be her rightful husband. Kunj has been away deliberately for 5 years and he has tortured both Twinkle and his family and definitely is not kind hearted. For society purpose, the director must uphold the values and that is to make Twinkle realize that she should respect Yuvi and accept him as her husband. IN short, Kunj should just get killed by Pallavi. Twinkle’s character should not be so care free as she is in a muddle, caught in a difficult situation. Teach the youngsters good values.

  12. Ab aur intezar nahi hota..plz unite twinj…

  13. AAJTAK SBB News Alert:-TWINKLE went to market to buy something. Someone(3 goons) tease her.She controlled herself and moved.But they continued.So our SYAPPA QUEEN turned into LADY DABANG and slap them with her chappal.Yuvie & Kunj are present there.Goons fall down.After that YUVIE said to TWINKLE & KUNJ that he(UV) planned it bcz he want to encourage her for handling the situation like this alone without other’s(about KUNJ) help.Kya TWINKLE & KUNJ ho jayega alag?It is the suspence & twist of TEI-By Saas Bahu Aur Betiyan AAJTAK. I hope it would be helpful for all TEI FANS.Let’s see what suspense is waiting? Keep supporting guys.

  14. I don’t know what’s going on TEI.Why they are trying to spoil our YUVIE?And that Pallavi,if she wants Rocky then take him and go to hell.Then Usha Maa, 5 yrs she used Yuvie.Now selfish for her son.And also Anitha Maa bhi.Like my mother’s comment Yuvie is also violent.Now she will inject poison of villanism in Yuvie. Bhir bhi same story. Wow!What a planning?TEI the most boring show.I think ZAIN is not happy with the current track.In News I always saw a cuteness and innocent smile in him without any headweight.But now a days his smile is vanished.He looks tensed.Poor ZAIN like u ur fans are also desp.Dear SIDMINAIN-SIDhanth,JasMIN,ZAIN…MISS U MADLY & BADLY.

  15. Tashan e ishq starting se kb chlaoge zee anmol pr…….plz chla do hmein sid dobara dekhna hai…and plz cvs sid ko waapis le aayo….show is incomplete without him…..plz we want sidmin jodi chemistry……..unite twinj…kuchh bhi kro pls sid ko wapis le aayo…..we all r waiting for him……bahut sare shows mein hero waapis aa jate hain…like sathiya…plz sid ko wapis le aayo

  16. Show starting mein bahut achha tha…uv nd anita negative…..twinkl nd kunj ka pyaar trust ek side nd how clevrly they deal with situations…..sidmin ki jodi best hai…plz sid ko mna lo or use wapis le aayo agar wo wapis aa jaega to trp bhi increase ho jaegi…nowadays tei dekhne ka man bhi nhi krta………pehle to lgta tha k twinkle or kunj hi lead hai yhi milenge bt now ab to uv bhi aa gya…..plz old kunj ko waapis le aayo.plz.plz..plz…………or zee anmol pr starting se chla do show promos to dikha do zee anmol par plzz cvs…….

  17. Yuvi turn negative… What the hell. When u want make positive and then turn negative….. I realy want that twinkle choose Yuvi….

  18. Wht the hell…y yuvi to be negative…twinkle shud go to yuvi back

  19. Twinkle shud go back to yuvi else I’ll stop to watch the show

  20. Are yar twinkle aur kunj hi honge ek yuvi ko ye log villain bana denge

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