Tashan-e-Ishq 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle says to Babee that he didnt take me, Babee says he will comeback to take you, Kunj comes back, both get happy to see him, Babee says you returned? did you forget anything? Kunj says actually.. he says to Twinkle that if you dont come out in a minute then will leave you, i am taking you as babee said, he leave, Twinkle gives peck on Babee’s cheek and leaves, Yuvi sees this and smirks, Twinkle leaves.
Kunj and Twinkle comes to client’s house, Kunj says behave properly, infact you stay silent, i will talk. Kunj and Twinkle comes inside home, Kunj meets his client Vikram Sahnvi, they sit, refreshment is brought to them, Vikram says i know you have started business now but i give priority to passion over experience, we have sangeet first, if i like your work then

whole marriage’s contract will be yours, so whats your plan? Kunj says for sangeet, we will have contemporary theme, light blue color with orchids, Vikram doesnt like it, Twinkle notices this, she says we should do it in traditional style like using marigold and all, Kunj says she is just giving suggestion, we should go with modern thought, Twinkle says marriage is thing where we can flaunt traditions, marriage are incomplete without bollywood songs, Vikram asks who is boss? Kunj says me, Twinkle says me, he says both? Kunj thinks that i should not fight here, let her be boss, Kunj says Twinkle is boss, he says i liked her idea, make sangeet preparation as traditional, we eat food free from garlic and onion but guests like to eat with them so make food which is free of them and which has them too but make sure they are separated, their pans, dishes, plates should be separated too, Kunj says we will do it.
Yuvi comes in room and says i dont understand them, when they are angry with each other then they take care of each other and when they become friends then they fight, Kunj doesnt wanna see Twinkle’s face then why he is worried about her? they are mad and will make me mad, he throws away things, he says i was not successful in separating them but i wont let their business succeed, he calls his man and says you have to keep eye on Twinkle and Kunj, he ends call and burns dress with iron.
Twinkle and Kunj comes out, Twinkle says i am sorry, Vikram was not liking your idea so i had to intervene, Kunj says i was getting angry on you but in the end he liked your idea so its all good, but i dont understand how did you get this idea? Twinkle says did you see his house? he has decorated it in traditional style so i thought he will like it, Kunj says its seems like you are eating almonds, we have to prepare for sangeet nicely so he gives us contract, i will take duty of arranging food as he asked to take care of it, you take care of music and decorations, Twinkle says do you know how to cook? i am cook, you cant check if food is cooked fine or not so i will take care of food department, he says fine, he goes to car, Twinkle says he acts like angry man sometimes but he looks hot in that avatar.
Man calls Yuvi and tells him that there will be two kind of food in sangeet, one with onion and garlic and other without it, Yuvi says i have got new plan, one plan failed so i have got another one, now i will destroy Twinkle’s plan., Mahi comes there and says to Yuvi that you didnt see my dress getting burned by iron, what if anything had happened to you? Yuvi says seeing your dress is not my responsibility, you cant even handle one thing, he pushes her on bed and grabs her from mouth, he says stop your stammering, from now on you will speak only when i let you to, he leaves, Mahi cries and says what has happened to Yuvi? why he behaves like this with me after marriage?

Scene 2
Twinkle tells cook to make two types of food and make sure even their spoons are different, he says okay. She asks people to make mandap stand in right direction, Kunj says it doesnt matter, Twinkle says it matters, marriage is when two people become one, two family unite and new life starts so it should start from right direction, Kunj i know our relation started in not so good time, we were brought together by families but we were for each other in every moment and i want to move ahead with you, i know i did mistake of hiding truth but i did it so that you dont get hurt, i did wrong, i am sorry, give me another chance to make our relation perfect, Kunj looks on, man is about to fall from stool, Kunj and Twinkle goes to save him, Twinkle holds stool, Kunj puts his hand on her hand to hold stool too, Twinkle looks at him, they both share eyelock, aadha ishq plays, curtain falls on them too, they both are lost in each others eyes, Twinkle smiles at him, she thinks that i think my talks have affected him, i just hope his anger goes away and everything becomes fine like earlier, Kunj takes off curtain and scolds man for not working fine, he says if you dont wanna work then just leave, he stares Twinkle and leaves, Twinkle wipes her tears and says it will take time to pacify you but i wont cry and all for that, i will pacify you by smiling and laughing.
Yuvi comes to Manohar’s room, he says you are in coma but what you thought when you gave your business to Twinkle? i have rectified your mistake, today Twinkle’s business is going to end, in sangeet ceremony, drama must have started, congrats for their insult.
Vikram sees food in sangeet ceremony, it has onion and garlic, he shouts for Twinkle, Twinkle comes and asks is there any problem? he says its blunder, i told you to have food which was free of onion and garlic too, twinkle says i dont know, i kept food separated, even serving was separate, Vikram says you people just need money, you made me insulted infront of my guests, people would say that couldnt even provide food, i wont let your business succeed now, you destroyed my ceremony, he calls guards and says throw her out of here, Kunj comes there and holds Twinkle’s hands, he says dare no one should touch my wife, Vikram says you have no caliber, who are you to show me anger? i gave you contract and this is what you have done? you couldnt even provide food, Kunj says we will refund your money, Vikram says you have no shame, he asks guards to throw them out, Kunj says if anyone try to touch my wife then i will kill him, Vikram asks them to get lost, Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and leaves from there. Man calls Yuvi and tells him that his work is done, Yuvi laughs and says their business is doomed, i feel happy to see Twinkle losing.
Kunj brings Twinkle out of venue, gaurd throws their board too, Kunj stares Twinkle.

PRECAP- Babee says to Kunj that Twinkle have got contract of one girl’s marriage, they are our neighbors, you know they are dangerous, Kunj says they are goons, he says to Twinkle why he is putting them in problems after problems? he leaves.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Twinj scenes were awesome pls yuvi get lost from the show I hate you and mahi also becoz of you many drama but twinj came close becoz of you

  2. ufff …..this uvi …not going to improve he s not going to stop his cheep triks to spoil twinkles business …
    BT let’s see when kunj realise his mistake nd apologize twinkle
    hopefully that truth reveal before holi ….nd twinkle nd kunj come together…
    :). 🙂

  3. I didn’t watched the full episode it was so boring and sad I don’t like when twinkle gets insulted! I m on leave ….prapti what was the name of your ff in which twinkles marries a man whom she doesn’t know pls tell

    1. ritzi its named as TEI—a diff story & I guess u r looking for epi 9

  4. Uggghhhh!!! M disgusted..hamesha ye uv kaise successfull ho sakta hai??…but kunj’s concern is so nice…how much i wish to hav a kunj in my life <3<3<3

  5. hi tara; devil thank u so much for wishing me.I hate ishra.pagol guy.

  6. I’ll wait for ur reply nd I will it tomorrow.. promise

  7. ho no poor twinkle but brave twinkle and i know she will get sucess

  8. Looks like nowadays Tashan-e-Ishq is in Band Baaja Baarat mood

  9. I’m only patient of this storyline with Yuvi destroying this business because I know TEI is quick in turn around. Other than, I’m sick of Yuvi getting the better of everyone all the time until the last minute.

  10. Get lost with yuvi.

  11. Preety Sid Bieber

    I think guest ko wah food hi aatcha lagega……..md mahi ko uv ka sach pata chalega……ufff me bhi aaj ka epi nahi dehk payi jst bcz cricket match….

  12. Ufff….this uv is sooo damn irritating..N how come he happens to be present everywhre…when twinj arevrimancing, when they are making some plans or talking….uv is always there…i mean this thing irritates me …uhhh….

  13. Ufff….this uv is sooo damn irritating..N how come he happens to be present everywhre…when twinj are romancing, when they are making some plans or talking….uv is always there…i mean this thing irritates me …uhhh….

  14. I think mahi ke saat jo horahahe bilkul sahi horahahe..:-) 🙂 🙂 . Twinj part was super

    1. Mahi yuvi lovestory shd start cis it lks like mahi genuinely Just cares for yuvi but yuvi mom has made him so heartless watched this epi on tv looooooveeeeeddd it twinkle kunj talks always make me laugh even xain imam nails his role he made laugh when he said shubh kamnaye de unki beizzati ki lol his acting is mindbowimg but TWINJ make mt heart melt love them

  15. In my personal opinions, I don’t like each and every scenes that insulted and bring Twinkle dignity down. Is so sad….. Why all this has to happened to someone who is so good and patient just Like Twinkle…? If “Karma” does exist, then Yuvi should get every penny he spend on making Twinkle life in Miserable !!! FOR MR.DIRECTOR/MR.WRITER, please show us the consequence Yuvi should get for every dirty crime he makes. Please make this happen.

  16. Today I was laughing in d starting when UV was saying tat twinj r mad n driving him also mad . but as d episode went till d end again DAT same thing UV succeed in his plan . great ! Mahi is getting to see his real face . I hope soon she also realizes her mistake. ?

  17. Like this yuvi na get done for done with his flipping antics i though twinkle could find a solution qiuck n solve the whole food problem but it didn’t go like that….it hhigh time now the writer shld give yuvi an de end getting so much boring with him in every scene he alwayz in kunj n twinkle scene only ruining the beautiful moments
    Mahi what happen u eyes na clean yet or u want to see more of yuvi true colours i think he shld punish u for all the insults u did with twinkle maybe then u will learn a lesson for not believing a word ur innocent sister twinkle was saying it ever since u enter twinkle life with yuvi again she/twinkle only facing problem from problems

  18. Why yuvi plan is always getting success.hate this yuvi.
    Like twinj scenes and eagerly waiting for their unite.hope that they will unite before holi.

  19. Same story every day…. The serial is full of problems….

  20. At start uv saying that they will make him mad was interesting… Twinj scenes were gud.. kunj care for twinkle… And yes precap was awesome let’s see what happens next ..

  21. OK thanks prapti

  22. Guyz have a look on this ff of twinj.. named
    ” Tashan e ishq Love for Twinj”
    Here is the link

  23. Uffff ab counsa naya villrn agaya?:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. Please bring close twinj and remove that idiot yuvi

  25. Hey guys pls have a look at my ff its name is It was love that brought them together……twinj

  26. Plz dont stop to shw at 11.30 at night plzzzzzzz….

  27. Twinj is best

  28. Soumyamudigonda

    Pls remove this idiot yuvi. Getting irritated with him…..

  29. Just watched this epi on tv looooooveeeeeddd it twinkle kunj talks always make me laugh even xain imam nails his role he made laugh when he said shubh kamnaye de unki beizzati ki lol his acting is mindbowimg but TWINJ make mt heart melt love them

  30. Ohh by reading the scene og precap looks serious the girl must b liking thay she loves kunj just to get away with things it wd b good to c twinkles jealous expressions n how kunj clarifies lol im just imagining obvs there ntohing btw girl n kunj but still i think twinkle will help 😀

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