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Scene 1
Leela comes in restaurant and says to her husband that you could never become good husband or father, Leela says not Twinkle’s father but i did Twinkle’s kanyadan, you cheated me, i will never forgive you, she is shocked to see Kunj standing behind, Kunj says Anita and Cherry are following you, i saw you going out of house and they following you so i came here, we have to get out from here, they should not see you and your husband, they leave from there. Anita and Cherry comes in restaurant and doesnt find Leela, Anita asks Cherry to look around.
Kunj says to Leela’s husband that Leela lived in sadness that you are dead, he asks Leela to not cry anymore, he says to her husband that these tears are because of you, she kept crying for you all the life and now

she is crying on your cheating, you didnt even think about them once? you didnt even try to find them if they are alive or not, Kunj says you ever thought what she felt when she listened that you are dead but you didnt try to reach to her, today a son is asking you about his mother’s tears, he says to Leela that i am sorry, i forgot for second that he is your husband and my father in law but i am not able to see anything else but your and Twinkle’s face, how can someone stay away from family for so many years, husband says i had my problems, Kunj says yesterday night i and Twinkle was talking about you, she was berating you for leaving your family, he says to Leela that we will tell Twinkle that for the person she was crying all these is alive and doesnt deserve her tears, Leela says we cant tell her truth, Kunj says we have to tell her about her father, Leela says try and understand Twinkle would breakdown listening her father’s cheating, i have made very good image of her father in her eyes, she will shatter down, Kunj says he doesnt deserve her respect, Leela says i cant give pain to Twinkle, she asks Kunj to promise to not tell Twinkle, she folds hand, Kunj says dont do it, i will not tell her but you dont cry, she says to her husband that go back to your life, dont try to come near me or my daughter, she leaves with Kunj.
Kunj drops Leela home, Leela says to Kunj that you may have many questions but i wanna be alone for sometime, Kunj says i cant lessen your pain but remember your son is with you, Leela says i know, i am afraid what if Twinkle knows about it? Kunj says i wont tell her but if she gets to know from somewhere else then she will shatter down, Leela says we both wont tell her, my husband wont come to her so this truth will not come out, she thanks him and leaves. Maya comes there and is crying, Kunj asks why are you crying? Twinkle comes out and sees them together, Twinkle thinks if Maya and Kunj were together, Kunj asks Maya why she is crying? Maya doesnt and leaves from there.
Kunj comes home, Twinkle asks where you went? Kunj says i was getting bored so went for driving, Twinkle says even i am going somewhere, Kunj asks where? Twinkle asys dont ask me like typical husbands, he says okay i wil drop you, she says no thanks, he says okay go but dont create any scene, he leaves, Twinkle says he lied to me for first time, i cant even ask him as he wil know then that it affects me.

Scene 2
Twinkle meets Chinki in restaurant, Chinki says finally Yuvi is out of your life, you can enjoy with you Kunj now, Twinkle says dont even talk about him, he is all about his friends now, he doesnt care about, he is interested in his friends only, Chinki says okay leave him, she shows Twinkle a guy sitting on next table and says he is cute, Twinkle says you will make friends with him then you both will dance and enjoy then he will ditch you, Chinki says calm dowm. Lela’s husband is in same restaurant, Cherry comes to husband and says if you found your wife? husband says no, Twinkle listens Cherry’s conversation with him, Cherry says you took great chance by spending night at Leela’s house, i mean so what you are not able to locate your wife and daughter so you are enjoying with Leela, Twinkle comes there and slaps Cherry hard, she says how dare you say things like that? get lost, he goes, Twinkle says to her father that what kind of person are you? you were silently listening to him, father says we should not stoop to their level, Twinkle says my mother is helping you out and it doesnt matter for you if someone says cheap things for her? shame on you, she leaves.
Twinkle comes to Leela’s house, she is angry, Leela asks if she fought with Kunj again? Twinkle says no, i dont fight with him always, she tells Leela about her father saying that uncle was silently listening to Cherry’s ill words about you and that uncle was spineless, i scolded Cherry and him, Leela says him too? Twinkle says you lived whole life alone and fought with people so much, i will do something if Anita and Cherry tries to harm you, Leela says dont be so angry, i have made halwa for you, she goes to bring it, Chinki asks Twinkle to let it be, Twinkle says point is my mother is alone, Twinkle says to Chinki that all my life, i have seen my mother living alone, she always thought about me and now when i am married.. she asks Chinki to repeat what she said, Chinki does, Twinkle says after my father died, she didnt get married again because of me but now i am grown up, she must have someone who can love her, can care about her, i promise to make my mother get married again, Chinki says are you serious? Twinkle says yes, i will do that, my mother has right to get happiness too, i will give her that right, i will make her get married again for sure.

PRECAP- Kunj says to Leela’s husband that your mistake cant be forgiven but everyone should get a chance, i cant promise but i can try, come to Guradvarah tomorrow. In Guradvarah, Kunj makes Leela and her husband meet, he asks Leela to give him one chance, he gives her hand in his hand, Twinkle meets some uncle as proposal for Leela.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Uncessary addition of father sequal…. good ans given by Twinkle to Chery and her father….

  2. Really boring episode …no twinj scenes at all ….precap is also not good…aaj kl no tshn and no ishq in the serial.. Want to see twinj love …but writers k mind mein ptaa nae kyaa chl raha hai ….

  3. Uvi k baad twinj ka lv relationship dikhana chahye thaaa but ye to budhapy ka ishq start kr dia.. Writers ko koi acha idea e day do to make twinj close…

  4. like maya ws crying today i think the mysterious girl in leela’s life woul be that maya i think maya is twinkle’s step sister my pov.. lets see what happens

    1. you have thought till very far….but I guess this would not be like that….but Maya track would be to make twinkle jealous and let twinkle feel his love for kunj

  5. Finally, Chinki is backs after many days and want more twinj scenes not liking the maya track 😛 sometimes I feel Tashan-e-Ishq should be named Jamai Raja as Kunj has always been a perfect Jamai n always help his in-laws 😛 and Jamai raja should be named tashan-e-Ishq as there are always too much Tashan in rosid love story, sometimes dd problem, Shabnam Raghu n now this new guy 😛 This is what happens when you have a Mahasangam with the same show too many times 😛

  6. Thanks for the update and Twinj scenes were too short this is a new twist to unite her parents hmmm lets wait what will happen

  7. TEI is becoming boring 🙁
    i just read written updates now and sometimes i watch the old episodes…they were better..writers need to think something interesting to make this show exciting again

  8. 50/50 episode, but I love kunj he is always understandable

  9. I liked the epi …..But they should show the love between the 2 newly married ?…….Instead of the that they’r showing burhape ka ishq………???❕

  10. Kya yaar…no twinj scenes…

  11. What is twinkle would hate maya more if she’s her step sister

  12. yaar where yuvi is lost.is he even going to come back.plztell me.

  13. seriusy i agree to mish.where is yuvi. i had heard that he gonna come at the last of the show.plz tell me its is not true.plz come back yuvi.i like yuvi love.

  14. rocking news
    but for twinj to be together maya is not supposed to come in…
    leela nd her husband have to be together and kunj is doing that but then twinkle is finding someone else for leela
    she is ruining all the plan made by kunj

  15. M btau y Jo Maya h n iska koi to relation hoga. Twinkle k father s. Ho skta h WO is k bhi father ho

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