Tashan-e-Ishq 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle and Kunj are selecting rings, Twinkle’s cousin take their selfie, Twinkle says to Leela that Kunj wants to take your permission, he wants to take me on coffee but is shy, Leela says i understand you both wanna go out, this is modern age so go, cousin says i will go with them too, Twinkle and Kunj are tensed.
Twinkle, Kunj and cousin comes in restaurant, Cousin leaves from there, Kunj says why did you bring her, Twinkle says don say a word for her, Twinkle says i will wear engagement ring from Yuvi’s hands first, Kunj says dont know why girls are so emotional, Twinke says in DDLG Kajol told SRK that engagement ring is connected to heart so i want to wear it from my love’s hands.
Twinkle comes back home, Leela is happy to see her, Leela says to

Twinkle that soon you will be married and i will tell people about it, Twinkle hugs her and thinks i wish youi can meet Yuvi but not at Anita’s son then you will like him too, he will keep me happy.
Twinkle is in Guradavarah, she finds Alisha there, she says i maybe crossing line but i think Kunj loves you alot, i dont like him but he really likes you, Alisha says i dont like to discuss my life with others, she leaves, Twinkle says this Alisha is so rude, may Kunj teaches her to chill, Yuvi comes there, Twinkle says that Kujj likes such a rude girl, Yuvi says why you keep taqlking about Kunj? Twinkle says leave it, show me ring, Yuvi says i forgot to bring it, its all your mistake as you didnt remind me, Twinkle says i have an idea which you would not like, she calls Kunj and ask him to bring ring whicvh his mother selected for engagement, he says i am not your ring boy, Twinkle says i want to do engagement with Yuvi right now, bring ring, Kunj says i am not your boyfriend so say please first, Twinkle says please bring ring, he says okay, Twinkle ends call and says to Yuvi that we will do engagement today, Detective comes there too but he cat see Yuvi’s face.
Kunj comes to Manohar’s room to get the ring, he takes it from cupboard, Manohar comes there and ask what you are doing in my room? Kunj shows socks and says these are my favorite so thought to take it, Manohar says give it to me, Kunj leaves from there.
Kunj comes to Guradvarah and says to Twinkle that what i have to doi fore you, i had to steal in my house so that you can get engaged to your boyfriend infront of me, this is hurtful, Twinkle says thanks Kunj you have done huge thing for me, Yuvi says to Kunj that you are interfering in my important moment, Kunj says its important moment of your life and you are focusing on me? Twinkle says leave it, she takes ring from Kunj and gives it to Yuvi, she ask him to make her wear it, Yuvi is about to make Twinkle wear ring but it falls from his hands and falls in river, Yuvi and Twinkle looks on shocked, Twinkle ask Yuvi to go in river and find it, Yuvi ask are you mad? i will not og, Kunjk says people go crazy in love and he cant even go in water, Twinkle says you chill Yuvi, i will bring it, she goes to find ring, Kunj says to Yuvi that girl is finding ring and we are standing idle here, he goes to Twinkle, both start finding ring in water, Twinkle ask Kunj why did you come? Yuvi doesnt like to see you with me, Kunj says i came to find my ring, Kunj says to Twinkle that if i dont find ring then i will be gone, Twinkle says if i dont find ring then my engagement will happen, both finds ring together, they turn to show it to Yuvi but he is gone from there, Twinkle says he must have got miffed seeing you, now how i will do engagement? Kunj gives her ring and says get engaged to Yuvi and then give it back to me as we have to fake engagement too, he leaves, Twinkle says Yuvi must have got angry, how i will pacify him.

Scene 2
Yuvi is at his den, he is beating detective, he ask detective why you were following me? who sent you behind me? detective says Isha sent me to spy on you, Anita comes there and slaps him too, she says to detective that you cant end our game like this as all pawns are in our hands, detective says i am sorry, Yuvi ask Anita what she is doing here? Anita says i was feeling that something wrong is going to happen today so i followed you and saw this detective, thats why i called you from Guradvarah, this detective followed you and he came here, Anita says if that detective has seen you today then our game would have ended and that Leela would have won again, Leela has hurt me alot, Anita ask Yuvi will i be able to take revenge from Leela? Yuvi says i promise you, her daughter Twinkle will bear all the pain which you had to bear because of that Leela.

PRECAP- Yuvi ask Twinkle to sneak out of her house then they will do engagement, she says alright. she tries to go out of home at night.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. shifa(shakira)

    yuvi u r very roud

  2. I jst hope dat kunj. nd twinlkle engaged. They luk vry cute. I hope she will not trap by yuvi

  3. Yuvi is such a cheat… Nvr evr thought tht he would do so….

  4. Yepeee my guess was ryt 😀

    1. Hey I also guess that yuvi cheats twinkle for her mother butd thts so rude yuvi she lives u like a.mad girl don’t do this I hope twinkle nd cute kung get engaged or married soon

    2. Hey twinkle nd kunj have engaged fsat iti slow

  5. Wht da hell YUVI I want U 2 b a gud guy & be in twinkle’s lyf Wht sh*t R U writers writing

  6. ye Yuvi nhi main hero kunj h meko lgta h kunj aur twinkle ki Shaadi ho jae gi Shyaad fir kunj ki mom ko izzat miley gi ghr mai bcoz of twinkle

  7. kuj will cm to knw about yuvis truth n twinkl will knw about alisha and both will save each othr at end moment and marry each other

  8. it will be better if kunj n twinkle get married to each other yuvraj is only using her for this own aim hope she find out the truth before it too late she will be heartbreak cuz she love yuvraj with all her heart but yuvraj don’t love her so it will affect her maybe sometime she will give up on love and kunj will help her to fall in love again

  9. WHAT THE HECK YUVI!!!!!!!!!!!! She is ur gf… I am praying that Kunj and Twinkle get married and Alisha and Yuvi should get married to each other cuz they both are selfish!!!!!! Aren’t Twinkle and Kunj so cute together, and when they’re around each other I start blushing cuz its like a romantic scene until Yuvi comes…

  10. I knew it.yuvi just don’t love her
    I think this is a perfect eg.of LOVE IS BLIND.both twinkle &kunj can’t c they r beiging used.

  11. I never liked yuvi for twinkle that is why I never watch the show but now I started watching from yesterday kunj is a sweet innocent and gentle boy I love him

  12. Wow I m happy kunj n twinkle made for each other

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