Tashan-e-Ishq 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Usha slaps Alisha. Alisha is shocked. Kunj asks what did she get by lying to them, after breaking his heart. He says I am angry on myself for loving you and dreaming to live my life with you. He says I didn’t know that you will involve my mom and play with her emotions. He wipes Usha’s tears and says he can’t see tears in his mum’s eyes. He asks her to get out and never show her face again. Alisha leaves. Yuvi hears them.

Twinkle sees her clothes on bed, and asks why did she put her clothes on bed. Mama asks her to make her mum happy and fold her clothes. Twinkle says I don’t want to learn, and says you will not come to help me if I learn now. Leela says I will help you always. Twinkle says why we can’t together always. Leela says all daughters have to go to their sasural one

day, and says you are twinkle twinkle little star for me. Twinkle asks will you come to meet me. Leela says yes and hugs her. Twinkle folds the clothes. He asks them to get ready for surprise.

Kunj’s dad Manohar announces that he has a surprise for Kunj and Twinkle. Twinkle asks Kunk, if he can make tea, and knows folding clothes. Kunj says he can make tea. Twinkle says Leela wants to make her perfect bahu and that’s why she was checking if he can be perfect husband. She asks him to make tea for her. They argue. Kunj is angry too.
Kunj’s dad says he has organised a stage performance of his favorite Mirza saheban story. He says lights off. Kunj, Twinkle and everyone see Yuvi on stage. He tells about lover’s story, and says lets talk about new story. He says there was a girl and boy. A couple enacts them.

Yuvi says their love was incomplete as their mum were against their love. He says then something happened which made them couldn’t believe on love. He says villain entered the life and tried to disrespect her. He says her family is willing to get her married to that villian, but I promise that we will never be separated. Leela asks him to stop it and says she will not doubt her daughter and if he raises his finger on her then she will cut her hand. Anita comes and asks how dare you? Kunj’s dad says why your son is doing drama, and says Twinkle’s respect is ours. Anita says my son is saying truth. Leela says it is enough and asks her to go. She says nobody will believe on your lie. She tells Manohar that she can’t bear them for a moment now. Kunj asks Yuvi to leave. Manohar asks Anita to take Yuvi. Anita takes Yuvi from there.

Kunj tells Twinkle that she is looking good and asks what she is doing here. He asks her to get ready for haldi. Twinkle gets angry and argues. She asks do you really care for me. Kunj says I care for you as I am getting married to you. Twinkle says I am thinking of Yuvi’s drama and hopes he don’t do any drama in marriage. Kunj asks her not to worry and promises. He says I am doing this for Leela aunty and asks her not to be happy.
Anita asks Yuvi to do something. She thinks to compromise with haldi. Usha applies haldi on Kunj’s face. Twinkle comes and sits for her haldi ritual. Yuvi bribes waiter and asks him to change haldi can. He says whenever you see in mirror, you will remember me, as he mixed acid in haldi’s utensil.

Leela asks Bubbly to add coin in the bowl of haldi and put it in temple. Waiter changes the bowl cleverly. Bubbly picks the bowl and keeps it in the temple. She dips the coin and keeps near the God. She collides with Kunj and small amount of haldi falls on his clothes. Bubbly calls him cute and teases him. Kunj prays for everyone happiness.

Sid comes and asks Kunj if he is nervous. Kunj says no. Sid says your life is going to change and says I can’t come tomorrow. Kunj asks him to come. Sid prays for his family and thinks to collect proofs against Shabnam. Sid looks at the copper coin changing color and informs Kunj.

Sid and Yuvi run to save Twinkle. Leela brings the haldi bowl to apply on Twinkle’s face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Well we can clearly see that kunj is the one who is going to married twinkle cuz i can see how sid is n this show writer is giving importance to kunj….
    So yuvi stop following twinkle cuz u r not the man she is going to married so cut the your crap n dramas

  2. omg this anita and yuvi are shameless .. Y com n poke this couples, let them stay n make yuvi also a positive role in this show

  3. Anita and yuvi should be sent to jail!!!! Putting acid to burn someone is manslaughter!!!!

  4. Aha!! I hope yuvi goes jai for putting acid of twinkle ‘ s haldi

  5. not yuvi it should be kunj

  6. i meant the precap

  7. Gud that alisha was caught…..hopefully these ppl don’t drag the serial too much like KB

  8. Nice program


  10. I think yuvi will also marry someone at twinkles wedding and will create drama in their life

  11. Kunj and Twinkle makes a perfect couple

  12. I watched it today … So I am thinking its better then kum kum bhagya …

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