Tashan-e-Ishq 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle dances on Zra sa jhumlun mein, Kunj tries to control her, she dances around him, they come closer, Kunj caresses her face, he holds her in arms. Twinkle lies on bed, Kunj comes and moves towards by touching her body with his fingers, he sees Twinkle sleeping ans snoring, he says larki beautiful kar gayi chull(song name), he says how can she sleep? you cant do this Twinkle, what should do now? should i wait for her to wake up or sleep? he sleep beside her.
Its morning, Twinkle wakes up and moves her hand hitting Kunj’s face, Kunj wakes up too, they both get awkward. Manager comes there and wishes them good morning, he says i know you both must have enjoyed in my hotel, after my special milk, i have brought my special coffee, it will kill your tiredness after yesterday

night, Twinkle feels like laughing, Kunj says keep it and leave else i will beat you, he leaves, Kunj says it became way too much special, our special honeymoon, that special milk and all, Twinkle says you ate that milk too, Kunj says you wanted to try something special, you slept instead of enjoying last night, Twinkle says dont fight with me, Kunj says you just keep talking, thats all, he leaves, Twinkle says Kunj seems angry with me, i will hug him tightly and will say sorry, i will do something special for him.
Kunj gives money to hotel manager, manager says i hope you had good time here, Kunj says you fool people. Kunj thinks my honeymoon got destroyed, what should i do set Twinkle’s mood? Kunj gets call from Rohit(his friend), Rohit tells him that their project got approved and there will be showcase in London global meet, Kunj gets happy and thinks to tell Twinkle.
Twinkle gets call from doctor, who tells her that Kunj has anemia, Twinkle is stunned, doctor says we will do more tests, Twinkke says i will come to meet you.
Kunj and Twinkle comes out of hotel, Kunj tells Twinkle that his project got approved and they are going to London, now they will have real honeymoon, Twinkle gets happy, Kunj says i always wanted to earn myself and give my earning to my wife, Twinkle is happy and hugs Kunj, Twinkle thinks i cant tell Kunj about doctor’s call, i should meet doctor first and ask him if its serious illness, Twinkle asks Kunj to drop her at doctor’s clinic, he says why? Twinkle says i want to buy sandals, there is shop near clinic, dont you want your wife to shop before going to London? Kunj says now i can buy world for you, after all i am going to start earning, they leave.

Scene 2
Twinkle meets doctor, he says Kunj has problem in blood, he should not get injured at any cost, if he gets injured then his blood spilling will not stop, his blood will be lost and the thing is that Kunj has rare blood group that is called Bombay blood so it will be difficult to give him blood, you have to take care that he should not get injured, you should inform Kunj too that he should be careful about his health. Twinkle calls Kunj but he doesnt pick up, Twinkle says i will go in college and talk to Kunj there only. Kunj is in college, his friends say that there is only one book of that subject in library and it is needed for new assignment, they see library’s door closed, friends says there is way to go in library from top floor, lets have race and whoever will get book will be winner, one friend says Kunj is nice boy, he cant do any race, Kunj says dont challenge me, i am ready for race. Twinkle comes there and says Kunj will not do any race, Kunj says i am doing it, its just a race.
All get ready for race, host says racers have to reach top floor of building to get into library, Twinkle says to Kunj that dont do this race, it can be dangerous for your life, Kunj says this is just a race, dont worry you are my lady luck so nothing will happen to me, Twinkle is tensed. Kunj starts race, he is running and climbing stairs. Twinkle is running behind him, Twinkle says Kunj is not ready to listen to me, he doesnt know that this is dangerous for his life, how to tell him. Twinkle sees Kunj running and asks him to run slowly, be careful, she iws worried but Kunj doesnt listen. Kunj is jumping from stairs, Twinkle is tensed seeing this and says he can get hurt, why he is not listening to me? what are you doing Kunj, please run slowly. Kunj strikes with grill, Twinkle is stunned but gets relieved seeing Kunj not hurt, Twinkle says he is not listening to me, i have to do something to stop him. She screams Kunj’s name and faints, Kunj listens her voice, he comes to her and sees her unconscious, he hugs her, he asks Twinkle to calm down, Twinkle says thank God we are alone now. Twinkle says to Kunj that i was acting to be unconscious because i wanted to talk to you, Kunj says are you mad? you have any idea, i was so tensed seeing you unconscious, i lost bet too, Twinkle says i had to talk something really important, please listen to me, Kunj says you made me lose bet, there is limit of childishness, i dont want to talk to you, he leaves. Twinkle gets call from doctor, he asks her to come to his clinic with Kunj, she says okay. Twinkle calls Kunj but he has switched off his phone, Twinkle says why did doctor call us?
Doctor calls in police station and says if you have donor of this blood group then do tell me. jailer says we will inform you if we have any donor of that blood group in our jail, Yuvi comes out of jail and smirks listening this.

PRECAP- Kunj looks at Twinkle and says why are you so serious like someone has died, Twinkle stops him and says dont talk like that, i need to talk to you about something important, Kunj gets call, he says it must project related call, let me take it then we will talk, he leaves, Twinkle is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • Naina

      Wow ranaji you are die heart fan of surya same here , just love the person like anything I am so excited for 24

    • Anita

      I too love surya a lot….????
      Im also a diehard fan of him
      Lovely songs from 24….excited
      Ranaji,Naina …r u all Tamilians…

  1. Alishaa

    I knew it! Yuvi! Urghh this is getting a bit annoying. Why can’t twinj stay in peace for at least a week?

  2. Fatarajo

    the first part when kunj said ladki beautiful Kar gay I chul was lol but the report thingy was shocking no they can’t just kill kunj’s character like this not fair and once again that annoying yuvi will make comeback in twinj’s life

  3. trishita

    O thanks atiba maam for fast updates. ……….. Now kunj and yuvi’s blood group will match and yuvi will refuse to donate blood and then twinkle will beg him to give blood and yuvi will again win his challenge. ……….Damnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. twinkle

    nothing will happen to kunj untill his twinkle is there with him nd true luv will always wins wat said guys?

    • pari

      u r right twinkle i also want that nothing will happen to kunj but let see what writers opinion about the power of true love

  5. baby

    Thanks atiba thnku so mch bt now i m tensed aftr dis episode wat ll hapn now 2 twinjs life y d hell dis disease oh god shet bt thnks a ton fr updates of 2days episode

  6. loveleen

    ahhh nooooo… alot of negative things r coming to my mind now…. like uv gonna b the donor n uv wins the challnge he gave to twinkle..n lot more

  7. Suvarna

    Wat is this nonsense..wenevr twinj r going 2 b hapy,prblm arises..cant c Kunj suffering:-(:-(.now dat uv is going 2 blackmail poor twinkle for kunj’s recovery.again dis is going 2 create gap b/w twinj

  8. pari

    uv’s blood group is surely match with kunj’s & i m very sad with this because this time uv has a triumph card due to which he do all that work which he want i wish this sequence end very soon and twinj again defeat uv & his bad wishes

  9. nandini

    OK now seriously stop this yum thing plz for god sake!! Firstly they spoiled their romantic nightn now they r putting this track!! Oh god like this is getting too much now for sure yuvi’s blood group will match kunj’s n he will ask twinkle to cone to him for d sake of kunj’s life….eeerrggh I would stop watching d show if they break twinj!!

  10. rashi

    Nice epi. But don’t seprate twinj.seprating leads will alwayz results in flop of d show. So plssssssss don’t seprt twinj..


    Nice episode….. but this track was not required, whh writers kuch tym ke liye yuvi ko jail me and twinkle kunj ko khush nhi rehne de skte… ab iss baat ka fayda vo yuvi uttayega and twinkle ko kunj kk help krne ke badle me apni wahiyat sharton ko manne pr majbur krega….

  12. Twinj fan

    Ugh!! Uvi!! He will be the blood donor for kunj nd twinkle will beg uvi nd uvi will ask her to come back to his life nd….wat if twinkle goes to uvi for the sake of kunj!??? If this happened seriously mostod the people will stop watching the show nd even TRP rate will decrease….please cvs unite twinj somehow nd this time uvi should not be able to come out whatever the reason is…

  13. pari

    if twinj will seperate i never watch the serial whose episodes i saw again n again in repeats because of twinj scenes

  14. Suhani

    Kunj should not be died . If so then this story have to be at end like saraswati chandra. Yr ye ky h twinj is twinj plz dont separate them . Its not good for show trp too . What says guys i am right na

  15. these writers are sure making fools of themselves from experience I know one can

    • Pinky

      Bombay blood group is a special kind of blood group first identified in Bombay, India. It is also called HH blood group. It is extremely rare group and occurs only in 1/ 125000 people. These persons dont even have H antigens in their blood and hence can get blood only from same Bombay blood group persons and not even from Universal donors ‘O’.

  16. Ajina

    Plzzz nooo… dnt need all dese… uv shudnt be da donor… hw can villans always win like dis.. dnt spoil ma show… its nt fair…

  17. what nonsense before yuvi go to jail he tell twinkle that she will be begging in front of him and look what the writer did he do something which twinkle will have to beg yuvi for his blood then maybe he will get an conditions like leave kunj n marry him first n then he will go ahead n give his blood

  18. baby

    How malika?? How do u no dis n look guys y ll a doctr call in a police station n ask fr any jailor hving same blood donor n den aftr dat we c uvraj cums out n smirks y i hate dis uvraj luthra n at any cst always d hero wins n my r hero heroine r twinj

  19. prit

    Really vry nice episode. Bht bur lag raha h ki kunj ko anemeia h. And vo uv ki entry hone vaali h fir se. Really i just hate rhat uv or uv and kunj’s blood group will be matched and i know that uv will refuse to give blood to kunj. And if uv agree then he will say to twinkle that tum kunj ko chod kr mujh se shaafi krlo me kunj ko blood de dunga. i think ki aisa hi kuch hone waala h.Eagerly waiting for next episode. And hope so ki twinj stay together. And both will come out from this problem also.

  20. Pyari

    I don’t know about yuvi..I know about only kunj…
    Kunk ur my fav ..
    I just mad of u
    And ur Rocking tei
    Yuvi will rejected to give blood to kunj twinkle will beg but all are thinking that yuvi will win the challenge there will be a big big big twist
    I think sooo…

  21. neema

    Wow twinj scenes are very nice. but very sad to know the news that kunj is suffering from anaemia.These writers can’t leave twinj happy at least for 3 days. by the way in this episode I liked kunj’s running ,what a running yaar kunj I am a big big big big big big big fan of you kunj.

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